Morning Memories: Only with Rangmunch!

20 Aug

To me this song reminds me of my aunt playing the guitar, my first tryst with music and 

waking up to beautiful mornings !!! 

Whats yours?

A story

A song…

A childhood memory …..

Did all of that come right back to you after you watched a show, or a saw a particular scene 

from a particular show ….  

Feel free to share your stories with us as many others become your audience …!!!

You never know … who’s reading …!!

We at Rangmunch.TV believe in free spiritedness of a fan!!!

After all TV is no longer just about entertainment …

So share your TV stories with us … 

It could be anything, right from a personal life experience to a story that resembles a track to 

a person you watch on screen that reminds you of an old friend you havent met in years !!!!


Didnt we promise you it was going to be entertainment @unplugged !!!

-Rangmunch Team
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Posted by on August 20, 2011 in Star Plus


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