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"Whatever be the show, it just has to be honest" – Sidharth Sengupta!

When you have delivered a hit show like Balika Vadhu for three years in a row, and continue to tell a story of over 1000 episodes, like there were something new to tell each day, one would definitely wonder what is it that ensures this kind of consistency and quality? Having worked on unconventional shows like Ek Chaabi Hai Pados Mein which was a weekend Drama, and Jyoti, a simple story of a strong willed girl from a middle class family, Siddharth Sengupta ( known as Goldie to the TV fraternity) excels in story telling.

Every show has its own back-story to tell, and every one involved in it only goes on to make this story what it finally is. When you talk to Siddharth Sengupta, you can see why his shows are what they are: simple, strong yet effective. He is all of that! Play me your show, and I will tell you who you are.

During our hour-long chat with Mr. Sengupta, we were more than thrilled to know how shows are made, and what makes them click through the tale of Balika Vadhu.

Rangmunch.TV: Congratulations! Balika Vadhu has completed three years. What do you thing is the USP of the show, which has helped garner such high TRPs week after week?
Sidharth Sen: Thank you. Yes, it has completed 1000 episodes. The idea was to give something to society. We wanted to do it in an honest way because I had seen child marriages; it takes childhood away which is unjust. Everything else just fell in place; we never knew it would be such a big hit. It has worked because its extremely well written with lines that have lot of depth. The show has good actors and Pradeep Yadav, the Director is also good. I believe that when all the departments involved in making a show fall in place, the show becomes a hit.
Since I had been busy with Gulaal, I haven’t being doing Balika Vadhu for a while. Infact, I shot with Pratyusha (Anandi) for the first time only recently. Avika Gor (younger Anandi) and Avinash (younger Jagiya) were the ones I had worked with right from the start. I brought them up. 
Rangmunch.TV: Currently, there are several shows with a rural backdrop. Do you think it is essential to garner high TRPs?
Sidharth Sen: I don’t think so. Whatever be the show, it just has to be honest. After Balika, in these three years, how many shows that have started with rural background have been successful? Bade Achche Lagte Hain is doing well and is a respected show. It is not rural it is completely modern. It is actually a herd mentality to follow a success formula. If the story demands it then it is fine, but if it doesn’t why have it in the first place?
Infact, I don’t know how to make a hit show. More than us, everyone else seems to know why Balika Vadhu (smiles) is such a hit. At our end, we are just trying to tell you a genuine story.
Rangmunch.TV: So, whose concept was Balika Vadhu?
Sidharth Sen: It was Purnendu Shekhar’s concept who is the writer of the show and is also from Rajasthan. Purnendu and Sunjoy Waddhwa, the Producer, have been trying for years to get this across to people until Ashwini Yardi, Programming Head of Colors understood the concept and decided to air it. Nowadays the channels work on research. Four years ago, the Channel would not have allowed a story revolving around two kids getting married.

Rangmunch.TV: Do you think the unique idea of asking the viewers to choose the actress they wanted to see as their Anandi after the leap, worked in your favor? Why this strategy only for Anandi?
Sidharth Sen: Everyone has apprehensions when the story takes a leap because audience gets connected to the characters and their faces. Am sure that it has worked well as you can see Pratyusha (Anandi) is still working (smiles). This was an open audition. Television is led by women. She was the protagonist; hence, it was done only for her. Also, it was Anandi’s story at the end of the day.
Rangmunch.TV: Since your show depicts the rural Rajasthan, your characters not only wear the traditional Rajasthani costumes but also speak the dialect. Did you conduct any workshop to ensure the right diction?
Sidharth Sen: No, we have consciously not had very hard dialects. Its spoken hindi delivered with a leja – a flavor of the language. We have kept it flexible; we just wanted the flavor of Rajasthani dialect to come across. If it is over done people start disconnecting.
Rangmunch.TV: Do you prefer working with the same people (team) always?
Sidharth Sen: I am very finicky about who I am working with. I have a great equation with Sanjay. It is a pleasure working with him. Anybody who is interested in making a brand out of their name, which Sunjoy Waddhwa is, I am more interested in working with such people, because people are product conscious. I have been lucky to work with some of the best writers.

Rangmunch.TV: How do you ensure consistency with regards to the story and characters over a period of three years?
Sidharth Sen: That is the difference – it is a very honest and dedicated approach. It is the Director’s job to tell the story without letting any character or actors getting out of hand. This is possible when everything falls in place including the writers.
Rangmunch.TV: You have dealt with issues like puberty in the show. When shooting such scenes with children, how do you let them know what and why they have to do? Did you ever feel uncomfortable while explaining certain things to them?
Sidharth Sen: Avika (younger Anandi) is a very intelligent and mature girl. I used to call her Bindni (wife). I used to speak to her father too and he used to tutor Avika. I would try to explain to them drawing references from their world. Kids pick up faster that way.
Ali (younger Kesar) of Gulaal was much more innocent than Avika. Avinash (younger Jagiya) was also little difficult to explain to.
Rangmunch.TV: Has it ever happened that a scene or a dialogue was written that you were convinced of but the actor wasn’t?
Sidharth Sen: (Thinks and smiles) Well, it has. But we as creators have to justify the same, and make actors understand for them to perform. For eg. Senior artists like Surekhaji (Dadisa) play their characters with their heart, so you cannot tell her to do something that she is not convinced about; so it is important to convince them first as well.

Rangmunch.TV: Vasant and Gehna is another interesting couple in the show. Their suhaag raat addressed marital rape. How do you convince the actors and give them confidence to do such scenes where they have not had a chance to interact and get comfortable with each other?
Sidharth Sen: When I shot that scene, it was not difficult to convince the actors. The whole point is to do it aesthetically. It can go haywire anytime. If you have seen the show, you would know we have dealt with sensitive issue like menstrual cycle and things that are unheard of in the industry. Once you speak to actors, explain the vision, and assure them that it would be done aesthetically, they generally don’t have a problem. We don’t show anything vulgar in Balika or for that matter in any other show on Indian Television today.

Rangmunch.TV: What were some of the challenges you faced while shooting for this show?
Sidharth Sen: Shooting wise, there are scenes that we shot on the sand dunes in Rajasthan that comes to mind. It was during the month of May and it was so hot that we were getting blisters through our shoes. It was a tough shoot. Making the kids understand and setting them up for the shot was tougher than handling the climate.

Rangmunch.TV:  While Balika Vadhu has been running successfully, Gulaal went off-air due to low TRP. Why do you think it was unable to garner desirable TRP?
Sidharth Sen: I really don’t know how TRPs come. Whose job is it to garner TRPs? I have not met anyone in these 15 years who can tell a sure shot way to follow in order to garner TRPS. It has hard to tell what works with the audience. Some shows do well some shows do not.
Gulaal was not accepted I think from the word go. If the story was about Deyarvattu happening at a later stage then it should have started differently. The way it started, for the first 15 episodes you feel this is about a girl who can take out water. If people were interested in that story then they will see it anyway. Somewhere we may have made an error in judgement and I think that is why it did not do well.

Rangmunch.TV:  Do you get disheartened when things dont turn out the way you have envisioned like it did in Gulaal?
Sidharth Sen: No I don’t. We tried to tell a story and infact, till the last episode we gave our best.

Rangmunch.TV: Have you watched any other Hindi shows on Television recently?

Sidharth Sen: (Thinks and tells) Yes! Infact I did watch a show on Star Plus called Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon which is produced by a friend of mine, Gul Khan. I did not get to follow the show regularly because of my hectic work schedule, but I must say that I loved the overall execution of whatever little I saw.
Rangmunch Team would like to thank Mr. Sidharth Sengupta for taking time out from his busy schedule and talking to us at length.

Interviewed by:
Swati Ghosh
Niharika Vidya Sagar
Edited by:
Neeraja Unni 



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Just Dance : Friendship is in the Air!!!

Just Dance not only served as a platform to promote Dance but also united two friends.

Well in the recent past, we did hear stories about how two strong friends of Bollywood, Farah Khan & Shahrukh (Badshah) Khan had fallen apart for reasons best known to them.

However, we now hear that they have finally put behind their differences and have once again joined hands and become friends. All Thanks to Just Dance. The channel was shooting it’s Grand Finale episode in Filmcity, Goregaon when the camera captured SRK nudging and poking Farah on stage till she gave up and hugged him back!

Rangmunch.TV brings to you some captivating moments from the sets of STAR Plus’ show JUST DANCE where both Farah Khan (judge) and SRK (celebrity guest) PATCHED UP!

We hope their friendship continues to hold strong and go long!!

Compiled by:
Swati Ghosh
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With Navratri at full swing, tonight is the ‘shubh arambh’ (start) of Festival Specials in KBC.
The episode starts with a spectacular dance performance depicting multicultural aspect of India. As an added attraction to already colorful KBC, festival special episodes will have Bollywood superstars appearing on the show as ‘shubh chintak’ (well-wisher) of KBC!! 

Moreover, guess who will be spotted on the show as a part of this special celebration? Well it will be none other than everyone’s heart throb John Abraham! John will be joining in the festivities and amuse one lucky contestant who he will join on the hot seat!
Watch this colourful celebration and be a part of your favourite show Panchkoti Mahamoney Kaun Banega Crorepati!!
Edited by:
Swati Ghosh

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I, Me, Myself! – Samir Sharma

Rangmunch brings to you a heart to heart talk with Samir Sharma who has won millions of hearts with his endearing performance as Dev in a popular television show, ‘Geet Hui Sabse Parayi’ on StarOne. It is about time we knew Samir, the person.

Rangmunch.TV: One thing you are grateful for in life.
Samir Sharma: Life itself! (Smiles)
Rangmunch.TV: One thing that is missing in your life at this moment?
Samir Sharma: What I miss most right now is travel. I love to drive on highways and travel and see the world. Unfortunately, in this profession one doesn’t get to do that. But, we do travel when the show requires. Added to that, I would love to do a travel food show. I am a big foodie and dream of doing something on that line.
Rangmunch.TV: Is first impression always the last impression for you?
Samir Sharma: No, I always give a second chance to people. In this industry where you get to be with people 12-14 hrs a day, judging them will only make you end up with enemies.

Rangmunch.TV: Are you politically correct?
Samir Sharma: I am not political, and that is correct. (Laughs)
Rangmunch.TV: Do you take risks?
Samir Sharma: Yes, I do. The biggest risk I took was entering this industry. I was working in an advertising firm, and leaving that and coming here was a risk. Fortunately, that risk paid off.

Rangmunch.TV: What is your biggest fear?
Samir Sharma: My biggest fear is to go through life and not make any sense in it.
Rangmunch.TV: What do you think you need to change about yourself?
Samir Sharma: I am very lazy and need to get off my a**(sorry for using that word) but I really need to exercise and become more active. Well, I may look thin but am not fit. I need to change that.
Rangmunch.TV: Do you thank people enough?
Samir Sharma: Unfortunately, No. One needs to thank people enough.
Rangmunch.TV: So if you need to thank someone now, who would that be?
Samir Sharma: Really? How big is your web site and how many pages can you afford to fill with my thank you’s (has a hearty laugh) Well, most people don’t thank their parents enough. One should thank them for all the sacrifices and contribution they have done. So for me it’s the parents.

Rangmunch.TV: Do you look a lot into the mirror?
Samir Sharma: NOT AT ALL! Infact I’m one of the guys who even runs away from the make-up guy unless it is really needed and that too if it comes from the director.
Rangmunch.TV: Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
Samir Sharma: I don’t think I have seen enough life to either agree or refute that. I like to believe that things happen for a reason.
Rangmunch.TV: What are you proud of?
Samir Sharma: I am proud of the fact that I could defy the people who said that I shouldn’t join the industry. I came and made a place for myself and for that achievement, I am certainly proud.
Rangmunch.TV: Do you listen to your heart?
Samir Sharma: I try to most of the time. But, mind does come in the way and starts the confusion. One does not know whether it is the mind or the heart speaking.
Rangmunch.TV: Are you a Director’s Actor?
Samir Sharma: Depends. If I am sure of what I am doing then no, and if I am a bit confused about a certain shot then definitely I take Director’s cue.
Rangmunch.TV: Does too much negativity get to you and how do you cope with that?
Samir Sharma: Yes, negativity does get to me so to avoid I get away from the situation or if that does not work, I put on my head phone and listen to music.

Rangmunch.TV: What kind of music do you like to hear?
Samir Sharma: I listen to all kinds of music. Ranging from classical to western classical, bollywood, trance, and techno, I listen to all.
Rangmunch.TV: Do you read?
Samir Sharma: (Laughs) Ask my wife that. She has strictly told me to buy another house with bedrooms dedicated only to books.
Rangmunch.TV: What kind of books do you read?
Samir Sharma: Again all kinds, whichever piques my curiosity. My favourite genre is science fiction. Though I didn’t do much of science in school, I am currently enjoying reading on quantum physics – a book called “A short history of nearly everything”, wish someone had given me this book in school. This book has given me so much knowledge, it is amazing.
Rangmunch.TV: What is the one thing about Samir people don’t know?
Samir Sharma: If they don’t know, then it’s for a reason and I want to keep it that way. (Then brushing it off in a light manner he goes on to say) I am a big FOODIE and I love to cook.
Rangmunch.TV: If you have to describe Samir Sharma in one word or a sentence, what would that be?
Samir Sharma: Hmm…lets say 2 words…Acquired Taste.
Hope you all enjoyed reading this segment and knowing Samir a bit more than you already do. Isn’t he fun to know? We certainly feel so. 

Special Thanks to Mr. Samir Sharma from the entire team of Rangmunch.TV, for taking time out from his busy schedule and doing this interview for us.
Interviewed by:
Swati Ghosh
Niharika Vidya Sagar
Edited by:
Navyanka Varma


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Just Dance Grand Finale – The Countdown has now Begun!!!

‘Just Dance’ has already tapped its way to the top among Weekend non-fiction programs with an average season rating of 3.0; while its debutant celebrity-judge Hrithik Roshan has been catapulted to the top of the popularity charts, according to the latest CIL (Characters India Like) study. The show also recently won the Best reality show award at ITA & host Ayushmaan won the best host on television award.

The three Finalists of Just Dance – Ankan Sen (left), Karan Khanna (middle), Surjeet Bansal (right)

Only one of the three finalists – Kolkata’s Ankan Sen, Delhi’s Surjeet Bansal and Mumbai’s Karan Khanna can win the Grand Finale – but not before he wins the hearts of viewers who can send in their votes through voting lines that opened on 25th September at 2230 hrs and will remain open till 28th September at 2230hrs. Viewers’ choice will account for 50% of the verdict.

The winner apart from earning the chance of a lifetime to match steps with Hrithik Roshan, will also get to drive away a brand new Maruti Suzuki Swift and a prize amount of Rupees One Crore.

Judges Farah Khan, Vaibhavi Merchant and host Ayushmaan will be joined by Hrithik and his family for the extravagant night that will pay a special tribute to the legendary Shammi Kapoor. What’s more, the finale will have its fair share of celebrity presence from tinsel town with Bollywood heartthrobs like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Rakesh Roshan and the rest of Hrithik’s family flocking in to cheer the top three!

“Dancing is like dreaming with your feet! It’s been one great dream to be part of this show and I just can’t wait for the finale,” said Hrithik Roshan, who judged the show that has become the first truly pan-India talent competition being beamed in various languages including Malayalam and Tamil.

Nitin Vaidya, Business Head for Star India’s Hindi channels said, The finale will span two-and-half-hours and viewers can feel the build up to the final climax. The finale will be fitting tribute to the very expression of dance and the winner will get to perform alongside Roshan.”

The Top 12 contestants along with the three Judges Farah, Hrithik , Vaibhavi and Host Ayushmaan

The show’s top 12 contestants will return to the stage to the Ganesh Hegde choreographed finale act for Hrithik.

So viewers get ready to be treated to a dance extravaganza beyond imagination this Saturday, 1st of October at 9pm only on Star Plus. Also witness who will win the ultimate opportunity of a lifetime to perform with Hrithik Roshan!

Edited by:

Swati Ghosh
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Child’s work or Child’s Play?:Food For Thought

It was in college that I had read about the micro-economic theory of utility which talks about decision making with regards to the choices you make for better a life style. Basically from what I remember and what my professor had explained, the gist of the theory goes on to explain how parents spend money on children as a means of investment, and hence their education and their other needs, with the belief and presumption that they will take care of them later on in life and repay it  . Before you sleep off, let me get into why I have picked up this heavy dosed discussion today. 

This theory however doesnt go down too well with our Indian sensibilities where, we have been told from time immemorial that the only love in the world that’s unconditional is that of parents and children. But what if, instead of the parents it is the children who become their source of earnings? Sounds in-human isnt it? Well, it does the way it has been presented atleast! But is it that bad? Think about it?

I was browsing through Channels when this particular Promo on Imagine TV  of their upcoming show Haar-Jeet caught my attention. Do take a look at it for yourself.

Did that stir something in you? Well, it did to me when I watched it for the first time. We have watched Balika Vadhu, Kashi, Devi and various other such shows where little kids play lead protagonists before the older ones take over. But what stayed with me after seeing this promo, was the message that the makers were trying to convey through the show. 

This show atleast for now seems to be tackling issues like exploitation, greed, attraction towards sheen and glamour and hopefully the need for education that possibly would be dealt with during the course of the show. With a striking title like Haar-Jeet, the promo atleast speaks of the irony of losing out so much in the name of gaining short-term fame.

What happens when children become a means of your livelihood? Its good to recognise and encourage talent and tap someone young, but what happens when you become so greedy that you forget you are holding a child at ransom? 

What happens to these little children after the show comes to an end? I agree education is not the be all and end all of one’s life. In todays times, where there are a million options, education, the need for schooling,tutoring and  mentoring has also become another choice you could make. But isn’t there a reason why we are sent to school. Isn’t that where we meet other people of our age, kind and type? Don’t you get yelled at when you make a mistake? Don’t you get graded when you perform well? Would TRPS of a show give you the same lessons? Would an older actor wanting to make it on his own, not force a little child to compete with him/her forcing her/him to become a part of the mad rat race? 

I wouldnt say, this is the only place where this could happen, it holds true for all those jobs of young domestic help, pani puri waala, paper waala as well as the little kids who are sent out to beg on the roads or even young boys and girls that are involved in sports and other activities. I am not here to make a moral argument! But the question I want to ask is, if the idea of the promo is to send a message across and to prove a point that this is wrong, is there no other way of showing it than using kids again to depict the same? 

Is TV viewing also meant to educate audience or is it merely a mode of entertainment? I throw the discussion open to you all. All feedback, positive and negative are most welcome!!!

Niharika Vidya Sagar



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The Resurrection of HUM: Maaneet !!!

Today’s episode left me with mixed emotions. I was overwhelmed since after a very long time I saw Maaneet for almost 15 minutes and the entire episode was nothing less than a visual treat. However the news of the show coming to an end and the idea of not seeing Maaneet on-screen at some point in time did dampen my spirit for a while. However I could not hold myself back from penning down my thoughts about the episode that left me spell bound. 
“Geet kaalash ko gira kar ek baar phir meri zindagi mein pravesh karo”  Geet’s patience and perseverance paid off today. These words from Maan put an end to Geet’s desolation. She finally won her love, her Maan and for us “HUM” is back.
Apparently for me it was more of Geet’s victory than Maan’s. Earlier whenever Geet came across any difficulty, she always had Maan to fall back on. However, this time around destiny played cruel and not only took away Maan who was her pillar of strength, but brought him back as a challenge in Geet’s life by erasing every memory of hers from his mind.
Such is the irony of life that the Man who once gave her the most beautiful memories around which her world revolved had become completely oblivious to her being and Geet had to patiently and persistently make a way back into his life.
For me, Geet is an epitome of Love, Hope, Strength and Positivity. After Maan lost his memory, it was Geet’s self belief & confidence in her love, which gave the strength to hold on to her relationship, irrespective of Maan’s behaviour towards her.
Besides having conviction in her own self, she never lost faith in her Babaji. Usually when faced with so many trials in life, people tend to lose hope and question the very existence of God. But with every tough situation, Geet’s faith in Babaji ONLY grew stronger which in turn gave her the strength and courage to overcome life’s hurdles.
Even now when Maaneet have finally reunited, we should not forget that it is Geet who has all over again won the love & respect of Maan as he is still unable to recall any of the past memories of their journey together.
With Maan making his way back in Geet’s life is good enough a reason for her to look forward to a new dawn.
“What I need to live has been given to me by earth. Why I need to live has been given to me by YOU” ~ Anon

Swati Ghosh

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Arnav Singh Raizada…A Vulnerable Man with an Iron Mask !!

“You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel.” ~ Johnny Depp.

In the last few episodes, Arnav’s vulnerability completely moved me and yesterday I could not stop the tears from flowing down my eyes.
One could see the pain in Arnav’s eyes not only because of the guilt that he was undergoing for what he said to Khushi but also because that is so not him.
Arnav is a man with a golden heart, but the flashes from his past gives us a hint that he is a bruised soul. Incidents from his past may have forced him to hide behind a mask, as he believes that portrayal of emotions is a sign of weakness. Under no circumstances will he allow the world to know the real him or play with his emotions.
However, Khushi Kumari Gupta from the very beginning had unknowingly stirred all these emotions in Arnav, which he thought he had buried over the years. How much ever he tried to remain unaffected by her presence, he had very little success in doing so. He hates Khushi not because she has wronged him but because she in some way or the other compels him to confront his inner self and triggers his conscience to acknowledge what is right and wrong.
On the face of it Arnav may be a strong, powerful, shrewd and a hardhearted man but deep down he is extremely vulnerable who is prone to all human instincts and emotions like any one of us and in Khushi’s presence they surface easily.
I strongly believe that one can fake to the world but not to oneself. Arnav in trying to do so is not only hurting all those around him but is “harming” himself. Probably he is one such person who is in dire need of a companion but he has completely isolated himself and become a “LONER.” He is neither able to let go of things nor is he able to forgive himself easily. While apologizing to Khushi was the need of the hour, it also revealed the vulnerable side of him, which he was so desperately trying to hide.

Every time I see Arnav and the pain that he has been living with all these years, my heart bleeds for him. While he has locked himself within the darkness of his own beliefs and insecurities, Khushi could be the key to his heart and be the one to set him “FREE.”
Swati Ghosh

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Fida’s Corner: His Wife, Mrs. Khurana!!! (Chapter 18))

Chapter 18
He woke in the morning to the feel of her lips on his but as he noticed the space she had made between them; he knew that he must have dreamt it.
She smiled, obviously a little uncomfortable, then said simply “Maan, thank you”
With the situation between them still so tentative, he wasn’t sure exactly what to say- should he reassure her that she had every right to expect his support, or should he stake his claim and say that it was his right to be there for her whenever she needed him.  He could hardly tell her that he had enjoyed the feeling of being needed- he didn’t want her to have the impression that he preferred her weak and helpless when the truth was he had fallen for her sherni avatar.
Deciding that silence was the best option, he smiled briefly, then got up.  Picking up his phone, he pretended to check his messages whilst surreptitiously casting glances at his wife, trying to gauge whether she was feeling better.  After deciding that she did indeed look better, with gentle colour in her cheeks, he said, “Geet, aap aaj office aasakengi?” “Geet, will you be able to come to the office?”
She started to speak, then stopped; after a moment she said “Ji bilkul- bas aap tayyar hojayein then I’ll get ready too.” “Of course, once you’re ready then I’ll get ready too.”  She had so clearly been about to say something else that he almost asked her what it was that she had decided against saying; a quick look at her expression made him decide against it.

The day at the office passed remarkably peacefully.  It was as if the new beginning in their personal life somehow made it easier for them to work together.  He could feel the gradual relaxation in their staff as it became clear that the Khurana’s were more in tune with each other. 
At around two o’clock, he noted that she was flagging; shadows had appeared under her eyes and she was looking slightly wilted.  He laughed inwardly at himself- even a month ago, he would have been irritated by her weakness or perhaps thought that she was looking for sympathy.  Today, all he wanted to do was scoop her up and take her somewhere to rest and recover; his self-mockery intensified when he imagined her reaction to that- his Geet would more than likely jump out of his arms and tell him that she didn’t need to be cossetted. 
As she sat at the other side of his desk, working away, he picked up the phone and called Adi.
“Adi, mujhe bhook lagi hai; can you arrange some lunch for Mrs Khurana and me?”
 “Adi, I’m hungry; can you arrange some lunch for Mrs Khurana and me?”
He could hear the shock in Adi’s voice Lunch, sir? Aap lunch karrenge?” “Lunch, sir? You’re going to have lunch?”
“Haan Adi, lunch.  Main intezaar karraha hoon”
 “Haan Adi, lunch.  I’m waiting”
He put the phone down and saw that she was looking at him with surprise.
“Maan, aap lunch karrenge?”
 “Maan, you’re going to have lunch?”
“Haan, main karroonga.  Pata nahin tum sab ko mere bhooke hone se itni problem kyun hai- kya main insaan nahin hoon, kya mujhe bhook nahin lag sakti?”
 “Yes, I am.  I don’t know why you all have such a problem with me being hungry, don’t I eat, am I not a human being?”
She looked down, chastened, leaving him feeling guilty for having jumped down her throat. 
“Geet, bas aaj thodi bhook lagi hai, socha hum donon kuch saath khaalenge.  Aisi koi badi baat nahin hai.”
 “Geet, look I’m just a bit hungry today, I thought we could eat together.  It’s not such a big deal.”
As she looked up, their eyes met; he saw the moment the realisation of what had triggered his actions dawned.
“Maan, main bilkul theek hoon” 
 “Maan, I’m fine” 
“Tum to theek ho, bhook to mujhe lagi hai.  Let’s not make a mountain out of a molehill, shall we?”
 “I know you’re fine, I’m the one who is hungry.  Let’s not make a mountain out of a molehill, shall we?”
At that moment, there was a knock at the door; he quickly suppressed the relief he felt at not having to face any more probing into his motivations.
Adi was a magician; it had taken him only moments to conjure a light lunch served by a very professional waiter out of thin air. 
Geet took her seat opposite him and within a few moments began to look better.  They chatted about inconsequentials as they ate; as he thought about it later he realised it was the first time they had talked to each other without stress and emotion colouring every word, prompting him to decide that a lunch break with his wife would definitely become a permanent part of his daily routine.
Once they’d eaten and the dishes had been cleared away, they returned to work, Geet clearly having  benefitted from the brief break.  They worked till it was dark outside, then kept working until the office had emptied of all the Khurana Construction staff except Adi.  Neither of them noticed the time passing; they worked together as a perfect team, the ideas and plans flowing and sparking between them in a way he had rarely experienced with anyone else.  He was constantly surprised by how much Geet knew, despite a lack of anything resembling formal training.
It was late in the evening when Geet looked up to find her husband looking at her. 
“Kya hua, aap aise kya dekhrahe hain?”
 “What’s wrong, why are you looking at me like that?”
He kept staring, the look in his eyes eventually making her blush.

“Kya hua, aapko kuch plans mein badalna hai?” “Is something wrong, do you need to change something in the plans?” she asked, clearly trying to ignore the burgeoning sexual tension in the room.
Shaking his head, he shrugged as if to throw off the unspoken desire, then said “Geet, tum bina training itna jaan gayi ho; main soch raha tha ke main tum se poochoon- kya tum padhna chahti ho?  I don’t remember whether it’s something we ever discussed before, but I want you to think about it.  Agar tum chaho, tum kuch bhi karsakti ho.”
 “Geet, you’ve learnt so much without the benefit of any training; I wanted to ask you if you wanted to pursue something a bit more formal?  I don’t remember whether it’s something we ever discussed before, but I want you to think about it.  If you wanted, you could do anything you liked.”
A moment later, he was blind-sided by the wave of pleasure that flooded through him at the sight of her smile; her eyes filled with deep joy and her cheeks pink with happiness.  He felt her smile deep in his gut and felt his hands clench into fists to stop himself from reaching out to pull her close to see what her happiness tasted like.
“Hum ne kabhi baat nahin ki thi iss baare mein; I hadn’t thought about anything except the baby, and after that…………..”
 “It’s not something we had talked about; I hadn’t thought about anything except the baby, and after that…………..”
Her happiness was momentarily dimmed by the memory of her loss.  A moment later, a lingering sadness still deep in her eyes, she smiled again and said “Magar lagta hai aap theek kehrahe hain.  I’m good at this, aren’t I?” “But I think you’re right.  I’m good at this, aren’t I?”
He smiled, indulgent affection in his eyes, then nodded.
“Yes, for someone untrained, you have good instincts about construction and building design.  It would depend what type of training you wanted to pursue, but I think that you’ll do well in anything related to design.”
Geet’s smile glowed brightly again and she made a move as if to stand; a moment later she controlled it, leaving him to regret her ability to control herself.
His control was shot to pieces by her smiles; without giving himself too much time to think he stood and walked to her chair.  Crouching next to her, he lay his hand over her fingers as they lay in her lap, allowing himself only the briefest moment to caress the softness of her skin before threading his fingers through hers and squeezing gently.
“Geet, tumhare haath mein hai; jaise tum chaho, woh karo. Tumhari khushi mein meri khushi hai.”
 “Geet, it’s in your hands.  You can do whatever you want. You’re happiness is all I want.”
He stood, pulling her up with him till they were standing face to face.  Unable to resist the glow of happiness in her eyes, he cupped her face in his hands, saying “Tumhari khushi mein meri khushi” “You’re happiness is all I want” before leaning forward to kiss her with infinite gentleness.

Pulling back, he was struck by the sudden realisation that the glow of happiness had gone, replaced with a look that seemed to combine hope and suspicion.  He realised he was pushing too hard, so he turned away, giving himself a moment to breathe then said “Tum thodi si research karlo, decide karlo ke tum kya karna chahti ho, phir hum organise karlenge.” “Why don’t you do some research, decide what you want, they we can organise everything.”
After a moment, he heard her voice behind him.
“Theek hai, main dekhloongi” “That’s fine, I’ll take a look” was all she said, the complete lack of any emotion in her voice making him wince. 
The uncomfortable silence stretched for a moment as he struggled to think of the words that would reassure her, when Adi proved his worth by knocking and walking in.  Adi laughed nervously as he felt the tension thrumming in the air, then said “Maan sir, Prashant Kelkar ka phone aaya tha, Geet ke liye.  Apparently there’s a problem at the site and he wants to set up a meeting for tomorrow.  What response should I give?”
 “Maan sir, Prashant Kelkar was on the phone, he was asking for Geet.  Apparently there’s a problem at the site and he wants to set up a meeting for tomorrow.  What response should I give?”
Prashant Kelkar.  Again.  Dammit, why did that man not take the hint and just leave Geet alone.
Trying now to let any sign of his irritation into his voice he said “Adi, kehdo ke Mr and Mrs Khurana dono site pe aajayenge kal, do baje” then looked across to Geet to see whether she agreed.  At her nod, he said “jab unka jawab aajaye, to mujhe sms bhej dena.  Phir tum bhi ghar jaao, main Geet ko leke abhi nikalne hi wala hoon, bahut der hogayi hai”.
Trying now to let any sign of his irritation into his voice he said “Adi, tell him we’ll both be there at two o’clock tomorrow” then looked across to Geet to see whether she agreed.  At her nod, he said “once he’s confirmed, send me an SMS, then go home; I was just about to take Geet home myself, it’s late”.
Adi murmured his understanding and left, leaving him alone with Geet.  He wanted to say something profound, something that would help her understand that he had changed, that he wasn’t the same man who had hurt her so much anymore.  He wanted to tell her that he loved her as much as the man she remembered, even if he didn’t have all of that man’s memories.
But he knew words would never be enough, so he kept his silence; as they drove home together, his dreams of making Geet believe he loved her, making her love him again- those dreams seemed as out of reach as ever.


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