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Quick 5 with Swati Pande!!

Swati Pande, has never shied away from experimenting with variety. What else explains a body of work that ranges from Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi to Pavitra Rishta, Behenein, Rang Badalti Odhani, Kayamath, to the most recent Mahadev on the newly revamped StarOne that is now called Life OK

Swati is still missed by the fans of Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi, who think she has had a great hand in sketching the character of Maan Singh Khurana that went on to become an iconic figure on the Virtual TV platform to perfection. Women don’t tire talking about Maan, so now, when she is all set to sketch the love story of Shiva, one would obviously be curious to know how it would turn out.

Swati as we see is one name, that has not only been associated with StarOne before its revamp, but also is a part of the strategy post it. We caught up with Swati and asked her a quick five questions and here is what she had to say.

Rangmunch: What about StarOne appealed to you the most as a Channel?

Swati Pande: Star One as a channel never shied from taking a big leap by showcasing youth oriented and shows in the rom-com genre when the Tv industry was inundated wth dramas. Even as much I like the latter but Star One gave us the platform for something different – both as an audience and as a writer! 

Rangmunch: How has your association been as a maker with the Channel and the shows you did?

Swati Pande: The journey has been extremely fulfilling and exciting. I have had the chance to be associated with Geet and Rang badalti Odhani – both had a blend of drama, romance and comedy. With each of these shows I grew as a writer as I got to learn the nuances and the need for detailing in every scene.

Rangmunch: What are the kind of shows you look forward to on Life OK?

Swati Pande: Star One or now officially ‘Life OK’ stands true to its title. It tells you about cherishing what you have .. living and valuing the moments of your life – and that ‘moment’ could be that of courage, of emotion, of love or of reverence. I am hoping to catch a blend of shows that portray just that.

Rangmunch: Your sentiments at the moment, as the Channel is going in for a re-vamp?

Swati Pande: This is a difficult question! 🙂 Cliched but true – there are mixed feelings. The excitement for this being a new channel is immense but at the same time the lovely memories of Star One also lingers on! So I guess this is the moment of amalgamation – to tell yourself that LIFE was ok and it will be OK !! 

Rangmunch: A message to all your viewers who have watched and loved your work on StarOne.

Swati Pande: Firstly a big thanks to them for being such a lovely audience of Star One. I would take this opportunity to make a sincere request to all – to accept Life OK and love it as much as you loved Star One. We make the shows but you all make us!

Interviewed by,
Niharika Vidya Sagar

Time For A Leap

                                      Ankita and Hiten
Another TV show is ready to take a generational leap.The show Pavitra Rishta on Zee TV, which stars Hiten Tejwani and Ankita Lokhande, will be going through a 20 year leap in its storyline on Monday.”We have roped in some promising actors to play the parts of Manav and Archana’s children  who are now young adults,” says Ekta Kapoor, the producer of the show.Viewers will see the lead protagonists, Manav and Archana, seperated due to their differences.
Catch the new look of Pavitra Rishta from Monday  only on Zee TV
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Dil Toh Baccha Hai Jee!!

The fondest memories we have generally are those of childhood and the years spent in blissful oblivion, innocence and loads of hope in your eyes of growing up into an adult in order to fulfill all those dreams and turn them into a reality ! However as time progresses life changes and what you wish for, and what you do may not always concur. When they do you are happy, but  when it doesn’t, you do tend to look back and reminisce those years of your life and wonder at times … “I wish I were still a child”

Today is Children’s Day, and is definitely not a holiday anymore since we have grown into adults and have passed out of school. However, no matter how old we grow, all of us like to believe, the child in us remains intact and there are some instances and moments when the same comes to the fore front! 

Our favorite shows greatly contribute to the same since we watch these stories day in and day out and observe and imbibe mannerisms that are so childlike hence adorable! Over to the TV Lok Junta and the child like qualities we like about them …

Suhana (Sasural Genda Phool): Today she is still working towards becoming that perfect wife to Ishaan, and struggling her way through in Mumbai, but Suhana is a child at heart. That is what makes her lovable. She loves Ishaan with all her heart, but she at times says and does the cutest things in the world out of utter ignorance. Here is the tale of a rich spoilt child ready to learn from her mistakes, not because she was ever wrong, but because she had the heart to accept there can be two ways of looking at the same thing and both being right.

Gopi (Saath Nibhaana Saathiya): Though many people swear by her utter stupidity at times, what stands out in the case of Gopi Bahu is her childlike belief and faith in people and things around her. Not once does she ever doubt any one’s intentions, neither does she waste time in forgiving a wrong doer. Amidst all this, she also loves her husband with all her heart selflessly. Where do we find people like that for real? Are you still wondering why the show has managed to stay on Top all through the year?

Archana (Pavitra Rishta): At a time when education is the most important part of growing up years, Archana wins your hearts straight away because she gave up her education for the sake of her other sisters and family. She is an epitome of virtues and has the brains. She proves education is not everything, though she does take it up later on in life. One looks at Archana, pauses for a moment, and feels for her since they wish she had a better life and things have for sure been unfair to her.

Geet (Geet Hui Sabse Parayi): At 18 when you are married off and abandoned, and you are also carrying the child of a man who you will perhaps never meet, life forces you to grow up sooner than you would want to. But Geet Handa forces you to re-think since she doesnt give up on life. She is filled with so much positivity that she even manages to melt a stern hearted man like Maan Singh Khurana. She later not only fights for her justice, but also is magnanimous enough to forgive the man who ruined her life, just for the sake of her love! Now that she is happily married, her husband Maan Singh Khurana ensures his dear wife gets to have the childhood she never had and supports her all along!

Sarika and Sandhya (Beend Banoonga Ghodi Chadoonga and Diya aur Baati Hum): Sarika reminds you of one of those girls in school who have a strong ambition yet know the need to balance family with profession. Sandhya on the other hand is someone who is so driven by ambition, that she knows no other world. Both these women have a similar situation, where they had to compromise their own personal dreams for the sake of a family set up they haven’t been comfortable around. They still try and emerge victorious in whatever little ways they can. These girls force you to sit back and think, should I have also believed in my dreams and let them take shape?

Khushi Kumari Gupta (Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon): Our dear Jalebi Bai, is a total nut case. Why? She sulks and makes Jalebis to get rid of the same. A staunch believer of Devi Maiyya and listen to your heart slogan, Khushi appeals to most people who watch her for her strong contrast in behavior as the need arises. For a minute she is bubbly and happy, the very next she is glum and serious when the need arises. In an episode very recently when she is engaged off to Shyam against her wishes and her sister checks on her, the sweet spirited girl responds,  “Humara Naam hi Khushi Hai, hum khush kyun nahi honge?” Sanka Devi as she is called by her Bua is a child at heart, and is hence loved by all equally including Khadoos Arnav Singh Raizada who cant ignore her even if he chooses to.

Never let the child in you die! No matter what goes wrong, what course life takes and the lessons it teaches, never stop to smile and fulfill those child like urges for your own sake! Time adds years to you, but never forget the person rising inside is the same you!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


The only thing that’s constant is CHANGE and our Television Industry follows this philosophy to the T.
At times, we see that more than one Actor essays a particular Character in a Show. While there could be several reasons for this, but the challenge lies in getting the audience to accept the NEW Face.
Pavitra Rishta of Zee TV is currently experiencing this Change. Sushant Singh Rajput has quit the show after playing the character of Manav for three long years. Sushant had got into the skin of his character and has done complete justice in portraying the role with utmost perfection. With his acting prowess, he has carved a place for himself in the hearts of his fans. It was during this show that Sushant and Ankita (Archana) became real life couple off-screen. As much as the fans loved Manav and Archana onscreen, they equally adored the duo off-screen.

It definitely wasn’t an easy task for Balaji Telefilms to find a suitable Actor who could fit into Sushant’s shoes. However, the Production House has roped in Hiten Tejwani who was last seen in Mukti Bandhan on Colors to play Manav in Pavitra Rishta. There is not an iota of doubt that Hiten is a good actor and has created a niche for himself by portraying several characters on both Television as well as Silver Screen. However, portraying an established character like that of Manav is definitely going to be a challenge that Hiten has to take in his stride. We hope that, as always, Hiten will be able to create the magic on screen and woo the audience with his acting skills.
As much as the fans will miss Sushant, we hope Hiten along with Ankita continues to entertain viewers with the magical love saga of Manav and Archana.
Rangmunch.TV wishes Best of Luck to Hiten in his new role!  
Swati Ghosh

Pain Pain Go Away !!

Admit it or not, a masochist lives in all of us. There comes a point, where you want to thrive on pain and derive a certain high on experiencing the same. At the start of this week, Rangmunch.TV decided, we would this time, take a look at some of the stories in TellyLand, that love to keep their audience glued to TV despite pain and suffering.
Yeh Rishta Kya Keh Laata Hai: This is one show, that loves to experience every emotion to the hilt. Whether it is happiness, joy or pain. Every emotion is played to such a point that one cant help but say, please no more! And just when you think, you have had enough, they come up with a happy twist not knowing what to do. What else explains the promos, that have been airing over the last two weeks from the POV of the house the Singhania’s resided in. They have made sure, the viewers stay hooked to the show, since it would force them to think and rethink on their roots and their surroundings and if they have ever held the same at ransom. While this happens, we only hope Naitik Babu earns his dear home back in order for them to share some happy moments.

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge: Rangmunch News and Feedback tells us, this Sony show is enjoying a higher TRP in its late night 11 PM slot when compared to the original. Ashutosh, refuses to let go of pain. And now, unknowingly he has taken Nidhi into his fold since, she has herself gone ahead and linked her life to his. On having seen another side to this man, the stubborn child in her for sure will want to see more of it, thus giving rise to more such cry cry moments, and while Nidhi experiences these emotions, you cry with her too.

Pavitra Rishta: Talking of pain and not mentioning Pavitra Rishta would be like committing a gross atrocity! Archana and Manav, take the cake when it comes to miseries and inviting them into their abode. When that doesn’t happen, they go looking for the same! Well, jokes apart, this is one such couple that has seen through various phases of their life, all of it inter-mingled with mostly pain. Interestingly, its this pain, which gives them the strength to get on with life. The change in face now we are hoping will give us another variety of pain to experience! It is these very emotion  of pain that has brought the two together! The Rangmunch Pain Prize goes to them!

Pyar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani: As if men dont give enough heart break and pain in this world, Pia goes one step ahead and dates a vampire. Whats more, while he tries to run away all the time in the name of protecting her, taking care of her, Pia only grows closer to Abhay each time! After a memory loss, sharing her love with another, dating another, Piya now finally knows she loves the vampire, though she is fully aware of his non-existent heart! The Vampire signifies the dark side of love, its nonreciprocating nature and lack of imperfection that all of us dread in relationships! But when, how many of us actually have fairy tale romances to boast of! This is what makes their love story realistic!

Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon?– Enter Arnav Singh Raizada who, knows just to hurt and give pain! The twist here is, he knows he is doing it, and he knows why as well. And when, he realises his prospective lady love Khushi Kumari Gupta aint getting what he wants to convey, he would not hesitate to shake her up or twist her arm though feminists would hate him, to let her know, she better be hurting since he feels the pain all along! “I go down I take you down with me , only to elevate you eventually, but I will never let you know that come what may!” While most people await their confession, its interesting to note, Arnav off late has only been seen nursing Khushi’s wounds after being the reason for causing them!

But then they say, no pain no gain! All of us love watching these shows only because they make us go through so much emotions locked inside us! We cry with our leads when they cry, and then we start smiling like idiots the moment things get set.

On that note, We wish you all our readers a very Happy Eid and a Wonderful week ahead!

Niharika Vidya Sagar

Its Diwali Time For Television Beauties!!



Rangmunch brings you the 10 top shows and their TRP‘s.

Saathiya Saath Nibhana (Star Plus )

The show has been rapidly climbing up the TRP charts.The slow chemistry building up between Ahem and Gopi is seemingly doing the trick.The new track is definately working in the shows favour.
Television Rating : 6.17%

Balika Vadhu ( Colors)

Anandi is taking great pains in educating her village members, which is the biggest plus point of the show .Literacy has always been important in our country and thus the show is on a rise.
Television Rating:5.19%

Kaun Banega Crorepati ( Star Plus)

Mr. Bachan knows how to woo the audience and keep them in a constantly comfortable zone.KBC has always shown a lot of promise to an ordinary man with giving a kickstart to their  simple dreams.
Television Rating:5.03%

Uttaran (Colors)

The drama continues with Tapasya and Ichcha.The show has always intrigued the viewers and the sole reason for its growing popularity is the equation the characters share amomg themselves.
Television Rating: 4.87%

Mann Ki Awaaz: Pratigya ( Star Plus)

The story has taken a very interesting turn with the entry of Ganga .Sajjan singh and Ganga have managed to spice up the show even if the track may  not be to everyones liking.Does Ganga have a mission?keep watching.
Television Rating : 4.05%

Bade Achche Lagte Hai ( Sony)

The post marriage courtship has started and is making the viewers fall more in love with Ram and Saakshi.The little nitty-gritties of this cute couple  has placed the show in no.6 spot on the ratings chart.
Television Rating: 3.91%

Pavitra Rishta ( Zee Tv )

Archana and Manav yet again manage to hold the viewers with their simplicity in dealing with  the problems of their  life.They as a couple have always stood strong which is the USP of the show.
Television Rating : 3.69%

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlaata hai ( Star plus )

Dealing with the normal couple issues is what has taken this show to a different level.Every woman can see herself in Akshara and every man can relate to Natik’s feelings as a husband.Family values is what binds this show .
Television Rating: 3.66%

Crime Patrol ( Sony )

This show has made its way to the top 10 shows  for the very first time.Showing real life incidents , though gruesome at times , is definately  engaging.Viewers  are getting bolder and  are willing to take steps to prevent injustice.
Television Rating: 3.45%

Sasural Simar Ka ( Colors )


Sasural Simar Ka continues to baffle the iminds of the viewers as to where , when and how the story will evolve.This confusion is what is keeping the show safe in its 10th place
Television Rating :3.29%

Thats all for now folks.Rangmunch will be back next week with your favourite shows and their ratings.