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International Segment: Recommends Humsafar! Episodes # 9-14 update

Author’s note: Watching six episodes of Humsafar at a go was akin to plugging my heart into an electrical socket for charging.  I was happy I was finally getting down to catch the episodes I sorely missed these last few weeks. As I started watching them one after another, my heart started thudding at a faster pace with each passing episode and even came to a standstill at few scenes which left me literally thumping at my chest to ease the pain that was quickly replacing my heartbeat.

Part of me envies those of you who have watched the episodes every week with enough days in between to recover. Another part of me is thankful for things that kept me away for it would have been impossible to concentrate on anything else while letting go of the injustice meted out to our dearest Khirad.

Swallowing the choicest of ‘gaalis’ in all the languages I know, aimed at those responsible for breaking a beautiful relationship,  I begin to pen down my thoughts on the episodes, which have brought life to emotions that clearly demarcate  human from evil.

Last drops of romance before the storm:

Episode 9 features two of the cutest romantic scenes between Ashar and Khirad. There is something about rains that magnifies our feelings many fold. And romance is one which is instantly associated with rain. Khirad’s childish glee at getting wet in the pouring rain in their yard with Ashar’s loving gaze and gentle laughter teasing her about it has been shot to perfection.

Another scene that made me grin is when Ashar is about to drop Khirad at her friend’s marriage.  Ashar’s reluctance in letting Khirad out of his sight and his possessiveness, pride in her beauty, and above all his singular devotion towards her is evident in this scene. Probably the last romantic scene between them for a while before all hell breaks loose.

Too Little Too Late

After an agonizing week apart in which Ashar does not speak with Khirad due to his insecurity regarding her non-existent relationship with Khizar, he finally calls her to let her know how much he misses her and loves her. Khirad is eager to have him back as she awaits to share the news of her pregnancy with him. Ashar rushes back home only to witness a scene play out in front of him that shocks and shatters him.

Betrayed by those closest to them, Ashar begins to hate Khirad, while Khirad gets kicked out of her home by Ashar’s mother in his absence. She leaves for Hyderabad nursing a broken heart and their baby in her womb. She takes refuge with Batul khala and her family who support her through one of the toughest times in her life.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”

But I failed to realize it included mothers like Farida who would go to any extent in the name of pride, family status, and misplaced love even if that meant ripping apart her son’s heart to pieces. She took the term ‘evil’ to a different level with her flawless scheming and callous disregard for her son’s feelings.

Last nails in the coffin:

~ Hearing his mother state that Khirad left their home with Khizar never to return shakes Ashar to the core and shatters him into a nervous wreck. He vows never to let Khirad into his life ever again.

“Khirad  mere liye mar chuki hai. Na to main uski shakal dekhna chahta hoon naahi uski awaaz sunna chahta hoon. Agar galti se woh mere saamne zinda aa bhi gayi, I would kill her.”

~ Khirad finally manages to get Ashar on the phone only to realize he does not wish to talk to her. His silence on hearing her voice and the way he keeps the phone without saying a word tells her more than any words would.

“Mera shauhar mujhe badkirdhaar samajhta hai. Mere koi baat sune baghair, mujhe safai dene ka ek mauka diye baghair, mujhe mujrim karaar de chuka hai. Aisa toh duniya ki kisi bhi adalat mein nahi hota hai. Agar woh mujhse mohabbat karta tha to usne mujhpe aitbaar kyon nahi kiya. Meri baat kyon nahi suni.”

~ When Khirad goes into labour pains her one thought is to reach out to Ashar. She calls him only to hear the harshest words a beloved can ever speak. Ashar’s words slices through her heart and makes her cry out in agony.

“Aaj to tumne yahan pe phone kar liya aayinda mat karna kyonki tum mere liye mar chuki ho. na tumhara shakal dekhna chahta hoon naahi tumhari awaaz sunna chahta hoon.  Abse mera tumse koi talook nahi hai.”

~ After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, Khirad vows to survive without Ashar, unable to digest the fact that the one person she considered her life had turned his back on her, humiliated her leaving her tarnished for the rest of her life.

“Us roz jab mezaan kayam hoga, sabse badi adaalat lagegi, sab munsifon se bada munsif insaaf kar raha hoga, tab tumhe kahin panah nahi miley gi tumhare saari taqat us roz khaak mein mil jayegi. Jab tak mein tumhe maaf nahin karoongi Ashar, mera Allah bhi tumhe maaf nahin karega. Aur Ashar Hussain apni beti ki kasam khake kehti hoon us roz main tumhe maaf nahin karoon gi!”

Rangmunch Memorable Moments

RMM #1 The scene that was so cold heartedly orchestrated by the two evil sisters was so gut wrenching that it was no less than pre-meditated murder. What we saw was the death of faith, trust, hope, and above all love in one horrific slash, by words so mercilessly uttered by Ashar’s mother and Khizar. Ashar’s deafening silence when Khirad repeatedly hoped for her husband’s ‘yakeen’ in her, buried all things good in a relationship as sacred as marriage. 

Less said the better when it comes to Khizar’s reasoning behind his betrayal. He ruthlessly squashed an innocent woman’s dreams to further his own. His words about Khirad’s incompatibility with Ashar were designed to act as an arrow dipped in poison to relentlessly prick at Ashar’s already bleeding heart.

RMM #2 The scene where Khirad wakes up in the dead of the night and prepares to leave for Karachi to meet Ashar and set things right is something that will haunt  me for a very long time. Khirad tries desperately to remove the imaginary filth and grime that she feels has stuck to her. It symbolizes her inner turmoil at her name and character being tarnished and her desperation to clear her name of all the muck that has been unjustly thrown at her.

Writer Farhat Ishtiaq, director Sarmad Khoosat, and actor Khirad get a standing ovation from Rangmunch for giving us a scene that transcends excellence.

Questions swirling in my head:

1.   Why would Khizar help in breaking Ashar and Khirad’s marriage for Sara’s sake when he is blindly in love with Sara himself and would make more sense for him to want Ashar to be happy with Khirad leaving Sara free to be pursued by him? This is besides the money angle to his reason for betraying Khirad’s friendship.
2.   Love is like a sunlight streaming through one’s heart. Take the sunlight away, replace it with a candle or a torch and its not love in its purest form anymore. Why would any woman want to settle for a love that is forcibly attained through scheming and plotting?  It is sad that an intelligent, independent, modern girl like Sara will want to possess love by devious means instead of letting it shine through her heart on its own accord.
Precap for Episode #15

Brace your hearts for a combustion when Khirad meets Ashar after few years of estrangement. The promo promises yet another awesome episode from the makers of Humsafar. And am sure everyone is looking forward to meet Khirad and Ashar’s little one, Hareem. 

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International Segment: Recommends Humsafar! Episode # 8 update – “For a simple four letter word, ‘Love’ has too many connotations”

“When my father died, I moved into the space he left inside me and found out it was where I belonged” ~ Farland Fish
The death of a father is a life-altering moment especially for a man. He is forced to grow up in that very moment and fill his father’s shoes taking over the responsibility of the well-being of his loved ones leaving precious little time to grieve the loss of the only man he has ever aspired to emulate in life.
This episode begins on a somber note with Ashar losing his father, Baseerat within the confines of the hospital where he is being treated. Baseerat, as though he knew of his imminent death, confides in his son about his concern for Khirad’s welfare due to her innocence and simplicity. The words uttered by him regarding Khirad’s lack of knowledge of the ways of the world and how he fears people taking undue advantage of her simplicity and trusting nature sounds ominous considering what follows in the episode.
Khirad goes to college to pursue her higher studies in Mathematics where she meets Sara’s cousin, Khizer, who is enchanted with her from the very moment he sets eyes on her. The dynamics within the relationship between Ashar and Khirad gradually shifts and changes with these two events – Her singular focus on studies and the presence of Khizer!
In a way, this episode sets a serious tone for the rest of the story to follow.
Different shades of love
Love is definitely not as simple as it sounds. It is a beautiful feeling as long as it is untouched by emotions that can push you to act in a manner that is hurtful to your loved one. Add external factors, and it gets all the more difficult to hold on to the purity of that feeling. Understanding the various shades of love is as important in a relationship as loving itself is.

Passionate and Powerful 

“Main eh university apne liye nahi ja rahi, Ashar keliye jana chahti hoon. Main janti hoon woh mujhse mohabbat karte hain,
Lekin ab dil chahta hai ke woh mujhpe fakr bhi Karen.”

Love can be empowering to those who believe in its power. Khirad wants to step up and be worthy of not only Ashar’s love but also his respect. She decides to pursue her higher studies in order to stand tall beside her husband with her head held high and even more so for her husband to stand taller because of her. Her passion for her husband reflects in her passionate approach to her studies and her need to excel at whatever she does.
BUT does Khirad realize that in her passion to prove herself worthy of her beloved, she may be paying a little less attention to her husband’s needs?
Laughter and Playfulness 

“Achi tarah dil lagake padna, baki bachchon se nahi ladna, lunch time se khana hai, okay?”

A relationship that thrives on laughing together has a better success rate than those that don’t. Ashar’s playfulness is evident in scenes where he sweetly mock instructs Khirad to behave like a good kid without getting into fights with the other kids as he drops her off at her college.
His attempt at keeping it light can also be seen when he tries to divert her attention from studies to himself by grabbing her books and sweetly requesting her to spend time with him.
Rangmunch cutest moment of the episode has to be the scene where Ashar comes back home in the dead of the night to find Khirad fast asleep. The way he tries to wake her up is playful at the same time reveals his craving to be with his wife the moment he comes back home.
Innocence and Trust

“Ashar, Khirad ka khyaal rakhna. Woh bahut sada hai. Bahut masoom hai. Use zindagi ke bare mein kuch nahi pata”

Khirad is portrayed as someone who is innocent and trusting. She probably does not yet realize Khizer’s intentions in constantly seeking her guidance in studies or the reasoning behind his choice of words while praising her in front of Ashar.
Her innocence and trust in all things good may soon be put to test when circumstances prove to be stronger than her inherent goodness.
Protectiveness and Concern

“Mujhe darr hai ki koi uski saadagi ka najayaz fayada na uta len. Maine apni marti hui behen ko wada kiya tha ki mera beta uski beti ko khush rakhega.”

The most important ingredient in any relationship based on love is the wish to protect the ones you love from harm. Baseerat’s love for his son, his niece, and his sister comes through loud and clear in his words to his son just before his death. An honorable man who stood by his dying sister and kept his word till his last breath that he would protect her daughter, will be sorely missed by us all.
In the face of the events that follow, it will be interesting to see how far Ashar remembers and makes an effort to keep his father’s words and dying wish at heart.
Jealousy and Suspicion (Precap of Episode # 9)
These are undoubtedly the perfect ‘deal breakers’ of a relationship. This is that facet of love you never want to encounter. Entry of Khizer with his intent to cause disruption in their lives has opened up the door to this deadly duo in the mind of Ashar. But, the question is, Is Khizer the only reason for Ashar’s growing insecurity, jealousy, and suspicion?

I think not! I leave the discussion open on what you think those other factors are that has made a gentleman like Ashar suddenly feel insecure about his relationship with his beloved innocent wife Khirad and has let petty emotions like jealousy and suspicion take over his heart and mind.
You can find the links for this episode @
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International Segment: Recommends Humsafar! Episode # 7 update

Love is in the Air!!
Love is a simple emotion – pure, beautiful, and wholesome. It is the small everyday things that one does for each other that makes loving someone as effortless and natural as breathing. Ashar and Khirad’s marriage may have begun on a sour note but it is their inherent honesty that compels them to discover each other and build a future together with love as a foundation.
‘The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love someone else’
There is nothing more painful than to watch the person you love so deeply, in turn falling in love with someone else right in front you. There are some who lock themselves up and give in to the feeling of having lost, and there are others who refuse to give in to the feeling of utter helplessness and do everything in their power to win back their love. Sara belongs to the latter and sees it beneath herself to even accept the fact that Ashar is moving ahead without her. Casting insults at Khirad in a veiled manner under the guise of her outspokenness is one way of ensuring she gets ‘her Ashar’ back.
But did she ever have him in the first place? Its evident she never did. Since love is blind and in her case, even deaf, Sara shows no signs of relenting easily.
Rangmunch Moment of the Episode: Declaration of Love!
‘Main Ashar se Bepanah mohabbat karne lagi hoon’

Can this feeling of realization that you have fallen in love, deeply, sincerely, and irrevocably with someone, be ever adequately explained in words? I think not. This is something that needs to be felt.
And feel we do, in this very scene where more than mere words are exchanged between Ashar and Khirad. Khirad glows with the knowledge and power of love while Ashar sits down beside her to complete the canvas that is created on screen. A thousand words are spoken between them with their eyes while just a few choicest of them pass their lips. Two people come together as strangers who don’t believe in ‘us’ and slowly, with patience, understanding, and the virtue of being themselves, find a way into each others hearts.
On a personal note, this is one of the best declarations of love I have ever seen – A simple sketch of love in its purest form!
Rangmunch Performance of the Episode: Dialogues!
Watch the episode and you will know why the dialogues without an iota of doubt walk away with the Rangmunch Performance of the Episode tag.
The dialogues have become the soul of the scenes in this episode. For the first time in many moons, I was going back and forth to drink in the words. Here are few of them you carry in your heart and mind, well into the night to snuggle with, after watching this episode.

* “Kabhi kabaar mujhe lagta hai jaise tum mujhe kisi neki ke badle mil gayi ho, kisi sachchi dil se nikli dua ke badle” ~ Ashar admits to Khirad that he is very lucky to have her in his life.
* “Mrs. Ashar Hussain, aap jo marzi karle aap hamesha khoobsurat lagti hain” Seeing Khirad blush at his praise, he teases her further by saying, “Ab agar aapne sharmaliya to chalen”.
* “Tum bahut achchi lag rahi thi Khirad, balki itni achchi lag rahi thi ki mujhe dar lag raha tha ki meri hi nazar na lag jaaye” Ashar reassures Khirad when she doubts her choice of dress for Sara’s birthday party.
* “Main Ashar se bepanah mohabbat karne lagi hoon. Mera dil karta hain ki main poori ki poori Ashar ki pasand ke saanche mein dhal javoon. Jo Ashar ko pasand hain woh apna loon, jo unhe na pasand hai woh hamesha keliya chod doon” ~ Khirad writes about her feelings for Ashar to her best friend Afsheen. 

* “Aur ye nahi bataya apni dost ko ki tum mujshe kitni mohabbat karti ho. Ke jab main koi bhi kaam kar raha hota hoon, tum mujhe tiktiki baandke dekhti rehti ho aur jab  main tumhe dekhta hoon tum aankhon mein aankhe daal ke nahi dekhti ho jaise ki abhi” ~ Ashar to Khirad
*Main itna khush hoon ki khushi ka lavz mere liye chota padta hain” ~ Ashar on how happy he is with her. 

* “Lekin woh (Khirad) jaise bhi hai woh mere liye bahut eham hai” ~ Ashar reinforces Khirad’s importance in his life to Sara. 

* “Khirad, tum mere liye bahut khaas ho. Kabhi bhi apne aap ko kamtar mat samajhna, warna mujhe lagega ki mere pyaar mein koi kami reh gayi” ~ Ashar repeatedly reassures Khirad of his unconditional love for her with these heartening words. 
 A Special Mention: Director’s Vision!
An episode where dialogues took center stage, there is a particular scene devoid of words that need a special mention. This scene of 30 seconds has redefined the word ‘drama’ for me. After her birthday party in which Sara goes all out to be rude to Khirad in front of her friends, she is shown standing in front of a mirror, retiring for the night. The expressions on Sara’s face clearly underline what she is feeling – a feeling of triumph of having put her tormentor in place all by herself. Watch out for her body language that reeks of achievement and sense of pride in herself for doing what she did. Kudos to the director for placing that scene in the sequence, which effectively and seamlessly lifts the narrative a few notches higher. Naveen Waqar needs an ovation for this scene.
Precap for Episode # 8:

One can smell jealousy in this one and half-minute preview of episode 8. Khirad is seen entering a college for her higher education where she meets someone named Khizar. We will have to wait a wee bit longer to know who Khizar is and why is he seen at Ashar’s home. Is there going to be trouble in paradise?

You can find the links for this episode @

Do you have your favourite scene of this episode? Please feel free to share it with us. And which of the above dialogues still remain with you well after you have watched the episode?
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International Segment: Recommends Humsafar! Episode # 6 update


International Segment: Humsafar update (Episode 5) – Icebreaker!!


International Segment – HUMSAFAR, A Journey you wouldn’t want to miss!

Pakistani Dramas have always given us some of the best memories of our lives related to television. ‘Dhoop Kinare’ and ‘Tanhaiyyan’ are two that instantly come to mind when we think of quality television in terms of substance, execution, and direction.

We once again go beyond borders to introduce to you a drama that will lure you in with its depth, its simplicity, and characters that come alive on screen with the narrative.

Humsafaris a gem of a show that is presently being aired once a week @ 8 pm, Saturdays on Hum TV in Pakistan. It is an adaptation of a famous novel by the same name by Farhat Ishtiaq.

5 Reasons why Humsafar is a must-watch:

1) The Story/Script

Simple, thought provoking, and realistic, the story grips us from the beginning leaving us to ponder on these questions-

Have you ever found yourself torn between your wishes and those of your loved ones?

Do you have a best friend you absolutely adore and cannot do without but are not in love with?

Has a tragedy forced you to succumb to the pressures of life, and not given you a fair chance to live it the way you wanted?

Can you form an everlasting unbreakable bond with the very person you initially did not want in your life?

Lastly, how fragile is that bond you so painstakingly form with that one person you call your life?

How do you deal with these realities and which path do you carve for yourself with your decisions forms the crux of the story.

The story follows the journey of Khirad and Ashar as a couple, who are pressured into marriage due to the untimely death of Khirad’s mother.

Khirad is a self-respecting beautiful young woman living with her Ammi in their humble home at Hyderabad (Pakistan). Her Mamoun, Baseerat, a rich businessman lives in Karachi with his wife, and his son, Ashar.

Ashar is a suave Yale returned well-educated well-mannered gentleman, who manages his father’s business. He has a best friend in Sara, his mother’s niece. Unknown to him, Sara loves Ashar, and wishes to eventually get married to him. With both their mothers approving their union, Sara in her wildest of dreams, could not have imagined the turn the tale would take one day.

Khirad’s mother is soon detected with cancer and calls Baseerat for help. Baseerat brings his sister and niece to Karachi to provide her with the best treatment for cancer. When Khirad’s mother realizes the fatality of the situation, she requests her brother to get Khirad married before she dies. Ridden with guilt at having neglected his sister’s welfare until now, he promptly decides to get Khirad married to his son.

None of them are happy about this union and Sara takes it the hardest having loved Ashar immensely for so long. Ashar on the other hand is shocked at Sara’s revelation, and is torn between his wish to not see his friend heart-broken and his father’s plea for him to get married to Khirad to ease his dying sister’s angst regarding her daughter’s future.

You have to watch the show to see how the story progresses from here on.

2) The Characters:

The lead pair of Humsafar, Khirad and Ashar has author-backed roles. Khirad is someone you will fall in love with. She is shown as an individual who has a strong sense of who she is and what she wants. Ashar is a handsome dude who has his priorities right. Sara is one of the most pivotal characters, strong yet subtle in her manipulations making her an interesting watch.

All the characters in the drama are well etched, each having a role to play in moving the story forward without a hitch.

3) The Cast:

The ensemble cast of Humsafar boasts of some of the talented names in the Pakistani Television Industry.
Fawad Khan as Ashar

Fawad Khan of the blockbuster-hit film, Khuda kay liye, essays the role of Ashar so convincingly, that he IS Ashar. He is tailor-made for the role, and he speaks with his eyes, which is one of his biggest assets.

Mahira Khan as Khirad

Mahira Khan is stunning as Khirad. Her face spells character and leaves an indelible mark on the minds of the viewers and she captures the viewer’s hearts too from her very first frame in Humsafar.

Naveen Waqar as Sara

Naveen Waqar owns the role of Sara to the hilt. She plays it with such honesty that even though she has shades of grey and one wishes to dislike her for her intentions and subtle manipulations, one cant but empathize with her state.

Atiqa Odho, one of the famous personalities in Pakistani television, plays Ashar’s mother.

4) The Direction:

Words would not be enough to extol the way the show has been directed. Sarmad Khoosat has weaved magic without a magic wand. Every scene tells a story and one would not want to miss even a single frame of it. He and his team have proved that a story needs no frills to be told, it just has to be told with honesty, integrity, and dedication to the craft.

An Indian Director’s Take on Humsafar:

Waseem Sabir, is a renowned Director on Indian Television who has directed  shows like Saat Phere, Remix, Maryada and recently Dharampatni on Imagine TV. Waseem not only bonds with his actors but also connects with his characters which helps him to get the best on screen. He also has an eye for details. Rangmunch.TV sincerely thanks Mr. Waseem Sabir for agreeing to write about Humsafar, the show, from the point of view of a Director who has the knowledge and the expertise to do so.

“Firstly, I would like to thank Swati Ghosh for introducing me to Humsafar. 

As Indians, we have known the Pakistani TV industry through shows like Dhoop kinarey, Ankahee, Tanhaiyan, Zeenat and many more. Yes its a limited knowledge, but am sure a lot of us who are hooked on to Indian television wont even know about Pakistani TV because we do not have the access like Pakistan has to our shows, sad but its a fact. 

As a person from the Indian TV industry, we believe in one thing, CONTENT IS KING that means writing plays a very important role in making a TV show. Coming back to Humsafar, when I saw the first episode, I won’t deny the beauty of the heroine got me hooked – the simplicity, nude makeup, and simple styling.

About the show, I would say its a very simple show, simple characters, very basic in short takings and as a maker, all I would say is, that’s the most difficult thing to do – Make a simple Show and hats off to the makers of Humsafar. The characters are so real that you connect with them instantly. It has fantastic sound track. It is an old Ghazal by the renowned Sufi singer, Abida Parveen. The scenes are slow but the story just moves with every scene, so you do not get bored even in a long scene because the layering of the characters gets you involved in every moment. There are many scenes where there is not even a single dialogue for like 3-4 minutes but the moments are beautifully captured. It is a must watch show for everyone. 

I so wish such shows with so much simplicity and closer to realism are made in India.”

5) The Music:

Last but definitely not the least, the background scores that blend in with the scenes and the soul-stirring title track sung by Pakistani singer, Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch sets the tone for a great drama.

Adaavatein theen..

Taghaaful thaa…
Ranjishein thi Magar… Bicharne walay mein sab kuch tha
Bewafai na thi ….
Ke dhoop chaun ka aalam raha
Judai na thi …

This weekly drama on Hum TV, gives you enough palpitations (of the good kind), and recuperating time of one week, before you get ready for another dose of this heart-wrenching saga. The pathos in the story lies in its very own title track that goes …

Woh humsafar thaa magar
uss sey humnawai na thi…
Kay dhoob chaaon ka
aalam raha judai na thi…
woh humsafar tha ….

After the lines of the song have sunk in, you know it’s no one’s fault when it comes to the ways of the heart!

Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we have and we are thrilled to share this awesome show with you all.

You can catch the updates and links on the Humsafar official fb page –

Neeraja Unni
Niharika Vidya Sagar