Must Watch: Navya!!!

08 Oct
After all the turmoil, both Anant and Navya’s family have agreed to their wedding. While Navya and Anant are happy with this news, Navya’s father looks worried as he can sense something unpleasant. 

In yesterday’s episode, Navya’s father tries to understand and gauge the intentions of Anant’s family, which leaves him further tensed as he is concerned about his daughter’s future in the Vajpayee household. Navya’s father has observed Anant’s family closely and hence he is in two minds, whether his daughter will be able to cope with the conservative ways of the Vajpayee Family.
As per the precap, Navya’s father will finally put the ball in Navya’s court and ask her what she thinks of this alliance. In a marriage, the alliance is not just between a boy and a girl but it is also between two families and in this case, there is a vast difference not only in their status but also in the lifestyle of both the families.
So what will Navya eventually decide? Will Anant get to know the truth as to why his family agreed to his marriage with Navya?
In order to know how the story unfolds, watch Navya today at 8pm only on Star Plus.

Swati Ghosh
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Posted by on October 8, 2011 in Navya, Star Plus


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