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I have shot more than 1000 episodes for StarOne: Hrishikesh Gandhi

StarOne was one such channel that gave plenty of opportunities as a Director of Photography or any  creative person for that matter with the kind of shows they came up with.  When I first saw Guns and Roses or Family Business, as a maker I myself was totally impressed by the contrast lighting, the rich look and feel. One had to have guts to want to try shows like that.Those are the kind of shows, one dreams of doing, since there is so much one can do as a DOP. Hence when  I got my chance to do shows on StarOne, it was but obvious that I would grab the opportunity.

During my stint with StarOne that has spanned over 3 years I have shot over 1000 episodes, where I did shows like Sshhh Koi Hai, 500 Episodes of Miley Jab Hum Tum and around 500 episodes of Geet. I have also shot a couple of sequences of Love Ne Mila Di Jodi. As I look back now, I feel honored and also proud of myself for having worked on shows such as this that have gone on to become so popular. StarOne as a channel being pulled off came as a huge disappointment, because, it was welcome change for those like me that didn’t want to try mundane stuff on TV.

Some people I cant fail to mention are Nikita and Rohini from Star. They were outstanding. The way they worked on the shows, made all the difference according to me.

I feel, however I did my best work with Geet. It was like an all new beginning. When I see the way dargah sequence was shot even today,I feel thrilled at the amount of variety we  have tried on the show. Even now when I get compliments on how Geet was a “look good” show, I always aspire to get similar recognition for my other work as well. Other DOP’s call me and tell me, how they love my work and it boosts me. When ever I am down and out, I make it a point to sit and watch Dulhe Ka Sehra, and that instantly peps me up and I tell myself  “Nahi Hrishi, you can do well” and I am smiling and geared up again.

Whenever Nissar(Parvez) and I discuss a new concept we try and design a unique look for each of our shows. Like for instance after an extremely glossy show with all good looking people on Miley Jab Hum Tum, we  we tried to keep the initial look of GEET very simple hence we went ahead with very natural and realistic lighting. In the Hoshiarpur sequences we had hard lights coming into the house. By the time the office sequence came, the set up changed and we swicthed to the look good module. Alot of effort goes into making a show look a certain way, Rohini, Gul, Richa from Endemol have all done their bit so perfectly, I think its ultimately team work that has paid off.

Everybody feels bad when a show comes to an end, but we also are often told its a part of life. May be it is, but for me the last day on the sets was extremely depressing. I was totally emotional. I remember this happened even when Miley Jab Hum Tum ended. Fans were very unhappy. But this time, it was StarOne as a Channel that was going off as well. So it was hard on all of us. I however fondly look back and think of how I was a part of two hit sagas on this Channel. 

On the last day when I shot the close ups of Gurmeet and Drashti, I got very emotional since I instantly remembered their first shot and how they were then and realised how time has passed! All of the sequences I had shot with them came back to me, Kurbaan Hua, The Dargah Sequence, the wedding. Since I was one of the first members of the team, I think it was extremely hard for me to let go. You know, if the same team gets together and works together again it will rock.

The Aakhri Salaam promo of StarOne actually got me so nostalgic, it was like the end of an era! Memories of the shows I have worked on will always stay and I will always feel proud of the fact that I have worked on two shows on the Channel where I came to know how people took interest and paid attention to lighting and all the effort that goes on behind the camera! I am really going to miss Star One.

Hrishikesh Gandhi
Director of Photography

We started shooting for Iss Pyaar Ko….in flat 8 days- Rajesh Chadha!

Rajesh Chadha, the Producer (Panglosean Entertainment) of Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon, is in the seventh heaven with his show touching a century  . The show has become a craze with the youth with the amazing chemistry shown between Barun and Sanaya who play Arnav and Khushi on the show. The freshness, the innocence and the mass appeal drama has made it No. 2 in the TRP list. We at Rangmunch contacted and congratulated  Mr. Chaddha  on having touched this milestone and asked him how he feels about the show , the cast, the crew and overall euphoria .
“I’m extremely happy and proud of my team and my viewers for having touched 100 episodes today. Its always an honor to be appreciated . The audience have given us much love in accepting this wonderful story. I always thank my team before I thank anyone else. Without them , nothing would have been possible. Let me tell you that this show came through in flat  8 days. We got confirmation to start the show on 7th April and and by 15th April we started shooting at an outdoor location with choppers. In seven days if we could  pull off such a start to the show, its because of the team I have. The patience and all hard work they have put in this is  commendable. People tend to leave under pressure, but my team stuck on with each other from then till now.”

“One person I would sincerely like to thank is Nissar Parvez”Nissar is a great guy. He helped us immensely in setting  up the show in the start. He is the one Director I really look up to. He is an ace when it comes to such intense subjects. The writers also have put in their efforts in coining different phrases and lines for the actors. The different departments have worked more than their share and gave it a No 2 position in such a short span.”
“One person who has pleasantly shocked me is “Sanaya”. I was a bit skeptical initially as she had worked in Mile Jab Hum Tum, where she played a diametrically opposite character. I was  with  Endemol when that show aired. I was not sure if she could do Khushi convincingly but she has gotten into the skin of the character so beautifully, that its  truly amazing. She is a stunner and has given more than herself to this character. The jalebi bit has its own history too. In fact my mom is diabetic and when so much jalebi is shown, she complains of how she cant have it, and we have only added on to her craving levels”
“It feels great to touch such heights in such a short span and we promise to give more to the viewers in the future.”
We at Rangmunch congratulate the team of IPKKND once more on completion of 100 episodes.
CHEERS Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon….!!!!

Interviewed by:
Niharika Vidya Sagar
Edited by:
Navyanka Varma