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Fan Speak: My Final HOO HAA to GEET – GurMaan MonAmour!

Well, how else would I start my post to GEET, but, HOO HAA GEET!!

When I had first seen a clip of GEET, it was of Maan’s entry in the mela at Mukeria where Geet is left behind mistakenly and my first thought was – this guy must be a goondaa, little knowing that this goondaraaj was going to rule my heart and mind in the coming months and year, blotting out all else.

GEET came to me at a time when I had been lonely, living in a country where I was still not anchored after 11 years, here was a series reeling me in, taking away my loneliness and merging me with a group that wanted nothing more than to ooh and aah together at the pair that was Maan and Geet. It was a first time that I had liked both the lead characters, albeit one a wee bit more than the other (wink!).

Each day I came with renewed anticipation I had not felt in a long while, making me wait for 11:30 am to arrive (the time it aired where I was), making me hurry up each day, trying to get things done so that there was no disturbance while I watched my favourite couple play tug-of-war with their emotions, playing games to hide their true feelings or just plain get on each other’s nerves. It was a treat to watch the play of emotions and then came along, “Kehna hi kya”. For me, that was the day that I was compelled to write, to pen down what I felt I could see. 

It started me on a road where I began hesitantly, but each episode brought out more of the writer that was hidden within and I would sit glued to my screen waiting to hear what Maan would say in his silence.

GEET brought me friends from all across the globe, people whom I would have never have met otherwise, people of different ages, races, religious beliefs and professional backgrounds who all became one as viewers who would curse Brij and Nayantara collectively, drool over Maan’s tender looks, get pumped up with his awesome “khunnas and laugh at Geet’s constant pleas to Babaji(who I later learned was the spot boy in the rafters) or go awww at the relation of Maan and the ever so loyal, sweet Adi.

Although the initial craze had dimmed for me, just like the embers that remain long after the fire has died down, so does the attachment with GEET remain and will be there always- for, GEET not only gave me friends who will be there even when GEET no longer is, it also gave me back something of myself.

Like they say “yaad oosay kiya jaata hai, jisay bhool gaye hon – jo dil mein rehtay ho oonhay yaad karnay ki kya zaroorat”, so will it be for me where you are concerned GEET and this is my final HOO HAA to you!!

GurMaan MonAmour!


Fan Speak: GEET was just not a journey…..It was a way of Life – Raashi Jain!

Many serials, jodis and actors have come and gone in Indian Television Industry but no one has been able to reach the heights that GHSP/Maaneet/Gurti conquered just within seconds with their magic.

Maaneet taught us the true meaning of love through portrayal of each and every feelings in such a way that kept viewers all over the world captivated and mesmerised and will keep doing it forever with their beautiful memories. “Kurbaan hua” is such a benchmark in their and our journey without which describing geet and maan is very herculine task followed by many more such song sequences such as Hum tum, Behne de, Teri deewani, Pee loon, Roop tera mastana and many more as well as with many touching sequences such as “Aaj se zindagi ki har subah tumse shuru aur har raat tum pe khatam”, sonography moment and maan apologising geet for choosing her above her child during steam room attack by Brij. And how can one forget about that khatti-meethi nok-jhoks between the duo which brought them closer than ever.

Maaneet had not been what they are today if there would not have been so many more characters in the show. Be it a positive character or a negative one, both played a role of cupid by bringing maan and geet closer. Had Dev and Naintara not ruined geet’s life, her own family would not have been against her forcing geet to leave hoshiyarpur and start a new life in Delhi. Had not Adi called Pinky to office when she went to pick up geet, she would not have gotten that job as Maan’s secretary. Dadi played a vital role by not only giving geet back her job when she herself had left it but also by making her shift to outhouse of KM. Other important people being Sasha, Tasha, Rahul, Pari, DeMello’s, Meera, Yash, Romeo, Pandeyji, Manisha, Annie, Arjun, Brij and the list goes on and on.

I know I have written too much but not to forget the technicians. But wait where’s our life and geet?

GHSP came into our lives through television but we started getting involved in it thoroughly through geet pages on facebook, they gave us many friends and in sometime people all over the world became one big family. After that started the fan fictions which too very soon became our life and gave us a whole new world of maaneet. Slowly and steadily Maaneet entered our lives through various means and when they started governing it we never came to know. It was like a most natural thing happening to us and became our lives!!!

Maine kuch zyada hi likh diya na, par kya karun mujhe samajh hi nahi aa raha tha ki kya chodun aur kya likhun………abhi bhi bahut kuch aisa hai jo mai nahi likh payi……aap sab toh jaante hi hai ki agar maaneet ke baare mei baat karo to shabd kum pad jate hai par unki baatein nahi khatam hoti hai……..hope you all like it!

Raashi Jain


Fan Speak: “Two Tormented Souls Finding Solace in Each Other” – Nafisa Kazi!

When was I drawn to this show?
What was it that caught my attention?
How, I got deeply attached to this beautiful saga of two individuals having a traumatised past, finding solace in each other & creating their own blissful haven”?
Just like the relationship growth between maaneet, was a gradual one, my being sucked into their world was gradual.
Attraction: From the moment when a shirtless Maan emerged from the depths of water carrying a half-drowned Geet in his arms, I was struck by this beautiful couple. My instinctive reaction being “how good they look together”

Interest Evoking: Me, who doesn’t believe in “love at first sight” theory, so naturally, when maaneet’s relationship began on an antagonistic foot, it caught my attention. Maan, with his over-generlized belief “treachery, thy name is woman” treating Geet with abhorrence & Geet disliking him for his overbearing & judgmental attitude. I found their never-ending squabbles so endearing.
Love & Respect: It was not long before I grew fond of these two characters and held them in awe. While most fell for an “angry Maan,” I fell in love with “righteous Maan.” Perhaps the first glimpse that behind a “tough exterior there resided a heart of gold” was when despite his hatred towards woman-kind, he was always there for Geet.  When the man she had placed her trust in deserted her, when her own family was out to annihilate her very existence, it was Maan who was her savior. Geet, brought up in a family where the word of eldest male member of the family, was taken as law, stands against them for what she deems as right. Yup, I fell in love with the innate traits of these two onscreen characters.
Thought Provoking: Unlike most of the dramas being televised, GHSP was the one that went away from the “norms.” The basic concept of this tale itself raised many questions in the minds of it’s viewers that led to many online debates. It highlighted crimes carried out taking advantage of societal laws “fake marriages.” Another was the heinous social act of “honor killing.” How just to save the family’s prestige Geet’s own family wanted to keep mum about what she has gone through & terminate her pregnancy. Watching Geet’s trauma and her struggles and yet there being a “ray of hope” in her life in the name of “Maan Singh Khurana.” This surely would’ve been a sort of “catharsis” for those who might’ve suffered or been through similar traumatic experience and not so fortunate like Geet who had her Maan with her.
Emotional Attachement: Oh Geet & Maan!!! How I fell in love with their love. Whether it was Maan’s undeniable trust in his Mishti or Geet’s absolute faith in him. Even when the Creatives had come up with the “inane” track of misunderstanding between them, their faith in each other was evident in their covert behavior. I started relating to the various stages in their relationship growth. Indeed one of the most beautiful depiction of growing affinity between two individuals, so much so that their union seemed so credible.
There are many gem of moments in this wide field of Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi. The list is a long one. Beginning from the one shown in the above picture, let me churn out some uncut gems that also left an impact on me. 
1. This one’s my favorite. It’s when Geet pays a surreptitous visit to Maan. At first only her eyes are visible, no wonder, Maan seemed to be mesmerized by those beautiful doe-like hazel eyes.

 2. “Main ye kabhi bhool nahi sakti ki meri zindagi aapki amanat hai.” Their first night together spent in a thatched hut after Maan saves Geet from Brij.

3. Who’d not be tempted to want to move away the tendril teasing such an angelic countenance. So if Maan was, I certainly don’t blame him.

4. I loved this scene for the undercurrents between Maaneet that could be sensed by all.

5. Here was perhaps where I was most impressed by Gurmeet’s performance. My heart went out to Maan’s agony on realizing that Geet has left her job. His words to Adi “Wo mujhe chodkar chali gayi,” aww….

This was just an attempt to express my sentiments about this wonderful show called “Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi.”
Nafisa Kazi

Love stories don’t have a happy ending, coz it never ENDS!

Hello Friends!! Well I know Geet is over, but the journey still continues and this is my last take on Maaneet Love Saga. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did penning it down and reminiscing some of the old maaneet moments. 

As I watched the last scene of the last episode of Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, it brought back flashes from the past.

“Mera baby mujhe wapas la do Maan.” Who could ever forget that moment when Geet lost her first Baby? Those lines had ripped us apart, as we witnessed a shattered Geet and a helpless Maan. How could Fate act so cruel with such innocent and harmless souls? It seemed as if Geet had lost her very reason of existence and had become oblivious to everything and everyone around her, including her Maan. That was one of the toughest phases in Maaneet’s relationship and for us viewers too. However, their love has always overcome every test of time and destiny could never tarnish their relationship. Maan and Geet are two halves of a whole and together they are a force to reckon with. Every challenge that life threw at them only went on to strengthen their bond and cemented HUM for life till death do them apart.

As I watched through the episode, I felt a sense of fulfillment and could relate to every emotion of Maaneet as they held their bundle of joy. The moment they longed and craved for had finally arrived. The tears of joy that trickled down from the eyes of Geet, reminded me of her Hoshiyarpur days.  In both the instances, she was married and she was expecting. While her loved ones made it look like a curse then, it brought in immense happiness in her life this time around, as she was able to share every moment of her journey of motherhood with the love of her life, her Maan.

“If out of time, I could pick one moment and keep it shining, always new, of all the days that I have lived, I’d pick the moment I met you.” When Maan and Geet had accidentally met for the very first time, least did they know then that it was ‘providence’ and their hatred towards each other would eventually bond them so strongly, that they would become inseparable. Their selfless love for each other healed their once bruised souls and gave us viewers a fairy tale to treasure.

Finally, we bid adieu to our favourite show Geet Hui Sabse Parayi. While the show has ended, the Love Saga of Maaneet will continue to dwell in our hearts. It has been an incredible experience of highs and lows, a journey that will be cherished for life.

As Geet rightly said to Maan… Hamara Pyaar, Hamara Rishta humesha kayam rahega…..“Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end.” Unknown

Swati Ghosh


In the journey of Love, few people become instrumental in getting the two lovebirds closer. We refer to them as “Cupids.” Usually Cupids act as a catalyst to unite the two people in Love and create the magic of “HUM.”

The Maan and Geet Love Saga is unique and inspirational not only because they met in the most adverse situations and bonded over diverse circumstances, but also some of the characters who brought them closer never belonged to the clan of cupids and yet served as the medium in creating the magic called MAANEET.

Dev Singh Khurana:

The ‘MAN’ who scarred Geet for life, a man who was responsible for all the trauma and humiliations she faced at an early age of 18. First, he got into a trap of debts and then, in order to cover up his mistake, he conspires with his wife to execute a crime in the form of Fake marriage and eventually commits a sin by consummating the marriage. The character sketch of Dev though is true to life, does make us ponder how conveniently people play on human emotions, and unhesitantly bruises their soul for life. Least do they realize how fatal the consequences of their actions can be.

It is impossible for anyone to forgive Dev, but as we know, life always has its own music to play. Had it not been for this man, Geet would never have found the love of her life, Maan. In addition, it was for Dev, that Geet witnessed Maan as a ‘Man of Principle’ in the true sense of the word, who stood against his own blood on knowing the truth about him.

Such was the impact of the character, that even though actor Samir Sharma came back as the reformed Dev, the viewers still recall Abhinav Shukla as the real face to the crime on screen.

Nayantara Rathore:

‘Khoobsurat Bala’That is the phrase that comes to our mind when we think of this character. She was smart, beautiful, intelligent, and shrewd. Such was the strength and will power of this woman that she went about planning her husband’s marriage to Geet, in order to save themselves from the creditors. Not only did she plan but also took the onus of executing the same. Being a woman herself, Nayantara was not hesitant in ruining the life of an innocent girl.

However, her plan backfired when Geet got pregnant and to make things worse it had to be Maan Singh Khurana, who became her ‘Savior’. Every attempt of Nayantara to keep Geet and Maan apart, and prevent the truth from being revealed, turned futile. It was her vindictive and vicious nature towards Geet that compelled Maan to be more protective towards Geet and hence strengthened their bond.  

Karishma Randhawa is an actor par excellence. Every face off between Maan and Nayantara stood out because of her brilliant performance. Her persona added the aura to the character of Nayantara, which will always be remembered.

Brij Handa:

‘Bhaiya mere Rakhi ke Bandhan ko nibhana.’ Every sister says this line to her brother on Raksha Bandhan and hopes that he will save her from life’s ruthlessness. However, Geet, Babaji’s chosen one, got the World’s most heartless brother in the name of Brij, who did not falter to try to kill Geet in the name of traditions. Girls who saw the character of Brij may have thanked God for sparing them from experiencing such ruthlessness in reality. Despite all of this, we have every reason to thank Brij, because if it was not for him, Geet would have never dared to leave her family in Hoshiyarpur and traveled to Delhi, where she was to meet her Maan all over again.

The actor Beizaad Khan needs to be applauded for portraying the character of Brij with such perfection that every time he appeared on-screen we loved to hate him.

Pinky and Adi:
When GEET alighted from the bus at Delhi, a cute and bubbly girl named Pinky, who happened to be her family friend, warmly greeted her. Inspite of having an off, that very day Pinky had to visit Khurana Constructions to handover a file and hence tagged Geet along with her. On reaching office, she left geet on her own for a while. A walk in interview was scheduled for the position of a Scretary to the Managing Director. On noticing Geet at the office lobby, Adi mistook her to be one of the interviewee and beckoned her to the interview room. Things happened at a lightening speed and even before Geet could realize, she was holding the appointment letter in her hand. Taking this as a blessing from Babaji, she decides to take up the job at Khurana Construction there by paving the way to Maaneet Love Saga.

It was for these two sweet and kind souls, that Geet found an entry into Khurana Constructions and always managed to overcome every challenge that Sasha threw at her, and continued to prove herself as a true professional in the eyes of Maan.

Aditi Chopra and Praneet Bhat will be missed for their comic timing and for giving viewers the lighthearted moments on the show.  

Savitri Devi aka Dadima:

Yeh mere kaan kya sun rahe hai..yeh kaisa chamatkar ho gaya..Maan Khurana aaj kisi ko sorry keh raha hai…yeh ladki kaun hai…bhagwan kare yeh wohi pyaari si ladki ho jo mujhe kal office mein mili thi….Yessss!!! She is the one!!

Savitri Devi, Maan’s Dadima took an instant liking towards Geet the day she met her and soon realized her worth. She knew that Geet was the only girl who could be paired opposite Maan. She had started to witness Geet’s influence on Maan and hence did not want to let go off her even when Maan in his emotional conflict had fired her from work. Had it not been for Savitri Devi’s brilliant timing and planning, Maan and Geet would have never met again, putting aside their ego. Savitri Devi stood by Maan and Geet through thick and thin. Even after the revelation of Geet and Dev, she did not turn away from Geet or misunderstand her. Rather she tried to get Maan and Geet to talk and sort out their personal differences. Savitri Devi has been the most adorable Dadi cum mother-in-law that one could witness on Indian Television who always planned and plotted not against but in favour of Maaneet.

As much as we loved Suhasini Mulay as Maan’s Dadi in the initial days of Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, we equally enjoyed the journey with Anju Mahendroo, who later stepped into the shoes of Dadima.    

Maaneet Love Story would have never been possible without the contribution of each of these Characters.

Swati Ghosh

Fan Speak: Memories created to last for a life time: Priya Raj!

Boy meets girl, they fight, they fall in love, the families dis-agree, eventually they marry and live happily ever after. Then Geet happened.Can there be love amidst grave nightmares, can a man love a woman through his soul that he would take her into his existence along with the being of some other man, can two people be connected through their soul for a lifetime and beyond without a name, does a divine force test you through dark tunnels to take you to eternal sunshine, Probably YES !!

Maan Singh Khurana — the dream, the desire, the wish, the blessing, imperfect yet absolutely perfect. I finally realized that I loved him in every form, every way, in every imperfection, in every flaw as I saw the most beautiful soul that lived only for her. His one tear drop during the sonography was worth every nightmare she lived…I fell in love with him for a life time.

Geet Handa / Khurana — a reality, a woman of strength, a sunshine. I was devastated by her tragedy. She had become the epitome of womanhood when she fought her family, through her life to protect the child growing in her. Alas I never understood her part of change when she decided to forgive her sinner and walkout on maan. But then when she promised to wait until her last breath for maan to remember her, finally I realized that Geet could love MSK as much as I did or much beyond I did.

Maaneet together a once in a life time love story:

A relationship which never required a name to come together, a relationship that is divine, a relationship of souls, a relationship made of two imperfect people, totally perfect together, a dream churned from individual nightmares, a life changing experience.

The Iceberg :

I thought the ship would never sink.I was living a dream. Then one day the iceberg hit and the water started seeping in. I watch it , the last time going down. I hear the cries of millions around the world waiting to be rescued. I have been floating and its really very cold, the ice water is killing my heart beat, I should survive. I will blow the whistle, the heart of the ocean hidden deep in my heart, memories created to last for a life time.

There are no good byes or good nights, there is sunshine waiting and I want to move towards the horizon. I want to take the memories of the ship that would never sink.

My Salutes:

Gurmeet Chaudhry: Thank you is a very small word. You made me fall insanely in love with MSK for a lifetime. There will never be another MSK and you will go down in history….Hope and wish that every dream, desire of yours is fulfilled…God bless!

Drashti Dhami: Epitome of dignity and womanhood. Nobody else could have done a geet apart from you. Hope you get your imperfectly perfect maan. God bless!

Barry Dhillon ji: “Words are all I have to take your heart away”..Absolutely magical words as maaneet …chup bilkul chup….My salute…wishing every success your way…god bless!

Sundeep Sharma ji: For re-creating the magic when everybody had given up. For connecting with the deewani’s. Wish you success always. God bless!

Hrishikesh Gandhi ji: For creating kurbaan hua , teri deeewani magic… class….wish you all the success…god bless!

To the stalwarts: Noel smith , Swati Pande , Vincent franklin , Maan Singh , Gul and ofcourse Nissar Pervaz: You created absolute magic rest all that came in-between is passe and forgiven. My best wishes to all of you. God bless!

To Geet HSP: Inspite of being a hardcore software techie I was totally averse to social networking , chats. Infact I never ever had an orkut /FB id until geet happened to me. It shocks me how I changed for a series, and then as they say is history.

Signing off with the hope of a new beginning and fight for magic all over again…..

Priya Raj

Fan Speak: Joining Geet FB page on May’10 was cherry on top – Sabina!

My Mom used to say Allah always balances between grief and happiness. I believed it totally, when I started to watch GHSP, being through a mental trauma in my personal life. In addition, joining Geet facebook page on May’10 was cherry on top. I started to feel the essence of Maaneet’s magical love with so many *Mahi moments*, sharing those with my Maaneet Maniac friends like me. 

I was not a Hindi serial person, and as a student of Sociology, I was working on my Professor’s thesis regarding immigrant Marriages in South Asia. When I watched the Geet promo, it seemed so interesting to me. But when the Delhi track started at 46 episode, Gurmeet just left me shaken!! Never felt so much passion for anybody in my real life. Maan Singh Khurana, the angry young man, the charmer, the most caring, loveable, most reliable Dream boy came in to our life with lots of happiness and hope while Geet became the voice of the poor girls like us.

Then the most adorable love story began with so many nok-jhok in KC, followed by Kurbaan hua, Behne dey, Outhouse night… and then came my most fav scene from Geet hue sabse paraye , “teri diwani”. I loved the mazar scene where Geet realized her feelings towards Maan and the way Drashti expressed it through her superb acting. I also loved Maan’s confusing expression, with same feelings in his eyes. Gurmeet is the king of Expression possessing a pair of the most beautiful eyes.

I love everything about Maaneet and Geet Hue Sabse Paraye. Don’t know when,*zindegi ke har subah Maaneet se suru hone laagi, n har raat Maaneet par khatam*. When Gurmeet became my Maan Singh Khurana in real Life… when I started to make *choti* like Geet… When my crappy life became so beautiful…?!?! Geet will never end for me. Never-ever!! Hope and pray the new channel will continue this love saga. 

I would like to thank Gurmeet Choudhury who portrayed the character of MSK so perfectly and Drashti Dhami too for her portrayal of Geet Handa , as well as Nissar Sir, Noel Sir, Barry Sir, Raju Sir, Gorky Sir and the rest of the cast and crew for giving us the most beautiful gift like GEET. Love you all!
Last but not least, all of my very positive and sweet Maaneet Maniac friends. Love you Maaneet Forever!
Sabina Hafiz

Fan Speak: GEET page administrator crowned me as the ‘Poll Queen’:Safi!

I could picture myself roughly over a year ago sitting in front of my laptop biting my nails and impatiently waiting for the clock to strike 9:00 pm in India. Just to let you know I was living in the UK hence the time difference was getting on my nerves. I had to type in the Google search, local time in Mumbai, India and keep refreshing the page so that I don’t miss the countdown. You might wonder what this ‘Hoo Haa’ is all about. I am actually waiting for my favourite tv series to air on StarOne. YES! I am talking about the best thing that has ever happened to me…GEET Hui Sabse Parai!!

Although I started off watching the show on it’s 11th episode, not to mention it was the episode which showed the introduction of MAAN, THE character which kept me hooked onto the show ever since and the combination of MAAN and GEET, most famously known as MAANEET changed my mere interest towards the show to unconditional love and obsession. I caught up with missed episodes in a day.

As a person who’s first language is not Hindi and who has no connection whatsoever with India, without any doubt I can say that this show broke all language barriers and took me to another level and connected me with people not only in India, but all around the globe. Thanks to the GEET fan page on Facebook, I was blessed with the opportunity to interact with thousands of fellow GEET fans around the world who were as crazy as I was about the show and made me feel that I am not alone *winks* 

Then began the addiction of spending 24/7 on GEET page discussing about daily episodes, writing analysis, editing pictures and most importantly posting my daily polls on the page which ended up the GEET page administrator crowning me as the ‘Poll Queen’ *grins* My love for the show was so strong that I also joined with a team of people who uploaded subtitled videos of GEET episodes on Facebook on a page called BoloGEET. The best part about this is that the team of people became very good friends and are still together.

Now coming to my all time favourite scene in GEET. 26th August 2010, the day when MAAN forces GEET to become his Mangethar. The situation was apt with Pari’s exit, the atmosphere was romantic with the soft trickling rain and the scent of candles, GEET was stunning and MAAN was too hard to resist. I could still remember how MAAN’s lips curled into a smile when GEET said ‘Haan’ and the shocking pain on his face when she changed the word in to a sentence of agreement to be his mangetar. The passion of love burning within them was stronger than the flame of the candle MAAN was holding. The scene ended perfectly with MAAN carrying GEET in his arms and the unofficial engagement completes itself 

Thank you GEET team for giving me an experience to remember, moments to cherish and people to love, even after the show ends.



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Fistful of Fascinating Facts: Geet Hui Sabase Parayi

With the show soon scheduled to go off air, StarOne’s Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi has always been audience favorite. We at Rangmunch, also owe a lot to the show since three of us that run this site met on a Geet forum and became thick friends who subsequently turned this dream into a reality. We thought, like always, we would bring to you some old faces with new facets. Here are facts that you may not already know about the actors who have worked on your favorite show.
We have all seen the obsessive and passionate Vikram and love to hate him for giving tough time to our dear Maaneet. Thanks to Vikas Sethi who breathed life into the character and made it so real and relatable. He is an actor par excellence, but let us share some unheard facts about him. Did you know that Vikas has taken formal training in singing from the Bollywood maestro Anu Mallik’s father? Surprised!!! Well so were we but its true. Besides being an Actor and Singer, Vikas also sketches beautifully.
Did you know that Lucky aka Ahwaan Kumar comes to work riding on his “Dhanno?” Confused!!! Well his Dhanno, is not Char Pao wala but Do Tyre Wala. We are talking about Ahwaan’s Red Bike which is extremely dear to him as he won it in a contest six years back. He very proudly flaunted his Dhanno to us as we captured them together in our camera.

Sundeep Sharma, the Director of Geet has not only had the experience of working behind the camera but has also worked in front of the camera. Not sure how many of you are aware, but  Sundeep Sharma has been the lead actor in the serial Imtihaan which use to be aired on DD Metro. So he knows not only what happens behind the camera, but has faced it too.
From Reporting to Acting, she has done it all. We are talking about Preeto aka Khushboo Thakkar who apparently was a Reporter at Telly Chakkar and acting just happened to her. Infact when she saw us set hopping she got nostalgic and remembered her days at Telly Chakkar when she would go around meeting actors and doing interviews. From doing Gurmeet’s famous “I lived on 2.5 Rs Waala Biscuit Packet Interview” to sharing screen space with him, Khushboo indeed has come a long way.
Hey do you know her?? Any guesses?? She is Goma, Drashti’s hair dresser. So now you can put a face to the person who gave Geet aka Drashti her makeover.
Geet to its credit has had various Directors. But the entire Vikram kidnapping and the subsequent thrilling Jungle Sequences were shot by Director Shashank. Here’s another name you could add to the list of people associated with the show you love.

Sanju and Mehboob

Meet Sanju, Mehboob Ali and Manish the men who make it all happen. Well, right from what scenes are to be shot for the day to which artist would be available to make sure the set, the shoot as as well the activity once on location happens as planned, this Production Team ensures dutiful carrying out of activity! Imagine a day on the sets where there is no one to organise anything? would you then be able to watch your shows on time?

One last one, just for all of you! This was taken when Gurmeet was just about to venture off into the jungle to look for his Geet. Guess what he had for support all along? Her dupatta!! Thanks Gurmeet for smiling and posing for us. Trust us guys, if you see the heat and the condition in which the actors, cast and crew shoot, you realise how much of themselves they have to put into in order to make sure things turn out the right way. One small minute error and you have to redo the shot! Rightly said, united we stand, divided we fall!!

We hope, you now know the people associated with your favorite show a little more than what you did the last time around! Thats what we at Rangmunch.TV en devour to bring to you all!!

This week, we will try and bring you different write ups on your favorite show! So read on….

Swati Ghosh
Niharika Vidya Sagar

Nostalgia: The Pee Loon Moment!