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Fan Speak: Joining Geet FB page on May’10 was cherry on top – Sabina!

My Mom used to say Allah always balances between grief and happiness. I believed it totally, when I started to watch GHSP, being through a mental trauma in my personal life. In addition, joining Geet facebook page on May’10 was cherry on top. I started to feel the essence of Maaneet’s magical love with so many *Mahi moments*, sharing those with my Maaneet Maniac friends like me. 

I was not a Hindi serial person, and as a student of Sociology, I was working on my Professor’s thesis regarding immigrant Marriages in South Asia. When I watched the Geet promo, it seemed so interesting to me. But when the Delhi track started at 46 episode, Gurmeet just left me shaken!! Never felt so much passion for anybody in my real life. Maan Singh Khurana, the angry young man, the charmer, the most caring, loveable, most reliable Dream boy came in to our life with lots of happiness and hope while Geet became the voice of the poor girls like us.

Then the most adorable love story began with so many nok-jhok in KC, followed by Kurbaan hua, Behne dey, Outhouse night… and then came my most fav scene from Geet hue sabse paraye , “teri diwani”. I loved the mazar scene where Geet realized her feelings towards Maan and the way Drashti expressed it through her superb acting. I also loved Maan’s confusing expression, with same feelings in his eyes. Gurmeet is the king of Expression possessing a pair of the most beautiful eyes.

I love everything about Maaneet and Geet Hue Sabse Paraye. Don’t know when,*zindegi ke har subah Maaneet se suru hone laagi, n har raat Maaneet par khatam*. When Gurmeet became my Maan Singh Khurana in real Life… when I started to make *choti* like Geet… When my crappy life became so beautiful…?!?! Geet will never end for me. Never-ever!! Hope and pray the new channel will continue this love saga. 

I would like to thank Gurmeet Choudhury who portrayed the character of MSK so perfectly and Drashti Dhami too for her portrayal of Geet Handa , as well as Nissar Sir, Noel Sir, Barry Sir, Raju Sir, Gorky Sir and the rest of the cast and crew for giving us the most beautiful gift like GEET. Love you all!
Last but not least, all of my very positive and sweet Maaneet Maniac friends. Love you Maaneet Forever!
Sabina Hafiz

Fan Speak: Geet changed my perception about Indian shows. – Rida Khan!

Geet, is the one and only show which changed my perception about Indian shows. I was never a fan of Indian shows. For me it was just a senseless video of bunch of aunties with loud make up n jewelry, conspiring against each other. Then one day, while channel surfing I saw a girl standing in a beautiful and simple pink dress. She looked so innocent that I could not change the channel and started watching that show. From that day, I became obsessed with this show. I used to watch each n every repeat telecast on TV, n then again watch it on Youtube. I had never been so obsessed with any serial, but geet was different for some reason, I could never understand. Curiosity brought me to the Facebook page of the show, which later became more entertaining n fascinating for me than the show itself.

On Geet page, I found ladies with tongue in cheek sense of humor n intellect. At first I was shy to interact with any of them, I preferred to be a silent reader, but within a few weeks, I could not resist the temptation to join the club. I started interacting n fortunately found some amazingly brilliant, talented and lovely people as friends, who make me feel blessed to have them in my life. Those were among the most beautiful days of my life. It felt like our own world, filled with love, laughter n joy. I remember once an aunty from neighborhood came n told my mother “what’s wrong with your daughter, she was laughing madly the whole night, we could not sleep.” That was seriously embarrassing. 

Geet brought a new relation in my life, My virtual brother, My dear Nissar Bhai. As Geet changed my perception about Indian shows, He changed my perception about brothers. He always listens, never gives his much desired opinion unlike my own brothers who always give their unwanted opinion. 

My story will never be completed without mentioning admin of the page. I was never interested in him, I never tried to interact with him nor I ever commented on his status, I was happy with my friends, but one day I found out that he has blocked me, that was a shock, I never bashed any1, I could not understand the reason of admin’s such action (I still don’t know :/). I tried to find out who He/She was. I wanted to know why did he do this, but could not think of any reason, so I concluded that he was simply being possessive about me, he didn’t want me to interact with ny1 else. I was expecting to meet an enemy, rather I found LOVE in a hopeless place. Since then he has been my crush, my prince charming, list goes on and………………… ends with SARIAl.

Anyways, I think it’s enough for the time being, Geet has been a beautiful experience. I have many beautiful memories attached to it.

I wish best of luck to the Production House and Geet team.
Rida Khan

Fan Speak: Geet HSP is my ‘Kismat Konnection’ – Shakeela!

I do not think I will be able to truly describe what my time with Geet has meant, as most words will fall short in comparison to the weight and depth of my emotions, but nevertheless, here goes…
Looking back at my journey with Geet, brought back a flood of memories, that are truly priceless and which will remain with me forever. It took me back to the days when GEET Facebook page would be totally buzzing with nothing but sheer fun and uncontrollable laughter. I remember how everyone would anxiously wait for the days episode to air and by the end GEET wall would be flooded with thousands and thousands of posts; some hyperventilating over the ‘hotness’ and ‘sexiness’ of Maan Singh Khurana, others admiring the courage and adoring the beauty of Geet Handa, not to mention the ones where the pure romance and the sizzling chemistry between Maan and Geet would make everyone go “Mahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”; we had our daily takes on the episodes too written by some very talented people, also posts screaming with bucket loads of gaaliyans “GEET Kyun???…bleep bleep bleep…UFF”, and my favourite, the ones that were full of humour, masti and TOTAL FALTU BAQWAAS. Off course along with all the fun and laughter we had our moments of bickering too, but that’s how it was ‘Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham’.
The one scene that has always been my favourite is the one just after Where’s The Party Tonight’s dance sequence, right from their hug to when Geet rejects Maan – Although momentarily, but for the first time Geet and Maan embraced each other wholeheartedly, letting go of all their inhibitions and for me this was their first ‘real’ hug, where they connected together as ‘one’, as Maaneet. I loved the intensity of the scene that followed the hug, how Geet fought within herself; how she defied her heart by pushing Maan away and how that one jhatka left Maan crushed, hurt, rejected and to an extent guilty. There was a whole pick n mix of emotions; be it love, passion, turmoil, hurt, pain, sorrow, guilt, resistance, desperation, anger; The streams of emotions depicted by the two were simply outstanding, not to mention Barry Dhillion’s absolute best dialogues, some of my most favourite. It was also in this very scene where we got one of our much loved famous MSK dialogue “Tumhe farq padhta hai”.
To me Geet HSP is my ‘Kismat Konnection’, for it was due to Geet that I for the first time stepped into the world of virtual communities and found myself a second home (my adda), a second family. It connected me with so many wonderful and amazing people across the globe who are now a part of my world outside of this virtual empire. Geet inspired me to write and bring about smiles and laughter to many on the page; and for that I would forever be grateful to the makers of Geet for giving us a masterpiece and above all to the Almighty who blessed me with such a fate.
Geet Hui Sabse Parayi is a very special chapter of my life, which for me will never end; it will continue to live in my heart every day. It has become an addiction, good or bad, but I find myself unable to let go, so for me it’s time to rewind to episode one again. I can only hope that I get to see my favourite jodi Gurmeet and Drashti once again creating magic together on screen, until then I leave singing these few lines…
“Tum ko bhi hai khabar…Mujhko bhi hai pata…Ho raha hai judaa…Dono ka raasta…Dur jaake bhi mujhse…Tum meri yaadon mein rehna…Kabhie alvida naa kehna…Kabhie alvida naa kehna…Kabhie alvida naa kehna…Kabhie Alvida Naa Kehna……………….……Kabhie alvida………naa kehna”
By the way, I take back what I said about me being ‘lost for words’, after all this is what I am known for!
Jhappizzzzzzzz te pappzzzzzzzz to all Geet Fans!!! 
Shakeela Ud-Din 

Fan Speak: I joined GEET page when there were only 300 fans – Noorie!

I joined GEET FB page when there were only 300 fans and, as more people joined, I formed some very strong and lasting friendships. A few of us formed a group called Bologeet and started translating the Hindi into English for the people who watched Geet but couldn’t understand the dialogues fully. We literally stayed up all night just to do this and became very sleep deprived but such was our passion for Geet that we were happy to do this.
The first “office” phase of the show happened during Ramadan 2010 and those of us who were Muslim would rush through our ifthar (breaking of fast) so we could get back to our computers to discuss and translate the days episode. We uploaded the translated episodes on Youtube and were very happy to see the appreciation it received. 

It was fabulous when admin started to reply to us and we used to have a great time exchanging banter! My favourite response from GEET admin:

GEET Courtesy: Noorie Churailmukhi, with the most beautiful profile pic I have seen!

This was in response to my complaint that admin was stealing my thunder as he/she had decided to pop up on the wall just as I had posted a VM. He/she then posted the link to my VM and the above comment on the wall. I was very surprised and literally gobsmacked that he/she would do this. 

My favourite scene would have to be where Maan saves Geet from drowning in the river (This is after she bumps into him at the mela and begs him to save her from the goons who were chasing her). Since I loved Drashti’s character in DMG, I immediately recognised the girl in the arms of the handsome hero and decided to find out what this new serial might be about. I watched a few episodes on Youtube but it was only after Maan made his entry that I felt the show became worth watching.

Such was my fascination with Geet that I remember learning to make VM’s just so I could make them on Maaneet and the stress I used to go through when my Sony Vegas would give me attitude and play up! 

I have loved my time with GEET and will always remember the “good old days” with the admin and my friends. I would also like to thank GHSP for introducing me to some great girls, a few of whom I have become very close friends and whom I have met recently *gushes like an overflowing sink*. I am sad for the fans that are still trying to stop the show closing but will say to them “all good things have to come to an end.”

Good luck and God bless to the GHSP team!

Fan Speak: Still and will be addicted to GHSP – Alima Kanumilli !

MAAN SINGH KHURANA stormed in like a tornado, fought tooth and nail to stay away from love and lost the battle!
GEET HANDA breezed in like a breath of fresh air, turned everything topsy turvy in Dusht Danav’s  life and lost the battle!
Together, they won the war and stole hundreds of hearts. Together they also created a tsunami of emotions, a battlefield of different opinions, and a blood bath of various groups (literally)!!!! Together, they created a fanatic section of an audience, who lived in the fantasy world of Maan and Geet, 24/7, leaving reality behind. They breathed Gurmeet Choudary and Drashti Dhami, to an unrealistic level of fanaticism!! They put Mahatma Gandhi’s “Satyagraha March” to shame!!
If they created a blood bath of groups and fanatics, they also were responsible for keeping faith in fairy tales and happy endings. I was a personal witness to one such fairy tale and it cemented my feelings of faith, hope and love, even more so now than before. I was exposed to some amazing writers and their fan fictions, impressive, satirical and humorous poets to the core…. what poetic justice to a show that has deprived viewers of their sanity!
The show was a piece of art! Each stroke of a brush was a pleasure to watch, each stroke of a brush was bliss, each stroke of a brush created indescribable feelings in the viewers, and each stroke of the brush was nurturing to the point of being poignant. There never was a bad stroke or a good stroke, it was molded to the best of the circumstances and every stroke created a ripple of shiver and a wave of emotions. Every member on the team should be proud of being a part of this masterpiece. I AM! I am proud to say that I was a part of this masterpiece – a magic created by these individuals with a creative vision, a magic that cannot be replicated, a magic that cannot be repeated, a magic that had opened doors of my mind to so many master strokes of the human psyche. An original once born, will always stay a masterpiece in its own right.
My sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the creators of “Geet Hui Sabse Parayi” from Nissar Parvez to Barry Dillon, to Mahesh Pandey to Sundeep Sharma, to Swati Pandey….and all the front runners who have toiled (at various stages), to make this show a success and a goal they have achieved beyond their wildest dreams!. My deepest and sincere appreciation to all those super troopers in the form of light boys, spot boys, technicians, costume designers, make up artists and any other department that I had missed; without these soldiers in the trenches, the show would not have happened, and today, I want to give my very special thanks for their hard work, day in and day out. These soldiers deserve more than just a kind word, for the amount of hard work they put forth, to make things happen on the sets every day. No matter how much I praise these troopers, I still would fall short of appreciating the hard work and hours they slog, just to execute a two minute scene, to make us say WOW!!!!!
I come away with very, very fond memories….from the “Kurbaan Hua” song to the ‘Pee Loo” song, to the “Darga” episode to the “Mera Mangetar Banogi” episode…..these are but just a few of the many scenes that would be etched into my memory and would always remind me of those intense feelings that these two artists have evoked…they literally poured their soul into the characters and brought them alive. I still get goose bumps thinking of certain scenes, remember those trendsetting dialogues. I come away with the happiness and satisfaction of making some amazing and beautiful friends who have become very dear to me and who I know would be with me forever. I come away with so many sweet memories of meeting some of these very friends that I came into contact through the show and I fondly remember the intense, funny, and almost fanatical discussions I shared with some of these very friends on the GHSP forum and various other discussion boards.

To me “Geet Hui Sabse Parayi” would always be like those tens and thousands of golden daffodils, when in a pensive mood, that flash in my mind, and fill me with bliss and my heart sings with pleasure;  each daffodil to me , represents an emotion, a gesture, a thought, a feeling and a character! And on this note, I would like to share a few of those lines from my favorite poem “Daffodils” by William Wordsworth…
“When all at once I saw a crowd,

A host, of golden daffodils; Ten thousand saw I at a glance, Tossing their heads in sprightly dance. I gazed—and gazed—but little thought What wealth the show to me had brought: For oft, when on my couch I lie In vacant or in pensive mood, They flash upon that inward eye Which is the bliss of solitude; And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils.”

My warm wishes and heartfelt blessings, to every member of the team in their future endeavors.  May all your wishes come true and have a rocking New Year filled with success and happiness!
Still and will be addicted to GHSP!
Alima Kanumilli (Livletliv)

Fan Speak: "Behne De" was my most favourite scene : Sara Maaneet!

When Swati asked me to write about my journey with Geet and what it has meant to me, the only thing I could think about were the people that I met. Long forgotten is the craze I once felt for each and every episode, the constant repeat viewing of every moment and the restless anticipation for the next 17.00 G.M.T to roll around. These things did not come to mind till a long time later. 

Instead, I remembered all the endless hours of laughter, crying with it; so much abundance of laughter that even now when I think back on it I involuntarily smile. I don’t just recall the maaneet moments or the Devil directed gaaliyans or even the baby fiasco, but instead I instantly think of all the beautiful, kind, sincere, loving women I have met, who have become my friends, my sisters. 

Ladies that I believe God himself sent in to my life, who have been my anchor, my motivation and who have given their love and affection freely and unreservedly. For me this journey was indeed one of love. Not just the one shared on screen, but between soul sisters across the globe, in all corners of the world, from all walks of life. With all our differences, we still found one commonality of mutual respect and affection and it would not have been possible without what is only just a serial but I will always treasure it for this fact alone that it has brought me my wonderful ladies.

Behne de was my most favourite scene till date. It captured the essence of Maan and Geet as individuals and maaneet as a couple. That entire sequence captured what we love best about Geet – her spontaneity, her love for life, her sorrow and yet she lived. That moment captured Maan’s struggle with himself, his defeat to his own feelings, a man in conflict and that was the moment when Maan and Geet for me became Maaneet. It was from there that I got my name from :o) … behne de.

We would like to thank Sara for sharing her experience with Rangmunch.TV!!

Barry Tussi Great Ho…Tohfa Kabool Karo!!! Part 1

“Kitne aadmi the” ….Whenever you hear this line what is the first thing that comes to your mind? I have always associated the character Gabbar Singh with this line. SHOLAY and each of its characters would not have gone down in the History of Indian Cinema as the most successful film of all times without those impactful dialogues.

I had also viewed silent movies like “Pushpak” which was brilliantly made. But there were instances when as a viewer; I wished there were some conversations that were exchanged between the lead pair. It was then that I realized the role of a “Dialogue Writer.”
We all love Geet Hui Sabse Parayi for various reasons, such as the concept of the story, the execution, the character sketches, the background score, and above all, the chemistry shared by the on-screen lead pair, Gurmeet Chowdhary and Drashti Dhami as Maan and Geet.
However, the Love Saga of Maan and Geet would be incomplete without the mention of Barry Dhillon – a name that has been associated with the show right from its inception to date. Barry’s dialogues act as a catalyst for us to fall even more in love with the characters, giving their relationship a new depth unseen so far across shows in various channels. The dialogues breathe life into each character of Geet and make them look real and relatable to every girl, every woman watching the show. We laugh, cry, dream, hope, and LIVE every moment with “Maaneet” as he gives words to their thoughts. 

Episode 12: Maan ‘s first words to Geet 

Chup…Bilkul Chup!!”  These three words said it all and the character of Maan Singh Khurana became a Phenomenon over night and took the nation by a storm. Maan, a man of few words, not only swept Geet off her feet, but also took millions of Girls/Women across the world along with the wave. The title of a “Knight in Shining Armour” seemed just apt for him.

Episode 28: Geet’s self talk

“Itna Galat. Itni galtiyo se meri zindagi kaise ghir gayi. Isliye kyunki mein shayad humesha logo ki sunti rahi. Par ab nahi. Ab mein wohi karungi jo mujhe sahi lagta hai. Pechli har galti ko mein apni zindagi se nikaal kar rahoongi.” 

These lines established Geet Handa as an epitome of strength and courage. Her ‘never to say die’ attitude inspired millions of Women in the real world to stand up for themselves.

Episode 32: Inke nafrat mein bhi kitni kaashish thi. Oh!!! How much we loved this high voltage scene between Maan and Geet.

Maan: “Tumhare Bhai ko pata hai tum is waqt kaha ho aur kya kar rahi ho. Usi ne bheja hoga… kyunki woh toh mujhe shaadi ke liye mana nahi saka, toh tumhe bhej diya, taki tum ek raat bitake shaadi ke saude ke liye mujhe mana sako.”

Geet: “Aap bilkul sahi keh rahe the, kamzor par haath uthana galat hai. Aap mein bhale hi taqat mujhse zyada hogi par dimaag mujhse kamzor aur aapki soch ussey bhi choti.”

Barry Dhillon is the Man, who has been associated with the show from inception and has carved a niche for himself. His dialogues create those heartwarming and mesmerizing Maaneet moments, which we will cherish for life.

While the Screenplay gives LIFE to a Show, the Dialogues become its SOUL.
Rangmunch.TV would like to bring to you the Best Dialogues from Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, as a token of appreciation for our very dear Barry Paaji.
So get ready to re-live the ‘Best of the Best’ moments of Geet with Rangmunch.TV.
Swati Ghosh

Lights! Camera! Reaction: Hrishikesh Gandhi

At Work

Name: Hrishikesh Gandhi

Work: Director of Photography

Teams up with:  Nissar Parvez, Lalit Mohan, Arshad Khan, Ravi Bhushan, Maan Singh

Current Shows: Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, Is Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon, Humse Hai Liife

His Favorite Scenes of Geet: 

Drashti in the Dargah Sequence
Drashti’s Entry During Kurbaan Hua
The Entire Wedding Sequence
During the Early Morning Shoot.

The opening sequence that was extremely hard to shoot as the shots needed to be captured during either dawn or dusk. We shot for two days, ten mins each in the morning and evening. It was challenging yet, came out perfectly.

Golden Temple Amritsar
Memories to carry forward: I have very fond memories of Geet and get emotional every time I think about it. Drashti is brilliant as an actor and the most dedicated one I have ever seen. We shot the Golden Temple sequence in the month of May. The temperature was almost 48 degrees and it was burning hot, making it impossible for any of us to stand on the hot marble for even a minute. However, Drashti walked on the floor without even complaining once. Hats off to that girl! 

Fan Reactions to work: I have worked on many shows before, but it was only after Geet that people started walking up to me and telling me how much they loved my style of lighting. To me, the light and the set-up define any scene even before the actors and the dialogues come in. I feel thrilled when people notice the efforts that go into putting together a scene.

The best thing about Hrishikesh is that, you talk to him and you realise how emotionally attached he is to Geet, the Show. Despite working on two other shows that take up most of his time, he makes it a point to visit the sets of Geet to make sure he keeps his touch with the show intact. 

The makers are as attached to the show as the fans associated with it, as to them it means waking up to a morning where they have no place to go to! With so many emotions to convey on screen, these creators have to live them each day. The end of a show surely means putting a grind halt to hoard of things that come along.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Geet Segment! We will be back soon with another as promised!

Niharika Vidya Sagar
Swati Ghosh

Fistful of Fascinating Facts: Geet Hui Sabase Parayi

With the show soon scheduled to go off air, StarOne’s Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi has always been audience favorite. We at Rangmunch, also owe a lot to the show since three of us that run this site met on a Geet forum and became thick friends who subsequently turned this dream into a reality. We thought, like always, we would bring to you some old faces with new facets. Here are facts that you may not already know about the actors who have worked on your favorite show.
We have all seen the obsessive and passionate Vikram and love to hate him for giving tough time to our dear Maaneet. Thanks to Vikas Sethi who breathed life into the character and made it so real and relatable. He is an actor par excellence, but let us share some unheard facts about him. Did you know that Vikas has taken formal training in singing from the Bollywood maestro Anu Mallik’s father? Surprised!!! Well so were we but its true. Besides being an Actor and Singer, Vikas also sketches beautifully.
Did you know that Lucky aka Ahwaan Kumar comes to work riding on his “Dhanno?” Confused!!! Well his Dhanno, is not Char Pao wala but Do Tyre Wala. We are talking about Ahwaan’s Red Bike which is extremely dear to him as he won it in a contest six years back. He very proudly flaunted his Dhanno to us as we captured them together in our camera.

Sundeep Sharma, the Director of Geet has not only had the experience of working behind the camera but has also worked in front of the camera. Not sure how many of you are aware, but  Sundeep Sharma has been the lead actor in the serial Imtihaan which use to be aired on DD Metro. So he knows not only what happens behind the camera, but has faced it too.
From Reporting to Acting, she has done it all. We are talking about Preeto aka Khushboo Thakkar who apparently was a Reporter at Telly Chakkar and acting just happened to her. Infact when she saw us set hopping she got nostalgic and remembered her days at Telly Chakkar when she would go around meeting actors and doing interviews. From doing Gurmeet’s famous “I lived on 2.5 Rs Waala Biscuit Packet Interview” to sharing screen space with him, Khushboo indeed has come a long way.
Hey do you know her?? Any guesses?? She is Goma, Drashti’s hair dresser. So now you can put a face to the person who gave Geet aka Drashti her makeover.
Geet to its credit has had various Directors. But the entire Vikram kidnapping and the subsequent thrilling Jungle Sequences were shot by Director Shashank. Here’s another name you could add to the list of people associated with the show you love.

Sanju and Mehboob

Meet Sanju, Mehboob Ali and Manish the men who make it all happen. Well, right from what scenes are to be shot for the day to which artist would be available to make sure the set, the shoot as as well the activity once on location happens as planned, this Production Team ensures dutiful carrying out of activity! Imagine a day on the sets where there is no one to organise anything? would you then be able to watch your shows on time?

One last one, just for all of you! This was taken when Gurmeet was just about to venture off into the jungle to look for his Geet. Guess what he had for support all along? Her dupatta!! Thanks Gurmeet for smiling and posing for us. Trust us guys, if you see the heat and the condition in which the actors, cast and crew shoot, you realise how much of themselves they have to put into in order to make sure things turn out the right way. One small minute error and you have to redo the shot! Rightly said, united we stand, divided we fall!!

We hope, you now know the people associated with your favorite show a little more than what you did the last time around! Thats what we at Rangmunch.TV en devour to bring to you all!!

This week, we will try and bring you different write ups on your favorite show! So read on….

Swati Ghosh
Niharika Vidya Sagar

The Dual Story: Maan to Maan!

While we were set visiting Geet, we discovered Gurmeet Choudary who plays Maan, shares a great rapport with Abhishek, who plays his body double in his absence. Gurmeet first hugged Abhishek and greeted him warmly, and then teased him about how Abhishek had no work now that Gurmeet had returned. They even teased Geet played by Drashti Dhami,  saying she is lucky since she has two Maans all to herself.
But what actually caught our attention, was while Gurmeet was signing a couple of autographs for a few of his fans, Abhishek was standing right next to him. Take a look at their gestures, body language and their expressions. If you don’t find a stark similarity you can come looking for us later, but for now enjoy this visual treat. 
And for the uninitiated, these pictures were taken without their knowledge! Now we know why the two of them compliment one another in every way!

We have many more such interesting tales to tell you about the actors of your favorite StarOne show right here on Rangmunch.TV! So keep logging back in to check what we have for you.

Niharika Vidya Sagar
Swati Ghosh