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The Romance with StarOne comes to a Grind Halt!

Change they say is the only constant thing in life. But change brings with it a lot of happy and sad moments. I still fondly remember my days in first year of college when my senior and I would religiously be glued to the Television in our hostel never to miss an episode of Remix, Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai. Thus started my romance with StarOne as a  channel that soon became my favorite. 

At the outset, the Channel was not just entertaining it was addictive. As the list of programmes and the variety it offered only made TV viewing an inevitable habit, the wrapping up of the shows on it, became like a heavy moment to live with.

Strange isnt it? Who would ponder so much over a mode of entertainment. But StarOne besides being a total entertainer, offered variety of “Youth Shows” as everyone calls them, that no other Channel on Indian Television could boast of.

From Siddhant, Guns and Roses, Hotel Kingston, India Calling to Laughter Challenge, Dil Kya Chahta Hai, Men Mange More,Family Business to a totally different genre of romance with Remix, Dill Mill Gaaye, Miley Jab Hum Tum, Rang Badalti Odhani, Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, I fell head over heels in love. To say it was a non-living entity would be an understatement. With the varied emotions and the sleepless nights it gave me, I had no other option but to completely take a plunge into the madness. I have made some of the best friends through the Discussion forums of this Channel and today as the Channel bids adieu to its old avatar and takes a new form with a new name Life OK, I am finding it extremely hard to let go. Is it just me who feels this way?

We at Rangmunch.TV tried to get in touch with some of the known names and faces in the industry who have been closely associated with the Channel through their shows to know what they feel at the moment.

Industry Bids Adieu to StarOne Part 1:

Gul Khan (Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi-Producer 4Lion Films):  Our association with StarOne has been fantastic. Geet is a product of a perfect collaboration between the channel and us. Rohini Singh with her creative brilliance, Nissar with his Direction, Richa as the Creative Director, and Hrishi with the camera work made a brilliant team. All of us have worked so hard that there was never a disparity between channel and team. When we did drama in the beginning which was not working for us, I remember how we would sit and cry with disappointment. Richa once came home, and the TRP around that time was 0.1, we cried so much that we started laughing after that. 

Then we put our minds together and decided to change the genre. The heavy drama and family was not working for us so we switched the Romantic-Comedy zone and that’s how the Geet everyone has gone onto love today was born. We discarded the old cast, brought Maan and Geet together and set off on the roller coaster ride. Things slowly started picking up. It soon became a cult. The amount we cried, we laughed that much later. But I admit, its been hard. We as a Production House would like to thank all the fans for sticking by us and loving us.

Anand Sivakumaran (Writer-Director):  What appealed about Star One to me was the intention – to create content for people like me who have no other alternative in terms of Indian Television. We who end up watching American and British TV shows because in sensibility and character attitudes and thought processes, they’re closer to us than any Indian TV show. The chance of doing something like that which reflected the thought processes, aspirations, realities of urban, metro India was exciting. 

The journey had it’s ups and downs – in the first interaction when I was involved with Guns and Roses and Studio 1 was exciting but ultimately disappointing cause though we had lofty ambitions, somehow we didn’t manage to achieve them. the second round was more satisfying when I did Miley Jab Hum Tum cause while I feel we could have gone much further and taken the show even closer to what are urban realities and aspirations today, we did strike a chord with young urban people, we made a place in their hearts and we were the most successful show that Star One had ever seen. I feel if the channel had progressed further and taken the Miley genre, space further, perhaps it would have been way more successful. But that’s water under the bridge.

Life’s OK – no comments.

A bit of sadness – there was a unique vision that perhaps did not materialize as it should have. But I still think a channel like this has its niche audience and can be successful if someone’s willing to invest in it, nurture it and go out on a limb to make it happen

Message? Keep the faith. Another time, another platform, maybe not on TV but online – but there will be the shows we want to see. IT WILL HAPPEN.

Sukirti Kandpal (Pia- Pyar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani): Well…. The association has been amazing… Its been a wonderful journey. I’ve learnt a lot, grown up and been a part of the process. There is a name change and change is the way of life… 🙂 the show must go on… I think that’s the essence of life and my profession I love it.

Iqbal Rizvi (Director): Star One epitomized youth, it had a variety of shows that catered to the modern and the young audience whether it was Sarabhai vs Sarabhai or Guns and Roses or REMIX, these shows set the tone to what Star One was to cater to us for so many years. I remember there being a phase where I was contacted for many shows and the first thing they would tell me was it is not a saas bahu show it is a youth show. 

STAR ONE hence was always a channel synonymous with youth and more importantly catered to an audience that had no other shows to look forward too. STAR ONE  did under go a metamorphosis over the last few years trying to cater to the gentry as well as the masses and the approach met with great success with shows  like Miley Jab Hum Tum, Rang Badhalti Odhani  and Geet Hui Sabse Parayi being hugely popular as RANGMUNCH would endorse.  I shall sorely miss STAR ONE with whom I had a close affinity having directed shows like REMIX and Jaane Pehchaane Se Yeh Ajnabi for them. THANK YOU STAR ONE for all those moments that lit up our lives.

Gautam Hegde (Writer): I remember when Star One was launched sometime in 2004, I was very new to the TV industry then and was completely in love with the channel- its tagline was Apni Tuning Jamegi and it had this complete fun feel to it. The promos, the packaging- it was like a wafer, crisp, fresh, you couldnt just have ONE! Sarabhai, Instant Khichdi, Remix, Guns n Roses, Pyar Ki kashti, Hotel Kingston (you may think I’m googling the names but the truth is I remember because I was awestruck that TV can be THIS too!!) And I secretly wished to be a part of Star One someday. 

And somehow I think God hears the whispers that you send to your own heart as well. A few years later, Vivek Bahl offered me to write for Annu Ki Ho Gayi Wah Bhai Wah!

Today the channel’s phasing out and we won’t get to see the ONE logo any more, but what matters is that somewhere it is still framed in our hearts, like the cupid in the end page of Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, like the whistle theme of Miley Jab Hum Tum, like the Ishq leta hai song from Dil Mil Gaye, like Maaheee from Geet. Its something we wont remember, because yaad toh tab aayega na jab bhool jayenge! 🙂  

Star Desh/ Life Ok is coming with a new set of shows, so let’s all wait and watch what they get and hope we still have more characters that become memorable, more love themes, more jodis, kyunki bhai, dil toh bahut bada hai, jagah banane ki der hai!

Hitesh Kewalya (Writer): Miley Jab Hum Tum launched me as a writer in the television industry and that’s why Star One is more like a milestone in my life. Its been a great journey where the channel was more like a platform which enabled so many like minded creative professionals to come together and create.

‘Life Ok’ as we now speak. I am definitely looking forward to a spunky new channel and a variety of shows that should capture the audience’s imagination and who knows…Another Milestone…in the making!!

A huge thanks to the loyal…dedicated set of audience who shared the smiles and the tears of all the characters and made them their own. The audience is not just a set of eyeballs viewing an even happening…they are participants of this spectacle called a Story. A huge Thank you for all the bouquets and the brickbats for all the love and the hate mails for all the likes and the dislikes. 

Noel Smith (Director):The channel was young in content , programs were youth based and it had spunk to it, which also was fun to shoot and be around many young fresh faces. I did “Geet- Hui Sabse Parayi” for long period of time. It was again a young , fun , romantic and lots of drama and I had all the creative independence on how to shoot a certain scene , which I think is most important thing for any Director to have and cast also fully supported me in it. So it was good in all. I always thought and still think we have a lot of literature which is untouched, stories by great writers, novels which can be very interesting for us to make and for people to watch. So I am hoping to see some shows based on stories /novels maybe in today’s setup or even short stories from all over the world to be translated into shows. It is the end of an era and a beginning of new one !! So hang on … while we get even better !

Note: These are excerpts from the conversations with the known names of the industry, whose full accounts will soon be published on Rangmunch.TV.

We will be back again, with more accounts, more stories of the people from the industry who have shared their experience with StarOne.

Interviewed by:

Niharika Vidya Sagar

The Mahi Finale Version is now up for all to see!

As Promised, the Mahi Finale Version is now up and you can watch it here. Make note of the beautiful female version that comes in as a surprise element in the composition.
If you think this is all, then Rangmunch.TV would like to let you into a small surprise!! Raju Singh is all set to give his fans another Geet based audio treat very soon! Truly said, Geet, will never end!!! 

For all updates and news related to Raju Singh, you can log onto his personal blog :!

Have a splendid day.
Niharika Vidya Sagar


Finale Version of Mahi!! A Gift to Geet Fans: Raju Singh !!

Mujhe tumse pyaar hai, 

ninnu nenu premistunanu, 
ami tomake bhalobashi, 
maza tuzawar prem aahey,
 I love you, just I love you. 

Though the words are all as different
 as the languages we speak, 
Though the words are all unique, 
our hearts are still the same 
because “love” in any language
 comes straight from the heart
It pulls us all together 
and never ever apart!
This was a song I learnt in school, but it is today that I truly have experienced and understood what it means, because Geet has defined that to us.

Geet and Maaneet have not only created a void in the lives of their fans but the makers miss the journey too. Probably 9.30pm IST every weekday here on will no longer hold the importance in our lives the way it did till yesterday.

When Rangmunch.TV caught up with Raju Singh the Music Director of the show, we were surprised to see how he got emotional himself and confessed “In the journey of life, you know you will take a certain path and you also know that you are destined to meet certain people. However, in my life’s journey, Geet the show, has been instrumental in bringing so many of us together in such a manner, that our hearts have become one.”

As a Thank You gesture and a tribute to all his fans, Raju Singh, the maestro behind “Mahi” has decided to gift his dear fans who claim to have become friends along this journey, with the finale version of ‘MAHI.’

So brace yourselves as we unveil the tune that is all set to take you right back into the magical paradise of Maaneet land.

Good byes have never been easy, so why say them when you can live and cherish every moment that went by right here with Rangmunch.TV!

So while the show has ended we continue to bring to you the moments of this Memorable Journey Called “GEET- Hui Sabse Paray.” 

So tune in to Rangmunch.TV between 11:30 -12:00 am IST today to hear Mahiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!

Niharika Vidya Sagar

Salaam-E-Ishq Time for Is Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

Its time to salute to the emotions that churn your heart and make you shake you leg. With the impending engagement celebrations of Payal and Akash and Arnav-Lavanya, it is surely time to set the ambience into some foot-tapping music.

As a part of the engagement celebrations the makers have incorporated the number Salaam-E-Ishq from the movie with the same name to bring out the hidden emotions of our leads.

We spoke to Director Lalit Mohan about the sequence who left us thinking when he said, “you will have to watch the sequence to know how you will notice a blend of happy and sad moments during the course of the song!” Since we chose to be good audience, who love surprises, we decided not to pry further into it.

So watch out for some interesting revelations and realizations as our dear Arnav, Khushi and La dance to the tunes of this hit number on StarPlus.

Niharika Vidya Sagar

Fanspeak:In the last one year or more, I have lived almost every emotion of my entire life put together through Geet: Niharika Vidya Sagar

I have been reading so many fan stories, and am amazed at how a show has gone on to touch so many lives in so many different ways. But the tune they all sing in is the same. I must admit, I didn’t want to put down my sentiments for Geet in words this time, since I was beginning to feel words would totally fail me for once. But then, I had to do this only because, I learnt only last night that today is going to be the last day and that jolted me. I couldn’t do anything else after that and I was numb. 

In the last one year or more, I have lived almost every emotion of my entire life put together through Geet. That is why I always say, to me Geet is not a show. It had become a way of life. Waking up in the morning, I would refresh my page even before brushing to see what new had happened in the last few hours I had dozed off, and would actually see some activity! 

I have made friends from all over the world, gained and learnt so much. To say that this show has made me cry more than I would have in all these years of my life, would be an understatement. The tears have been of joy, of euphoria, excitement, of sadness, restlessness and anticipation all put together on various days at various times. There was always this subtle intensity that I associated with the show that never ceased to exist. That is how, I found my way into the Idiots Thread on India-Forums which became like a Family. Reading beyond the obvious on every single day almost became the order of our routine. All of us had a perspective and every single one was as engaging and as interesting.

I cannot forget that the best birthday of my life happened on Geet, when loads of people from all over the world collected together to wish me at 12. My parents were shocked to know, I couldn’t do anything else after that since I was that overwhelmed.
That scene where Geet collapses and cries in the courtyard after Kehna hi Kya  where Maan tells her that he will always be protective of her made me weep for days. When Maan finally gave into his emotions after Behne de and let a few tears flow, instantly made me fall in love with the man and want someone like him. Each time something would happen I would almost feel it has happened to me, and blush like an idiot or cry like a sponge! 

My friends named me Nautanki, and I didnt disappoint them ever after for doing so. Geet re-enforced the belief that I could put my thoughts into words and that made me realize the value of every human emotion around me. I turned a lot more sensitive and empathetic towards most people around me. I learnt to forgive and forget when there was no use holding onto pain. I learnt that dreams come true if you believe in them and work towards fulfilling them! I found my true calling with this show in every way and I have actually found a true purpose in life personally, professionally,emotionally and sensibly!

The thought that Geet was going to end sooner or later always played on my mind, but I never gave it a thought. But the moment the time drew closer, I realized how much I wanted to cling onto it, how I didn’t want to let it go. The last three days have been an absolute pain to live. Working on those articles, compiling stories has never been this hard, but Geet has turned me into a cripple! I have watched many old scenes over the last few days, re-lived every emotion, and the incidents that happened in my own life around the time all that aired and have looked back and smiled fondly at every bit of it.

I have learnt to respect the makers of the craft even more after learning how hard it is to put together a product that we finally watch in our comfort chairs. I have grown from being an enthusiastic fan to a responsible writer, who has learnt and gained every single day! Like I have always said, Geet is, and always will be very close to my heart and I will never forget what it has done to me. 

Before I repeat myself for the millionth time I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one right from Priya Ramanathan, who brought me to watch this show since she was writing it, to Nissar Parvez, my favorite Director whose first interview I did, and saw the other side of my beloved show, to Vrushali who became my Virtual Momma, to Lavu, Dhwani, Amru, Charlee, Vinu, BB, to Bri who is a true guiding force, to Chandi who gave me a chance to see the world I adore so closely to Swati who has become an indispensable part of my life today due to work and emotional reasons!!!

The trips to the Geet set are another thing I am going to surely miss only for the warm and homely treatment we always got. Mehboobji, Sanjuji and Manishji have always made sure we do not leave the sets without a meal, we have captured some fun moments with the leads, where we have learnt of their normal day to day lives and also of how, much effort goes into making this much loved show from the scratch to the final scene! 

I know the madness is here to stay and will only get worse with time, but for now I think I will stop since I want to now sit back just relive some more of those moments in the calmness of my room. 

Long Live Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi!!!

Niharika Vidya Sagar

Mahi: An Anthem for Geet lovers across the globe!!

When the title of the show itself has the word GEET in it, how can the music not live up to your expectations? Your heart skips a beat the moment you hear the word “mahi” as it makes you go through unexplainable emotions. To most Mahi is synonymous with Maan and Geet who are fondly called Maaneet. Geet-Hui sabse parayi that started off as a show on honor skilling and subsequently went on to become one of the most sought after love stories on the cyber space has a very strong background music to its credit. 

Rangmunch.TV caught up with Raju Singh the voice behind Mahi as well as the man who single handedly has composed all the mesmerising tunes of this hit series. As the show is drawing close to an end, the composer is now all set to release a finale version of Maahi as a tribute to all his fans. Here is a little story about how it all began. Over to Raju Singh.
Raju Singh: I have known Gul Khan (Producer 4Lion Films) from the time she was working on Indian Idol. So when she turned Producer with Geet, she approached me, saying they were making a show that was concentrated in Punjab. I took up this project only for Gul and my sentiments towards Punjab(smiles). When I signed up for this show, I went up to my grand mother to let her know I was working something with a Punjabi backdrop. She in fact also told me about the plight of the women, who go through similar incidents and the subsequent trauma. That was sufficient enough background for me to do my home work. We decided that the music should be such that it would convey the pulse and emotions without any words.  That’s how we went about creating this tune. 

The Birth of the Musical Saga:

Gul has a very massy commercial music sense. I call her the Mandolin girl because she wants it in all her tunes, she asks me Raju, Mandolin daal rahey ho na? I just love the way she explains and reacts to my compositions. It is like instant feedback. During Geet, she would sit here listen to me play the music and suddenly react by the snap of finger and go- yes this works! It helped me to not get side tracked from the main theme.

The first  promo had a black backdrop with just Geet written on it. If the music also could manage to convey the same we knew we would be set. The Creative team of Star One was also very helpful in taking the music into a different sound zone. When you hear the above tune, you can instantly identify with Punjab as the backdrop of the show.

If you hear the music, you will hear na-na-na humming in the background and, we generally do this while composing and there are no lyrics as yet. But with Geet we decided to keep it that way because it gives the placement of words. Sometimes lyrics can’t do justice to every scene. A musical person would say you have used scratches. But it was sounding nice to me and no one complained, hence we went ahead with the same.

A lot of times people are happy with the music they have heard before. But here Gul deserves a lot of credit. She picked up the stuff that was not only unconventional but also intense. If you have heard this tune, you will know what I mean.

The tuning between us was such that, we were on the same page always. I didn’t give her ten options, but what I made is what she liked. We would sit together and compose and it would fall in place. 
The Meloncholy of Geet:

Raju Singh: The composition of this raag had almost gotten emotional when it was first made. It made me cry, and that’s why I decided to use it. I have sat down to compose these themes at night because that is when it is all peaceful and calm. I know what this kind of music does to me. I felt I must give what I experience when I hear such music to viewers as well. 

Tune 3: Maan Singh Khurana’s Entry
Raju Singh: When Gul explained the character of Maan to me, I took down notes. Music is like clothes. You identify the character of a person by the background music that is played on the person. So, we had to design his music according to his moods, his temperment and the attitude he carries. The first tune where he is introduced saving Geet, the music had to have an intense feel to it without losing the Punjabi essence in it.

Every character has certain set boundaries, and when you keep that in mind it is easier for you to work around the same. We did Maan’s music in various scenarios. Initially we felt the scene where Maan is shown coming out of the water was too western, but when that very score worked, we decided to keep it.

His re-entry in the office had to have another feel as he was being re-introduced in another avatar, so we composed a tune that would go with that as well.

The Birth of Mahi:
Raju Singh: Every character on a show has his or her own signature music. That is how you identify with a character. If you were to watch a scene without the background music, it would look and sound very different. The other tunes we had composed for the story had no words. I felt there was a need for something that people could catch onto every time they saw Maan and Geet come on screen. 
That is why I decided to put Mahi and give their track another dimension. Even when a tune is playing, you think of the lyrics. We relate to songs through words. I felt even if it’s a word, it would work wonders. That is what has worked and this is where we are. We have used Rabba for Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon and now I am running out of words. ( laughs)

Raju Singh’s Message to his fans on GEET:

Drop by drop makes an ocean, and now you know, that every bit of the show you watched and loved in the last year and a half had its contribution from every end! Now go back,  try and thinking of watching all those lovely moments and sequences without a decibel of music. Would it have been the same? You have your answer. Rangmunch.TV would like to thank Raju Singh for sharing his journey on Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi with us! So we part for now, until we meet again very soon!

Edited by:
Niharika Vidya Sagar

Interviewed by:
Niharika Vidya Sagar
Swati Ghosh

Awww and Hawww Moments of the Week!

An exciting week with loads of twists and turns, lets see what made us go awww and hawww!

Kuch toh Log Kahenge (Sony Entertainment Television) The mid-week saw the break down of the wall named Ashutosh, who had been holding so much of himself back only to release it all in one moment. It looked as though he had been dying to share the state of his heart with someone. That’s why with one persuasive push of a button by Armaan, Ashutosh crumbles into a million pieces and confesses his love for Dr.Nidhi, and later recomposes himself into the same old form when he admits that their love story would not be possible due to their age disparity and the fact that he didnt want to come in the way of her normal life, career and family. 
One does end up feeling bad for these two, since their destinies are so inter-locked that Nidhi later discovers at a new job interview that Ashutosh is on the panel of doctors picking the new intern. How long are the two going to fight the tide, one will have to see.
Awww !!!

Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon( Star Plus): As the promo’s of Khushi finally learning Shyam is indeed married Anjali hit the screen. Fans heaved a sigh of relief. The man has over the months earned many names among the fan fraternity such as creep, snake, spam. Kudos to actor Abhaas Mehta for playing the role so convincingly. Now, as the story showed, Khushi begins to put two and two together after discovering something around Shyam and the Raizada family is fishy. She wastes no time in grind haulting her thoughts but allows her gut to take over her, and what she see’s does leave her totally shocked. 

After his sudden disappearance during the Raizada’s visit to the Gupta home, and hearing someone call Anjali Rani Sahiba over the phone, Khushi confirms her speculation, by confronting Shyam at the Pooja where she finally comes face to face with Anjali’s husband! Fatakk! goes the resounding slap, as Khushi gives a piece of her mind to the slimy man and runs away from there only to land in ASR’s arms!

While the latter moment where Arnav instantly knows the tears in her eyes are thanks to her fiancee deserves and Awww, the revelation that finally happened takes the crown for the Hawww moment of the week!

Bade Acche Lagte Hai (Sony Entertainment Television) Andar kitni Garmi Hai, Bahar Kitni Sardi Hai…well, while this Govinda number hardly describes Ram and Priya as a couple, this week the couple on their honeymoon discover a new side to one another. While Ram gets stuck inside a mall, Priya refuses to leave the premises waiting for him on the other side of the glass door. Both of them fall asleep on the either side, occasionally smiling at one another, stealing glances as well as smiling each time they wake up. When the door opens finally, Ram discovers Priya has caught a cold, and as thank you gesture lines up a bunch of doctors just to make sure she is fine! Priya confesses she is not used to being pampered so much. As a mark of their friendship Ram gifts Priya a diamond ring and these series of events end up bringing the two a little closer than before.

Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi (StarOne): Depression took over fan forums all over as the news of their beloved show going off air broke out in the open. Most fans were inconsolable, at the thought that they would no longer see their favorite jodi Maaneet together on screen every day. However, understanding the state of the fans hearts real well, the makers have incorporated a sweet closure track where various romantic moments have been shown between the leads. Maan and Geet take off on a honeymoon where they spend some quiet moments together!
However there are some questions that one still has to find answers to.
Will Maan’s memory ever return?
What will Maan and Geet do when they realize Dev-Nandini and Lucky-Preeto have landed up in the same hotel with similar plans as Maan and Geet? 
Truly a family tha eats together, lives together! 

Ek Hazaro Main Meri Behna Hai (Star Plus): Manvi is that one chord in the show that cannot be missed, lest the song loses its essence in total. This week when Beeji decides to keep Manvi away from the wedding proceedings, your heart already starts to cry for her. Things however take the much fated turn when Jeevika, on discovering Manvi hasn’t been around puts her foot down that she will not get married until she see’s Manvi at the wedding. Though Swamini, is super annoyed that Manvi is as much a menace in her absence as she is in her presence, Viren’s assent to Jeevika’s demand, brings Manvi right back on the scene and the wedding celebrations take place in the right spirit. The scene that was a tear jerker though a cliche was when Manvi lets go of a sum of money and takes a promise from Viren jeeju that he will always keep his sister happy. Virat also scores his share of points when he allows Manvi to get away with hiding the shoes though he knows where exactly she has hidden them! Do we see the start to a heart-warming love story here?

While you ponder over these moments, we will be back again with our share soon! Have a great week ahead.

Niharika Vidya Sagar