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Happy Birthday Salman Khan!!!

Agar Miley Khuda toh
Poochunga Khuda yaaa….
Jism Mujhe Deke Mitti ki
Sheeshe sa dil kyun banaya…

Aur uspe diya fitrat 
ke woh karta hai Mohabbat
Wah re Kya teri kismat …
And thus he leaves millions of hearts across the world beating faster each time he comes on screen! Meet the self proclaimed bad boy with a soft heart, a man who loves “Being Human” and also goes out of his way for people that matter to him!

My first heart-throb and perhaps the only one ever since, Salman Khan celebrates his birthday today!!! Like wine, he only gets better with age!We on behalf of Rangmunch.TV wish him the best of health, wealth and happiness!!!

He once said in an interview, “every girl starts behaving like your mom after two-three years of being in a relationship, and I already have a mom”! Kudos to the man who minces no words!

Recently when we caught up with Harshad Chopra, who plays Mohan in Dharampatni, on Imagine TV he admitted his only dream is to meet Salman Khan in person once in his life time. Actress Gia Manek who plays Gopi in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya is no different. She was so thrilled she couldn’t contain her joy, as she saw her dream man right in front of her eyes recently. Humse Hai Liife Actor Aditi Chopra confesses, she wants to be Madhuri in Hum Aapke Hai koun since she wants to act opposite Salman, and she further adds, if that doesn’t work out, she wouldn’t mind being adopted by him as well!

Here’s to a most eligible bachelor in Bollytown Salman Khan!!!
Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

Niharika Vidya Sagar

News Baar :The Week Back And Forth

Dharampatni : The last episode of the week  ended with Mohan deciding to start his own work and not follow the family business. Everybody is very happy but the one person who is disappointed is Baapji. He obviously had different dreams and seeing them not being fulfilled is hurting him . Kastoor and Mohan are coming close which is not going down well with Mohan’s mother.  Will all this complication in the family result in Kastoor and Mohan bridging the gap or grow more distant? Keep watching Dharampatni on Imagine Monday to Thursday.

Parvarish,Kuchh khatee, Kuchh Meethi: Who said raising kids was child’s play ?This week onwards Sony TV airs the story of 2 sisters and their individual families. Where one sister is a true blue Hitler, the other is a bucket of emotions. Pinky  the younger sister is complete a jelly mass  of emotions and cries at  a drop of a hat whereas Sweety thinks only from her head and is a hard core practical mom. Both are doing a great job of rearing their kids but growing kids are a different ball game all together. Recently Pinky’s daughter,Raavi moves to her Masi ‘s house after a tiff with her mom. Pinky misses her daughter but at the same time realises that her other two kids are feeling a little left out and that she has been unfair to them . Soon all is sorted out between the sisters Pinky and Sweety and they also make up with their kids. At the end all get together for a family meal with their Papaji.To see more teenage problems and how they are tackled , keep seeing Parvarish Sony TV.

Big Boss Season 5: Cat fight turns malicious. Too hot to handle is what comes to mind when one sees as to what has happened in the past week in Big Boss. The FIGHT between Pooja Mishra and everyone is on a high but what blew out of box was Pooja man handling Sid. The physical  push , the abusive tone and the screaming probably was heard miles away. The guys also left no stone unturned. Both Sky and Sid were at each other’s throat and were absolutely taunting one another at every step of the way. On the other hand Amar, Pooja Bedi and few house mates were on a  quite note. A shocking entry to the house was Sunny Leone. I must say she maintained a dignified stance and didn’t let the cat out of the bag as to her identity. Pooja  Mishra’s  sudden elimination  didn’t come as a shock. So hang on tight to your seats as things are getting HOT and HOTTER in the house.

Yahan Mein Ghar Ghar Kheli : After seeing two Karans on the show the creatives have come up with the double role track yet again, this time with Abha. Will just have to see how different the makers treat this double trouble. This week showed a distraught Abha looking for her lost daughter. Karan too had a premonition from his side as if things were going wrong. But things ultimately worked out till the goons came and everything just HALTED ! The next thing you see, is a changed Abha in the Swarn Bhawan shocking everyone. Gone are the agyakaari, sushil and polite bahu. Replacing her is raw, raunchy and highly unpredictable one. Looks like it is going to get very interesting from here on and like everyone else we, would also like to know “Where is the real Abha?”  So keep tuning on to Zee TV every weeknight.   

Sasural Simar Ka: The week of all rona dhona has been replaced with rage, anger and disbelief .Simar  has gone and gotten married to Siddharth which has left the entire household in complete shock. The one person who just can’t fathom such a preposterous step is Prem and Roli. Mataji very cleverly and cunningly threatened Simar in getting what she wanted. Now Simar being Simar  is giving her marriage a  second chance  just so that Prem can accept Roli .Even Siddharth is baffled by this and has nothing to say. To know whether this step of Simar will destroy or give a new beginning to Prem, is what is to be seen. Keep watching Sasural Simar Ka On Colors.
Do keep  watching  as the weekend is over and a new week is about to commence .We will be back next weekend . Till then take care

The Director Psyche: Waseem Sabir !

I read faces. If I sit with a person for about half n hour , I can tell pretty much about that person  and 85% of it comes true.”~ Waseem Sabir

He is a well known name who has made a mark in the Television Industry. Starting with shows like Saara Akaash, Kusuum, Hum Do Hai na, Waseem rose the ladder of success slow and steady. He worked in production and eventually moved to direction. As a Director he has set up Maryada Lekin Kab Tak on StarPlus which is hitting the popularity charts for its bold concept. In the recent past he has also set up Imagine TV’s show Dharampatni.
Rangmunch.TV brings to you the PSYCHE of this Director!

On a scale of 5 (1 being lowest and 5 being highest) how many marks would you give to the following?

·         Importance of story: 5
·         Importance of screenplay: 5
·         Importance of music: 4         
·         Importance of a good assistant: 5
·         Importance of good-looking actors: 3
    In the options given below which one of the following inspires you the most. Starting from 5 – 1 (5 being highest and 1 being lowest) mark them in the order of priority.
·         A book – 3
·         A movie  – 4
·         Another show – 2
·         A real life experience – 5
·         A rival doing better than you – 1
     If your day at work has been really crappy, you would:
·      Show it on family and friends
·      Go take a walk
·      Bitch out hard to a friend till your mouth hurts and heart eases
·      Ignore it as a part and parcel of your job routine.
If you found out two of the actors on your show have become a real life couple you would:

·      Confront them and tell them you will not tolerate this on your set.
·      Congratulate them and incorporate more of their scenes in the 
·      Be indifferent to them as they are not concerned with your life.
·      Treat them differently on the set, treat them differently outside.
     In case of a conflict in vision with your writer, you would:

·       Talk to him/her and explain it is visually not possible.
·       Ignore what is written, take a call, shoot, and then let the writer   
·       Ignore your vision and shoot what is present in the script      
       as long as the episode goes on air.
·       Try to balance out between what is written and what can   
       be presented in order to not wreck your personal equation with the
       said person.
      An actor is repeatedly performing badly and has been receiving  
      negative feedback. As a Director, you would:

·    Take him out on a friendly informal dinner and explain stuff to him/her.
·    Yell at him, since you are tired of repeatedly telling him/her.
·    Ask his closest friend on the set, to talk to him/her and explain stuff
·    Give him/her as little screen space as possible to cover up the flaws.
     Your close buddy in the same profession as you has won an award that
     you sincerely believed you deserved. You would: 

·     Congratulate him/her first and hope to win the next year.
·     Take your time to come to terms with it and then give her/him a call 
     to wish them.
·     Ignore the person totally till the time; you have the award in your 
     hand next year.
·     Totally give up on the concept of rewards and Awards as a benchmark for performance.

     One fine day you realize that you are no longer interested in your current project for whatever reason, you would:   

·     Prepare to pack your bags and move on to the next project that catches your attention. 
·    Introspect, find out the reason for your lack of interest, and go about correcting them.
·    Ignore the feeling and go about your work as best as you can. After all, you are being paid for it.
·   Continue the project and let everyone on the sets bear the brunt of it.

         60 seconds with Waseem Sabir!  

            Work: Passion
            God: Everything
            Destiny: Whatever it is
            Family: First Priority
            Romance: Yet to figure out
            Marriage: Will happen
            Friends: Life
            Television: Work
            Success: Important
            Fans: Happy to have them
            Chemistry: Is my forte
            Life: Is beautiful
            Colours: Blue
            Politics: Hate it
            Action: Not much

    Hope you all had a great time reading this amazing and insightful interview.

    Interviewed by:
    Swati Ghosh
    Niharika Vidya Sagar



News Bar: The Week Back and Forth…!

Rangmunch.TV is once again back with the weekly snippets of your favourite shows!!!

Sasural Genda Phool (Star Plus): Try try till you succeed is Eshwar’s motto these days. Eshwar is trying even harder than before to get accepted back but is failing miserably. Even the accident doesn’t bring out the soft and sympathetic side in his Bauji. However, the accident manages to stir the wifely concern in Shaileja. A very interesting and meaning full interaction is seen between Shaileja and Rano where Shaileja tries to comprehend and assimilate her feelings for Eshwar. She questions this concern and is baffled by her ranging emotions towards the man who deserted her two decades back. On the other hand Suhana and Ishaan are trying to find answers to questions pertaining to Sona. Ishaan is all confused with Sona’s attitude and temperament. Lets see where the answers lie. Hope all gets sorted out and good times knock on the doors of our Kashyap family.

Dharampatni (Imagine TV): This week Kastur’s mother-in-law, Saroj, openly admits to Kastur that she hates her and will never accept her as her daughter-in-law. Though this admission leaves Kastur shell-shocked for a while, she recovers soon based on what she had learnt from her grandmother that love conquers all, even ones who are filled with hatred. A moment of awww was witnessed at the way Kastur promptly tries to put her restless husband to sleep in the dead of the night by singing a old song – udan khatola. And yes, it worked! Mohan went to sleep in a jiffy listening to Kastur’s soothing voice and his forehead being lovingly stroked by the gentle hand of Kastur. Double Awwww!! It was a cute moment filled with her devotion for her husband, her innocence, and her belief that she can and will do anything to provide comfort for her husband. After all isn’t this virtue what makes her a dharampatni? 
Yet another layer of Mohan is revealed during this week that he is heavily into gambling. While Mohan softens towards Kastur forming the lighter moments of the show, his past soon catches up with him in the form of the fake degree that is submitted for application of loan at his father-in-law’s friend’s firm. In the coming week, will Mohan be able to sidestep scrutiny and get the loan sanctioned? 
Uttran (Colors): Once again Tapasya and Nani’s idea to humiliate Iccha before the Bundela pariwaar fails miserably because Veer loves and trust Iccha more than anyone in this world. Even though he is disappointed with Iccha and Rathod for keeping him in the dark but he does not hold it against either of them. Meanwhile will Rathod get to know the truth behind the Ploice Raid and the person responsible for the same? Will he understand Tapasya’s insecurities as a woman and mother or hold it against her is what we need to see in the forth coming week.
Saath Nibhana Saathiya (Star Plus): Rashi just refuses to learn from her mistakes. She is hell bent on making situations worse for her. This week, Rashi and her scheming mother have plotted and pitched the ball called Kinjal and have declared a war with Kokila. No matter how estranged their relationship is, when it comes to the well being of her children, you cant touch the MOTHER LIONESS. With the ball in Kokila’s court, you just know she will hit a winner. Kinjal, though with this turn of events couldn’t be more happier and is showing signs of never going back to her sasural. But if she knows her mom, like we all do, Kokila will not let Kinjal stay more than a day and will pack her off to sasural. With this twist, will Rashi get an entry back in the Modi house? Will the mother daughter duo beat Kokila this time? Catch the ladies of the Modi Pariwar in action next week.
Hawan (Colors): Keerat or Atharva? Who will be the groom? This week, Keerat declares war by openly stating his love for Aastha. He manages to free himself from the clutches of the villagers and lands up at the mandap. The whole drama unveils when Keerat firmly reminds Baapji that he has given him the blessing to go ahead with his marriage plans. Atharva like a silent lover is watches all this because of his immense respect for his father. The BOMB explodes when Baapji tells both the would-be-grooms to race to the Devi ma’s mandir and get the sindoor. Who so ever gets the sindoor first will then marry Aastha. Both Keerat and Atharva get ready for the RACE of their life. To see who wins the the title of the GROOM, log on to a Monday episode of Hawan.
Maryada Lekin Kab Tak (Star Plus): Maryada is on a high point with Vidya, Gaurav and Chinu  triangle. Gaurav who has been missing for sometime is finally found and rescued by Aditya. Priya on the other hand is constantly trying to make  Chinu understand and let go of the Vidya obsession, as it will bring in a TORNADO in the house. But Chinu being the man in love refuses to listen to logic and is ready to do about anything to get his lady love. However, we know Vidya’s heart only lies with Gaurav. What will happen when all come face to face with Gaurav’s truth and Vidya’s dilemma? With the Maha episode being aired today, one can only wait and watch.

Balika Vadhu (Colors): Our Lady in distress, Anandi is finally freed from the clutches of the goons by none other than her Jagiya. Jagiya’s immense faith in Anandi and his quick presence of mind saved Anandi from her tormentors. Even though Jagiya and Anandi are no longer living together as a couple but their souls are connected. As Anandi breathed a sigh of relief on seeing Jagiya and embraced him, the moment definitely left the viewers with teary eyes and a deep sigh. Will Anandi and her family find out the mastermind behind this abduction? Will Jagiya’s faith in Anandi create further rift between him and Gouri? Well watch it to know it! 

We wish everyone a great weekend !!!

Swati Ghosh
Navyanka Varma

News Bar: The Week Back and Forth…!

Rangmunch.TV is back with an entire week’s round up on your favourite shows.

Sasural Genda Phool (Star Plus): Eshwar’s entry to the Kashyap household brings in huge tornado. Tension mounts by the day, which results in clash and outbursts from Bauji to his not so wanted son Eshwar. No matter how genuine Eshwar’s efforts are in wanting to get back, one must pay penance for ones mistakes and misgivings. Eshwar therefore has a long, painful road ahead. In the city of Mumbai, Suhana is trying her best to be the ideal homemaker but poor thing can’t just get it right. She is adorable as a messy and goofy Suhana and for that we completely love her. She is trying her best to make things work (thumbs up for that). Suhana for all you know might be that one person to bring back the sunshine and remove the dark clouds from the Kashyap family. Will things get resolved with the Kashyap ‘s or will it take turn for the worse? Will Suhana be that ray of hope to get things right? Do not miss the Monday episode to know more.

Dharampatni (Imagine TV): While Kastur is trying to fit into the Gala parivaar and keep everyone happy, she also ends up taking the blame for things that is not her fault at all. This does not go unnoticed by Mohan who is slowly warming up to her presence in his life. Mohan and Kastur spend some lighter moments getting to know each other making those scenes the highlights of the week. On a serious note, all through the week, we saw Kastur’s mother in law, Saroj, continue to be hell bent on misunderstanding Kastur’s good intentions. Despite Mohan’s attempt at explaining Kastur’s innocence to his mother, Saroj fails to see Kastur as anything but a conniving, unworthy wife for her son. How soon will Kastur’s selfless, thoughtful nature win over the mother-son duo is something we will have to wait and watch. Will at least one of them open their hearts to her this coming week? Let us hope so. 
Bade Acche Lagte Hai (Sony): Priya unknowingly falls prey to Siddharth’s plan and convinces Ram to allow her to conduct the communication skills training for his employees. While Ashwin thinks that Priya is all ready to rekindle the old flames, least does he know that he is digging his own grave by trying to get close to Priya. The compatibility quiz that Priya plays with Ram was the cutest moment. “Aloo Paratha” is Ram’s computer password, does that surprise anyone??
Hawan (Colors): Keerat is not only upto his tricks to create disturbance and misunderstandings between Atharva and Aastha but very tactfully uses Baapji too. During the mehendi ceremony Keerat tries his malicious ways to be one up with Aastha but fails miserably. This not only riles him up but also gets him more determined than ever to ruin all the marriage rituals. On the other hand Samar Singh is adamant to stop the construction of the hospital and this time gets the village people and plays a very smart hand in name of religion. This definitely brings the much-awaited twist in the story. Baapji’s decision does not falter and he goes on to tell everyone that all will go according to the prescribed plan. The coming week will show major conflicting emotions as Atharva and Baapji will face obstacles in the name of Keerat and Samar Singh.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya (Star Plus): “Jhoot bole kauwa kaate kale kauwe se dario, tu maike chali jayegi tu dekhti rahiyo.” It was indeed a very happy moment for all the viewers to see Rashi finally get exposed before the entire Modi family. While Kokila was always suspicious about Raashi’s intentions and kept a strict eye on her, it came as a major shock to Jigar’s mother who could not believe that Raashi had been lying to them from day one. As the verdict is given to Raashi to leave the house, it would now be interesting to see how Raashi’s mother deals with this situation and turns things in favour of her daughter.
With this Rangmunch.TV wish you all a very Happy Weekend !!!

Swati Ghosh



I, Me, Myself! – Harshad Chopra

We are back again this week, with our I, Me, Myself! A segment where your favourite actors look into their psyche and answer some questions that they haven’t perhaps asked themselves as well in a while !!! The star we have picked this time is Harshad Chopra, your Mohan Gala from Dharampatni on Imagine TV, who answered the questions spontaneously as he felt that’s when he gives in his best ! Over to Harshad… 

  1. Rangmunch.TV: What is that you need to change about yourself?

    Harshad: I think I am very hard on myself. I follow a very strict discipline 
    when it comes to me and myself. May be if there is one thing that I need to 
    change it could be that.

    Rangmunch.TV: Do you crib and complain?

    Harshad: No, I don’t complain much.
    Rangmunch.TV: Do you take risks?
    Harshad: What seems like a risk to others has fortunately not been a risk in
    my case. Risks have always worked in my favour. So I don’t know, if it 
    counts as taking risks since, when you want to do something badly following 
    the path you want and doing it becomes easier.

    Rangmunch.TV: Do you thank people enough?

    Harshad: Yes, I do.
    Rangmunch.TV: What is the craziest thing you want to do?

    Harshad: I can’t tell you what is the craziest thing I want to do, but I can 
    tell you what’s the craziest thing I have done so far, (continues after a 
    slight pause and says) I stole something and the person is still unaware.
    Rangmunch.TV: Who has had the greatest impact on your life?

    Harshad: Somewhere at the back of my mind I always knew I wanted to 
    be an actor. And a lot of people have impacted me, but if I can think of one 
    name it would be Salman Khan. I look upto him as my Mentor.

    Rangmunch.TV: Do you procrastinate (postpone things for the future)?

    Harshad: Well more than often (laughs). Infact there was a time when due 
    to the work timings, my bill payments use to keep getting delayed, be it my 
    mobile bill, the internet bill but thanks to technology and online bill 
    payments which has made life so much more simpler and easy for people 
    like us. 

    Rangmunch.TV: Do you let other people’s negativity effect you?

    Harshad: No, instead I have heard most people say, that I end up lifting 
    their moods up and turning them into positive souls (laughs).
    Rangmunch.TV: Do you smile more than you frown?

    Harshad: Well as you can see for yourself, I do smile more than I frown.
    (smiles wide)
    Rangmunch.TV: Do you take time out for yourself?

    Harshad: To be honest I am a workaholic and when I am not shooting I like 
    to stay home. I am not a party animal and hence you will not see me 
    attending too many parties. After my pack up, I go back home and spend the 
    remaining hours with myself. I love working out and I owe that time to 

    Rangmunch.TV: Do you forgive yourself easily?

    Harshad: No, I am very hard on myself and self-discipline is most important 
    to me.

    Rangmunch.TV: Do you listen to your heart?

    Harshad: Since more than often I am unable to know the difference between 
    what my heart says and what my head does, I don’t know how to answer 
    this question best.

    Rangmunch.TV: Do you read enough?

    Harshad: (laughs and says) I only read my scripts.

    Rangmunch.TV: One thing you are grateful for in life.

    Harshad: Everything!! I am grateful for everything that life has bestowed 
    upon me.

    Do you feel you know Harshad better after this read ? Do let us know what 
    you thought about this particular interview!

    Interviewed and Edited by,

    Niharika Vidya Sagar &
    Swati Ghosh

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News Bar: The Week Forward

Here comes a brand new week and Rangmunch.TV brings you the tracks you could look forward to on your favorite shows across Channels.

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge

After a week, in the hospital, Nidhi is hurting. While she always knew she didnt want to become a doctor, Ashutosh’s harshness is making her resolve stronger. The latest Promo shows him accusing of killing someone due to her negligence as a doctor. Will this make Nidhi emerge as a person who wants to prove herself right? Or will it bring down her confidence? Why does Nidhi get away with everything in front of Dr.Stoneheart, and why does his saying anything effect Nidhi so much? All this and more only on Kuch Toh Log Kahenge this week on Sony TV at 8:00 PM.

Balika Vadhu

Now that Anandi has learnt that Gauri is pregnant, and she has taken it upon herself that she will get the child all  the rights of a baby born in their household, how long will it be before she thinks about herself and fights for her own love?

Iss Pyaar Ko Kyaa Naam Doon?

The Maha Episode last night, showed Arnav and Khushi lost in a jungle after their car breaks down. While an otherwise harsh Arnav would have left Khushi stranded on the road and walked away, you see him, accompanying her making sure she reaches home safe. The episode ended with Arnav asking Khushi to go quiet for a moment, which she surprisingly does, only for Arnav to later realize she is no where in sight. Arnav clearly has started caring for everything this girl says and does. Is this the start of a new phase for Arnav and Khushi?

Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi 

Maan is injured after saving Geet from a couple of goons who to attack her and loot her off her jewelery. Maan’s bangs his head against a tree, and he receives a severe cut on his left arm. Though Geet is concerned for Maan, he is more worried about her safety and well being. After ages the audience witnessed Maan adressing as himself Tumhara Maan ( your Maan) to Geet. Is Maan’s memory returning? Before that, the fans have something else that excites them in store. The lovers, finally get to spend some intimate and private moments in a hut, somewhere in a village away from prying eyes. 


The hustle and bustle of Mohan and Kastur’s wedding continues into this week as well. How long before would it be when Mohan would accept Kastur as his wife and love her as well, is what has to be seen.

With a brand new week, and loads of stories to tell, the audience gear up to enjoy their favorite shows.

Written By,
Niharika Vidya Sagar

Shaadi ki Shehnaiyaan !!!

Your favourite jodi Mohan & Kastur from Dharampatni to embark on a beautiful journey together as man & wife!!

Wed 5th Oct.JPG

Naach Gaana, Mehendi, Sangeet, Doli, Baraat, & Band Baajaa…be a part of the wedding revelry of Mohan & Kastur starting 3rd October 2011 only on Imagine TV. Like every girl, Kastur wishes that the biggest day of her life is as perfect as it can be. We had already mentioned earlier that the celebrations will have renowned TV personalities Mahi Vij and Jay Bhanushali , Karan Wahi and Mouni Roy and dance icons Dharmesh and Vrushali from Dance India Dance, performing at the sangeet & mehendi cermonies to up the glamour quotient which will culminate into a traditional Gujarati wedding ceremony. The Viewers will get to witness an hour long Special Sangeet Ceremony and shake a leg to some popular bollywood songs. We had also talked about a dance competition that will take place between Mohan and Kastur’s family, but that’s not all. There will also be a fashion show to decide who amongst them is the Superior side.

Speaking on the wedding festivities in Dharampatni, Saurabh Tewari, Head of Programming – Fiction at Imagine TV said, “The marriage between Mohan and Kastur is an integral part of this show. The concept of ‘Dharampatni’ is based on the vital role of a woman, in every man’s life; hence, this wedding is indicative of a turning point in both – Mohan and Kastur’s – life. We have also touched upon the fact that, in India, it is never a marriage of two people, but the unison of two families.”   

Mohan and Kastur wed in traditional Gujarati rituals considering the fire as witness, Kastur legally becomes the ‘Dharampatni’ of Mohan. While the Families prepare for a weeklong celebration to bring in the joyous day, it would be interesting to watch what happens next. Would Mohan trust the holy matrimonial bond Or would Kastur’s life change for the better or worst is yet to be seen.

Watch the flamboyant Mohan and the grounded girl Kastur take the plunge into matrimony on Imagine TV’s  ‘Dharampatni’ Monday to Thursday at 9.30p.m.

Edited by:

Swati Ghosh

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Must Watch Shows – Dharampatni

The Viewers will get to witness Mohan & Kastur’s Sangeet Ceremony in the forth coming episode of Dharampatni that will be aired on 3rd October.

While Mohan’s mother and the viewers are still trying to comprehend Mohan’s sudden change of heart, he is determined about getting married to Kastur. Except for Mohan’s mother, his entire family always desired this alliance, and hence they are not only happy with Mohan’s decision but are also ensuring that they leave no stone un-turned as far as the wedding celebrations are concerned.

The Makers of the show have geared up for a Star-studded Sangeet Ceremony. We have come to know that known faces from the Television Industry like Mahi Vij, Jay Bhanushali and Karan Wahi will be performing in this episode. 

There is also going to be a Dance Competition between Kastur and Mohan’s family which will be judged by none other than Dharmesh Yelande and Vrushali Chavan of Dance India Dance fame. If sources are to be believed, then both Dharmesh and Vrushali will also be performing on the famous dance number “Chamak Challo” from the movie Ra-One.

However, amidst all the glitz and glamour, will the darker side of Mohan get revealed to both the families? 

To know how the story unfolds & to enjoy the grand celebration of Mohan and Kastur’s Sangeet Ceremony, do tune into Imagine TV on 3rd of October to watch a Dhamakedar episode of “Dharampatni”.

Swati Ghosh

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