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100 Heroes…6 film industries…1 Platform!

Watch out for the action packed drama as the Superstars of South and Bollywood gear up for the Maha Yudh of cricket again. CCL-2 is back in action, and this time it gets bigger and better. If the first season saw 4 teams slug it out for the title, Season II gets bigger with the addition of 2 more teams – the Bengal and Malayalam film industries.

Owned by eminent film producer Boney Kapoor and the gorgeous Sridevi, the Bengal film industry’s Bengal Tigers will be mentored by former Indian Captain Saurav Ganguly and led by prominent actor Jeet. Also joining them will be Kerala Super Stars of the Malayalam film industry owned by National Award winning actor Padmashree Lt. Col. V. Mohanlal and one of cinemas’ most successful business women, Lizzy Priyadarshan. The team will be led by Superstar Indrajeet while Mohanlal will double up as its iconic player. Although, CCL has been approached by several other film fraternities, according to its existing policy, not more than 2 new teams can be included each season.

After the roaring success of the CCL Season I and the vast reach it managed to achieve, we have decided to take Season II to an international destination that’s home to a large Indian Diaspora. The iconic Sharjah Cricket Stadium has been selected to host the grand opening ceremony of CCL Season II. This is where the regional stars will reach out to national audience and the nationally renowned stars connect more strongly with their regional audience.

The explosive multi-starrer action entertainer will take off in the first week of January. Kick starting the frenzy will be the Curtain Raiser to be held on 19th December at HICC, Novotel Cyberabad. The event will unveil 100 heroes from the 6 film industries who will be part of Season II – a first in the history of Indian cinema.  The likes of Salman Khan, Bobby Deol, Suneil Shetty, Sohail Khan from Mumbai Heroes, Venkatesh, Srikanth, Tarun from Telugu Warriors, Shivraj Kumar, Sudeep, Dhruva from Karnataka Bulldozers, Abbas, Jiva, Arya from Chennai Rhinos, Indrajeet, Prithviraj from Kerala Super Stars, Jeet, Jishu and Indraneel from Bengal Tigers will scorch the ramp along with gorgeous divas Kangana Ranaut, Genelia, Kaajal Agarwal, Shriya Saran, Richa Gangopadhyay, Charmee, Sameera Reddy, Lakshmi Rai, Riya Sen, Raima Sen, Amala Paul.

Popular Indian playback singer Sonu Nigam and Former Femina Miss India and well-known actress Neha Dhupia will host this limelit evening. The event will also have scintillating performances by Shriya Saran, Lakshmi Rai and Richa Gangopadhyay and Raima Sen.

Adding the oomph factor to the proceedings will be the launch of “Calendar  Girls 12″ featuring the hottest faces in the Indian Film Industry who are also the brand ambassadors of the 6 teams  .


Sing a song:The untold story !

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge on Sony Enterntainment Television:
Ashutosh and Nidhi find themselves in the same medical conference in Mumbai and cant hide their feelings for one another. While Nidhi makes it apparent that she is hurt, Ashutosh finally tries his best to give his feelings a chance, by trying to make conversation with her. His state of mind can be best depicted by the lines below.
Hum Labo se kehna paaye 
Unse Haale dil Kabhi
Aur Woh samjhe nahi yeh
Khamoshi Kya cheez hai ….

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi on Star One:
The Story of Maan and Geet finally saw a happy ending last week, with both of them being blessed with a baby boy. As Maan and Geet united to never part in eternity, the fans of the show are  not very happy and want their favorite show to come back soon with their favorite leads. These lyrics express the void that the show has now left behind in the hearts of its fans.
Nagme hain, shikwe hain
Kisse hain, baatein hain
Baatein bhool jaati hain
Yaadein yaad aati hain
Yeh yaadein kisi dil-o-jaanam ke
Chale jaane ke baad aati hain
Yaadein, yaadein, yaadein…

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon on Star Plus:
Last week saw an emotional moment between Arnav and Lavanya where he tells her how he cant be unfair to her any more, and that he could perhaps never love her the way she has always loved him! We are glad Arnav has finally taken a call on his relationship with Lavanya. Fans can now rejoice, as with Khushi’s broken engagement, romance between the leads, could now become the focal point of the story. The below lyrics beautifully describe Lavanya’s heart ache.
Jispe hum mar mitey, usko pata bhi nahi
Kya Gila hum kare woh bewafa bhi nahi
humne jo sun liya usne kaha bhi nahi
ey dil zara soch kar, pyar kar, o ho ho pyar kar

Hope you all had a good weekend!!

Niharika Vidya Sagar

An Actor Psyche: Deepali Pansare!

Rangmunch.TV had a quick chat up with beautiful and chirpy Deepali aka Payal of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon on Star Plus. We put forth some hypothetical situations which Actors usually encounter in their day to day work, and  asked her to pick the best possible option that she thought would be apt to deal with the given scenario. 

You have picked a role you had never excepted to bag, but the role turns out to be totally opposite once you start enacting it, you would: 
  • Inform the writers and director about your dissatisfaction
  • Give some input at your level and try and cover up with your acting and touches on the show.
  • Ignore it and act, as long as you get paid for it.
  • Walk out of the show, as it would be against what you had perceived. 

Your chemistry with your co-star has become the talk of the town and your fans have been badgering you with uncomfortable questions you would: 
  •  Ignore them since they don’t know the entire truth
  • Give an interview and clarify my stance
  • Spread the word through a common friend that there is no truth in whats being talked about.
  • Enjoy the attention, while the show is on as it works for the show and my popularity.

You have been asked to replace an important lead actor on a hit show, you would: 
  • Take up the challenge, since you are confident you would make a place for yourself.
  • Call up the actor you are replacing, have chat with that person and take tips for the role.
  • Log onto a fan-forum and check the popularity of the character before taking the role up.
  • Not take up the role, since you  prefer doing something new and fresh.

A person who calls himself/herself your biggest fan, has been spreading wrong news about you and has been posing as you on a social networking site, you would:
  • Talk to the person,and request him/her to stop doing this as you think they are doing it out of love.
  • Make a clarification through your own account that there is an impostor.
  • Go to the police and get the person arrested for misrepresenting you and cheating.
  •  Ignore it as a part of becoming a celebrity.

Your close buddy in the same profession as you has won an award that you sincerely believed you deserved. You would: 
  • Congratulate him/her first and hope to win the next year.
  • Take your time to come to terms with it and then give her/him a call to wish them.
  • Ignore the person totally till the time, you have the award in your hand next year.
  • Totally give up on the concept of rewards and Awards as a benchmark for performance.

Hope you love reading the responses as much as Deepali enjoyed
answering them. Cheers!! 

Interviewed by:
Niharika Vidya Sagar
Swati Ghosh 


Down the memory Lane: Sia is a fighter!

Today when I watched the episode of Humse Hai Liife, it took me back to my Table Tennis days. 

Those were the days when I couldn’t sleep beyond 4 AM and hence would be up for a 6 AM pratice. I would start with my regime right from home mentally. The fitness, the shadow practice the actual practise in the court and finally getting geared up for tournaments- all of them came back to me in a flash and turned me emotional all of a sudden! Thats the reason why I chose to share my experience with all of you here on Rangmunch.

My coach also, a brutal man taught me never to give up. He would put us through three hours of practice in the morning, and three hours in the evening, make us play with boys, have multi-ball sessions to improve our concentration, stamina as a well as resistance! And after a tired session once we would be back home, our minds would still be working at what next we could do to better ourselves! Now when I think those were indeed the best days of my life!

There would be days when we would be dead tired, and Sir would say, you are not bleeding yet, so go on! Back then it sounded so brutal I would make up my mind not to go for the next session, but something inside would automatically pull me back into the sport! No matter how much I would try, nothing else would fill up my mind. Backsides of exam papers would have drawings of a Table-Tennis table, and I would plan strategies as to how I would play. The tension of going for a tournament would make me finish my exam paper one hour in advance.

And then came my first tournament, where I was competing for the first time with a set of people I had never faced, gave me jitters. But reaching semi-finals in that very tournament gave me an all new spirit. I never wanted to look back after that. I wanted to win at any cost no matter what. And I did ensure I didn’t rest until I did win the title I was striving towards. 

Last night Sia made me nostalgic and took me down the memory lane. I was also at one point in time the only girl in my stadium playing with a bunch of boys. It was not until summer camps that we there would be other girls who would come and go. I was in fact treated specially because I was the only girl. I would always get to play on one side while the others would take turns and change. I would be made the group leader once in a while and eventually when the tournaments happened, I would also get to lead! All of that was an experience I will hold dear to my heart always!

There were of course other girls, but our coach insisted on us playing with the boys! But the one moment of the day we all looked forward to was the time when we got to play with our Coach as the aim would be to defeat him, since that was the Challenge he had posed in front of all of us.

Sia’s never say die spirit makes me relate to her. It makes me want to take up the sport that I gave up for studies again! It makes me feel for her, and it makes me want to watch her learn, practice, grow eventually and win! I cried last night, because I saw this, and smiled at the irony that I never cried when I lost my matches since I always knew I was yet to give my best! The only time I cried was when I lost a winning match and that jolted me never to make the mistake again. 

This is also one of the reasons why I totally enjoy the sports backed episodes! Sia has a long way to go, and I am sure the way they have sketched her she will make a mark for herself. But I am certainly also looking forward to seeing her sweat it out and yes if it helps keep Raghav out of focus for a while! LOL!

Shows such as this, should also encourage young sports persons by motivating them and giving them lessons of never say die! In a hard competitive world today where there is too much pressure on a child, a very motivational approach to sports and other activity would surely be encouraging!

Note: This is a personal account of the writer. We welcome more such stories on how a show, an incident or a situation on screen has effected your real life. We will be more than happy to publish it.

Niharika Vidya Sagar

I, Me, Myself: Karan Tacker!

What do you think is the common link between Sameer of Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, Shantanu of Rang Badalti Odhani and Viren of Ek Hazaaro Mein Meri Behna Hai? Any guesses? Well the answer is KARAN TACKER, the face behind all these characters, which we have loved and adored.
Rangmunch.TV as a platform has always tried to bridge the gap between the fans and their favourite stars by bringing forth news, articles and interviews related to them. Having said that, we recently got in touch with the smart and suave Karan Tacker and this is what he had to say about himself.

Rangmunch: What according to you is your greatest asset ?
Karan: My honesty. I’m basically a very honest and simple guy.  So ya, I would say honesty.
Rangmunch: Are you possessive by nature ?
Karan: I’m extremely possessive by nature. I’m very possessive of  the people that I love. Be it family, friends or  girl friend…I’m possessive. I think it’s a very Punjabi trait to be possessive of the women you love (says laughingly).
Rangmunch: Are you very religious ?
Karan: No, not really. But during Diwali and other such festivals , I do follow the rituals.
Rangmunch: Do you judge others?
Karan: I would be lying if I say that I don’t judge. I think when you meet somebody, the first thing you do is form an opinion of them. So I think the judgement is very natural. Opinionated is too natural.
Rangmunch: Who is that one person you would like to say sorry to right now?
Karan: (laughs) All my ex girlfriends would definitely need an apology from me (laughs again).
Rangmunch: If you were to be a woman for a day, who would it be?
Karan: I would love to be Sonia Gandhi. I would love to know how she does it .I mean how she runs the country, and not how she does it (laughing slyly)
Rangmunch: If you were to change your name for a day, what name would you choose for yourself ?
Karan: Hmmm.. I’m like a dog yaar. Once you give me a name , I would only relate to that. So I can only relate to Karan (had me in spilts).
Rangmunch: Do you forgive yourself easily?
Karan: Do I forgive myself  easily ( ponders only for a second before replying )… I love myself  yaar. I forgive myself even before I make a mistake. I forgive myself for all my mistakes (laughs out loudly)
Rangmunch: Do you lie to bail out of things?
Karan: Ofcourse, we all do . As honest as I am, but kahin na kahin white lies are more mature than saying the truth . Its ok to be honest but knowing some one is going to take the hard way , its better this way …. If you know what I mean.
Rangmunch: What’s your idea of a hangout after a hard days work?
Karan: Chilling out yaar. Go in my living room with my dog. I like chilling with friends over a meal. I don’t really like going out . Basically I’m a simple guy, who just likes to spend time at home . I Don’t believe in getting drunk and all. I like it easy, chilling with friends over conversation.
Rangmunch: Do you believe in the concept of falling out of love?
Karan: Definitely. You seeing a girl at 15 and then seeing her at 25. There is a lot of maturity in personality from then to now. Your needs and priorities change.When that compatibility goes away, you feel you have fallen out of love.
Rangmunch: What are you proud of?
Karan: Well, I am proud of my persistence and hard work. I am little obsessive that way. I’m self critical where my work is concerned. I come from a business background, who does not know jackshit about acting. But being persistant definitely  helped me in getting  through three shows till now.
Rangmunch: Do you read the newspaper and which is your favourite  section?
Karan: Yes of course I read. I’m obsessed with the Bombay Times. I  don’t  think anyone from this industry would not  be. I always pull up the supplement and go through the headlines from it.
Rangmunch: Do you look into the mirror a lot?
Karan: Definitely yaar. I feel you cant be an actor if you don’t see yourself much (laughs).
Rangmunch: Describe yourself in one sentence ?
Karan: Hmmm.. I’m just a simple hard working guy.
We all love Karan the Actor, but we are sure after reading this interview you will now love Karan the Person a little more.
Interviewed by
Niharika Vidya Sagar
Edited by
Navyanka Varma

Ashutosh: When the barricade came crashing down…

For a man like Ashutosh, his work, his house and his patients at Dr.Kotni’s General Hospital held the most important place in his life. And then walked in a certain Dr. Nidhi, who seemed to  have changed it all for him. Her prolbem-i mean Problem was she didn’t want to fit in at first, but that very prolbem-i mean problem went on to lay the base for something deep and strong. Something perhaps had forewarned her that she should not tread the path she had taken. That in the course of pursuing her dreams, she would chance upon a force she would not be able to resist no matter how much she tried. 

Ashutosh at the outset knew, he was a man devoid of emotions and driven by a mission. When Nidhi walked in like a breath of fresh air, he knew he couldn’t  oppose it. Mallika only became the means that he conveninetly used to brush his feelings under the carpet.

For all those that always wondered when Ashutosh would fall for Nidhi and understand the state of her heart and what she felt for him, last night was a sigh of relief packaged with a series of missing heart beats. I for once didn’t know if I was happy or sad, relieved or restless!

Ashutosh breaks down in front of his friend Armaan finally baring his soul. And you can’t help but feel for him. It is not his confession that makes you want to hug him and cry, but the hard hitting reality around him in the form of society, rules and forces that forbid you from listening to your heart, that makes you wince in pain. 

Ashutosh has been a man, who has perhaps always loved with all his heart, but he has always carried the fear of not getting what he has rightly deserved. He has been a man, who had immersed himself so much into his work for the fear of attachment ever since his Baba abandoned him all of a sudden. The reason why he never really looked at Mallika, was also because he knew he didn’t want to do injustice to a woman who loves him this dearly. 

But slowly when his destiny had other plans for him, he didn’t know how to fight it. He didnt know how to hide it. And it all came out. It was Nidhi who brought the smile back on his face. It was she who told him he could cry in the rain and no one would know and he would love it too. Slowly Ashutosh was beginning to not only think for her, but also think like her, because life had once more begun to look beautiful. But all of that had to come to a grind hault on realising, he could not hold someone else’s life at ransom. Or so he felt. He very well knows of Nidhi’s feelings for him, but the age disparity makes him treat it as an excuse from fighting the world, though his heart urges him to act otherwise. 

“She has a bright future and a life ahead of her” he confesses, and I dont want her to start fighting with her family and friends because of me. Only a man who loves you dearly and puts you before himself is capable of such selfless concern and care! Ashutosh, proved it in an instance. During all those goofy days when Nidhi tried to get a reaction out of him and only got back a cold and stern one in return, we now know how much of himself the man was bottling up!

Though Nidhi was crying and the world could see it, it was Ashutosh’s pain that took up the crux of yesterdays episode, and the brilliant portrayal by Monish Behl only took it to another level.

“Uss Kambhakt cheez ka kya, jiska Naam pyaar hai … ???” asks an appalled Armaan to which Ashutosh resentfully responds .. “woh toh rahega…. uske dil main nafrat ban kar, aur mere dil main nasoor “

Why is this world so unfair, we beg? Why cant love just be love? If destiny has written the names of two people together on the sand, does a wave have the right to simply wash it away? And just because it has washed it away, does it mean it ceases to exist in the first place?

We only hope the hard times pass and Ashutosh and Nidhi fight the pool of emotions inside them before facing the world! Because, once that inner turmoil finds an answer, it is more than evident, these two will not care for the world around them since they would be busy in their own!

To see where this intense love story heads from here watch Kuch To Log Kahenge!

Niharika Vidya Sagar

Fistful of Fascinating Facts: Geet Hui Sabase Parayi

With the show soon scheduled to go off air, StarOne’s Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi has always been audience favorite. We at Rangmunch, also owe a lot to the show since three of us that run this site met on a Geet forum and became thick friends who subsequently turned this dream into a reality. We thought, like always, we would bring to you some old faces with new facets. Here are facts that you may not already know about the actors who have worked on your favorite show.
We have all seen the obsessive and passionate Vikram and love to hate him for giving tough time to our dear Maaneet. Thanks to Vikas Sethi who breathed life into the character and made it so real and relatable. He is an actor par excellence, but let us share some unheard facts about him. Did you know that Vikas has taken formal training in singing from the Bollywood maestro Anu Mallik’s father? Surprised!!! Well so were we but its true. Besides being an Actor and Singer, Vikas also sketches beautifully.
Did you know that Lucky aka Ahwaan Kumar comes to work riding on his “Dhanno?” Confused!!! Well his Dhanno, is not Char Pao wala but Do Tyre Wala. We are talking about Ahwaan’s Red Bike which is extremely dear to him as he won it in a contest six years back. He very proudly flaunted his Dhanno to us as we captured them together in our camera.

Sundeep Sharma, the Director of Geet has not only had the experience of working behind the camera but has also worked in front of the camera. Not sure how many of you are aware, but  Sundeep Sharma has been the lead actor in the serial Imtihaan which use to be aired on DD Metro. So he knows not only what happens behind the camera, but has faced it too.
From Reporting to Acting, she has done it all. We are talking about Preeto aka Khushboo Thakkar who apparently was a Reporter at Telly Chakkar and acting just happened to her. Infact when she saw us set hopping she got nostalgic and remembered her days at Telly Chakkar when she would go around meeting actors and doing interviews. From doing Gurmeet’s famous “I lived on 2.5 Rs Waala Biscuit Packet Interview” to sharing screen space with him, Khushboo indeed has come a long way.
Hey do you know her?? Any guesses?? She is Goma, Drashti’s hair dresser. So now you can put a face to the person who gave Geet aka Drashti her makeover.
Geet to its credit has had various Directors. But the entire Vikram kidnapping and the subsequent thrilling Jungle Sequences were shot by Director Shashank. Here’s another name you could add to the list of people associated with the show you love.

Sanju and Mehboob

Meet Sanju, Mehboob Ali and Manish the men who make it all happen. Well, right from what scenes are to be shot for the day to which artist would be available to make sure the set, the shoot as as well the activity once on location happens as planned, this Production Team ensures dutiful carrying out of activity! Imagine a day on the sets where there is no one to organise anything? would you then be able to watch your shows on time?

One last one, just for all of you! This was taken when Gurmeet was just about to venture off into the jungle to look for his Geet. Guess what he had for support all along? Her dupatta!! Thanks Gurmeet for smiling and posing for us. Trust us guys, if you see the heat and the condition in which the actors, cast and crew shoot, you realise how much of themselves they have to put into in order to make sure things turn out the right way. One small minute error and you have to redo the shot! Rightly said, united we stand, divided we fall!!

We hope, you now know the people associated with your favorite show a little more than what you did the last time around! Thats what we at Rangmunch.TV en devour to bring to you all!!

This week, we will try and bring you different write ups on your favorite show! So read on….

Swati Ghosh
Niharika Vidya Sagar

The Dual Story: Maan to Maan!

While we were set visiting Geet, we discovered Gurmeet Choudary who plays Maan, shares a great rapport with Abhishek, who plays his body double in his absence. Gurmeet first hugged Abhishek and greeted him warmly, and then teased him about how Abhishek had no work now that Gurmeet had returned. They even teased Geet played by Drashti Dhami,  saying she is lucky since she has two Maans all to herself.
But what actually caught our attention, was while Gurmeet was signing a couple of autographs for a few of his fans, Abhishek was standing right next to him. Take a look at their gestures, body language and their expressions. If you don’t find a stark similarity you can come looking for us later, but for now enjoy this visual treat. 
And for the uninitiated, these pictures were taken without their knowledge! Now we know why the two of them compliment one another in every way!

We have many more such interesting tales to tell you about the actors of your favorite StarOne show right here on Rangmunch.TV! So keep logging back in to check what we have for you.

Niharika Vidya Sagar
Swati Ghosh


The True Picture behind Dirty Picture!

Actors have two lives. The one that they show on camera, and one that they actually lead on the other side of it. Very often, we are so enamored or taken in by what is portrayed on screen, that we are blissfully oblivious to the other side of the coin.

Well, today happens to be 2nd of December, the day the much hyped “Dirty Picture” is all set to release. I’ve been wanting to write this piece for a while now, but didn’t want to club it with the in-numerous reviews that the show would invite.

First, why 2nd December? 2nd December was the day Vijaya Lakmshi was born. Vijaya Lakshmi who? Well, most people down south knew her as “Silk Smitha”. Weddings, youngster booze parties and dhinchak events even today day have “Bavalu Saiyya, Mardalu Saiyya, Rimbola Rimbola Rimbola Rimbola” on their play list, and the number still gives Sheela and Munni tracks a tough competition. 

To all of us who knew Silk Smitha , during our growing years we were asked to either change the channel or shut our eyes whenever she appeared on screen because she was always an object of attention for all the wrong reasons. Her sudden death came as a shock to me. I was only ten when I read about it. All of a sudden, I started following all the news items surrounding her wondering why she would want to do this. Reasons such as lack of finances, love failure and dejection were cited.

For the uninitiated, Vijaya Lakshmi, hails from a Eluru a small town in Andhra Pradesh. Having given up education when she was in class four, she always felt a pull towards the Glamour Industry. She was initially a make up artist, who eventually migrated to becoming a small time starlet. Since she was willing to be bold and carefree with her acting, she was often cast in similar roles. In 1979, when she acted in a Tamil Movie “Vandi Chakram” where she played a bar dancer named Silk, the name stuck on with her for a life time. 

In those days, makers would ensure every movie had either an item number or a short sequence with Smitha- the name she took up after she got into the industry. In fact they say, there have also been instances where makers would incorporate her sequences into their incomplete movies just to give them a boost. 

However, there is nothing in this world that cannot be replicated, and when other actors were ready to do what she did in less than half the price, and go bolder she soon started losing out on work. She tried her hand at production with little success. In September 1996, she was found dead in her apartment at the age of 36 with a note mentioning financial reasons and dejection. Mystery still shrouds her death as many say her death was made to look like a suicide.

Amidst all this, people forgot Vijaya Lakshmi, the girl, the woman and the person that she perhaps wanted to be. A normal girl who wanted love, affection, time and care. Caught in the trap of the image she had created for herself that accelerated her position in terms of popularity and fame, she somehow could never again do anything else. Now when I think of it, how suffocating that must have been? While she effortlessly lured men, she had to put in that much more effort to get the very men to actually love her for who she was. 

They say what is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare? Smitha had men who were ready to stand and stare while she performed throwing notes at her and danced at her numbers, but when those lights shut off, she was all alone. She had no one to take back home. 

Almost 16 years later when I read about a movie being made on her life I was very anxious because, of the various deaths I have seen in my life, this was one of those that actually did impact me for reasons unknown.

The ugly side of the glamour industry, failure and all the drastic measures and steps people often succumb to here are always magnified only because they become naked to outside world. You are subject to judgments  speculation, humiliation while you still put up a brave face only because the audience has one thing to say “It is the price you pay for stardom“. 

This is one of the many such horror stories that we read of, but for Vijaya Lakshmi aka Silk Smitha, it was life full of struggle, acceptance and constant toil. People loved her immensely, and took her on screen persona so seriously that the real VijayaLakshmi was lost somewhere in the dark! Is this a Dirty Picture or what?

We hope the audience get to finally see the real picture behind this Dirty Picture!

Niharika Vidya Sagar

Khushi ki Prem Paathshaala-Video

In a show every scene is important as it takes the story forward. But you will be amazed to know the amount of effort that goes into putting up a scene. The cast rehearses the scene innumerable times to get the right emotions and expressions, while the crew also tries to work on setting up the mood and ambience by adjusting the lighting and deciding on the various camera angles.

As Rangmunch.TV believes in bringing forth behind the scene segments of show making, so here’s a small snippet from the show Iss Pyaar ko Kya Naam Doon on Star Plus, where Barun and Sanaya who play Arnav and Khushi are seen rehearsing a forth coming scene to ensure that the viewers eventually get to see the best of them on screen.   

There are additions and instant improvisations made on the spot to enhance the final product.

While you watch this we at Rangmunch tried to dig out who this “AMAN” is to whom Arnav is seen talking to all the time on the phone. For a brief few seconds you see a man in a yellow T shirt taking up some screen space on this footage. Aman is a member of the Direction team and is very much a part of every frame that is shot. It is interesting to note the tongue in cheek humour that the makers subtly try to infuse in the show that goes on to add a personal touch to it. The names you hear, are actually the names of people working in and around the show. A while ago Arnav was also shown to be conversing with Lalit during one of his onscreen conversations. Most of you are already aware that Lalit Mohan also happens to be the Director of the same series.

This scene however was shot by Arshad Khan who is the other Director on the show. The breath taking visuals are provided by our very dear Hrishikesh Gandhi who is also associated with Star One’s Hit show Geet Hui Sabse Parayi.

So now when you watch the above scene, you know of all that happens on the other side of the camera as well.

Happy Viewing!

Niharika Vidya Sagar
Swati Ghosh