A Son caught between FIRE and FLAME!

30 Nov

Yesterday my heart ached for Suraj as he faced the wrath of his family. He has always been an ideal son, an ideal brother but last night he paid a heavy price for being an ideal husband.
While Bhabho is extremely upset and angry with Sandhya for having gone and cast her vote, what made matters worse was the revelation that it all happened with Suraj’s knowledge. Bhabho could not believe that her dear son gave permission to Sandhya to do something that she completely disapproved of.

Ever since Suraj got married, Bhabho has been insecure like any other mother who feels that she is slowly losing control over her Son.
As much as we understand her turmoil, we also realize the situation that Suraj is currently in, where he is trying to do the balancing act between the two most important women in his life…one being his mother who is the reason for his existence while the other being his wife who is his ‘ardhangini’, his better half.  Suraj is walking on a tight rope where his love and loyalty towards both these women is constantly under trial.  
While Bhabho is feeling threatened with Sandhya’s presence in her son’s life, how justified is she in feeling the way she does?
We often see Men in the real world being in similar situations as Suraj. So what do you think a man should do in the given scenario? Should he take sides or just stay away?
Do tune in and watch Diya aur Baati Hum at 9pm every week night to see how the story unfolds.

Swati Ghosh
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One response to “A Son caught between FIRE and FLAME!

  1. Arun

    November 30, 2011 at 11:36 am

    The story is good however the writers are doing the same old same old, people like me shake our heads when we watch these kind of shows. I understand the setting and the people however they need to be pushed in the right direction. I hope there is a balance in this story otherwise I will lose interest. I thought Pushkar was a big city not a village these people are living in 19th century are you telling me that India is still stuck back in the dark ages. Its funny and strange when you live in US and have to explain why to your 16 year old daughter who is just now getting into Indian serials.


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