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Gurmeet and Drashti wish fans a Happy New Year!!!

As the year comes to an end, we at Rangmunch.TV leave you with a video message from your favourite Gurmeet Choudary and Drashti Dhami, who have enthralled us with their performance as Maan and Geet on StarOne’s hit show Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi!!!!

We hope you enjoyed watching the video, and we hope to see them once more in the New year in their new roles and performances! Thank You Gurmeet and Drashti for enriching our lives by becoming an integral part of it.

On that note, we at Rangmunch wish all our readers and watchers a very Happy New Year 2012, and hope the year brings you all the love, luck, happiness, success and all that you wish for. We hope to bring you all that you love and want! Thanks for encouraging us and making us do this for all of you . Each  one of you have been greatly instrumental in making us a medium through which we  could connect you with everyone on the other side of the Camera!

Niharika Vidya Sagar
Swati Ghosh
Navyanka Varma
Niti Vaidya
Neeraja Unni

The Dual Story: Maan to Maan!

While we were set visiting Geet, we discovered Gurmeet Choudary who plays Maan, shares a great rapport with Abhishek, who plays his body double in his absence. Gurmeet first hugged Abhishek and greeted him warmly, and then teased him about how Abhishek had no work now that Gurmeet had returned. They even teased Geet played by Drashti Dhami,  saying she is lucky since she has two Maans all to herself.
But what actually caught our attention, was while Gurmeet was signing a couple of autographs for a few of his fans, Abhishek was standing right next to him. Take a look at their gestures, body language and their expressions. If you don’t find a stark similarity you can come looking for us later, but for now enjoy this visual treat. 
And for the uninitiated, these pictures were taken without their knowledge! Now we know why the two of them compliment one another in every way!

We have many more such interesting tales to tell you about the actors of your favorite StarOne show right here on Rangmunch.TV! So keep logging back in to check what we have for you.

Niharika Vidya Sagar
Swati Ghosh



Currently, we are witnessing an Obsessive love track in Geet Hui Sabse Parayi. The track is intriguing and has gripped viewers for various reasons, but let’s look beyond the obvious. What made Maan Singh Khurana the ‘Dream Man’ of millions in the real world is his selfless love and undivided attention for his Beloved. Geet has been Maan’s reason for existence. She is the Be all and End all of his life. A smile on his Geet’s face is worth a million dollars while her gloomy face brings his world to a standstill. Maan Singh Khurana is a combination of three P’s …Passionate, Possessive and Protective.
Love is God’s BOON to mankind. However, Love at its extreme intensity is termed as Obsession, which is a CURSE. There is a fundamental difference between Love and Obsession. While Love is centered on the happiness of your beloved, Obsession is self-centered. An obsessed individual not only portrays passion, but also is cruel and vicious. He/she can go to any extent to get his or her object of desire and incase of denial can destroy oneself or destroy the object of obsession. While Love is also the other name for Sacrifice, Obsession is all about Possessing.
Whether it was Brij or Nayantara, Maan has always stood like a ROCK between Geet and her troubles and has ensured her well-being at all times. We always admired the diligent Maan who would sense trouble much before it surfaced and take action without any delay. With his wit and intelligence, he would mar every evil intention of his enemies that gave viewers the assurance that in Maan’s presence even Geet’s shadow is secure.
However after a long time we have seen a twist in the tale. For the first time, we have a worthy adversary in the name of Vikram who has not only dared to love Geet, but has also openly challenged ‘The Maan Singh Khurana.’ We now have a Man who is equally passionate, intelligent, and aggressive like Maan and can go to any extent to possess Geet. The high profile security arrangement proved futile because Vikram not only entered the Khurana Mansion and created havoc in Maaneet’s paradise but he tricked Maan Singh Khurana in disguise. The defiant Vikram made Maan realize that he is a force to reckon with and even the walls of Khurana Mansion can no longer protect Geet. Maan is unable to ease a panick stricken Geet, which is making him all the more restless and helpless.
Also after witnessing the divine love story of Maaneet, this track will bring forth the darker side of Love, which is traumatic and undesirable.
Nevertheless, we also know that challenges like these bring forth the possessive and ferocious side of our Sher Singh Khurana. He will rip apart anyone who poses a threat to his Geet and hence the Face off between Maan and Vikram would definitely be a visual treat for all Maaneet Fans.
A BIG round of applause to the entire Cast and Crew of Geet Hui Sabse Parayi for portraying clichés but with a difference.    

Swati Ghosh

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham!

More than often, we experience some heart touching moments in our favourite shows, which either leaves us teary eyed or brings a smile to our face. Yesterday we experienced such moments with two of the most popular JODIS on Television. While in Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, Maaneet brought back the lost smile on the faces of their fans, Arnav and Khushi in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon brought tears in the eyes of their viewers. 

“Tum phikar mat karo Geet mein aa gaya hoon”…As Maan uttered these words to Geet, the viewers rejoiced and breathed a sigh of relief to see Maaneet together in one frame after an entire week.
In time of deep despair and complete loneliness, the one person you yearn for, if he or she appears before you, the moment will surely leave you shell shocked and speechless. That is exactly what happened to Geet when she saw Maan standing right in front of her. She looked at him in disbelief as they met under unexpected circumstances. However, the moment Geet recovered from her state of shock, she hugged Maan tightly to not let go of him while tears trickled down her eyes. She was overwhelmed to see that her Babaji had sent Maan just when she needed him the most. Geet’s fears peaked after realising she was being followed and cornered in Maan’s absence. She tried to bravely face her Stalker, only to realise it was no child’s play. Totally flustered and out of her senses due to shock, Geet found solace and felt secure in her Maan’s arms. She was finally HOME!

“My mind tells me to give up but my heart won’t let me” ~ Anon. Yesterday, one could see the pain and anguish that Arnav was going through as he watched Khushi slowly WALK OUT of the Raizada House and from his LIFE too. For the very first time, the fear of losing the sight of Khushi forever was so evident on his face. He had already started to miss Khushi but did not want any one to sense his restlessness and anxiety. While he was trying to battle the entire world portraying anger and frustration, he miserably failed in front of one – HIMSELF! Even though he hated himself for getting affected by Khushi, Arnav could never stop his heart from being drawn towards her. Despite yelling at Khushi, deep down his heart, Arnav wanted to hold her back and never let go. He was almost on the brink and would have surely melted only if Khushi at that very moment had embraced him, affirming that her heart equally beats for him. We hope that the tug of war between the heart and mind soon ends and both Arnav and Khushi realize and admit their LOVE for each other.

Swati Ghosh


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