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I, Me, Myself: Abigail Jain!

Abigail proudly tells you, her name means ‘Father’s Pride’ and so she is! At 15, she set out to become an actor and has done a brilliant job of it so far. Today she plays the confident Sia Dhillon who carries the dream of wanting to become a boxer on Channel V’s Humse Hai Liife. In the show, everyone dreads her,  boys and girls included, since they dont want to mess with her and get punched in the face. Abigail or ‘Aby’, as her Director Gorky fondly calls her, is not very different in real life. She has made a name for herself, has worked on her look in the show, learnt boxing, and now she also wants to eventually complete her studies! This is Abigail in a nutshell, but let us see what more this little wonder reveals about herself in our segment I, Me, Myself!
Rangmunch: One thing that is missing in your life at the moment ?
Abigail: Aah um!! I think it will be my studies. Infact I will be giving my 12th this year. Right now I have to focus on completing my education. I have to graduate. So I think ya, studies is what is missing at the moment.
Rangmunch: Do you listen to others ?
Abigail: Yes, I listen to everybody and I do what I feel is right in the end (laughs).
Rangmunch: What do you think you need to change about yourself?
Abigail: I think I could be a little more focused because I play around a lot. Even on sets I get distracted very easily and have lot of fun so I think I should focus a little more on my work.
Rangmunch: Do you believe that first impression is the last impression?
Abigail: No not at all. I never judge anybody by looking at them. I am not that person who says “issey acchi vibes nahi aati , ussey acchi vibes nahi aati.” I have always waited to know somebody because even the persons I have got the worst vibes from, are my very good friends today. So I don’t think first impression is always the last impression.
Rangmunch: Do you take risk ?
Abigail: Ya I do (says promptly), I love taking risks. I think it either makes you or breaks you. So it depends on you. But if I don’t take the risk, I know that I am going to go on and regret and be like “what if…” So I think its always better to just go ahead and do what you feel like and whatever the outcome is, it’s just destiny.
Rangmunch: What is your biggest fear ?
Abigail: (after a pause) I have always been afraid of not doing anything, of getting bored. Its always been like that. Even when I have an off I’m not the kind of person who will be like ok chalo ghar baith thi hoon, let’s relax and all. I always like to be on the move all the time, go here, go there and  I hate the fact that I am sitting at home and doing nothing. So ya getting bored is what I fear the most.
Rangmunch: What are you proud of?
Abigail: Umm! Accha here I am stuck! (Smiles) I think I am proud about the fact that I started working at a young age. Many people tell me that you shouldn’t have started but I knew that if I wouldn’t have taken the risks at that point of time, I may not have got it in the future and then I would be regretting it. Many people still tell me to complete my education but I know what acting means to me and what all my shows have meant to me in the past. Every show that I have done good or bad has always taught me something or the other. So I really love my work and I am proud of the fact that I listened to my heart at that point of time and I still do it.
Rangmunch: Who is your biggest critic ?
Abigail: My dad. He is a director for serials, and I can’t even sit and watch an episode with him because I get so conscious. If he comes on the set I cant even perform in front of him without getting conscious. He is quite blunt and he will tell me what he feels like.
Rangmunch: What is the craziest thing you want to do.?
Abigail: Aah!! I don’t know if its crazy enough but ya its always been my dream that when I get a car , I am going to drive down to ladakh  with few of  my friends. I really want to go for this long road trip for a month or two when I have earned enough and saved enough.
Rangmunch: Who has had the greatest impact on your life ?
Abigail: It would be my mom. It really matters to me what she feels about me and if I hurt her in any way I really feel guilty about it. Most of the times you know things that she says they bother me so much. My mom has been an important part of my life throughout. She is my best friend.
Abigail: No! I don’t sit around negative people. I really have this bad habit. Ya I’m friendly but if I think somebody is negative negative , I just get up and move out. I think life has negativity of its own , so I don’t think I have to sit and get more from people.
Rangmunch: Do you take time out for yourself ?
Abigail: Yes, I do. I love reading. I go very frequently to book stores and malls and pick up a book when work gets too much. I am a crazy Harry Potter fan. I like the chicken soup series too. I have read a lot of Daniel Steele in the past but not any more.
Rangmunch: Do you stand up for yourself ?
Abigail: Ya! I think its very important to stand up for yourself . If you don’t do it , no one will do it for you .If you know what you want , you should stand up for yourself. Its one of the most important thing about a person.
Rangmunch: Who’s that  one person you want to meet once in your life time ?
Abigail: Daniel Radcliff..Harry Potter…(laughs) As I said I am a huge Harry Potter fan. If someone asked me what my ambition was 5 years back, I would say to marry Daniel Radcliff.
Rangmunch: Are you a pet lover ?
Abigail: Yes, I have a dog. I have a miniature Pomeranian, and her name is Honey.
Rangmunch: What has been  the most embarrassing moment for you?
Abigail: When I was in the 8th standard, my mom got me this wrap around skirt which just came out. It was this long flowy skirt. I was at a friend’s birthday party dancing and the skirt slipped down. From that day onwards to this date , I have never ever worn a skirt.I have worn shorts, even hot pants but NO skirts. It just reminds me off the that moment.
Rangmunch: One thing you are grateful for in life?
Abigail: (Promptly responds) It would be my parents. I am really very lucky to have parents who have been so supportive and so encouraging. You know joining work at the of 15 was very difficult but the fact that they supported me and didn’t pressurized me and let me do what I wanted to do. I think whatever I am today is because of them, so I am really grateful for them.
That’s Abigail for you, charming, simple and a girl next door. Hope you enjoyed this interview. More to come from this camp.
Interviewed by:
Swati Ghosh
Niharika Vidya Sagar 

Edited by:
Navyanka Varma
Swati Ghosh

Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon is the ‘Sholay’ of Small Screen: Utkarsha Naik!

We all know her by her “Hello Hi, Bye Bye.” She is none other than Utkarsha Naik aka Manorama of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon…. vibrant, vivacious in her own ishtyle and super talented. Manorama brings about comedy in a hilarious way with her signature dialect and loud attire!! Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon is incomplete without the character of Manorama. But wouldn’t you like to know the real person behind this amazing personality? Read on to know what Utkarsha Naik is in real life and what makes her tick!
Rangmunch: In Iss Pyar Ko kya Naam Doon Mami and Bua are two characters who are loved and hated at the same time. As an actor how do you deal with it ?
Utkarsha Naik: Although it’s said to be negative, its not all that negative. It’s got shades to it. It’s not like all scheming, cheating or wishing evils. It has a tinge of comedy which makes the character lovable. Although she has shades of grey to her role, the greyish part hasn’t taken on a complete negative turn. She loves Arnav, Anjali and Akshay but expresses it in her own way. Even with her Sasu Ma she enjoys the little nok-jkok. Thats the reason her character is so popular as it stands out and is a bit different.
Rangmunch: Why is Manorama the way she is in regards to her dressing which is loud, her diction which has Hindi and English all mixed together resulting in outrageous and hilarious words?
Utkarsha Naik: I would like to put it in one word that is ‘inferiority complex.’ Her past has stated that she was probably a maid in this house and then got married to the son of the house. She was hired to look after the wife and after she died Manorama (who was the maid then) became close to her current husband and got married to him. Its like “ache ghar ka ladka hai, paisa hai, hamri toh life ban jayegi.” (laughs on) That is the philosophy of her life. She is not outright negative but has shades to it.
Rangmunch: Did you take any  kind of training or diction classes to get the accent you use in the show ?
Utkarsha Naik: No, actually I have played numerous characters with many accent. I have spoken in Gujrati accent, Punjabi accent even UP bhasha. My own mother- in- law is from Luckhnow. I was very well acquainted with this language at home itself and didn’t have to go for any classes. I was exposed to it around my own sorroundings.

Rangmunch: How much input do you add to the character of Manorama?
Utkarsha Naik: To begin with, when I auditioned for it, the character was pretty serious. I was to be negative as she is not being accepted by her family. It was a complete performance based role. The first scene had a absolutely different feel to it and the character took a complete turn and comedy was brought in. Everyone felt  it was for better only.
Rangmunch: As a person, how difficult or easy has it been to get into the character of Manorama?
Utkarsha Naik: To begin with it was very difficult. Rather any character you start off with becomes difficult to get into if you’re serious about it. But thanks to the daily soap, you end up eating, sleeping and living the character and hence it becomes easy. First few days of the show I was really tired, both physically and mentally. It was difficult initially. It’s unlike me and I don’t relate to this character at all (laughs) and hence have to work all the more hard on it.
Rangmunch: What is Manorama’s problem with Khushi?
Utkarsha Naik: The battle began from the very first scene when Khushi mistakes Manorama to be the maid servant. Its like Khushi has hit the bull’s eye and taken open panga with the Mami. Manorama is trying so hard to mould herself but Khushi’s presence reminds her of who she really is and therefore she gets agitated at the very sight of Khushi. Also for Manorama it is unacceptable to see these low class small town girls coming into their house every now and then. Basically she is complexed and can’t see any one getting in her way.
Rangmunch: What do you think makes Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon different from all the other shows airing currently on Television?
Utkarsha Naik: I love this project. I call it ‘Sholay’ of small screen. It has romance, comedy, drama and performances. It’s different from rest of the shows and whenever I watch it  I feel so refreshed. Whenever I switch to other channels, I see sad faces but this show has exciting and interesting tracks.

Rangmunch: Any particular fan response you got for your performance in this show?
Utkarsha Naik: Where ever I go , I get an overwhelming response. Most of the times people don’t believe it’s me who’s played all the varied characters on small screen. One of them walked up and said “Koi guru mil gaya hai kya? Utkarsha kya ho gaya hai tum ko?”(laughs a hearty laugh). Another woman from my society just saw me from the corner of her eye and then walked up to me and said, “I love what you are doing. Its so unlike you and that shows you have great potential.”
The punches we have in the show are quite unreal but if they are put forth in front of the viewers with conviction, then they are a success. So I decided to play it out with full conviction and determination and that’s why it is so popular among all groups ranging from 3 years to 70 years of age. People  all the time walk up to me and say “you are the Hello Hi  Bye Bye!!” (having a fit of laughter)
Rangmunch: One message for your fans.
Utkarsha Naik: Off late I was playing serious characters which are completely negative and I was little fed up. So I thought I should try my hand in comedy. It was a fleeting thought and a wish, and it happened. Just believed in it strongly. Hence I would like to tell my audience that what ever you wish for, at what ever stage of your life, it will come true if your faith and desire is strong. I myself  have experienced that whatever I have wished for, be it a month, a year or even ten years later, it has come true. So always be positive.
We at Rangmunch.TV would like to thank Utkarsha Naik who potrays the role of Manorama Mami so effectively, for the most entertaining and fun filled interview. We wish her All the Best and hope that she continues to rock the show!!
Interviewed by:
Niharika Vidya Sagar
Edited by:
Navyanka Varma 

I, ME, MYSELF – Himansh Kohli!

“Photo courtesy: Shailesh Rana for 4 Lions Films”

Birthdays are that time of the year, when we often reflect over the year that went by, and we also make resolutions for the year ahead ! The celebrity we have picked this week for our I, Me, Myself is Himansh Kohli aka Raghav of Channel V’s Humse Hai Liife, who just turned a year older this week! As he continues to enthrall the audience with his cute yet adorable portrayal as Raghav, we at Rangmunch.TV grilled him to reflect on himself and what he is as a person! Surprisingly, Himansh himself hadn’t thought about these things before we posed these questions, and hence the answers that came were honest and straight from the heart…. One thing you are grateful for in your life?
Himansh: I am grateful to my parents who have always encouraged me. I was all set to join my dad’s business but they told me to give my life another chance and join this industry. One thing that is missing in your life at the moment?
Himansh: At the moment, I am not really missing anything, I am just focusing on my career. What do you need to change about yourself?
Himansh: Well, (takes a pause) I really don’t need to change anything about myself right now, except for maybe my listening skills. Which is the biggest risk you have taken so far?
Himansh: Biggest risk is over here right now. Before this, I was an RJ with Radio Mirchi (Delhi). On hearing about this show, I just left everything and came over here. What is your biggest fear?
Himansh: Since my life right now is connected to the sets, my biggest fear is also related to the show. Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
Himansh: Yes, it does because I know lot of people were auditioned for the role of Raghav, and that I was among many . I really feel there is a reason to everything that happens in life , that there is a power behind cause. What are you proud of?
Himansh: (Laughs heartily) hmmm… I am proud of my parents right now. What is the craziest thing you want to do?
Himansh: I want to jump from a jet in the middle of a sky without any support (laughs and states excitedly) That is also my biggest fear. Who has had the greatest impact on your life?
Himansh: Right now, RJ Naved Khan. He is working with Radio Mirchi in Delhi. Do you let other people’s negativity affect you?
Himansh: Ya, it does (admits hesitantly) How do you deal with it?
Himansh: Well it does affect me a lot. It affects my work and my regular life. At times I do go into depression, but my parents and friends help me out. I do call Naved time and again when the going gets tough but he convinces me otherwise. Do you smile more than you frown?
Himansh: Yes (laughs aloud) Do you take time out for yourself?
Himansh: No. I can’t take time out for myself. I keep telling my EP (Executive Producer), that please give me some time. I want to have fun in Mumbai. I have been here in Mumbai for quite sometime now and still have not seen the city yet. My life right now is from Andheri to Bhandup, and Bhandup to Andheri. I leave home at 6.30 in the morning to reach here at 8 am. I get free by 9.30 -10.00 in the night. Do you forgive yourself easily?
Himansh: No, I don’t! Do you listen to your heart?
Himansh: Not exactly (grins) Do you read?
Himansh: Noooo, Not at all. (laughs)
“Photo courtesy: Shailesh Rana for 4 Lions Films” Do you stand up for yourself?
Himansh: Yes, if something randomly comes up against me, I will not take it. But if something good is spoken in a critical manner, I will take that. But if something negative comes at me, I will return it 20 times back in the same manner. Who is that one person you want to meet at least once in your lifetime?
Himansh: One person would be Naseeruddin Shah. Do you spend enough time with your family and friends?
Himansh: Not at the moment. My family is in Delhi, so I can’t spend as much time as I want to with them. My mom was here with me and she quietly observed me and my work. She has seen me working as she has come to the set. Who is your biggest critic?
Himansh: Right now, Gorky Sir (laughs out loud). Are you superstitious?
Himansh: Yes I am. I don’t actually believe in “kaali billi rasta kat gayi or nimbu lat kalo”. I believe in the powers that govern the world. I believe that there is a path to be followed. So I am superstitious about that. Well you must have heard of 2012. This is the kind of superstition I believe in. What has been the most embarrassing moment till date?
Himansh: Once I was clubbing with friends when I was in my 12th std. I remember my very good friend called 3 of my girlfriends all together at the same place. It was like, jute chappal bhi padh jaate agar main bhagta nahi. Are you a pet lover?
Himansh: Yes, in fact I have 2 pets, rather many fishes and 2 dogs. I have a pug, and a French bulldog. Birdie is the female Pug and Aldo is the French bulldog. I really miss them a lot. Who is your best friend?
Himansh: My dad. He is my best friend. I tell him whatever good or bad happens. I tell him everything, like, I am in this situation, or I am dating this girl …Basically he knows me completely. What would you as an Actor like to tell the audience who are following your show?
Himansh: Well, I do interact with my fans regularly. As a kid, I used to send actors friend requests on Facebook, but never got a response. So when the tables have turned, I make sure I reply to all and accept the request on fb. I do not chat but I do reply on wall. I know how one feels if some one is waiting on the other end. “Kaam karo par don’t loose yourself in fame and glory“
Well that was Himansh for you all who plays Raghav in the youthful Channel V High School Drama “Humse Hai Liife.”
On behalf of Rangmumch.TV, we wish Himansh a belated Happy Birthday and hope that he continues to entertain his fans and win many more hearts in the days to come.
Interviewed by:
Swati Ghosh
Niharika Vidya Sagar
Edited by:
Navyanka Varma 

The Return of Shakuni on Television!

Epic Mahabharata would not have been so intriguing without the character of Shakuni and the MAN who breathed life into Shakuni on small screen was none other than Mr. Gufi Paintal. He is the only Actor who got the priviledge of playing Shakuni once again after a decade in Imagine TV’s new show Dwaarkadeesh.
Rangmunch.TV brings to you an exclusive interview of Gufi Paintal who talked about Shakuni Mama as a character and his journey in the Entertainment Industry.
Rangmunch.TV: You have played the character of Shakuni for the longest period of time, first in ‘Mahabharat’ and now in ‘Dwarakadheesh’ in Imagine TV. How would you explain the psyche of Shakuni?
Gufi Paintal:Shakuni’s psyche was simple. He thought that the marriage of his sister was unlawful and very much one sided. He was very upset with why his sister was not getting her rightful place in Dhritarashtra’s life. That’s the time he took an oath to destroy the kingdom and all the princes associated with it. He may have been a pure hearted guy before all this but seeing his sister’s condition, he became a person filled with poison and wanted to avenge the wrong doing .
Rangmunch.TV: So Shakuni was a man of vision who saw to it that all his intentions came through?
Gufi Paintal: Yes, because he was a very shrewd politician of his kind. On the fundamental side was Shakuni and on the positive side was Krishna. The fight was between these two politicians.
Rangmunch.TV: Why did you choose to come back on the small screen with a mythological show considering there is so much variety now?
Gufi Paintal: Well, I have played several fictional characters too, but people’s perception of Shakuni has not changed over the years. My counterparts never got this role because of certain image the character has maintained. You can’t get Arjun, Ram or Krishna of those times to play their roles again, because of the youth factor. But Shakuni is one who has stayed the same from the period of Mahabharat days. So when I was offered the character that is so close to my heart and has given me so much name and fame, I instantly agreed.
Rangmunch.TV: Has there been any improvisation to the character this time around ?
Gufi Paintal: No, you cannot change something that is part of Indian Mythology. You also cannot change the character drastically too. You can improve but cannot prove it. You cannot go away from the character. One may have tried to in past but it falls flat.
Rangmunch.TV: How easier was it to play this character so convincingly for the second time?
Gufi Paintal: Basically I have been constantly in touch with this character for the last 20 years. Whereever I go, I am called Shakuni Mama. You get recognized for such a pivotal character. Rather in the year 1993, I was  also  slated the best actor among  13 others in the world in Cannes festival. I always feel proud of the fact that my job was appreciated.
Rangmunch.TV: How do you deal with the situation where you are not too convinced about a scene given to you?
Gufi Paintal: Ideally I would discuss and would try to convince the director. I would say that the scene should be done this way, and the director would understand, as I have done the bit before. People respect my vision, my outlook.  In spite of the generation gap there is immense understanding.
Rangmunch.TV: In today’s world where villains and vamps are practically there in every show, what role does a Shakuni play in today’s time?
Gufi Paintal: Let me tell you something. Amjad khan became hugely popular after his role as Gabbar Singh in Sholay. There after  he went on to do 100 movies. When he died, the news said “Gabbar Singh died”. Similarly Shakuni is such a character where he will be remembered all the time. So if papers one day come out and say Shakuni died, its going to be a privelege to be in that zone.
Rangmunch.TV: Shakuni has always been driven by a motive. Today’s vamps and villains are just becoming a negative character for flimsy reasons. What according to you is the impact of Shakuni in ‘Dwarkadheesh’?
Gufi Paintal: The story has lot of shades for Shakuni to exhibit. Its definitely on a larger scale this time. So, it is a new experience for me too this time around.
Rangmunch.TV: You have also been associated with direction. What do you think  has changed over the last few years with so many different kinds of shows on Television now ?
Gufi Paintal: The story telling has deeply changed from then to now. Back then, we used get enough time to relate to the character and it used to take 4 days to shoot an episode. But that is not the case now. People take less time and are moving fast to depict something. They should take more time especially when it concerns an epic.
Rangmunch.TV: If given a choice, would you prefer to make a movie or a Television show and why ?
Gufi Paintal: I have directed a lot of Television shows and cinema being the mother of all. I would love to direct a movie. In one go, you shoot from start to finish as you are totally involved in the subject aur ek do mahine mein aap ko result dikh jaata hai..So, if given an option, I would want to direct a movie.
Rangmunch.TV: Why is that people still don’t give Television the due place it deserves? Technically things have improved but still there is that doubt in peoples mind. Do you agree?
Gufi Paintal: No, I don’t think so. Television is become a multicrore business and maybe bigger than film industry too. The very fact that big stars like Shah rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, and Salman Khan have stepped into the Television world says it all. Small screen has its own parameters and has got its respectful place.
Rangmunch.TV: What advice would you give the new aspiring actors who want to enter this industry?
Gufi Paintal: I would say more than your talent or hard work, its your destiny that makes  way for you here. Its one’s fate that brings you here. I was also talented but it took me quite a while to get where I am and get variety of roles. So the timing has to be right too. Hard work, talent, personality are all fine but it’s your destiny that plays a strong role here.
Rangmunch.TV: One message for your fans?
Gufi Paintal: I want to thank all my fans for all the love and support they have given me. I want them to continue giving me the respect they have always given and I would like to leave this world in my shoes. Inspite of playing the negative character, I have always been given immense respect. Its like they love to hate me, (laughs). I have done various sympathetic and emotional roles too and people have been watching me and appreciating it. I just want to do my job sincerely.
Rangmunch.TV would like to thank Mr. Paintal for giving us his time and an insight into the character of Shakuni.
Interviewed by:
Niharika Vidya Sagar
Edited by:
Navyanka Varma
Neeraja Unni

The Man Who Sailed Alone With His Pain!


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Happy Anniversary to Maryaada!!