When Marriage becomes your full time ambition: Dia aur Baati Hum

13 Oct

A cruel twist of fate, snatched her parents away from Sandhya and to make matters worse, her brother got her married off to Suraj who is not educated in Dia aur Baati Hum on StarPlus. Sandhya finds herself in a household where everything is not only new  and different, but totally unlike what she had expected. Fortunately for her, the feelers we get from this story, show signs of Suraj perhaps understanding what she wants to do with her life. Sandhya wants to be an IPS(Indian Police Service) officer and her dreams have now been cut short.

She has now landed herself in a scenario where she is at the mercy of a man, and his family that would not allow her to follow her dreams. Sandhya is perhaps lucky that Suraj has only shown signs of understanding and cooperation so far. But is this going to continue forever? Would Suraj who has always dreamt of having a simple sweet married life, be able to accommodate Sandhya’s ambitions or even understand them? We know how close Suraj is to his mother who means the world to him. Will she take a decision in Sandhya’s favor? From whatever we have already seen, we know she Bhabo, doesnt expect the daughter-in-law of the household to step out of their home. 

Will Sandhya’s dream be cut short? Is this the story of many women today, who want to do something with their life, but fail to due to the various odds around them? Told through the POV of a rural set, with a strong message as the backbone, don’t women in the city today relate to Sandhya? 

Rangmunch.TV would like to know. Do share your views on the same. We all know Sandhya should tell her husband what she feels, but what is that way, that would keep all parties involved happy.

Niharika Vidya Sagar
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Posted by on October 13, 2011 in Colors, Dia aur Baati Hum, Star Plus


One response to “When Marriage becomes your full time ambition: Dia aur Baati Hum

  1. Anonymous

    October 13, 2011 at 6:16 am

    Wonderful Article Niha!
    Actually almost every girl goes thru a similar situation… where she is forced to choose btw her career and family life at some point of life. And I feel that the women in the city mite be able to relate to this character more…


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