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Is Arnav Singh Raizada justified?

Who is a more complex specimen…Man or Woman? This is a million dollar question, jiska jawaab dhoondte reh jaaoge. Men always complain that its impossible to understand a woman and the latter always thinks it’s the other way round.
Yesterday while I watched Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, my heart went out for Lavanya as she gracefully walked out of ASR’s life after learning that he does not love her.
While we all know that communication is the key to a healthy relationship, seldom do Men believe in this theory. As much as communication is important, saying it at the right time is equally important which they fail to understand and hence all the misunderstandings and heart-aches.

Arnav Singh Raizada, the man of few words who wears an iron mask and thinks that he is heartless. What Arnav forgot in his life’s battle was that he cannot forcefully rule his heart. He always knew that he never loved Lavanya and neither did she stir any emotions in him, but he still chose to keep her around just to show to the world, that its women who are head over heels for him and to satisfy his male ego.

He fought with his family and forced them to accept Lavanya as his live-in partner, once again to prove to everyone that no one controls his life other than him. When he felt that he was losing control over his emotions for Khushi, he impulsively and to everyone’s surprise declares marriage with Lavanya but then eventually backs out from getting engaged with her.
Yes, we all realize that one should be honest in one’s relationship and it was good on Arnav’s part to let Lavanya know that their relationship holds no future. Nevertheless, time and again in trying to prove a point to himself as well as to everyone around, especially to Khushi Kumari Gupta, least did he realize that he was constantly playing with Lavanya’s emotions and sentiments. Had he not lied to himself then that he can live in a relationship free from any commitment and love, he would not have ended up hurting Lavanya and rest of his family members.
While Arnav’s decision left the entire Family and Khushi in a state of shock, as they are unable to comprehend the situation, Lavanya exactly knew what was bothering Arnav. Yesterday Lavanya reminded me of the first episode wherein she appeared to be the rich, arrogant employee who took a pride in being ASR’s girlfriend and looked down upon “Chamkili.” While in those initial days, the very sight of hers irked me, last night tears trickled down my eyes as she bid goodbye to the Raizada family. The journey from being La to Lavanya was not easy for her, but as they say, “love can make you do things that you never thought possible.”
We hope that someday Lavanya will find her Man who will love her for who she is and make her feel wanted. Meanwhile we the viewers are surely going to miss her.

Swati Ghosh

Salaam-E-Ishq Time for Is Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

Its time to salute to the emotions that churn your heart and make you shake you leg. With the impending engagement celebrations of Payal and Akash and Arnav-Lavanya, it is surely time to set the ambience into some foot-tapping music.

As a part of the engagement celebrations the makers have incorporated the number Salaam-E-Ishq from the movie with the same name to bring out the hidden emotions of our leads.

We spoke to Director Lalit Mohan about the sequence who left us thinking when he said, “you will have to watch the sequence to know how you will notice a blend of happy and sad moments during the course of the song!” Since we chose to be good audience, who love surprises, we decided not to pry further into it.

So watch out for some interesting revelations and realizations as our dear Arnav, Khushi and La dance to the tunes of this hit number on StarPlus.

Niharika Vidya Sagar

Arnav: So much to love!

Arnav Singh Raizada, a man with many facets and each facet that only makes you love him more. 

Sometimes in a moment of rage, we do and say things that haunt us for the rest of our lives. Lately Arnav has been living with a sense of guilt and remorse ever since he realized he has wronged Payal. How he wished, he had believed Khushi that night and allowed her to leave rather than thinking that she belonged to the enemy camp, who was there to sabotage his show. His actions not only humiliated Khushi that night, but also put Payal and her parents through immense grief and shattered their dreams. To avoid further embarrassment and for the well being of their family, both the sisters had to leave Lucknow and start living in Delhi.
However, to err is human but it requires much more courage to admit to oneself the wrongdoing and make an effort to mend things. Knowing how egoistic Arnav is as a Man, least did we expect him to repent and show an intense urge to give back to Payal what he had unknowingly taken away from her, in the form of his brother Aakash. He goes to the extent of joining hands with Khushi to bring Payal and Aakash together against all odds.
“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” The precap goes to show a more humane Arnav Singh Raizada, who is not ashamed to admit his fault before Payal and apologizes for the pain he mistakenly caused her.
So don’t forget to tune in to witness a humble ASR in tonight’s episode of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!

Swati Ghosh

Does true love really need cupid?

Arnav and Khushi have it all planned out mentally. That they have had enough! and would not want to see each other again and then they come back to square one. Post the entire fiasco of facing humiliation from Arnav Singh Raizada and him apologizing to her indirectly as well, there is a reason for ArHi lovers to heave a sigh of relief!

Fate, puts the two in an inseparable situation once more after they realise their respective siblings are in love with one another! Now what would both of them do? In normal circumstances you wouldnt expect Arnav out of all the people to support love! But surprisingly this time he does, for the sake of his brother’s happiness. He knows, he may not do it in his own life, but he would do it for another if it were to make someone dear to him happy! Hasnt this man always been that way? Right from gifting Mami the necklace she wanted just because she bailed him out when in need, to being overly protective about his sister, its comes as no surprise that he wishes for Akash’s well being as well. 

So, Arnav and Khushi plan to make Payal realise the importance of Akshay in her life and play a prank on her, and guess what they succeed as well, in getting the right reaction out of Payal!

Now the question arises, does true love really need a cupid? And in this case, who is playing cupid to whom? Akash and Payal love one another. This is fact number one. But fact number two is more important in this case. Arnav and Khushi love each other too. But  the hindrance is they would never admit to it.

Love has knocked their door step with various dimensions and definitions, but the two fail to still give their relationship a name. Let me elaborate. When Khushi started grooming La, she was doing it for their love. When she decided to move out of his life, it was because she realized she was in love. But she came back once more to unite the man she loves with another woman in the most sacred acknowledgment of love-Marriage!

By the looks of it, nothing seems to make the two love struck babies budge! We at our end only hope, this fun filled track with loads of light-hearted moments between the leads, and the other two lovers eventually does break the much needed ice and make them come together!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


Arnav gives Khushi heart burn!

The lastest episodes of Iss Pyaar Ko Kyaa Naam Doon have been nothing but hard to deal with for fans, what with Arnav constantly trying to hurt Khushi in a way that hurts her the most.
On learning Khushi is engaged to another man without his knowledge, Arnav is all out to prove a point to her. He tries to confront and question Khushi only to get defiance as an answer in self-defence.
Since he had no other way to take it out, Arnav chooses to taunt Khushi by telling her how her fiance is of a lower status and how he will not be able to fulfill her fantasies. Whats worse, Arnav goes on to constantly humiliate Khushi by doing things that insult her, like he deliberately makes Lavanya wear a necklace she picks.
The last straw was last night, when Arnav sees Khushi dressed in a bridal attire and is so taken in by her that he ends up rubbing her on the wrong side yet again by saying he would gift the dress to her as a tip. This leaves Khushi totally shattered and heart-broken as she is later seen crying to Lavanya, that one is better off in a dreamland, as harsh-realities often leave one heart-broken!

The two share an amazing connection like always and he is there to witness her moment of break down. This leaves him totally disturbed and he leaves from there.
But the question here is, Arnav in the process of hurting Khushi is totally oblivious to the feelings of Lavanya, who perhaps is totally smitten by the man and looks forward to leading a life with him. While the women do walk away with all the sympathy, Arnav Singh Raizada who is unable to make up his mind and is using all the   wrong buttons to take his life forward is worth empathising with also.

In the coming week, Arnav will take more drastic steps to ensure he gets his peace of mind restored, but it is to be seen if it will make matters worse or better things for the three!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


Decoding Arnav Singh Raizada: Loading Error

Yeh Zindagi aapki Hi Aamanat Rahegi
Dil main Sada aapki hi Mohabbat Rahegi
In saanson ko aapki hi zaroorat Rahegi…
Iss Dill Ki Naadaaniyan Maaf Ho ….
With the Maha Episode in store, where Arnav learns of the fact  that Khushi is engaged to someone else, one might end up seeing Arnav deciding to get engaged to Lavanya in rage! However there are a few unanswered questions that both Khushi and Arnav need to address.. 

Their relationship by itself has always faced the dilemma of “to be or not to be”. As I looked back to reflect over the show and the story, there was one thing, that I realised. Arnav and Khushi have not moved an inch from where they were a few months ago! Well, if you talk about the number of scenes they have together and the moments they have around one another, to me they dont count, since Arnav loves brushing them away as nothing in a blink! It could be a problem of not wanting to acknowledge, but my curiosity always gets the better of me when i think of Arnav and Khushi …

What is that they actually share?
Is it love? Is it attachment? Is it understanding? Is it affinity? Or is it just a challenge of riding against a tide? The stark contrast between the two obviously makes their story appealing. But today with both of them almost on the brink of moving away into zones of leading their own prospective lives, what is it that will bring them together? A hard core romantic who reads MB’s would say Arnav is a typical angry young man who wears the mask of a monster, only to conceal the helpless child behind it, and Khushi the other pole causing an inevitable attraction between the two! But that is in books and other shows… I have always thought and felt despite some of the cliches the makers put in to ensure their steady numbers, they have always loved playing risky with ASR ! That man is unyielding! To go back to the point I made at the start .. These two haven’t progressed one bit…

What is it that made this man hold a falling girl in his arms the very first time and not gaze away for a couple of seconds? What is it that made him hate her so much that he ended rouging her up? What gave him the liberty? Because five months down the line, I have never seen this man behave that way with any other woman. Not even the woman he is supposedly is in a relationship with! I don’t see Arnav making attempts to show any form of affection towards his prospective fiance.

Do we have answers to why, he wants to always save her but denounces being her knight in shining Armour? 

How does he sense her presence in a room even before she arrives, and ditto with her?
I am still ready to make a concession towards Khushi since she is experiencing certain emotions that she is ready to face and deal with. But what makes Arnav think he can ask her to get out when he doesn’t want to see her, and then in the next moment also thinks he has the right to know why she hid the fact that she is engaged!

Why does he think he can get carried away by his emotions when he is around her, yet also tell her it didnt mean a thing to him and later chooses to explain the same to her! He wants her to be happy, but he causes her pain, he wipes her tears and then he hurts her, He loves the feeling of sensing her but he says he doesn’t want to see her!

While it has been very hard to decode this file named Arnav Singh Raizada, its interesting how fans all over have their interpretations and understanding of this character and go on to discuss him and his next move at lengths. He has caused sleepless nights to women of all ages as he poses as a challenge that needs to be met and over come!

This will go on, but we at Rangmunch.TV would like to know what you think of the same. Do share your views on the same!
Niharika Vidya Sagar

A Page from Khushi’s Diary!

Mood: Troubled 😦

Today I walked out of the Raizada House, and it felt like, I had left a lot of myself behind. I haven’t known this family for too long, neither did I ever intend to ever be here in the first place. But something about that house, took me over. I never for once felt I was amidst strangers. I felt loved, protected, cared for. So much so that, today I feel incomplete in my own house, my own room and with my own family!
Why does my heart suddenly prefer pain over happiness, momentary joy of seeing him over a life time of togetherness with someone else?
He followed me all the way to the temple, only to nurse my cut, but the wounds he gives my heart are not those that he can see. Why? I wish he could. I just wish, he knew he shouldn’t be around, because the more he is, the more I want him to be around me. I fail myself each time he walks in front of me. I see him coming, my face turns red, I know he will hurt me and walk away, but I still allow him to do it. Why Devi Maiyya why? Why is it that, there are certain things about him, that I fail to share even with you?
I don’t want to get engaged to Shyam! I may not be able to see him betroth La either. 

May be that’s why, you found a way to spare me the pain, of seeing this happen right in front of my eyes. During those days of despair and pain, the only hope I have is in you. But why do I at times feel, you also try and tell me, our lives are so inter-twined, we might bump into one another again, though he swears against it. He doesn’t have faith in you, the very person who forms the center of my belief and strength. How can I go on and allow him to take over my life this way, knowing fully well he may never respect you. 
I miss Babuji, I wish I could share my worries with him. But he has problems of his own. Jeeji and Amma will never understand. 
My hand doesn’t hurt ache as much as my heart does! I wish, I could just sleep off tonight and wake up tomorrow and be the Khushi Kumari Gupta who had never known or met an Arnav Singh Raizada. But this very thought, as I write to you, plunges me into deep melancholy, since I know for sure, life has not been the same after meeting him, the Laad Governor, the insensitive monster is now also my Heart Keeper! I concede… I give up ! Can I just see him once, may be tomorrow? And then I promise, I will never ask for anything … Because, after tomorrow, I will belong to someone else, and my family will expect me to give my due to this marriage, which I duly will. Before that, will I get one chance to look into his eyes the same way, so that guilt can take over for a life time for nothing being able to feel the same way for anyone else? Bas ek Baar Devi Maiyya… Ek Hi Baar!

-Khushi Kumari Gupta!

We would like to congratulate the Is Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon Team on its steadily growing TRP with their interesting and captivating storyline.

Niharika Vidya Sagar


Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham!

More than often, we experience some heart touching moments in our favourite shows, which either leaves us teary eyed or brings a smile to our face. Yesterday we experienced such moments with two of the most popular JODIS on Television. While in Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, Maaneet brought back the lost smile on the faces of their fans, Arnav and Khushi in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon brought tears in the eyes of their viewers. 

“Tum phikar mat karo Geet mein aa gaya hoon”…As Maan uttered these words to Geet, the viewers rejoiced and breathed a sigh of relief to see Maaneet together in one frame after an entire week.
In time of deep despair and complete loneliness, the one person you yearn for, if he or she appears before you, the moment will surely leave you shell shocked and speechless. That is exactly what happened to Geet when she saw Maan standing right in front of her. She looked at him in disbelief as they met under unexpected circumstances. However, the moment Geet recovered from her state of shock, she hugged Maan tightly to not let go of him while tears trickled down her eyes. She was overwhelmed to see that her Babaji had sent Maan just when she needed him the most. Geet’s fears peaked after realising she was being followed and cornered in Maan’s absence. She tried to bravely face her Stalker, only to realise it was no child’s play. Totally flustered and out of her senses due to shock, Geet found solace and felt secure in her Maan’s arms. She was finally HOME!

“My mind tells me to give up but my heart won’t let me” ~ Anon. Yesterday, one could see the pain and anguish that Arnav was going through as he watched Khushi slowly WALK OUT of the Raizada House and from his LIFE too. For the very first time, the fear of losing the sight of Khushi forever was so evident on his face. He had already started to miss Khushi but did not want any one to sense his restlessness and anxiety. While he was trying to battle the entire world portraying anger and frustration, he miserably failed in front of one – HIMSELF! Even though he hated himself for getting affected by Khushi, Arnav could never stop his heart from being drawn towards her. Despite yelling at Khushi, deep down his heart, Arnav wanted to hold her back and never let go. He was almost on the brink and would have surely melted only if Khushi at that very moment had embraced him, affirming that her heart equally beats for him. We hope that the tug of war between the heart and mind soon ends and both Arnav and Khushi realize and admit their LOVE for each other.

Swati Ghosh


…And thats why it is Khushi and not La !!


Rangmunch’s awww and hawww moments the week …!!!