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Love stories don’t have a happy ending, coz it never ENDS!

Hello Friends!! Well I know Geet is over, but the journey still continues and this is my last take on Maaneet Love Saga. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did penning it down and reminiscing some of the old maaneet moments. 

As I watched the last scene of the last episode of Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, it brought back flashes from the past.

“Mera baby mujhe wapas la do Maan.” Who could ever forget that moment when Geet lost her first Baby? Those lines had ripped us apart, as we witnessed a shattered Geet and a helpless Maan. How could Fate act so cruel with such innocent and harmless souls? It seemed as if Geet had lost her very reason of existence and had become oblivious to everything and everyone around her, including her Maan. That was one of the toughest phases in Maaneet’s relationship and for us viewers too. However, their love has always overcome every test of time and destiny could never tarnish their relationship. Maan and Geet are two halves of a whole and together they are a force to reckon with. Every challenge that life threw at them only went on to strengthen their bond and cemented HUM for life till death do them apart.

As I watched through the episode, I felt a sense of fulfillment and could relate to every emotion of Maaneet as they held their bundle of joy. The moment they longed and craved for had finally arrived. The tears of joy that trickled down from the eyes of Geet, reminded me of her Hoshiyarpur days.  In both the instances, she was married and she was expecting. While her loved ones made it look like a curse then, it brought in immense happiness in her life this time around, as she was able to share every moment of her journey of motherhood with the love of her life, her Maan.

“If out of time, I could pick one moment and keep it shining, always new, of all the days that I have lived, I’d pick the moment I met you.” When Maan and Geet had accidentally met for the very first time, least did they know then that it was ‘providence’ and their hatred towards each other would eventually bond them so strongly, that they would become inseparable. Their selfless love for each other healed their once bruised souls and gave us viewers a fairy tale to treasure.

Finally, we bid adieu to our favourite show Geet Hui Sabse Parayi. While the show has ended, the Love Saga of Maaneet will continue to dwell in our hearts. It has been an incredible experience of highs and lows, a journey that will be cherished for life.

As Geet rightly said to Maan… Hamara Pyaar, Hamara Rishta humesha kayam rahega…..“Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end.” Unknown

Swati Ghosh

Fan Speak: Thank you for the memories and the gifts you gave us – Fida Khurana!

In the midst of revision, struggling with a piece of work I didn’t think I would ever be able to complete, I was struggling to find inspiration when one day, whilst procrastinating, I chanced upon a clip of a TV show on YouTube.  Geet Hui Sab se Parai.

The scene that caught my attention- “Chup”, said by a handsome man as he saved a pretty girl from drowning.

It was late May 2010, and the beginning of one of the best periods of my life.  I was hooked- first I eagerly devoured all the clips on YouTube and then found the official Facebook page.  At that time, there were about 300 members; I was mostly a lurker until one day, things changed.  Something happened, I can’t even remember what, and I was compelled to write, to interact and to state my opinions.  And somehow, despite the amount of time I spent away from my books, finding Geet helped me not only finish my actual work, it also inspired me to pass the toughest exams I could imagine- how, Allah only knows!!

God, what memories!  Where can I start, I don’t even know.  How can I convey what this show has meant to me?  It has given me so much- new friends, new sisters, new interests, the list goes on and on.  GHSP opened a door to my soul and forced me to write.  The characters were so compelling that they forced me to write for them, and I’ve never been so grateful for anything as I am for that.

If I cast my mind back I can remember the urgency, the absolute compulsion to watch, to catch the live-updates on the FB page, to find links to the YouTube uploads as soon as possible so that we could all watch immediately, to comment, to defend the show at times and to condemn at others.  I remember the devastation I felt when Maaneet separated at the end of October 2010; I think in some ways that was the moment which cemented some deep friendships as I found that there were other intelligent, articulate women who felt the same way.

Geet is a show that attracted a diverse and eclectic group of women; women who had never been hooked on a show before, women who didn’t watch Indian serials, women with busy lives and busy minds who found something they connected with in the story of a small-town girl cruelly treated by life.  I’ll never be sure what it was that hooked me- was it the character of Geet, Maan’s eyes, or was it simply a need to believe in the soul-deep connection between Maan and Geet.

Whatever it was, it was perfect for a long time- the first 8 months of the show a halcyon period of perfection that hold up to close scrutiny even now, long after the obsession has faded to gentle affection.
I have many scenes which I adore, which I can rewatch and rewind repeatedly.  But the scene which will remain forever in my mind as the defining moment of GHSP was the scene affectionately known as “Khoon Bhari Maang”.

The moment when Maan Singh Khurana declared to the world that Geet was HIS; his wife, his love, his ardhangini.  It didn’t matter who’s child she was carrying, it didn’t matter what her past was—it was all his.  Could there have been anything more wonderful than that? 

I will miss GHSP, more than I had realised.  But I know it will live in my memories for a long time, if not forever.  The friends I have now, the bonds forged in the unexpected arena of an FB page, the relationships I have now- they will be with me forever.

Thank you Nissar Bhai, Gul, Gorky, Barry-sahab, Gurmeet, Dhrashti, Praneet—thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You may never fully understand what your show meant to us, but it was and is truly life changing.  Thank you. 

Fida Khurana


Fan Speak: Memories created to last for a life time: Priya Raj!

Boy meets girl, they fight, they fall in love, the families dis-agree, eventually they marry and live happily ever after. Then Geet happened.Can there be love amidst grave nightmares, can a man love a woman through his soul that he would take her into his existence along with the being of some other man, can two people be connected through their soul for a lifetime and beyond without a name, does a divine force test you through dark tunnels to take you to eternal sunshine, Probably YES !!

Maan Singh Khurana — the dream, the desire, the wish, the blessing, imperfect yet absolutely perfect. I finally realized that I loved him in every form, every way, in every imperfection, in every flaw as I saw the most beautiful soul that lived only for her. His one tear drop during the sonography was worth every nightmare she lived…I fell in love with him for a life time.

Geet Handa / Khurana — a reality, a woman of strength, a sunshine. I was devastated by her tragedy. She had become the epitome of womanhood when she fought her family, through her life to protect the child growing in her. Alas I never understood her part of change when she decided to forgive her sinner and walkout on maan. But then when she promised to wait until her last breath for maan to remember her, finally I realized that Geet could love MSK as much as I did or much beyond I did.

Maaneet together a once in a life time love story:

A relationship which never required a name to come together, a relationship that is divine, a relationship of souls, a relationship made of two imperfect people, totally perfect together, a dream churned from individual nightmares, a life changing experience.

The Iceberg :

I thought the ship would never sink.I was living a dream. Then one day the iceberg hit and the water started seeping in. I watch it , the last time going down. I hear the cries of millions around the world waiting to be rescued. I have been floating and its really very cold, the ice water is killing my heart beat, I should survive. I will blow the whistle, the heart of the ocean hidden deep in my heart, memories created to last for a life time.

There are no good byes or good nights, there is sunshine waiting and I want to move towards the horizon. I want to take the memories of the ship that would never sink.

My Salutes:

Gurmeet Chaudhry: Thank you is a very small word. You made me fall insanely in love with MSK for a lifetime. There will never be another MSK and you will go down in history….Hope and wish that every dream, desire of yours is fulfilled…God bless!

Drashti Dhami: Epitome of dignity and womanhood. Nobody else could have done a geet apart from you. Hope you get your imperfectly perfect maan. God bless!

Barry Dhillon ji: “Words are all I have to take your heart away”..Absolutely magical words as maaneet …chup bilkul chup….My salute…wishing every success your way…god bless!

Sundeep Sharma ji: For re-creating the magic when everybody had given up. For connecting with the deewani’s. Wish you success always. God bless!

Hrishikesh Gandhi ji: For creating kurbaan hua , teri deeewani magic… class….wish you all the success…god bless!

To the stalwarts: Noel smith , Swati Pande , Vincent franklin , Maan Singh , Gul and ofcourse Nissar Pervaz: You created absolute magic rest all that came in-between is passe and forgiven. My best wishes to all of you. God bless!

To Geet HSP: Inspite of being a hardcore software techie I was totally averse to social networking , chats. Infact I never ever had an orkut /FB id until geet happened to me. It shocks me how I changed for a series, and then as they say is history.

Signing off with the hope of a new beginning and fight for magic all over again…..

Priya Raj

Fan Speak: Joining Geet FB page on May’10 was cherry on top – Sabina!

My Mom used to say Allah always balances between grief and happiness. I believed it totally, when I started to watch GHSP, being through a mental trauma in my personal life. In addition, joining Geet facebook page on May’10 was cherry on top. I started to feel the essence of Maaneet’s magical love with so many *Mahi moments*, sharing those with my Maaneet Maniac friends like me. 

I was not a Hindi serial person, and as a student of Sociology, I was working on my Professor’s thesis regarding immigrant Marriages in South Asia. When I watched the Geet promo, it seemed so interesting to me. But when the Delhi track started at 46 episode, Gurmeet just left me shaken!! Never felt so much passion for anybody in my real life. Maan Singh Khurana, the angry young man, the charmer, the most caring, loveable, most reliable Dream boy came in to our life with lots of happiness and hope while Geet became the voice of the poor girls like us.

Then the most adorable love story began with so many nok-jhok in KC, followed by Kurbaan hua, Behne dey, Outhouse night… and then came my most fav scene from Geet hue sabse paraye , “teri diwani”. I loved the mazar scene where Geet realized her feelings towards Maan and the way Drashti expressed it through her superb acting. I also loved Maan’s confusing expression, with same feelings in his eyes. Gurmeet is the king of Expression possessing a pair of the most beautiful eyes.

I love everything about Maaneet and Geet Hue Sabse Paraye. Don’t know when,*zindegi ke har subah Maaneet se suru hone laagi, n har raat Maaneet par khatam*. When Gurmeet became my Maan Singh Khurana in real Life… when I started to make *choti* like Geet… When my crappy life became so beautiful…?!?! Geet will never end for me. Never-ever!! Hope and pray the new channel will continue this love saga. 

I would like to thank Gurmeet Choudhury who portrayed the character of MSK so perfectly and Drashti Dhami too for her portrayal of Geet Handa , as well as Nissar Sir, Noel Sir, Barry Sir, Raju Sir, Gorky Sir and the rest of the cast and crew for giving us the most beautiful gift like GEET. Love you all!
Last but not least, all of my very positive and sweet Maaneet Maniac friends. Love you Maaneet Forever!
Sabina Hafiz

Fan Speak: Geet changed my perception about Indian shows. – Rida Khan!

Geet, is the one and only show which changed my perception about Indian shows. I was never a fan of Indian shows. For me it was just a senseless video of bunch of aunties with loud make up n jewelry, conspiring against each other. Then one day, while channel surfing I saw a girl standing in a beautiful and simple pink dress. She looked so innocent that I could not change the channel and started watching that show. From that day, I became obsessed with this show. I used to watch each n every repeat telecast on TV, n then again watch it on Youtube. I had never been so obsessed with any serial, but geet was different for some reason, I could never understand. Curiosity brought me to the Facebook page of the show, which later became more entertaining n fascinating for me than the show itself.

On Geet page, I found ladies with tongue in cheek sense of humor n intellect. At first I was shy to interact with any of them, I preferred to be a silent reader, but within a few weeks, I could not resist the temptation to join the club. I started interacting n fortunately found some amazingly brilliant, talented and lovely people as friends, who make me feel blessed to have them in my life. Those were among the most beautiful days of my life. It felt like our own world, filled with love, laughter n joy. I remember once an aunty from neighborhood came n told my mother “what’s wrong with your daughter, she was laughing madly the whole night, we could not sleep.” That was seriously embarrassing. 

Geet brought a new relation in my life, My virtual brother, My dear Nissar Bhai. As Geet changed my perception about Indian shows, He changed my perception about brothers. He always listens, never gives his much desired opinion unlike my own brothers who always give their unwanted opinion. 

My story will never be completed without mentioning admin of the page. I was never interested in him, I never tried to interact with him nor I ever commented on his status, I was happy with my friends, but one day I found out that he has blocked me, that was a shock, I never bashed any1, I could not understand the reason of admin’s such action (I still don’t know :/). I tried to find out who He/She was. I wanted to know why did he do this, but could not think of any reason, so I concluded that he was simply being possessive about me, he didn’t want me to interact with ny1 else. I was expecting to meet an enemy, rather I found LOVE in a hopeless place. Since then he has been my crush, my prince charming, list goes on and………………… ends with SARIAl.

Anyways, I think it’s enough for the time being, Geet has been a beautiful experience. I have many beautiful memories attached to it.

I wish best of luck to the Production House and Geet team.
Rida Khan

Fan Speak: Geet HSP is my ‘Kismat Konnection’ – Shakeela!

I do not think I will be able to truly describe what my time with Geet has meant, as most words will fall short in comparison to the weight and depth of my emotions, but nevertheless, here goes…
Looking back at my journey with Geet, brought back a flood of memories, that are truly priceless and which will remain with me forever. It took me back to the days when GEET Facebook page would be totally buzzing with nothing but sheer fun and uncontrollable laughter. I remember how everyone would anxiously wait for the days episode to air and by the end GEET wall would be flooded with thousands and thousands of posts; some hyperventilating over the ‘hotness’ and ‘sexiness’ of Maan Singh Khurana, others admiring the courage and adoring the beauty of Geet Handa, not to mention the ones where the pure romance and the sizzling chemistry between Maan and Geet would make everyone go “Mahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”; we had our daily takes on the episodes too written by some very talented people, also posts screaming with bucket loads of gaaliyans “GEET Kyun???…bleep bleep bleep…UFF”, and my favourite, the ones that were full of humour, masti and TOTAL FALTU BAQWAAS. Off course along with all the fun and laughter we had our moments of bickering too, but that’s how it was ‘Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham’.
The one scene that has always been my favourite is the one just after Where’s The Party Tonight’s dance sequence, right from their hug to when Geet rejects Maan – Although momentarily, but for the first time Geet and Maan embraced each other wholeheartedly, letting go of all their inhibitions and for me this was their first ‘real’ hug, where they connected together as ‘one’, as Maaneet. I loved the intensity of the scene that followed the hug, how Geet fought within herself; how she defied her heart by pushing Maan away and how that one jhatka left Maan crushed, hurt, rejected and to an extent guilty. There was a whole pick n mix of emotions; be it love, passion, turmoil, hurt, pain, sorrow, guilt, resistance, desperation, anger; The streams of emotions depicted by the two were simply outstanding, not to mention Barry Dhillion’s absolute best dialogues, some of my most favourite. It was also in this very scene where we got one of our much loved famous MSK dialogue “Tumhe farq padhta hai”.
To me Geet HSP is my ‘Kismat Konnection’, for it was due to Geet that I for the first time stepped into the world of virtual communities and found myself a second home (my adda), a second family. It connected me with so many wonderful and amazing people across the globe who are now a part of my world outside of this virtual empire. Geet inspired me to write and bring about smiles and laughter to many on the page; and for that I would forever be grateful to the makers of Geet for giving us a masterpiece and above all to the Almighty who blessed me with such a fate.
Geet Hui Sabse Parayi is a very special chapter of my life, which for me will never end; it will continue to live in my heart every day. It has become an addiction, good or bad, but I find myself unable to let go, so for me it’s time to rewind to episode one again. I can only hope that I get to see my favourite jodi Gurmeet and Drashti once again creating magic together on screen, until then I leave singing these few lines…
“Tum ko bhi hai khabar…Mujhko bhi hai pata…Ho raha hai judaa…Dono ka raasta…Dur jaake bhi mujhse…Tum meri yaadon mein rehna…Kabhie alvida naa kehna…Kabhie alvida naa kehna…Kabhie alvida naa kehna…Kabhie Alvida Naa Kehna……………….……Kabhie alvida………naa kehna”
By the way, I take back what I said about me being ‘lost for words’, after all this is what I am known for!
Jhappizzzzzzzz te pappzzzzzzzz to all Geet Fans!!! 
Shakeela Ud-Din 

Fan Speak: I joined GEET page when there were only 300 fans – Noorie!

I joined GEET FB page when there were only 300 fans and, as more people joined, I formed some very strong and lasting friendships. A few of us formed a group called Bologeet and started translating the Hindi into English for the people who watched Geet but couldn’t understand the dialogues fully. We literally stayed up all night just to do this and became very sleep deprived but such was our passion for Geet that we were happy to do this.
The first “office” phase of the show happened during Ramadan 2010 and those of us who were Muslim would rush through our ifthar (breaking of fast) so we could get back to our computers to discuss and translate the days episode. We uploaded the translated episodes on Youtube and were very happy to see the appreciation it received. 

It was fabulous when admin started to reply to us and we used to have a great time exchanging banter! My favourite response from GEET admin:

GEET Courtesy: Noorie Churailmukhi, with the most beautiful profile pic I have seen!

This was in response to my complaint that admin was stealing my thunder as he/she had decided to pop up on the wall just as I had posted a VM. He/she then posted the link to my VM and the above comment on the wall. I was very surprised and literally gobsmacked that he/she would do this. 

My favourite scene would have to be where Maan saves Geet from drowning in the river (This is after she bumps into him at the mela and begs him to save her from the goons who were chasing her). Since I loved Drashti’s character in DMG, I immediately recognised the girl in the arms of the handsome hero and decided to find out what this new serial might be about. I watched a few episodes on Youtube but it was only after Maan made his entry that I felt the show became worth watching.

Such was my fascination with Geet that I remember learning to make VM’s just so I could make them on Maaneet and the stress I used to go through when my Sony Vegas would give me attitude and play up! 

I have loved my time with GEET and will always remember the “good old days” with the admin and my friends. I would also like to thank GHSP for introducing me to some great girls, a few of whom I have become very close friends and whom I have met recently *gushes like an overflowing sink*. I am sad for the fans that are still trying to stop the show closing but will say to them “all good things have to come to an end.”

Good luck and God bless to the GHSP team!