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When it comes to love, all you need to be is a man and a woman!

Armaan has been at it for a while now. Ever since he has learnt that his dear friend Ashutosh has fallen in love, Armaan has made sure he has done everything to ensure his friend gets what he rightly deserves; love, happiness, peace of mind. Ashutosh may deny it bluntly, but he has certainly not been a good actor, when it comes to displaying his affections for Nidhi off late.

Brought together by circumstances once more, Nidhi and Ashutosh arrive in Mumbai and land at the same medical conference. They end up bumping into one another, exchanging silent yet awkward glances, but the moment that walked away with all the applause in last nights episode was how Ashutosh, finally took a step towards doing something for his relationship.

His excitement as he noticed her, and his subsequent decision to make a move and walk towards her and sit with her, clearly indicated how he could not resist being around her. He knew there would be no use fighting it. Hence he gave in. Every single step from the time he got up from his chair and left that cup of coffee behind, till the time he reached her just a couple of meters away, Ashutosh must have deliberated a million times whether he was doing the right thing or not. He didnt know what she would react like. He also didn’t want his eyes or his body language to give him away. He knew he had given her immense pain, so he also knew some kind of a small talk would be like doing gross injustice to their conversation if they were to have one.

When Nidhi, coldly cuts him short, Ashutosh doesn’t retort, but the soft hearted side in him, jumps at the opportunity of sharing a table with his lady love. Every moment in those last few minutes last night, screamed louder than the silence between the two as they finally looked into one another’s eyes with so much pain in them!

I smiled to myself by the end of it all, when I noticed Ashutosh behave like a young teenager, going through the pangs of meeting a first crush on a date! I concluded, thus when it comes to love, its not age, its not circumstances, the caste, creed, religion that defines the boundaries-You just have to be a man and a woman!

Niharika Vidya Sagar

Ashutosh: When the barricade came crashing down…

For a man like Ashutosh, his work, his house and his patients at Dr.Kotni’s General Hospital held the most important place in his life. And then walked in a certain Dr. Nidhi, who seemed to  have changed it all for him. Her prolbem-i mean Problem was she didn’t want to fit in at first, but that very prolbem-i mean problem went on to lay the base for something deep and strong. Something perhaps had forewarned her that she should not tread the path she had taken. That in the course of pursuing her dreams, she would chance upon a force she would not be able to resist no matter how much she tried. 

Ashutosh at the outset knew, he was a man devoid of emotions and driven by a mission. When Nidhi walked in like a breath of fresh air, he knew he couldn’t  oppose it. Mallika only became the means that he conveninetly used to brush his feelings under the carpet.

For all those that always wondered when Ashutosh would fall for Nidhi and understand the state of her heart and what she felt for him, last night was a sigh of relief packaged with a series of missing heart beats. I for once didn’t know if I was happy or sad, relieved or restless!

Ashutosh breaks down in front of his friend Armaan finally baring his soul. And you can’t help but feel for him. It is not his confession that makes you want to hug him and cry, but the hard hitting reality around him in the form of society, rules and forces that forbid you from listening to your heart, that makes you wince in pain. 

Ashutosh has been a man, who has perhaps always loved with all his heart, but he has always carried the fear of not getting what he has rightly deserved. He has been a man, who had immersed himself so much into his work for the fear of attachment ever since his Baba abandoned him all of a sudden. The reason why he never really looked at Mallika, was also because he knew he didn’t want to do injustice to a woman who loves him this dearly. 

But slowly when his destiny had other plans for him, he didn’t know how to fight it. He didnt know how to hide it. And it all came out. It was Nidhi who brought the smile back on his face. It was she who told him he could cry in the rain and no one would know and he would love it too. Slowly Ashutosh was beginning to not only think for her, but also think like her, because life had once more begun to look beautiful. But all of that had to come to a grind hault on realising, he could not hold someone else’s life at ransom. Or so he felt. He very well knows of Nidhi’s feelings for him, but the age disparity makes him treat it as an excuse from fighting the world, though his heart urges him to act otherwise. 

“She has a bright future and a life ahead of her” he confesses, and I dont want her to start fighting with her family and friends because of me. Only a man who loves you dearly and puts you before himself is capable of such selfless concern and care! Ashutosh, proved it in an instance. During all those goofy days when Nidhi tried to get a reaction out of him and only got back a cold and stern one in return, we now know how much of himself the man was bottling up!

Though Nidhi was crying and the world could see it, it was Ashutosh’s pain that took up the crux of yesterdays episode, and the brilliant portrayal by Monish Behl only took it to another level.

“Uss Kambhakt cheez ka kya, jiska Naam pyaar hai … ???” asks an appalled Armaan to which Ashutosh resentfully responds .. “woh toh rahega…. uske dil main nafrat ban kar, aur mere dil main nasoor “

Why is this world so unfair, we beg? Why cant love just be love? If destiny has written the names of two people together on the sand, does a wave have the right to simply wash it away? And just because it has washed it away, does it mean it ceases to exist in the first place?

We only hope the hard times pass and Ashutosh and Nidhi fight the pool of emotions inside them before facing the world! Because, once that inner turmoil finds an answer, it is more than evident, these two will not care for the world around them since they would be busy in their own!

To see where this intense love story heads from here watch Kuch To Log Kahenge!

Niharika Vidya Sagar

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