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Rangmunch News Bar: Sunday Snippets

You have heard some, some you will know now! Well thats what happens at a bar where you sit back and reflect!! Rangmunch.TV brings to you the News Bar!

Kareena Kapoor is all set to make an entry in Pavitra Rishta to promote her latest movie Body Guard, on the occasion of Ganesh utsav. There is touted to be a song and dance sequence.

Shashi and Summit Mittal’s new show Diya aur Baati Hum airs on StarPlus at the 9 PM slot, Monday to Friday, from 29th of August 2011. It stars Deepika and Anas Rashid. Dia aur Baati replaces Gulaal.

Sphere Origins show Gulaal starring Mansi Parekh and Neil Bhatt will go off air tonight, after the Maha-Episode.

Geet’s Maha-Episode on Star One that aired last night brought out Naintara’s evil intentions in front of the entire family. Maan and Geet got a little close and a beautiful number Jab Koi Baat bigad jaaye was played on the much loved couple.

Sony’s new show by Rajan Shahi, will star Kritika Kamra and Monish Behl in the leads. The story is about an older man and a younger girl and how their lives change after meeting in a hospital. The show is titled Kuch toh Log Kahenge.

The latest episode suggests a troubled childhood and past that could be attributed to Rajbeer. Will Preeto be able to change this? Will love blossom will Rajbeer look at Preeto and say “kheenche mujhe koi dor teri ore”?

We will be back next week with more snippets of what is to be and what has been!! Only at the News Bar!!

Written By:
Niharika Vidya Sagar

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Dancers are people for whom dancing is life. They go to any extent to be perfect and to celebrate their gift of dancing. The same passion and love for dance was seen on the set of STAR Plus’ dance reality show JUST DANCE.

Soumita who has injured her knee gave a wonderful salsa performance with Rajit. By the end of the performance the Bong girl, Soumita was in tears. While Farah & Vaibhavi appreciated her performance, they also counted on a number of mistakes she made during her act.

Hearing this out Hrithik who could actually relate to what Soumita was going through. jumped to her defense saying, ‘While Soumita is silently taking the feedback, had I been in her place I would have argued with the judges saying I am in too much pain and thereby defended myself’.
He was all praises about Soumita’s dedication and will power. Seeing Hrithik’s reaction, Farah & Vaibhavi stated that though Hrithik is defending Soumita right now, he is always the one, who’s ever-ready to perform any given dance-form/step despite being troubled by serious injuries at any point of time.   

Catch the Superstar Hrithik Roshan this weekend on Maruti Suzuki presents JUST DANCE at 9 pm only on STAR Plus!

Edited by:

Swati Ghosh
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Fida’s Corner : His wife, Mrs. Khurana !!! (Chapter 11)


He woke the next morning to find that he was lying with his head pillowed in her lap.  She was still wearing the same saree as the night before, though her blouse was lying on the bed next to him; as his memory of the night before returned slowly, he recalled untying her doris.
Hard on the heels of that memory came the memory of what happened next.  He remembered the feel of her lips on his, then his anger as he realised she was simply submitting to him.  His head was aching a little, a reminder of the pain that had crippled him last night; as he took in the way he was lying, he realised that she had spent the entire night ensuring that he slept peacefully.
Confused, for such acts of caring had no place in the relationship he had constructed in his mind, he sat up slowly; she woke as she felt him move.  Their eyes met for a moment before he moved away; he felt rather than saw the movement as she wrapped her pallu tightly around her to cover herself.  He kept his back to her as he spoke.
“I don’t need you to sacrifice yourself; I’m not a monster.  I don’t expect the use of your body as payment for accepting you as my wife  Geet, please itna samajhlein.  Main jaanwar nahin hoon.  Whatever your reasons for marrying me may have been, whatever understanding we had between us, whatever your expectations are, I can’t believe that I ever let you think that you had to sleep with me to keep your part of the bargain.”
He heard her draw a breath behind him then she spoke “It’s not like that, I was just trying to………look, can we just forget what happened last night.  Aap ka headache ab kaisa hai?”
For a moment he wondered whether to let the matter drop or not, but the look on her face told him that now was not the right time to discuss things further. 
“Behtar hai; aap ko raat bhar aise baithne ki zaroorat nahin thi”
She smiled, and this time her smile wasn’t filled with anger or bitterness, but instead with an incredible tenderness.
“Aap ko yaad nahin hai, magar kuch din pehle aap bhi raat bhar mujhe aisehi apni baahon mein lekar soye the.  Aapke investigator ne aap ko nahin bataya?”
Before he could say anything, she slid off the bed and into the bathroom, leaving him wondering about the details the investigator hadn’t been able to find.
He tried to summon the anger that was normally so close to the surface, to remind himself that he hadn’t wanted a wife and that she should be grateful that he was agreeing to honour the contract he had entered into, even though he didn’t remember it.  He tried, but failed
Somewhere inside him a little spark of recognition was trying to grow stronger- a feeling that he knew Geet, knew her as if she were part of him.  The initial anger and unmentioned terror over his amnesia had drowned out that spark of recognition, but now that he had begun to come to terms with what had happened to him, that little spark was refusing to remain unacknowledged.
Needing time to think, he changed into his tai-chi clothes and made his way to the gym.  He let the rhythm of the katas flow through him, allowing his mind to empty of all conscious thought.  After a while, he couldn’t ignore it any longer- the feeling he had that perhaps there was more to the story than he could gather simply from the investigator’s report.  As he continued the movements, he thought about the reports and the starkness of the newspaper articles; was it possible that more had happened between them, behind closed doors, than he had previously been willing to contemplate?

He almost wanted to laugh at himself.  Was he actually wondering whether he had ‘fallen in love’ with her.  Love.  A ridiculous emotion, one he had never believed in.  Even as the well-worn internal mockery of love started, another one of his inner voices insisted on making itself heard.  Hadn’t he been the one who had listened to his grandparents’ stories, hadn’t he been the one who had once hoped of finding a true partner in life the way his grandfather had? 
His movements grew jerkier as he remembered the moment he had stopped believing in love- the moment he had heard his parents coolly discussing their respective infidelities and how much they hated each other.  His beautiful glittering mother and his dignified father whispering invective at each other whilst hosting the annual Khurana karwa-chauth gathering; telling each other how they needed to get the whole rigmarole over and done with as quickly as possible so that they could go and be with their respective lovers.  He had been thirteen; within six months, his mother was dead and he had a stepmother and a new two-year-old baby brother he hadn’t known about. 
From then on, he hadn’t believed in love, hadn’t trusted in something that was so easy to fake and so easy to replicate.
As he remembered his parents, his resolve firmed—of course he wasn’t in love with his wife, because love didn’t exist.  He was attracted to her, dammit-lusted after her, he even admired her, but he didn’t love her.  And she didn’t love him- she was probably irritated that she wasn’t able to bring him under her control as she had expected to be able to, and the kiss tonight had been another attempt to gain the upper hand.
Coming to the end of his katas, he stood silent for a moment, Geet’s tender smile filling his mind.  He was willing to wait till she realised that she wasn’t going to win the contest of wills between them- he’d made his move, now she was going to have to make hers.  He was willing to wait until she’d made it clear what she wanted from this marriage.
(And if part of him wondered what made him persist, why he didn’t just give up on the marriage and return to his bachelor freedom, he suppressed it- he was married, Geet was his wife and that was just the way things were going to be).

—————————————————————————————————— to be continued……..

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Some actors we still fondly remember: Rajeev Khandelwal

Rangmunch.TV did a poll this week to find out, which is that one actor that you want to see on TV again and our article today is based on what the fans have voted for.
Rajeev’s role as Sujal in Kahin to hoga shot him to instant fame. His chemistry with co-star was such a huge hit with the audience that they couldnt see Kashish with anyone else. Rajeev is considered to be not only good looking but also a man who has a mind of his own. After opting out of Kahin to hoga, he did time bomb a short TV series and was also seen in an important role before he forayed into movies. His movie Aamir was well received and people took notice of this talented actor. 
We saw Rajeev once more on Television with the Sach ka Saamna Series on Star Plus where he was seen posing dicy personal questions to the contestants on the show. It was perhaps the charming face of this actor that put the contestants at ease as he would convincingly ask them even the most sensitive questions that would lead up to the revelations on the show.
Rajeev hasnt acted in a Television show for more than 4 years now, but people still remember all the roles he has enacted. He is one of those actors that has an amazing screen presence and carries an aura that automatically adds finesse. Sujal and Kashish’s romance was the start-off of the hit office romance stories, from where many other shows like Kitni Mohabbat Hai-Season 1 and Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi followed suit. Rajeev has always been associated with the variety of roles he picked. Whether it was his role as a cop in Time Bomb, or Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat on Left Right Left, he has always left a mark and has only added fans to his list. Rajeev’s fans range and hail from different age groups.
Rajeev is surely missed on Television, and fans would surely love to see him in a full fledged role soon. He has scored maximum number of votes in our poll. We wish Rajeev all the very best with his Film and TV career and hope we get to see him on screen soon.
We will come back with another actor soon! 
Niharika Vidya Sagar

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Geet: “Love is a promise; a souvenir, once given never forgotten” ~ John Lennon.


Maaneet’s love story has always been a roller coaster ride. We have all rejoiced in their happiness as well as cried seeing them in pain. Their “reel” emotion always affected the “real” people, and hence today was no different.

“Dadima se badkar is duniya mein mere liye koi nahi hai. Dadima hai toh mein hoon.” Maan once told these words to Geet when they met at the Dargah & since then Geet never forgot this truth. Therefore, when Nandini tells Geet about Dadima’s vow, she decides to break her fast & hence comes to Maan & convinces him to do so for the well-being of Dadima.
Nothing is more painful than the state of helplessness.  Maan realizes how much his behaviour is hurting Geet & his family but he is unable to come to terms with the reality & accept Geet as his wife. Even though Maan has always been a man of few words, but today he felt the need to open up to Geet. He felt he owed her an explanation. “Mere liye toh yeh sirf ek kahani hai.” Every word that he spoke only showed his vulnerability. He sincerely wished he could help himself & Geet by remembering her. However, one could also see Geet undergo immense pain seeing her Maan suffer, as he put forth his anxiety. She understands the turmoil he has been going through ever since the truth of their relationship has been revealed to him.
The worst thing is holding on to someone who doesn’t want to be held on to.~Anon
Geet’s loves Maan more than anything else in this world and there is nothing that she would like better than to hold on to him forever.  But she realizes no matter how much her heart may break, she has to let him go. Her happiness dwells upon seeing her Maan happy, & hence she decides to relieve Maan of the pressure. Geet reassures Maan, that going forward he does not have to carry the burden of their relationship, until he feels the urge to do so.
Love is blissful, but only when you are in love and the person, with whom you are in love, loves you in return, other wise it can be extremely painful. Maan’s loss of memory has not only erased traces of Geet’s existence from his life, but has also deprived her of his love. Nevertheless, Geet loves Maan & that is more than enough for her to believe that someday her Maan will remember his Mishty & she will patiently wait for that moment till her last breath.
“Apart of you has grown in me. And so you see, it’s you and me. Together forever, never apart, may be in distance but never in heart.”~ Anon

Swati Ghosh

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Sony Grabs the No 2 position : Grabs 245 GRPs

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Rangmunch.TV brings you the news that KBC topples other shows across channels to take the no 1 slot with an opening of 5.2 TVR.
Mumbai, August 25: Sony Entertainment Television continued its dream run, and replaced Colors from the No 2 slot among GECs with a strong 245 GRPS across markets. Empowered by the best fiction and non- fiction shows for its viewers, Sony Entertainment Television has become the Most Watched Television channel and is the No.1 channel in primetime with 154 GRPs.
Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’s charisma seems to have taken centre stage once more with KBC’s opening at 5.2 TVRs making it the highest recorded for any non-fiction show this year.
SET’s fiction shows have shown a stupendous increase as well, where, ‘Bade Achhe Laggte Hain” struck a chord with the males and females alike and garnered 3.7 TVR for the current week was followed by ‘Saas Bina Sasuraal’ at 2.4 TVR. ‘CID’ continued to thrill the audience with an average rating of 3.5 TVR, supplemented by ‘Crime Patrol’ at 3.1.
The strong line up of shows in both categories of fiction and non-fiction propelled Sony to a very strong No 2 position among Hindi General Entertainment Channels.
Sony Entertainment Television #2 channel Across HSM Markets
Sony Entertainment Television
Star Plus
*Source: TAM | CS 4+ | HSM Markets, Week 35, 2011
Delighted at the channel performance, Ms Sneha Rajani, Senior EVP Business Head, SET, said “KBC 2011 has been the only non-fiction show to open above 5 TVR this year on any Hindi GEC. We are delighted at the performance of all our shows and over the next 4 to 5 weeks we will further consolidate our position. We are confident that fiction will be the main growth driver on the channel. With a slew of promising new shows SET will be a channel to watch out for.”
Commenting on the stupendous numbers for SET, Mr NP Singh, COO MSM, said “2011 has been a very good year for us. Sony Entertainment Television is on an upward curve. With the excellent opening of Kaun Banega Crorepati, the fantastic performance of all our  fiction shows and non- fiction shows  we are ready for the next level of growth for the channel and our upcoming shows will simply add to the great performance of the channel.
As always Rangmunch.TV will keep you posted on all the latest developments in the TV land @unplugged.
Edited by,
Niharika Vidya Sagar
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Up Close & Personal With The Director of “ Bade Acche Lagte Hai”: Sangieta

Rangmunch.TV brings  to you a lovely  and a warm chat with Sangeita , the Director of Bade Acche Lagte Hai”.Sangieta  who has given us hit like Shagun,Kussum,Kasauti Zindagii Kii,Karam Apna Apna, and off late Kitni Mohabbat Hai Season 1 and 2 on Imagine TV,is now on her  latest directorial show” Bade Acche Lagte Hai “ BALH is on a all time high  and has caught on with all  the age groups.  Currently we are witnessing  a large scale marriage preparations on the show.Sangieta  has not only pulled it off smoothly but is still carrying on the  excellent  work. Being a women director is not easy especially when you are solely handling the show, but she has marvelled it.
The show is getting amazing reviews  and has placed  itself on the top 10 shows of the week.Here is  what Sangieta had to say when we spoke to her on her  much talked about show….

In this day and age, when TV shows are getting bolder in depicting extra-marital relationships, what made you agree to such a story, which depicts the traditional Indian ideal of love after marriage?
There are always two schools of thought  to this,Arrange marriages  and Love marriages…No doubt love marriages are more happeneing but there are still couples who actually enjoy the experience of falling in love after getting married.So in todays  time  where love happens easily, the concept of being in love after marriage intrigued me.
In this fast changing world do you think that the youth of today still relate to the concept of arranged marriages or are now much more likely to insist on a love marriage? 
Well , the youth definitely favours  love marriages  more but , there are  still a  section of people who cherish the thought of arrange marriages. So its actually on ones perception,on how they take it.Personally I feel  commitment  is the only thing that counts,be it whether  love marriage or arrange.

What makes Ram Kapoor & Sakshi Tanwar fit the roles of Ram and Priya perfectly? 
They are great actors to begin with and are brilliant on  screen.No one could have suited the role better.Both Ram and Saakshi  are the right choice for playing out Ram and Priya.
There is constant criticism of how most shows start with a fresh and innovative story concept but eventually turn into Saas-Bahu sagas. What do you think is the reason behind it?
Well when the story kicks off, there is usually a lot to tell between the lead pair.But as soon as the leads are  married , the story comes to a halt and  nothing is left to explore further .  We directors  get very little scope and turn the wheels towards the saas-bahu drama.Hopefully you would not  get to see that on this show.
In 21st Century, when women are more career oriented & families are equally supportive towards their daughters, do you think that the obsession that the character of Shipra had with her unmarried daughter is realistic? 
Not really…There are mothers who are very much still concerned on  seeing their grown up daughters getting married and settling down ,especially if they have crossed the marriageable age.Every mother wants the best for her child.Only balance has to be maintained.I too have a hectic work life and  am married, so I too have to strike a balance.Hence  I would say its not unrealistic as 35% of mothers will  be mothers who desires  to see their daughters  settled …(smiles)
What about your show do you think has gripped viewer’s attention considering it has been loved and well received right from day one?
Hmm….I would say the uniqueness lies in how Ram and Saakshi  have potrayed  the characters and now are living it beautifully,also that no one  on the show is really outright negative but have  shades of grey .We have tried to incorporate a  fun element  from time to time which brings in light moments with subtle humour.This show is very relatable as every house does have a Ram, a Priya or even Ayesha.

Marriages are a huge deal on Television shows with no compromise on all the pomp, splendour and glamour. With the current track focusing on the upcoming shaadi’s of both Ram and his sister Natasha, as a Director what is the mental preparation that you had to do to make it look different? Does being a woman help at times like this to add a little more sensitivity to the execution?? 
Oh it’s a lot of hard work as the marriage sequence  has to look real with all the nitty-gritties.Mentally one has to be charged up as lot of energy is spent  on a track like this.But being a women definitely helps when  relating to a scene .For instance explaining a bidai scene,if  coming from a woman  becomes  more relatable. I do improvise on it and give my personal insights  since I too have gone through it ,hence execution becomes easier.   
Recently there was an article which said that on viewers demand the channel & PH has asked Ram Kapoor to reduce his weight. Is this why the idea of diet & the doctor advising weight loss program for Ram Kapoor has been seen in the story or was it always a part of the story?
We just  added  that  bit for light humour.Ram is very supportive  and comfortable when it comes to his weight .He rathers cracks jokes on it..( laughs)
Seeing the unconventional way the story has moulded, do you believe in destiny? 
Oh definitely..Destiny does have a role to play in everyones  life.You can  do all the work you want , but if fate is not with you then  the journey becomes  tougher.
What kind of equation do you share with Ram and Saakshi?
I share a wonderful  bond with both Ram and Saakshi.They both make it very comfortable for me to do my work.Ram is fun so he relieves the stress   level and Saakshi is  a warm loving person and we do share  our girl moments..( smiles). I am enjoying every bit of my work.Though it does  drive me crazy but is fun when you have such amazing and talented actors to work with. 
Since you have a Co-Director also on the show, how do you deal with each other’s views & thought processes.
Well  its only me directing it  now.Earlier there was another Director working with me and we worked as a team but he is now  involved in another show so its only me calling the shots..
One favorite scene of yours so far which you have loved directing?
I’l  give you two scenes.They are my personal favorite.One is the scene where Priya and her father are in his room and he shows her a bag of all the little things he has collected over the years and the memories attached to it.The emotions between  a  father and daughter were beautifully  captured where words were not needed…The second scene was shot last Thursday where Priya’s bidai is happeneing  from her house. She goes silently through all the rooms and touches  all the things which define her.The  sadness, the tears and finally the breakdown was  exceptionally done.Saakshi brought  life to that shot .She made it  believable and real.

What message would you like to give your fans?
I would like to thank all our viewers for  such an amazing response and the love showered on  us.We promise to keep bringing in good stuff and entertaining  you with our best possible work.Take care and keep watching !!

I had a great time doing the interview , hope you  had a wonderful  time  reading it.Rangmunch sincerely thanks Sangieta for her valuable time .

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Fanspeak: Why mothers dont want a son in law like Arnav

 Rangmunch.TV introduces a section this week called Fanspeak, where we bring to you all those articles written by fans themselves, about their favorite shows, and their takes on various issues related to it. It can be on a serious issue, comic one or just a review! You write we print for you!! Right here on Rangmunch.TV-it is only here that you will find Entertainment @Unplugged.
Why should my daughter be Dismissive; Of a Man like Arnav – a Mother’s Missive!
What mother does not want her daughter to find herself a man who is successful, suave and good looking. Always impeccably dressed, purposeful stride, determined look and no-nonsense demeanor would be qualities that a mother would look for her future son in law.
Arnav, a character I saw recently on Star Plus in a serial called Iss Pyar ko Kya Naam Doon at 8pm while surfing through channels, held me glued for his authoritative ways of dealing with a situation.
His definitive ideas about life seemed even a little drastic but I was ready to cut some slack as he seemed to have gone through a lot in his life. His love for his sister Anjali, respect he gives grudgingly to his Naani was admirable. It seemed that he does have a heart after all.
What else could it be for he did catch a girl falling in his arms, even if he promptly put her aside. So may be he did not feel good about women and hell! he seemed to have an axe to grind against women, for he manhandled her but wait! did he just let her get away when she reasoned with him?
He did not seem bad just badmouthed. Am i defending him? No, No! just stating the fact. I saw it when his instinct was to save her from falling from his office window but her words stung him enough to let her go. Hang on! the cheeky man knew there were boxes down there, didn’t he? I had laughed, the man showed he was insensitive but he seemed to have some conscience. Kameena!
But of late, there has been some chemical lochaa; he seems to have melted towards Khushi. But pigheaded that he is he does not even admit it to himself. 
He is also stubborn and foolhardy, he has now gone and gotten himself a goat… uh! i mean a girl who proclaims her love for him but does not make any effort to win hearts of his family.
Bhalaa aisi larki kise pasand aayegi?
But i digress. Daughter dearest, you be careful, you don’t want a guy who is stubborn blind and thinks he is in control when all i see is a train ready to derail.
What will I do should you fall in love with an uncouth guy like him? A guy who is always around to save you but he cannot save himself from falling?
What am I going to do if my son in law knows what is best for him, know ki aage keechad had par kadam aise bhadhaye jaa raha hai ki manzil wahi ho?
Par kya karoon Arnav mein phir kuch baat dikhti hai jo sirf dekh kar andekha karne ka mann karta hai.
Is there more to him than what meets the eye? Am I too quick to write him off as a potential son in law material to my daughter?
Agar aise larke se meri beti ko pyar jo jaaye toh 
Uss Pyar ko Mein kya naam doon?
Written by:
Vrushali Tripathi
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Must Watch .. Maryada :Lekin Kab Tak

After an EXPLOSIVE  episode of Maryada , where  Devyani  finally tells Brahma that she is not naive or ignorant to know whats happeneing behind her back ,watch Brahma do the most humiliating and   insensitive thing ever.He gives the upcoming party responsibility to Uttara, hurting Devyani in the process.One would think after what all happened , Brahma would  mend his ways a little ….but no, he still feels there is nothing wrong in what he’s doing.So keep watching Maryada : Lekin Kab Tak to know how Devyani will tackle the situation and Brahma.
Rangmunch Tv
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Fida’s Corner : His wife, Mrs. Khurana !!! (Chapters 9 & 10)

It was as if the knowledge of the background to their marriage released him from his guilt and worry.  Now that he knew she didn’t actually love him, he allowed himself to contemplate what it would be like to have her as his wife.  Over the next week, he found excuses to be near her, listen to her, watch her, all without making her aware that she was suddenly subject to his scrutiny.  He told himself that he was just information-gathering, but he didn’t let himself think about why he found his gaze lingering on the curve of her cheek or noting the way she fiddled with her dupatta when she was thinking nor why he took the time to catalogue the different ways she smiled at different people.  He wouldn’t even admit to himself that he wondered what kind of smile she might someday give him.
As he lay awake in the middle of the night at the end of the week, unwillingly aware of the woman clinging to the other side of the bed, he thought about what she might want. The week had passed in status quo; they continued to live in a state of limbo.  Perhaps she was waiting for some signal from him, some reassurance that he was going to let her have what she wanted.  Well, if that was what he needed to give her, then from tomorrow he’d make it clear that they needed to move on, make a start on whatever their life together was going to be.
He woke the next morning and left her lying there as he went to the gym for his morning workout.  They’d fallen into an uneasy routine; he woke and went to the gym leaving her to bathe, dress and make her way downstairs whilst he was gone; it was only at the breakfast table that they actually came face  to face.  This morning, he cut short his workout, making his way back to the bedroom much earlier than he normally did to talk to his wife.
Walking in, he saw Geet sitting at the dressing table, her hands reaching behind her neck to tie her doris.  Driven by a sudden urge to learn how soft her skin was, he moved towards her and took the ends of the doris in his hands.  She sat perfectly still as he tied the knot, and her clear discomfort broke through the wave of desire that suddenly rolled through him.  Reminding himself that she probably needed further reassurance about her continuing presence in his life before she was willing to let him touch her again, he moved away from her.  Her dupatta was lying on the bed; he picked it up and handed it to her then watched as she draped it to cover as much of herself as possible.
Stepping forward, he looked at her in the mirror; as their eyes met,  he rapidly rethought his plan of talking to her.
“Geet, I think we need to talk.  Shaam ko mere saath dinner pe chalengi?  Hum kahin aur baith ke baat karenge to koi interruptions nahin honge”
She held his gaze, then nodded slowly.  Unaccountably relieved, he said “Theek hai, main reservations karwata hoon.  Will you be ready at eight?”
As she nodded again he said “Theek hai.  Chaliye, main nahaaloon”.  Taking some clothes, he walked into the bathroom; as he closed the door he looked back and saw her filling her maang with sindoor.  The sight triggered an odd sensation deep inside him, like a memory trying to escape, but he shook it off as he prepared for the day.
The day passed as the previous Saturdays had; she stayed busy entertaining the guests who inevitably dropped in whilst he spent most of time in his office, going over all the details he needed to remember.  Lunch was a quiet affair, dominated by Dadi talking about the fact that Dev needed to remarry whilst determinedly ignoring the extreme discomfort of prospective groom.  By the time evening came, he was more than ready to spend time with his wife.  He laughed inwardly; from being completely opposed to the idea of having a wife, he had become remarkably eager to reap the benefits (as long as it was on his terms).  He supposed it was only reasonable; if he had a wife, there seemed to be no reason why he should continue living like a bachelor.
He dressed early and sat in his office till eight o’clock, then made his way to the bedroom.  When he entered, he found his wife standing at the dressing table spraying a little perfume on her wrists.  She was wearing a saree with an almost backless blouse, her hair flowing loose over one shoulder, her only adornment heavy kundan earrings.
She looked unbelievable; no one who saw her in this avatar would believe that she was a small-town girl who had only recently entered high society life.  If he had been uncomfortably aware of her beauty when he saw her dressed in her everyday clothes, her effect on him was now similar to being punched in the gut.  Realising that he was staring at her like a fool, he stepped further into the room.  She finally saw him standing there and turned saying “Main tayyar hoon.  Hum chalein” 
As they walked out of the room together, he had to remind himself what his agenda for the evening was.  Letting himself be blinded by her beauty was not the basis for a mutually-beneficial convenient marriage. (And if part of him couldn’t help but think he much preferred the simply dressed Geet he saw every day, he ignored it for being foolish).

The evening passed quickly if quietly; his attempts at making conversation were met with uncomfortable silences.  It wasn’t until the waiter brought over their coffees that he decided that it was time to come to the point.


He stopped, suddenly hesitant (which was not a feeling he was used to).

Before he could say anything else, she spoke “Main jaanti hoon aap kya kehna chahte hain.  Aap sochrahe honge ke main aap ke sabr ka faida uttha rahi hoon, magar aisi baat nahin hai.  Main shayad iss jhooti ummeed mein ji rahi thi ki aap ko sab yaad aajayega, aap ko hamare beech ki sab baatein yaad aajayengi.”

Looking up, she met his eyes, and then said “Magar aaj yeh ummeed poori tarha se toot gayi hai.  Aaj ke baad, main aisi hi patni bann jaoongi jaisi aap chahte hain”

Before she could say anything else, he decided it was time to let her know that he knew all about their history.

“Geet, mujhe sab pata hai”

She looked at him, hope blazing in her eyes for a moment before he continued “Main jaanta hoon Dev ne aapke saath kya kiya, main jaanta hoon hum ne shaadi kyun ki, main jaanta hoon aapka baccha…………” He stopped, not wanting to distress her deliberately, almost missing her whispered “Hamara”.

He didn’t understand what she meant by “hamara” but decided to ignore it, not wanting to get side-tracked.

“Dekhiye, main samajh sakta hoon aap ne mujhse shaadi kyun ki, aap Dev ko kyun bardaasht karti hain.  If I was in your place, I would also feel that the Khurana family owed me something.  But I think we need to be clear.”

She looked at him, giving no hint of her reaction, and then lowered her eyes whilst he spoke.

“I don’t need you to pretend to be in love with me; you don’t need to convince me that I’m the love of your life.  You’re my wife, we’ve agreed to stay together.  You’ll always be entitled to everything that comes with the title of Mrs Khurana.”

He paused, battling a sinking feeling that he was committing one of the biggest mistakes of his life, and then forged ahead.

“Shall we not just have honesty between us? You don’t have to keep up this facade of grieving, or of hoping I get my memory back.  I’ll be honest, it won’t gain you anything further.”

Finally she spoke, her voice as cold as the Arctic. “Aapko inn sab baaton ke baare mein kahan se pata chala?”

“I asked the company’s private investigators to look into the matter for me”

She made a small sound, one that could have been called a laugh if it hadn’t been filled with rage.  “To aap ne yeh sochliya ke ek Private investigator ki report se aap ko hum donon ke beech ki har baat samajh mein aagayi, aapko laga ke aap mujhe samajh gaye hain.  Aap ko apne investigator pe bahut bharosa hoga.  Ek baat bataiyye, aap ko lagta hai usse hamare beech ki har baat pata chal gayi hogi?”

She finally looked up at him, her eyes blazing with anger, but before he could answer her, before he could ask her what she meant, she shielded her gaze and took a breath.  Every trace of emotion vanished from her voice as she spoke again.

“Accha hai ke aap ne mujhe bata diya.  Aaj ke baad main aise hi bann ke rahoongi jaise aap ne mujhe socha hai.”

She smiled, finally answering his unacknowledged wondering about the type of smile she would give him.   It was not quite the smile he had hoped for – bitter and full of anger- then it too vanished as she replaced it with a bland social smile.

“Magar ek baat to zaroor hai; agar main aap ki jagah hoti, to ek Private investigator ki report ke saath saath main apni ardhangini se bhi poochleta ke sach kya hai.  Issliye nahin ke woh report ghalat hogi, magar issliye ke har baat jaisi dikhti hai, waisi hoti nahin hai”

Pushing her chair back, she stood before he had a chance to react, to ask her what she meant, leaving him with no option but to acquiesce to her suggestion when she said “Ghar chalein?”

The drive home was silent; when they arrived home, he stopped to check his emails before making his way to their room.  He entered quietly, then stopped to watch as she removed her earrings.  Her movements were jerky and abrupt, as if she wanted nothing more than to strip off every reminder of their conversation.

She put her hands behind her to untie her doris, but the knots were too tangled and she struggled in frustration.  Finally giving in to his urge to help her, he stepped forward and moved her hands out of the way.

She stilled as she felt his touch, then as the doris fell open she whirled in his arms and kissed him.  It was a kiss filled with desperation, hunger, regret and anger; so many questions asked by that kiss that he reeled under the impact.

The feel of her lips on his was like fire in his blood; he had never felt such a rage of passion as he felt at that moment.  Her hands came up to caress his face, touching him as if to ask whether he remembered, whether he recognised, whether he knew.  As his arms came up around her, a jolt of electricity ran up his arms from the place where his fingers touched the bare skin of her back.

Moulding herself closer to him, she kissed him again, holding him as close as she could.  He was almost lost in passion, on the verge of lifting her into his arms and taking her to the bed when he felt her tears on his lips.  He pulled back, bringing his hands to her face, feeling the tears pouring from her eyes and was shocked.

He had never intended for her to feel as if she owed him her body, even he wasn’t as hardened as that.  Angered that she was making him feel like a monster, he drew back to tell her that she didn’t need to prostitute herself, that he didn’t need a sacrifice to appease him; at that moment, he was struck by the sight of her face.

A memory hit, of a night when he had wiped her tears before.  He struggled to hold on to that memory, to remember that moment from his past, but the harder he tried, the more the memory eluded him.   A moment later, he clasped his head as a headache pounded at his skull; his last waking memory was of her cool hands soothing his forehead.

—————————————————————————————————————to be continued ——- 


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