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Jane’s Corner: Mehendi ka Rang

Heelooo peoples. A Sunday Sundae for you :))) I hope you like it ;)) Please do comment if you do Thank you in advance.

Please excuse the hindi ;)))


Maan stood with his arms crossed watching the goings on in the Haveli. His eyes romaed around the room taking in all the preparations. He had walked in from the office but nobody had noticed him at all. Daadi, Geet and Anni were all very busy.

In two days time Anweesha was getting married to Arjun. So much had happened in the last year it seemed that he and his family had lived a whole lifetime in those 12 months or so. But they were a strong family they had made it through together.

As always his eyes found and focused on Geet. His Love, his Life. His face softened and his lips curled into a smile at her antics.

Now Geet was in his life 24 hours a day. Sometimes for him even that was not enough. Many a time this year he had just taken off with her for a few days. When he had felt the need to have her to himself so intensely.

It wasn’t just the physical aspect of their love that he needed all the time mind blowing as it was but emotionally he needed her so intensely that the strength of it frightened him sometimes.

When she was in his arms he was most at peace. When in the darkest deepest night, he was buried deep inside her, her body tightly wound around him gasping his name out against his neck again and again in the throes of passion, he always asked her to open her eyes.

Her deepest feeling were always expressed through those beautiful eyes of hers. They were the mirror of her soul and each time as had she opened her passion drugged eyes for him, looking into them he had seen only himself. Her total love for him surrounding him, her body, her thoughts, her feelings, her Soul.

He could never get enough of that…ever… he thought.

Geet had been busy with wedding preparations all day. He had watched her running around all this week, although lord knows why she was doing all this when Nakul and the other servants could have managed most of the work. But she had insisted in doing all the arrangements herself to make sure Anni’s wedding would be a dream wedding.

He loved her for it. He loved the fact that she had such a big heart that could forgive and love anybody.

He loved her for it and it also scared him that she would be taken for a ride by people as she was so giving. His eyes narrowed and he crossed his arms a little tighter but that’s why he was there with her. No one would or could dare take advantage of her kind heart whilst Maan Singh Khuarana was her husband.

“Geet bhabhi dekho na mere mehendi kaisee hai?” Anni asked showing her palms to Geet.

“Anni, yeh to bahut sunder hai. Arjun ka naam…hmm ..kither hai kither hai? Hmmm mil gayaa. Tum zaroor Arjun ko poochna yeh sawal” she said smiling and winking at Annie.

Maan smiled to himself as he remembered Geet asking him the same question. He had spotted his name straight away but taken his sweet time telling her as he had kissed her palms turning them over and over. Placing sweet kisses right up to her elbows, in fact he had become so engrossed in that he had forgotten what Geet had asked of him until she got fed up and showed him herself.

“Geet bhabi, aab tuo tum bhi mehendi lagalo.” Anni said and then to the girl who was applying it “Tum mere bhabhi ko bahut sunder mehendi lagana OK!”.

“Haan Geet beta tum bhi karado,” Daadi also told her.

“Lekin Daadima itna sara kaam baaki hai na mein mehendi lageke kaise karoongi?” Geet replied.

“Nahi Geet beta hum sab hain na, aur Nakul and sab servants hai. Tum lagalo beta.” Daadima reaffirmed.

Geet happily sat down to have it done. She loved all the wedding preparations it was so much fun to do.

Maan watched her as sat down to have it done with a smile. He knew that she really enjoyed all this. But now was his chance to have some fun with her as she couldn’t use her hands until the Mehendi set.

“Err Geet tum mehendi laagate ho?” he asked nonchalantly looming over her.

“Maan…aap kab aayee?” She asked, smiling at him her eyes expressed their delight at seeing him. “Daadiji ne kaha lagalo tou mein baaith gaaye.”

“Geet par mujhe coffee chayee!” He said giving her his most annoyed look.

“Par Maan mein kaise banoowingee aab to mehendi lagene shuru hi ho gayee hai. Aap Nakul se banwayee na. Please!” She said looking up at him her face pleading.

He gave her another annoyed look and said “Geet mujhe sirf tumhari haath ke hi coffee pasand hai!”

Then he went off in a huff. Smiling to himself when his back was turned to her.

Geet muttered to herself.”Patana nahi naak per gussa leke kyu phir te hai!”

Maan came back with his coffee and also some of Geet’s favourite snacks. He pulled up chair next to Geet’s and started having his coffee and munching the snacks whilst reading the paper.

Geet watched him puzzled by his actions, he hated fried food so why is he having pakoras?
They did smell heavenly though. Her stomach growled loudly telling her that she hadn’t eaten at all as she had been so busy.

Maan stealthily watched her adorable face from behind the newspaper. She was watching him eat the pakoras with a longing in her face. He knew she loved them. But he didn’t offer them to her at all.

“Nakul! doosri plate lawo aaj tou bahut maaza aa gaya hai.” he shouted towards the kitchen.

All three stared at him! Daadi, Anni and Geet all looked shocked. He noticed from the corner of his eye as he carried on with reading his paper.

Nakul brought another plate of garam garam pakoras.

“Geet madam aap ke liya lawu?” he asked in his usual happy voice.

Before Geet could even open her mouth Maan giving Nakul a annoyed look said “Nahi Geet abhi mehendi laga rahi hai Nakul tum jawao! meine jo pehle kaha tha woh karo!”

Then looking at Geet.he said “Aur Geet yeh tum khawogee to moti ho jawogee!”

Geet frowned at Maan. MOTI! Moti she glared at him and muttered a few curses to herself. She was not moti. What had gotten into Maan. Babaji, had she put on weight?? she didn’t think so but looks like Maan did. Her tummy growled again but she ignored it.

But those pakoras were smelling quite heavenly! And he wasn’t even eating them anymore.

“Madam aap ke mehendi ho gayee.” said the girl.

Geet looked down at her hands. The mehendi was complete and looked quite beautiful. Excited she showed her palms to Maan, her eyes twinkled with happiness.

“Dekho Maan kaise lag rahi hai?”

He looked at the design “Achhi hai lekin kuch special nahi hai.” He said looking at her, his eyes looking bored.

He started reading his paper again.

Geet looked crestfallen. “Kitne sundar hai meri mehndi” She muttered looking at her palms.

Her stomach growled again so loudly. Even Maan heard it.

“Err Geet tum ko bhook lagee hai to kuch khaa lo na.” He said waving a delicious looking pakora at her, he watched her eyes as they followed the pakora and deliberately popped it into his mouth.

Geet glared at him. ‘Dust Danav’ she muttered under her breath her eyes sparking at him. He knew that she couldn’t eat whilst her mehendi was wet so why was he playing this annoying game with her.

“Maan!” Daadi admonished him. “Tum Geet ko kyu itna pareshaan karte ho!”

Maan just smiled a very cute smile.

“Geet Madam Maan Sir ne aap ke liye yeh laane ko kaha.” Nakul said as he placed a plate of chopped fruits and vegetables with a dip in front of Geet.

Geet looked down at the plate in shock.

Yukk! Maan ne mere liye yeh sab ghaas phuus kyu banwaya? Mein such much moti ho gayee hoon? She wondered looking down at herself.

Maan could not help smiling. He could see every single thought running across her face so clearly. Her face was a mirror of her thoughts. He just wanted to eat her up there and then his cute adorable Geet. He loved her so much.

She looked up at him, her eyes wide and puzzled, his face was quite serious but she suddenly realised that he was playing with her, she could see that twinkle in his eyes. Her brain suddenly clicked.

“Dust Danav!!” She muttered to herself. She could see he was trying not to laugh. Geet pursed her lips! Aab mein Maan singh Khurana ko maaza sikha te hoon she vowed to herself.

“Maan” she said in her softest voice.” Maan aap yeh apple mujhe khlilawo na please.” She said turning her full soft brown puppy look eyes at him.

She could see he it effected him straight away, his eyes softened, his pupils dilating, as he quickly took up a piece of apple and put it to her lips.

She looked at him her eyes shinning with love and bit into the apple, deliberately letting the juice fall across her chin and licked her lips. Oh so slowly.

She watched as his eyes followed the tip of her pink tongue around her lips with avid interest. His eyes dark and wide. Geet munched slowly letting him digest her moves. Then she softly asked for a piece of orange.

As he placed it against her lips, his eyes didn’t even blink, he watched her bite into it. Again she let the juice run down her chin. He watched fascinated as the juice of the orange ran down across her throat disappearing into the valley between her lush breasts.

She heard take a sharp breath. He shifted uncomfortably in his chair, focused on her completely his gaze dark as melted chocolate.

His Geet was a siren, he wanted to follow the path and lick that juice right off her right now! A low deep moan escaped his lips.

She had him hooked!

Maan Singh Khurana thought he could play tricks on her. But she knew exactly where and how to get back at him. After a year of marriage she did not even hesitate to use the skills acquired from her husband back on to him. Inwardly smiling to herself she watched him with glee as he fell for it hook line and sinker!

She watched as the slight flush on his cheeks darkened as he fed her each piece of fruit, His eyes were eating her up, watching the fruit go into her mouth, following its progress down her throat watching as her breasts as they rose and fell.

She ate each piece slowly, biting into it slowly, licking her lips, her eyes big pools of liquid want she looked back at him letting him have the full effect of her need.

“Geet!” He rasped softly so only she could hear. “Are you trying to drive me insane?”

Geet stood up and smiled.

Showing him her palms she brushed past him whispering into his ear.
“Maan aap mujshe taakar maat lena. Dekhona kaisee sahuleyat se aap ko haara diya, then showing him her mehende clad palms “aur aaj aap kuch bhi nahi kar sakte mere saath nahi to meri mehendi bigad jayeegi!” With that she flounced off throwing him a 100 megwatt smile!

Maan nearly jumped out of his chair. The little witch! His eyes narrowed, he loved a challenge.

He stood watching her his eyes full of devilish thoughts as he watched her she walk away .

“Karoonga to bahut kuch aaj Geet tumhare saath” He muttered under his breath
“Dekhna tum. Tum ko baar baar mere liye tarsaya nahi to mera bhi naam Maan Singh Khurana nahi! He vowed.

Later that evening………………….

Geet came into the bedroom humming. Still happy that she got one over Maan. All through the afternoon she had teased him and he had gracefully accepted it without saying a word. In fact although she was pleased at her victory she was now concerned at the look in his eyes. She couldn’t quite make out his thoughts.

Maan came out of the bathroom with a towel around his neck clad only in his black silk pyjama bottoms. Seeing her he turned and closed the bedroom door and bolted it with a definite click.

Geet looked him and was totally mesmerised by the look in his eyes. She stood frozen to the spot. He advanced upon her with a determined step. He was stalking her like a Tiger about to pounce.

“Maan Maan! Aap aage maat anaa, dekho meri mehendi bigaad jayegee! Maan!” She shrieked. She ran across the room around the other side of the bed giggling.

His eyes molten hot with develish delight he backed her towards the bed. She fell backwards landing with her arms in the air so as to stop her hands from falling and messing up her mehendi. He took both her wrists in one hand and lifted her arms over her head, deftly pulling her duppatta off her he bound her wrists above her head so as her mehendi would not get spoilt. He lifted her bodily into the middle of the bed.

“Aab tou Geet tumhari mehendi ko kuch nahi hoga” He whispered against her ear. Then began kissing her neck and nape.

“Hmm What did you say earlier?”He whispered to her his voice deep with desire.

“Mein kuch bhi nahi kar sakoonga tumhare saath?”

“ Lekin Geet aaj tou mein sab kuch zyaada karneka mood mein hoon. Especially after you decided to tease me with your little display earlier……haan kuch zyaada!” He whispered to her placing wet kisses across the face throat and neck, nipping at her lower lush lip.

“Maan please!” Geet was totally shocked at his action and now hopelessly aroused.

He did not listen to her plea at all.

“Kaha gaya tha woh orange juice Geet?? Hmmmm mujhe dekhna hai “ He said licking down her throat at leisure.

“Maan, please!” She trembled under his sensual assault her body quivering.

“Please kya Geet? Please ha ya, na?” He teased her mercilessly.

“Oh!” she gasped as he gently bit into her earlobe causing her to quiver with anticipation.

“Maan please don’t tease!!!” She begged looking into his dark chocolate eyes. Drowning in the heat she saw there. She needed him so desperately.

“Lekin Geet your mehendi will be ruined!!” He gasped. rapidly loosing control himself, as she pressed herself against him.

“I don’t care, I will get some more done tomorrow.” she whispered up to him her eyes full of need.

With a husky groan his lips closed over hers and they were once again lost in each other.

She didn’t need to have her mehendi redone. The heat that they had both generated with their passion had made sure that her mehendi ka rang was a beautiful deep dark red.

Written By Jane Meme 10.7.2011

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Jane’s Corner: She Cast a Spell on him -Part 2

Anger clouded his thoughts as he he shrugged of his shirt.

It seemed in his absence the whole of KC had gone mad. But he was back and he would not tolerate any of this. KC was one of the top most companies in India. He and Daadima had spent blood sweat and tears to get it there he was not going to let anyone destroy his reputation, who ever they thought they were.

Why were they all speaking for her. Dev, Daadima, Adi, and that new employee, that idiot what was his name? Lucky! why were they all making excuses for Geet’s mistakes.

And for what purpose had anyone employed Lucky. He did not seem to have any professional skills let alone one single coherent thought in his head!

Him and that other girl who hung around like a spare wheel, what was her name? He did not know. She had not been able to string one sentence together in his presence. Pathetic.

He would get rid of the all the useless staff on his payroll and start afresh. Why had Dev employed such useless people. He would have to talk to Dev as well. He had completely let standards slip in his absence.

Geet had made so many mistakes, he would not and could not tolerate it at all. He had warned her that there would be no place for anyone who made mistakes. Even if they were all saying she was his biwi.

Biwi!! He argued with himself, if he could not remember her maybe she had not been worth remembering!

He needed to clear his head and think. He needed to burn of some of this anger and energy and clear his mind so that he could focus on the work ahead. Reaching for his exercise clothes he changed into them.

He went to his usual exercise area and found that it was full of last nights party. Grinding his teeth in frustration at the useless servants he headed for the Outhouse at least that would be empty he thought his face dark and angry.

Thank God! He could have some peace here to workout he thought. Throwing his towel on a nearby chair he walked to the middle of the room and closed his eyes, focused on clearing his mind.

The evening dusky pink light reached into the room, making the whole room glow with warmth. Peace settled in him. He loved the Out House he felt so much at home here.

He started working out. His mind focusing on achieving balance and harmony. His movements slow and controlled as he warmed up his muscles. His body found its rhythm and he stretched his muscles working them his movements totally fluid now.

Suddenly out of nowhere an image of Geet’s eyes challenging him with a wing chun block erupted in his mind. He closed his eyes and saw in his minds eye that he was circling her in this very room. His hands shirking off his shirt as he spoke to her.

His mouth ran dry as he saw the challenge in her eyes, the sexy smile she gave him. He approached her, she blocked him, he approached her again she moved but he was too fast for her, he caught her in his arms and kissed the furiously beating pulse on her neck.

He could almost feel her living and breathing in his arms. The image was SO real he felt himself breathing faster, he felt the sweet heady rush of arousal coursing through him.

Dear God! He shook his head to clear the image from his mind. No those images cannot be real! Could they??

He calmed himself down and started to workout again. But the images came rushing back.

Her fragrance surrounded him. He leaned against the wall for support.

He could hear her breathing softly as she wrapped her self around him as he pinned her to this wall. His eyes snapped open he jumped away from the wall as if he had been scalded.

She was kissing his neck, his chest, her lips moving over him like an Angel’s whisper……he had picked her up in his arms and headed upstairs to the bedroom.

She was a siren. His mind crowded with images so intense, of passion, his ears filling with her moans of pleasure………..


His fists clenched as he tried to get control over himself. Was he remembering this or was it his mind making it all up? Had he taken her upstairs and made love to her?

Had he been teaching Geet Wing Chun? Or something else…….

The images burned in his mind, his body reacting to them despite all his efforts to control himself.

He looked up and saw the woman who had kissed him with such abandonment walking slowly down the stairs. She was a vision in green, her hair loose, its soft brown tendrils framed her face.

His eyes focused on her soft brown pools and he felt himself drowning in them. Her lips lush and pink quivered under his passionate blazing eyes.

Geet had been upstairs when she had heard someone moving downstairs, coming to look at the top of the stairs she had spied Maan working out. Bare chested, focused, his movements so beautiful as he moved with grace completing the Kata.

Then suddenly he had stopped and leaned on the wall, he had looked in pain.

She had walked down the stairs worried that he was going to faint. But as she reached the bottom of the stairs and saw the blazing passion in his eyes as he looked at her she had stopped.

Had he remembered her??? Her heart beat faster. She melted under his hot gaze. She moved towards him as if an invisible force was pulling her. Her smile full of love for him.

His hand reached out and framed her face. Fires of desire blazed in his eyes, her body leaned into his answering the need in his.

Maan! She gasped her lips quivered against his softly.

He blinked, an incredulous expression came over his face. His dark eyes focused. This was no dream. She was there in front of him. If she had not spoken he was sure he would have taken her upstairs to the bedroom and made love to her. She had broken the spell.

He pushed her away angrily.

Angry at her for being there. Angry at himself for not being able to control his emotions. Angry that he did not remember.

Without even looking at her he walked away.

Written  by Jane Meme 27.7.2011

This is a combination and elaboration of this
Maan teaches Geet Wing Chun

and a continuation of This She cast a spell on him

Its a bit raw as I only started writing it about an hour ago so please excuse the mistakes…but I do hope you enjoy it…its in line with the current confusion Maan is facing in his mind.

Short and sweet…… is……..Please do comment :)))))))))
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Jane’s Corner: She Cast a Spell on him -Part 1

Flashback………………..this is a kind of extension of the promo of Maan in bed having flashbacks…It wrote itself whilst I was writing your Sunday Sundae I hope you enjoy it.

This one is short n sweet.

                                        She had cast a spell on him

He watched her through the glass. His dark chocolate eyes fixed on her. She was talking to one of the staff so animatedly. Her Jhumkas danced happily in her ears as she moved her head in agreement with whatever they were saying.

Why couldn’t he remember? He had remembered everything else. He hated this feeling of helplessness with a vengeance.

Was she really his wife?? He the man who hated women, had he fallen in love and married her?

His mind said there was no way he would have gotten married and not remembered. But his heart, his heart he didn’t want to listen to.

His mind told him he had nothing in common with her. He had watched her all day yesterday and today. No they had nothing in common at all. He just couldn’t grasp that she was his ‘wife’.

What circumstances had led to them getting married? Daadi and Dev’s stories sounded totally insane. Why would he be driving through Amritsar?? No nothing added up.

But she had said nothing to him.

His dreams, yesterday night had been full of soft hands and lips caressing him. Of someone whispering his name again and again. He had woken up breathing fast, aroused and sweating. Was that her??? No he could not equate this woman standing in front of him to the siren in his dreams. It couldn’t be her.

Would he have chosen someone to be his personal secretary who clearly was so incompetent at her job. The amount of mistakes she had made so far made him groan with frustration.

But when she looked at him she had surely cast a spell on him. Those eyes that looked at him with hurt had bewitched him. He felt himself drowning in those limpid soft brown pools.

He knew she was hurt that he didn’t remember.

Dear God! Her eyes pulled him to her as if they had invisible strings attached. He wanted to gather her up in his arms and hide her from the world when he looked into those eyes of hers. But why? His mind questioned his insane thought.

Was that her fragrance that haunted his dreams?

She made him forget himself totally. How did she manage to that?

Earlier as he had told her off, her eyes had filled with tears slowly, her face become so pale and her lush pink lips had quivered under his harsh gaze.

He had felt such a heel.

Was it those lush pink lips that he had been dreaming of last night. Those lips that explored him softly, shy and hesitant like an Angel’s whisper travelling over him?

Was it her voice that whispered to him in the dark of the night and drove him insane?

He closed his eyes as the thoughts tumbled and swirled around in his head, dark clouds of confusion that threatened to overwhelm him. He leaned on his desk willing himself to remember.

He hated this feeling. Maan Singh Khuarana hated being at the mercy of this stroke of fate.

He would remember he reassured himself as he looked up again to see those eyes of hers drinking him in. He would have to before the love in those eyes that he didnt remember drowned him and consumed him completely.

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Chat with Aditi Chopra(Pinky) as Promised!

Here is a chat with Aditi Gupta aka Pinky on GHSP …
We: Hi Aditi !! It’s great news,  that you are back on GHSP
Aditi: Sure, I am happy too.
We: So where was Pinky all these days?
Aditi: well sweets Geet was in Amritsar and Pinky was in Delhi, she never went away !!!
We:  Tell us about your role in this new phase.
Aditi: I am entering the show with freshness…but yeah the cuteness and foodie Pinky remains. As this is what people like about me. My bubbly nature and the fact that I am a foodie has always been my trademark.
We: What is it about Pinky that you love playing the most?
Aditi: It would be the innocence, the bubbly nature, the chirpiness. I love Pinky myself.
We: Do you know people want Adi and Pinky to pair up??
Aditi: Yes I do know that people want me and Adi to be a couple on screen since they love us together.
We: So do we expect to see a love track this time?
Aditi: well well well…You never know what’ in store in the track that is coming up….
We: What’s the first scene you shot after coming back?
Aditi: My first scene is just like the scene where I was introduced last June. I am shown with a packet of chips and a file in hand. I am a little upset that Geet doesn’t hasn’t kept in touch with me all these days but I also understand her since I know what she is going through.
We: So does Pinky know Maan has lost his memory? How will she support Geet?
Aditi: yes ofcourse she knows Maan has lost his memory, and in very first scene together she tells geet “ab main aa gayi hu toh dekhna maan sir ki yaadash kaise yapis layenge hum dono” so she will support Geet in every possible manner she can.
We: How was it coming back to the Geet set?
Aditi: It was the “awesomest feeling” as i met everyone I have missed so much. I was in fact so excited about meeting everyone that I didn’t sleep all night the previous day.
We: So who was the first person you met on the sets?
Aditi: As soon as I landed I went directly to my vanity.The person who greeted me there was the person I love the most and a person who has always taken care of me. I am talking about the eldest in Khurana’s family Dadima that is ANJUJI.
We: What has changed on the sets of Geet?
Aditi: The first thing which changed is “the DIRECTOR” “the Location itself” “almost all the technicians” the Cameraman. The D.O.P. and yes, Geet’s brother and sister “Lucky Paaji” n “Nandini” have joined the cast.
We: Have you had a chance to interact with the new entrants?
Aditi: well yes….the moment i entered Lucky paaji did interact with me. He is sweet. A talked a little with Nandini as well.
We: So did you watch Geet, when you were not shooting for it?
Aditi:  i used to but not regularly. But my mom always did and would tell me what was happening. I was busy with my exams and my new show Shama on Doordarshan just started airing at 12: 30 since yesterday.
We: Tell us something about your role in Shama.
Aditi: Shama is a story about 3 sisters. I’m the youngest one Shabina. It’s a Muslim family and I play a bubbly yet studious girl here.
We: how do you manage between your studies and shoots?
Aditi: I have been acting since the age of 10, so it isn’t very difficult anymore. I am used to it now.
We: Thanks a ton for your time Aditi, and All the best! We love you as Pinky and we hope to see more of you in the near future.
Aditi: Thanks. I enjoyed talking with you as well.
Thank You for reading!

Rangmunch Team


Sasuraal Genda Phool: Will Suhana realise whats going wrong?

A girl as pampered and loved as Suhana suddenly has become the person that the entire family is irked at. On one hand, one feels she doesnt know better, but on the other, when we sit to think we realize its about time she took up some responsiblity.
What do you think Suhanas family should now do? Will she remain the apple of their eye or will she become an issue of contention in the coming days?
What would you do,  if you were her family?
Share your ideas and thoughts with the Rangmunch.TV family!

Rangmunch.TV Team

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A chat with Aditi Chopra: Pinky Coming up !!!

We have always seen her either with a bag of chips or a bar of chocolate. She loves her food, but she loves Geet more!! 
Aditi aka Pinky, is all set to come back on GHSP and we at Rangmunch.TV decided to chat up with her and share it with you guys!

Coming up Soon!!! Right here….

RangmunchTV Team

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