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Fan Speak: My Final HOO HAA to GEET – GurMaan MonAmour!

Well, how else would I start my post to GEET, but, HOO HAA GEET!!

When I had first seen a clip of GEET, it was of Maan’s entry in the mela at Mukeria where Geet is left behind mistakenly and my first thought was – this guy must be a goondaa, little knowing that this goondaraaj was going to rule my heart and mind in the coming months and year, blotting out all else.

GEET came to me at a time when I had been lonely, living in a country where I was still not anchored after 11 years, here was a series reeling me in, taking away my loneliness and merging me with a group that wanted nothing more than to ooh and aah together at the pair that was Maan and Geet. It was a first time that I had liked both the lead characters, albeit one a wee bit more than the other (wink!).

Each day I came with renewed anticipation I had not felt in a long while, making me wait for 11:30 am to arrive (the time it aired where I was), making me hurry up each day, trying to get things done so that there was no disturbance while I watched my favourite couple play tug-of-war with their emotions, playing games to hide their true feelings or just plain get on each other’s nerves. It was a treat to watch the play of emotions and then came along, “Kehna hi kya”. For me, that was the day that I was compelled to write, to pen down what I felt I could see. 

It started me on a road where I began hesitantly, but each episode brought out more of the writer that was hidden within and I would sit glued to my screen waiting to hear what Maan would say in his silence.

GEET brought me friends from all across the globe, people whom I would have never have met otherwise, people of different ages, races, religious beliefs and professional backgrounds who all became one as viewers who would curse Brij and Nayantara collectively, drool over Maan’s tender looks, get pumped up with his awesome “khunnas and laugh at Geet’s constant pleas to Babaji(who I later learned was the spot boy in the rafters) or go awww at the relation of Maan and the ever so loyal, sweet Adi.

Although the initial craze had dimmed for me, just like the embers that remain long after the fire has died down, so does the attachment with GEET remain and will be there always- for, GEET not only gave me friends who will be there even when GEET no longer is, it also gave me back something of myself.

Like they say “yaad oosay kiya jaata hai, jisay bhool gaye hon – jo dil mein rehtay ho oonhay yaad karnay ki kya zaroorat”, so will it be for me where you are concerned GEET and this is my final HOO HAA to you!!

GurMaan MonAmour!


Fan Speak: GEET was just not a journey…..It was a way of Life – Raashi Jain!

Many serials, jodis and actors have come and gone in Indian Television Industry but no one has been able to reach the heights that GHSP/Maaneet/Gurti conquered just within seconds with their magic.

Maaneet taught us the true meaning of love through portrayal of each and every feelings in such a way that kept viewers all over the world captivated and mesmerised and will keep doing it forever with their beautiful memories. “Kurbaan hua” is such a benchmark in their and our journey without which describing geet and maan is very herculine task followed by many more such song sequences such as Hum tum, Behne de, Teri deewani, Pee loon, Roop tera mastana and many more as well as with many touching sequences such as “Aaj se zindagi ki har subah tumse shuru aur har raat tum pe khatam”, sonography moment and maan apologising geet for choosing her above her child during steam room attack by Brij. And how can one forget about that khatti-meethi nok-jhoks between the duo which brought them closer than ever.

Maaneet had not been what they are today if there would not have been so many more characters in the show. Be it a positive character or a negative one, both played a role of cupid by bringing maan and geet closer. Had Dev and Naintara not ruined geet’s life, her own family would not have been against her forcing geet to leave hoshiyarpur and start a new life in Delhi. Had not Adi called Pinky to office when she went to pick up geet, she would not have gotten that job as Maan’s secretary. Dadi played a vital role by not only giving geet back her job when she herself had left it but also by making her shift to outhouse of KM. Other important people being Sasha, Tasha, Rahul, Pari, DeMello’s, Meera, Yash, Romeo, Pandeyji, Manisha, Annie, Arjun, Brij and the list goes on and on.

I know I have written too much but not to forget the technicians. But wait where’s our life and geet?

GHSP came into our lives through television but we started getting involved in it thoroughly through geet pages on facebook, they gave us many friends and in sometime people all over the world became one big family. After that started the fan fictions which too very soon became our life and gave us a whole new world of maaneet. Slowly and steadily Maaneet entered our lives through various means and when they started governing it we never came to know. It was like a most natural thing happening to us and became our lives!!!

Maine kuch zyada hi likh diya na, par kya karun mujhe samajh hi nahi aa raha tha ki kya chodun aur kya likhun………abhi bhi bahut kuch aisa hai jo mai nahi likh payi……aap sab toh jaante hi hai ki agar maaneet ke baare mei baat karo to shabd kum pad jate hai par unki baatein nahi khatam hoti hai……..hope you all like it!

Raashi Jain


Fida’s Corner : His wife, Mrs. Khurana !!! (Final Chapters 29 & 30)


Geet was left to stand and watch Dadi walk away, a riot of feeling in her heart.  She made her way to the bedroom, undressing and making her way into the bathroom to take another shower.  She stood under the hot water for a long time, letting it wash over her and wash away all the turmoil in her heart.  Despite all her words, despite everything, she hadn’t till that moment thought about how she would feel watching Dev taking pheras with another woman.  Would it bring back unhappy memories?

As she searched her heart, she realised that now, after everything that had happened, she really didn’t care.  Dev’s part in her past was so long gone that she was no longer affected by it.  The pain he had caused her was nothing compared to the pain she had felt when Maan had forgotten her, when Maan forgot their love.  She would never forget the child she had lost, but somehow Dev had never been linked to that child in her mind.  From the day Maan had claimed that baby as his own, she had never considered Dev to have any connection with her child.  That loss was hers and Maan’s, only theirs; Dev had nothing to do with it.

When she emerged from the shower, it was with a clear mind and a strong heart.  She was Geet Maan Singh Khurana and her devar was getting married today.  And that was all there was to it.

She slathered herself with luxurious body cream, then dressed slowly in the suit she had chosen.  Standing in front of the full length mirror, she adjusted the neckline, then reached back to tie the dori. 

“Main kuch madad karoon”  “Can I help with that?”

She looked as she heard her husband’s low voice, then stilled as she felt his hands cover hers.  Moving her hands out of the way, she felt him tie the thin dori, then shivered as he trailed his fingers down the soft skin of her back.

He turned her to face him; the glowing smile on her face sparked an answering smile on his.

“Tayyar ho Geet?” “Are you ready Geet?”

“Haan, bas sirf chudiyaan pehni hain, bas phir tayyar hoon”  “Yes, I just have to put my bangles on, then I’m ready”

“I have something for you” he said, walking towards his wardrobe.  Opening one of the inner drawers, he drew out a box she recognised.

“Geet, I found these a while ago.  Yeh meri Ma ke the, aur unhone mujhe diye the, ke main apni patni ko doon.  Main chahta hoon ke main aaj tumhein pehnaoon, aur tum hamesha ye pehno.  Yeh mere pyar ka ek aur nishana hai, aur meri Ma ka ashirwaad.”  “Geet I found these a while ago.  These were my mother’s, she gave them to me to give to my wife.  I want to give them to you today, and I want you to wear them always.  These are a token of my love and a sign of my mother’s blessings”

He slipped the two beautiful kade he had shown her a lifetime ago out of the box and took her hands, then gently slipped them onto her wrists.  He brought her hands to his lips and laid a kiss over the ring he had given her so long ago.  Looking at the ring, he smiled and said “Yeh to Dadi ki angoothi hai, yeh kya unho ne tumhein di hai?”  “This is Dadi’s ring isn’t it, did she give it to you?”

When she shook her head, his smile faded as he said “Did I give it to you?”

She nodded once.  His face was filled with regret for a moment, then he said “I don’t remember giving you this ring Geet, but I know how I must have felt when I put it on your finger.  Mere dil mein jo mohabbat tab thi, woh ab bhi hai, aur uss se kahin zyada aur mohabbat bhi.”  “However much love I felt for you then, it’s still there, and there is so much more than I ever believed was possible”

Holding her hand up, he said “Pata hai Geet, in ancient times they believed that this finger was connected directly to the heart, that’s why they wore wedding rings on this finger rather than any other.”

As she smiled and nodded, he bent as if to kiss her hand; she stopped him and said “Mujhe pata hai.  Agar aap zara ghaur se dekhein, to aap dekhenge ke maine aapko apne dil ke qareeb hi rakha hai” “ I know.  If you look closely, you’ll see that I’ve kept you close to my heart”

He looked intrigued and drew her hand close so that he could see what she was talking about.  When he found his name hidden in the mehendi pattern at the base of her ring finger, the heat sparked in his eyes and he drew her hand close to his lips to press a heated kiss over the place where his name was inscribed on her skin.

The feel of his lips provoked a wild blush in her cheeks; she looked so enticing that he groaned and said “Geet, tum mujhe paagal karna chahti ho kya.  Main poore waqt bechayn rahoonga ye sochke ke tumhein kitne log dekhenge itni khoobsarat lagte hue”  “Geet, do you want to drive me insane?  I’m not going to be able to think about anything except for how beautiful you look and how many people are going to see you looking this way”

Leaning down, he placed a kiss on her lips, then said “Bas ek kami hai”  “there’s just one thing missing”

He drew her towards her dressing table, then bent to pick up her little sindoor box.  Taking a generous pinch, he filled her maang with a bold streak of red, the gesture almost a declaration of possession in itself.  Gliding his fingers down her neck, he lay a gentle hand on her mangalsutra then said  “Shukr hai ke yeh sindoor aur yeh mangalsutra hain, kamazkam yeh dekhke sab ko yaad rahega ke tum meri ho, sirf meri” “Thank goodness you’re wearing this sindoor and this mangalsutra, at least people will see them and remember that you’re mine, only mine”

Leaning forward to kiss her, he started to draw her close, but she stopped him, uncomfortably aware that they were awaited downstairs.

“Maan, Pandit ji………..”

He stopped, then laughed resignedly. 

“It’s never the right time, is it.  We’ll have to be patient for just a little longer, I suppose” he said.  Looking at her downcast gaze, he put his fingers to her chin and tipped her face up so he could look in her eyes.  She was lost in the heat in his eyes, wanting to throw herself into his arms and lock out the rest of the world.  For a moment, she could feel the answering need in him, then he drew back and said “thoda sa intezaar aur Geet, sirf thoda aur“just a little more waiting Geet, just a little bit”.

He walked into the bathroom and closed the door firmly behind him, as if in need of the physical barrier to stop himself from just grabbing on to her and never letting go.

A short while later, he emerged then dressed quickly, studiously ignoring her as she stood applying a last layer of gloss to her lips.  Walking over to stand behind her, he said “Chalein Geet?” “Shall we go Geet?”

She nodded, unable to make her voice work in the face of the heat in his eyes.

As he offered his arm, she took it; they left the room together and went down to wait for the ceremony to begin.


Dev and the Pandit were also waiting downstairs; Dev was pale but steady and the priest was obviously the veteran of hundreds of weddings.

When Priya walked through the door accompanied by her daughter and Savitri, Dev took a deep breath in and stepped forward to meet her.  All he said was, “Are you sure?”

She looked up at him and smiled, then stepped towards the mandap.  After a moment, he followed her, and from that moment one there was no hesitation or doubt in his voice.

The ceremony ran smoothly; Maan kept a discreet eye on Geet, wondering whether, despite all her brave words, the sight of Dev getting married might trigger some unpleasant flashbacks. But throughout the ceremony she was serene, the perfect elder Bhabi watching her Devar getting married.

At the end of the ceremony, Dev and Priya took blessings from Dadi, then approached Maan and Geet.  Priya spoke quietly “Bhabi, aashirwaad dengi?”  “Bhabi, will you give me your blessings?”

Geet smiled, then drew Priya into a sisterly embrace “Sirf Ashirwaad nahin, Priya, usske saath swaagat bhi.  Welcome to the family, Priya.  I hope you’ll be very happy”  “Not just blessings Priya, but welcome too.  Welcome to the family, Priya,  I hope you’ll be very happy”

As Priya stepped back, Dev took her place in front of Geet and without a moment’s hesitation bent and touched Geet’s feet.  When she placed her hand on his head, she felt his sigh of relief; as he straightened, she smiled and said “Congratulations Dev, I hope you’ll make Priya very happy”

Dadi came up behind them and said “Bacchon, thodi si der mein mehmaan aajayenge, Priya ko thoda araam karne dein, let her change out of these clothes.  Geet, aap zara Priya aur Anjali ko oopar lejayengi, wahan sab tayyar hai.”  “Children, the guests will be here in a little while, I think Priya should get some rest, change out of her wedding clothes.  Geet, will you take Priya and Anjali uptairs, everything is ready for them there”

By the time Priya and Anjali had changed out of their wedding finery and into something more similar to the elegant party wear that Geet was wearing, the first guests had started to arrive.  The evening passed quickly and the news of Dev and Priya’s wedding created a small furore, turning a small party into a full-blown celebration.

When the time came for Dev and Priya to leave for their wedding trip, the gathered guests turned the going-away into a joyous occasion, with ribald jokes and wolf-whistles all round.  As the car drew away, they all moved back into the main hall; by the time the clock struck eleven, the last guests were still not showing any signs of leaving, until Dadi quietly whispered in a couple of ears.

As Geet escorted the final few guests to the door, she wondered why they were all looking at her with suppressed laughter in their eyes, but before she could ask them, they took their leave and hurried away.

Wondering where her husband had gone, Geet turned to make her way to the stairs, then stopped as she felt a hand on her waist.

Recognising the sensation triggered by the touch, she smiled as she turned to face him.  “Aap kahan chale gaye the, sab aap ko pooch rahe the.” “Where did you go, everyone was asking after you”.

She stopped as she saw the intent look in his eyes. 

“Kya baat hai Maan?”  What’s the matter Maan?”

“Will you come with me Geet?”  Stepping back, he held out his hand.  Without a moment’s hesitation, she put her hand in his.  Drawing her close, he kissed her once then guided her through the door which Nakul was holding open for them.  The car was waiting outside, and as he helped her into the back seat, she looked up at him with a silent question in his eyes.  Without a word, he sat next to her, then lay a finger on her lips when she started to say something.

“Thoda sa intezaar Geet, sirf thoda intezaar”

They sat hand in hand in the car as they approached their destination; a burgeoning excitement filled her mind as she wondered what he had planned.   When the car stopped outside one of Khurana Constructions showpiece properties, she looked at him again; all she could see was his profile outlined against the light shining in from outside.

As he got out of the car and offered a hand to help her out, she still had no idea where they were heading.  He guided her into the stunning entrance hallway, then to the penthouse lift.  As the lift came to a stop and the doors opened, he stepped into the penthouse and turned back to her, holding out a hand to draw her towards him.

She stepped into the circle of his arms and felt herself relax. It didn’t matter where she was, or why he had brought her here; as long as she was with him, she was happy.

He was still silent as he guided her towards one of the inner rooms.  As she walked through the doors he opened for her, she was stunned to find a beautifully decorated bedroom, with floor to ceiling windows looking out over the city.  The bed was covered in flowers; the intent had clearly been to create as bridal an atmosphere as possible.

Turning, she saw him looking at her, the longing in his eyes clearly mirroring the desire in hers. 


The sound of her name was all she needed to propel her into his arms; as his lips came down to meet hers and his arms encircled her tightly, she knew that this was to be the new start of their life together.

—————————————THE END—————————————–

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Fan Speak: Thank you for the memories and the gifts you gave us – Fida Khurana!

In the midst of revision, struggling with a piece of work I didn’t think I would ever be able to complete, I was struggling to find inspiration when one day, whilst procrastinating, I chanced upon a clip of a TV show on YouTube.  Geet Hui Sab se Parai.

The scene that caught my attention- “Chup”, said by a handsome man as he saved a pretty girl from drowning.

It was late May 2010, and the beginning of one of the best periods of my life.  I was hooked- first I eagerly devoured all the clips on YouTube and then found the official Facebook page.  At that time, there were about 300 members; I was mostly a lurker until one day, things changed.  Something happened, I can’t even remember what, and I was compelled to write, to interact and to state my opinions.  And somehow, despite the amount of time I spent away from my books, finding Geet helped me not only finish my actual work, it also inspired me to pass the toughest exams I could imagine- how, Allah only knows!!

God, what memories!  Where can I start, I don’t even know.  How can I convey what this show has meant to me?  It has given me so much- new friends, new sisters, new interests, the list goes on and on.  GHSP opened a door to my soul and forced me to write.  The characters were so compelling that they forced me to write for them, and I’ve never been so grateful for anything as I am for that.

If I cast my mind back I can remember the urgency, the absolute compulsion to watch, to catch the live-updates on the FB page, to find links to the YouTube uploads as soon as possible so that we could all watch immediately, to comment, to defend the show at times and to condemn at others.  I remember the devastation I felt when Maaneet separated at the end of October 2010; I think in some ways that was the moment which cemented some deep friendships as I found that there were other intelligent, articulate women who felt the same way.

Geet is a show that attracted a diverse and eclectic group of women; women who had never been hooked on a show before, women who didn’t watch Indian serials, women with busy lives and busy minds who found something they connected with in the story of a small-town girl cruelly treated by life.  I’ll never be sure what it was that hooked me- was it the character of Geet, Maan’s eyes, or was it simply a need to believe in the soul-deep connection between Maan and Geet.

Whatever it was, it was perfect for a long time- the first 8 months of the show a halcyon period of perfection that hold up to close scrutiny even now, long after the obsession has faded to gentle affection.
I have many scenes which I adore, which I can rewatch and rewind repeatedly.  But the scene which will remain forever in my mind as the defining moment of GHSP was the scene affectionately known as “Khoon Bhari Maang”.

The moment when Maan Singh Khurana declared to the world that Geet was HIS; his wife, his love, his ardhangini.  It didn’t matter who’s child she was carrying, it didn’t matter what her past was—it was all his.  Could there have been anything more wonderful than that? 

I will miss GHSP, more than I had realised.  But I know it will live in my memories for a long time, if not forever.  The friends I have now, the bonds forged in the unexpected arena of an FB page, the relationships I have now- they will be with me forever.

Thank you Nissar Bhai, Gul, Gorky, Barry-sahab, Gurmeet, Dhrashti, Praneet—thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You may never fully understand what your show meant to us, but it was and is truly life changing.  Thank you. 

Fida Khurana


Fanspeak: Kurbaan Hua was Poetry in Motion-Niharika Sonti

For me, this show has really lived up to its name. It was a like a song whose tune had me enchanted and mesmerised and evoked a plethora of emotions – love, pain, angst, laughter. I was introduced to this show quite by accident by one of school friends and my namesake Niharika Vidyasagar. 

I watched a few of the old episodes out of curiosity, but the one scene that truly captivated me was the song sequence “Kurbaan Hua”

If I had to describe that scene, I would say it was “poetry in motion”. There have been many song sequences before and after that in the show that I have enjoyed, but to me “Kurbaan Hua” will always remain the most special one of all of them. Though it pains me to know that the show is ending, I feel heartened by the fact that the magic of our favourite pair can be relived by catching all the episodes online or in the form of fan fictions. I will forever be grateful to this show and its entire cast and crew (and of course my friend) for giving me some wonderful memories to cherish and relive the years to come.

Niharika Sonti


Fanspeak:Every time my 9 year old daughter falls or trips, instead of crying,sings Mahi – Vani Agrawal

“Everything has a beginning and an end. Jo shuru hua hai vo khatam hoga hi. This is the law of nature.” These are the phrases I have been repeating to myself since we all came to know about the ending of our beloved show. It DID NOT WORK.

Then I took another approach and started chanting, “Oh, for god’s sake, grow up. It is just a show. Maan and Geet are fictional characters. Stop behaving like a nutcase.” This did not work either.

Then I said to myself, do I even want to let go of something that has so deeply touched my heart, has given me a glimpse of divine? 

The resounding answer was “No, Never.”

My journey of Geet began in earnest with the entry of Maan Singh Khurana. After that day my life was never the same again and never will be. 

For me Maan and Geet’s love story is far more impact full than Romeo and Juliet’s or Laila and Majnu’s. In this beautiful story Of Maan and Geet there was so much hope, so much laughter and so much dignity. And that’s why it worked for me. Maan and Geet always gave hope and courage to each other and to us. Even in their most trying times they were optimistic and were always selflessly thinking about other’s welfare. They always, without fail, brought a smile to my face. 

I am so very grateful for them.

I live in USA. I told some of my friends (American) about Geet. We watched one episode one evening when they were in my house and that was it. They got completely hooked to it. (Of course, I had to translate for them) We had so many dinner and Geet nights where we would watch 10 or 15 episodes or even 20. All of them were and still are mesmerized by Maan and Geet and by their sizzling chemistry. Often, they would share with me that they had never seen something like this before – so innocent, so pure, so beautiful and so subtly sensuous. 

Another cute thing which I wanted to share was that now every time my 9 year old daughter falls or trips, instead of crying, she calls her dad or me, asks us to pick her up and the moment she is in our arms, she looks in to our eyes and starts singing Mahi……..

I know it will be hard to live without Maan and Geet on a daily basis. However, they will always remain in our hearts and I for one will keep watching their scenes. 

Hope to see them together again in the near future.

Much much love to you all.


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Fan Speak: Memories created to last for a life time: Priya Raj!

Boy meets girl, they fight, they fall in love, the families dis-agree, eventually they marry and live happily ever after. Then Geet happened.Can there be love amidst grave nightmares, can a man love a woman through his soul that he would take her into his existence along with the being of some other man, can two people be connected through their soul for a lifetime and beyond without a name, does a divine force test you through dark tunnels to take you to eternal sunshine, Probably YES !!

Maan Singh Khurana — the dream, the desire, the wish, the blessing, imperfect yet absolutely perfect. I finally realized that I loved him in every form, every way, in every imperfection, in every flaw as I saw the most beautiful soul that lived only for her. His one tear drop during the sonography was worth every nightmare she lived…I fell in love with him for a life time.

Geet Handa / Khurana — a reality, a woman of strength, a sunshine. I was devastated by her tragedy. She had become the epitome of womanhood when she fought her family, through her life to protect the child growing in her. Alas I never understood her part of change when she decided to forgive her sinner and walkout on maan. But then when she promised to wait until her last breath for maan to remember her, finally I realized that Geet could love MSK as much as I did or much beyond I did.

Maaneet together a once in a life time love story:

A relationship which never required a name to come together, a relationship that is divine, a relationship of souls, a relationship made of two imperfect people, totally perfect together, a dream churned from individual nightmares, a life changing experience.

The Iceberg :

I thought the ship would never sink.I was living a dream. Then one day the iceberg hit and the water started seeping in. I watch it , the last time going down. I hear the cries of millions around the world waiting to be rescued. I have been floating and its really very cold, the ice water is killing my heart beat, I should survive. I will blow the whistle, the heart of the ocean hidden deep in my heart, memories created to last for a life time.

There are no good byes or good nights, there is sunshine waiting and I want to move towards the horizon. I want to take the memories of the ship that would never sink.

My Salutes:

Gurmeet Chaudhry: Thank you is a very small word. You made me fall insanely in love with MSK for a lifetime. There will never be another MSK and you will go down in history….Hope and wish that every dream, desire of yours is fulfilled…God bless!

Drashti Dhami: Epitome of dignity and womanhood. Nobody else could have done a geet apart from you. Hope you get your imperfectly perfect maan. God bless!

Barry Dhillon ji: “Words are all I have to take your heart away”..Absolutely magical words as maaneet …chup bilkul chup….My salute…wishing every success your way…god bless!

Sundeep Sharma ji: For re-creating the magic when everybody had given up. For connecting with the deewani’s. Wish you success always. God bless!

Hrishikesh Gandhi ji: For creating kurbaan hua , teri deeewani magic… class….wish you all the success…god bless!

To the stalwarts: Noel smith , Swati Pande , Vincent franklin , Maan Singh , Gul and ofcourse Nissar Pervaz: You created absolute magic rest all that came in-between is passe and forgiven. My best wishes to all of you. God bless!

To Geet HSP: Inspite of being a hardcore software techie I was totally averse to social networking , chats. Infact I never ever had an orkut /FB id until geet happened to me. It shocks me how I changed for a series, and then as they say is history.

Signing off with the hope of a new beginning and fight for magic all over again…..

Priya Raj