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Must Watch Shows!

Saas Bina Sasural  on Sony Entertainment Television

Ved is continuously haunted with Nitika’s flashes. He is unable to understand what is wrong with him. Toasty and Malti try tricks to understand if Ved really cares for Nitika. Toasty is sure that Ved will definitely accept Nitika if an opportunity is thrown at him so she invites Nitika and her parents home with Nitika’s marriage proposal for Ved but he is shocked to hear this. Toasty wants Ved to accept this proposal. Will the Bhramhachari in Ved stop him from listening to his heart and not see the love for Nitika? Will Toasty succeed in bringing these two hearts together?

Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani on Star One

Abhay feels guilty about not helping his parents haseena and chand . Alina reads about the potion effects to Jeh, who has evil plans to kill Abhay.

Hitler Didi on Zee TV

When a police constable arrives with Rishi’s police verification details, Indira is shocked at learning that the permanent address, which Rishi gave was false.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai on Star Plus

Akshara will try to get the true identity of the pandit in front of Bhabhima and her mother in law Gayatri…

Navya Varma

Happy Birthday Sukirti Kandpal!

Sukriti Kandpal, aka Piya of Pyar ki yeh Ek Kahani turns 24 today as she celebrates her birthday.

She started out playing a bubbly tennis player in Jersey No.10 , and then went onto win the hearts of many with her portrayal as doctor Riddhima in the hit show Dill Mill Gayye on Star Plus. Post her exit from the show, she surprised her fans by taking up the role of Siddheshwari in Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Keejo where she played the role of a wife.

Known as Sunshine by her fans for the bright smile she always carries Sukirti has always experimented with variety when it has come to her work and luck has always sided her. She is extremely hard-working and dedicated to her work and I think that is one of the reasons why she finds success coming her way, every time she takes up something.

Navya and I, have been extremely fond of Sukirti right from our DMG days, and have always tried to keep in touch with her. Suku is down to earth and humble when it comes to people who matter to her. We have loved the fact that she never minces words and believes in speaking her heart out! She is very grounded and responsible as a person. 

Today she plays Pia on Pyar Ki Yeh ek Kahani, that has successfully run for over a year on StarOne. 

We did pass on our heartfelt wishes to Sukirti who instantly responded with a thank you and sweet smile! She never lets us down or ever keeps us waiting.

We at Rangmunch.TV are thrilled to have been a part of this journey, where we have seen Sukriti grow and emerge as an actor! We wish has loads of love, luck and Happiness now and forever!!

Happy Birthday Sukirti !!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


Pain Pain Go Away !!

Admit it or not, a masochist lives in all of us. There comes a point, where you want to thrive on pain and derive a certain high on experiencing the same. At the start of this week, Rangmunch.TV decided, we would this time, take a look at some of the stories in TellyLand, that love to keep their audience glued to TV despite pain and suffering.
Yeh Rishta Kya Keh Laata Hai: This is one show, that loves to experience every emotion to the hilt. Whether it is happiness, joy or pain. Every emotion is played to such a point that one cant help but say, please no more! And just when you think, you have had enough, they come up with a happy twist not knowing what to do. What else explains the promos, that have been airing over the last two weeks from the POV of the house the Singhania’s resided in. They have made sure, the viewers stay hooked to the show, since it would force them to think and rethink on their roots and their surroundings and if they have ever held the same at ransom. While this happens, we only hope Naitik Babu earns his dear home back in order for them to share some happy moments.

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge: Rangmunch News and Feedback tells us, this Sony show is enjoying a higher TRP in its late night 11 PM slot when compared to the original. Ashutosh, refuses to let go of pain. And now, unknowingly he has taken Nidhi into his fold since, she has herself gone ahead and linked her life to his. On having seen another side to this man, the stubborn child in her for sure will want to see more of it, thus giving rise to more such cry cry moments, and while Nidhi experiences these emotions, you cry with her too.

Pavitra Rishta: Talking of pain and not mentioning Pavitra Rishta would be like committing a gross atrocity! Archana and Manav, take the cake when it comes to miseries and inviting them into their abode. When that doesn’t happen, they go looking for the same! Well, jokes apart, this is one such couple that has seen through various phases of their life, all of it inter-mingled with mostly pain. Interestingly, its this pain, which gives them the strength to get on with life. The change in face now we are hoping will give us another variety of pain to experience! It is these very emotion  of pain that has brought the two together! The Rangmunch Pain Prize goes to them!

Pyar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani: As if men dont give enough heart break and pain in this world, Pia goes one step ahead and dates a vampire. Whats more, while he tries to run away all the time in the name of protecting her, taking care of her, Pia only grows closer to Abhay each time! After a memory loss, sharing her love with another, dating another, Piya now finally knows she loves the vampire, though she is fully aware of his non-existent heart! The Vampire signifies the dark side of love, its nonreciprocating nature and lack of imperfection that all of us dread in relationships! But when, how many of us actually have fairy tale romances to boast of! This is what makes their love story realistic!

Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon?– Enter Arnav Singh Raizada who, knows just to hurt and give pain! The twist here is, he knows he is doing it, and he knows why as well. And when, he realises his prospective lady love Khushi Kumari Gupta aint getting what he wants to convey, he would not hesitate to shake her up or twist her arm though feminists would hate him, to let her know, she better be hurting since he feels the pain all along! “I go down I take you down with me , only to elevate you eventually, but I will never let you know that come what may!” While most people await their confession, its interesting to note, Arnav off late has only been seen nursing Khushi’s wounds after being the reason for causing them!

But then they say, no pain no gain! All of us love watching these shows only because they make us go through so much emotions locked inside us! We cry with our leads when they cry, and then we start smiling like idiots the moment things get set.

On that note, We wish you all our readers a very Happy Eid and a Wonderful week ahead!

Niharika Vidya Sagar

Rangmunch’s awww and hawww moments the week …!!!


Sukirti Kandpal Shoots despite illness!

All of us love our favorite characters on screen and cant do without them even for a day. The actors also on their part do their bit, in bringing us the best they can. When we fall ill, we obviously rest. But the Actors in the TV land have a different story to tell. The compelling tracks and the constant presence of the leads forces actors to shoot round the clock.

The latest victim of the same being, Sukirti Kandpal, who plays the role of Pia in Pyar ki yeh ek Kahani on StarOne. Sukirti, has been detected with a kidney stone, and is in acute pain, but she continues to shoot. When we got to know of the news we sent our best wishes to Sukirti to which she promptly responded “Thank you for the wishes, the pain is unbearable, and I will take an off if things get worse.” For now she is being a strong girl.

We at Rangmunch wish Sukirti a speedy recovery and hope she gets time to rest and recuperate!  After all we don’t want pain troubling this bubbly girl for too long!

Niharika Vidya Sagar