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IPK Actors Share their New Year Wishes and Plans!!!

Its New Year’s Eve !! All of us have had a wonderful year that went by with a show like Iss Pyaar Ko Kyaa Naam Doon becoming a party of our daily lives! Here’s the actors Barun Sobti, Sanaya Irani who play Arnav and Khushi on the show and Deepali Pansare who plays Payal on the show wishing their fans a Happy New Year!!

Hope You Enjoyed this little treat from Rangmunch.TV!!! 

Edited By,
Niharika Vidya Sagar

Is Arnav Singh Raizada justified?

Who is a more complex specimen…Man or Woman? This is a million dollar question, jiska jawaab dhoondte reh jaaoge. Men always complain that its impossible to understand a woman and the latter always thinks it’s the other way round.
Yesterday while I watched Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, my heart went out for Lavanya as she gracefully walked out of ASR’s life after learning that he does not love her.
While we all know that communication is the key to a healthy relationship, seldom do Men believe in this theory. As much as communication is important, saying it at the right time is equally important which they fail to understand and hence all the misunderstandings and heart-aches.

Arnav Singh Raizada, the man of few words who wears an iron mask and thinks that he is heartless. What Arnav forgot in his life’s battle was that he cannot forcefully rule his heart. He always knew that he never loved Lavanya and neither did she stir any emotions in him, but he still chose to keep her around just to show to the world, that its women who are head over heels for him and to satisfy his male ego.

He fought with his family and forced them to accept Lavanya as his live-in partner, once again to prove to everyone that no one controls his life other than him. When he felt that he was losing control over his emotions for Khushi, he impulsively and to everyone’s surprise declares marriage with Lavanya but then eventually backs out from getting engaged with her.
Yes, we all realize that one should be honest in one’s relationship and it was good on Arnav’s part to let Lavanya know that their relationship holds no future. Nevertheless, time and again in trying to prove a point to himself as well as to everyone around, especially to Khushi Kumari Gupta, least did he realize that he was constantly playing with Lavanya’s emotions and sentiments. Had he not lied to himself then that he can live in a relationship free from any commitment and love, he would not have ended up hurting Lavanya and rest of his family members.
While Arnav’s decision left the entire Family and Khushi in a state of shock, as they are unable to comprehend the situation, Lavanya exactly knew what was bothering Arnav. Yesterday Lavanya reminded me of the first episode wherein she appeared to be the rich, arrogant employee who took a pride in being ASR’s girlfriend and looked down upon “Chamkili.” While in those initial days, the very sight of hers irked me, last night tears trickled down my eyes as she bid goodbye to the Raizada family. The journey from being La to Lavanya was not easy for her, but as they say, “love can make you do things that you never thought possible.”
We hope that someday Lavanya will find her Man who will love her for who she is and make her feel wanted. Meanwhile we the viewers are surely going to miss her.

Swati Ghosh

Arnav: So much to love!

Arnav Singh Raizada, a man with many facets and each facet that only makes you love him more. 

Sometimes in a moment of rage, we do and say things that haunt us for the rest of our lives. Lately Arnav has been living with a sense of guilt and remorse ever since he realized he has wronged Payal. How he wished, he had believed Khushi that night and allowed her to leave rather than thinking that she belonged to the enemy camp, who was there to sabotage his show. His actions not only humiliated Khushi that night, but also put Payal and her parents through immense grief and shattered their dreams. To avoid further embarrassment and for the well being of their family, both the sisters had to leave Lucknow and start living in Delhi.
However, to err is human but it requires much more courage to admit to oneself the wrongdoing and make an effort to mend things. Knowing how egoistic Arnav is as a Man, least did we expect him to repent and show an intense urge to give back to Payal what he had unknowingly taken away from her, in the form of his brother Aakash. He goes to the extent of joining hands with Khushi to bring Payal and Aakash together against all odds.
“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” The precap goes to show a more humane Arnav Singh Raizada, who is not ashamed to admit his fault before Payal and apologizes for the pain he mistakenly caused her.
So don’t forget to tune in to witness a humble ASR in tonight’s episode of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!

Swati Ghosh

Khushi ki Prem Paathshaala-Video

In a show every scene is important as it takes the story forward. But you will be amazed to know the amount of effort that goes into putting up a scene. The cast rehearses the scene innumerable times to get the right emotions and expressions, while the crew also tries to work on setting up the mood and ambience by adjusting the lighting and deciding on the various camera angles.

As Rangmunch.TV believes in bringing forth behind the scene segments of show making, so here’s a small snippet from the show Iss Pyaar ko Kya Naam Doon on Star Plus, where Barun and Sanaya who play Arnav and Khushi are seen rehearsing a forth coming scene to ensure that the viewers eventually get to see the best of them on screen.   

There are additions and instant improvisations made on the spot to enhance the final product.

While you watch this we at Rangmunch tried to dig out who this “AMAN” is to whom Arnav is seen talking to all the time on the phone. For a brief few seconds you see a man in a yellow T shirt taking up some screen space on this footage. Aman is a member of the Direction team and is very much a part of every frame that is shot. It is interesting to note the tongue in cheek humour that the makers subtly try to infuse in the show that goes on to add a personal touch to it. The names you hear, are actually the names of people working in and around the show. A while ago Arnav was also shown to be conversing with Lalit during one of his onscreen conversations. Most of you are already aware that Lalit Mohan also happens to be the Director of the same series.

This scene however was shot by Arshad Khan who is the other Director on the show. The breath taking visuals are provided by our very dear Hrishikesh Gandhi who is also associated with Star One’s Hit show Geet Hui Sabse Parayi.

So now when you watch the above scene, you know of all that happens on the other side of the camera as well.

Happy Viewing!

Niharika Vidya Sagar
Swati Ghosh

Arnav gives Khushi heart burn!

The lastest episodes of Iss Pyaar Ko Kyaa Naam Doon have been nothing but hard to deal with for fans, what with Arnav constantly trying to hurt Khushi in a way that hurts her the most.
On learning Khushi is engaged to another man without his knowledge, Arnav is all out to prove a point to her. He tries to confront and question Khushi only to get defiance as an answer in self-defence.
Since he had no other way to take it out, Arnav chooses to taunt Khushi by telling her how her fiance is of a lower status and how he will not be able to fulfill her fantasies. Whats worse, Arnav goes on to constantly humiliate Khushi by doing things that insult her, like he deliberately makes Lavanya wear a necklace she picks.
The last straw was last night, when Arnav sees Khushi dressed in a bridal attire and is so taken in by her that he ends up rubbing her on the wrong side yet again by saying he would gift the dress to her as a tip. This leaves Khushi totally shattered and heart-broken as she is later seen crying to Lavanya, that one is better off in a dreamland, as harsh-realities often leave one heart-broken!

The two share an amazing connection like always and he is there to witness her moment of break down. This leaves him totally disturbed and he leaves from there.
But the question here is, Arnav in the process of hurting Khushi is totally oblivious to the feelings of Lavanya, who perhaps is totally smitten by the man and looks forward to leading a life with him. While the women do walk away with all the sympathy, Arnav Singh Raizada who is unable to make up his mind and is using all the   wrong buttons to take his life forward is worth empathising with also.

In the coming week, Arnav will take more drastic steps to ensure he gets his peace of mind restored, but it is to be seen if it will make matters worse or better things for the three!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham!

More than often, we experience some heart touching moments in our favourite shows, which either leaves us teary eyed or brings a smile to our face. Yesterday we experienced such moments with two of the most popular JODIS on Television. While in Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, Maaneet brought back the lost smile on the faces of their fans, Arnav and Khushi in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon brought tears in the eyes of their viewers. 

“Tum phikar mat karo Geet mein aa gaya hoon”…As Maan uttered these words to Geet, the viewers rejoiced and breathed a sigh of relief to see Maaneet together in one frame after an entire week.
In time of deep despair and complete loneliness, the one person you yearn for, if he or she appears before you, the moment will surely leave you shell shocked and speechless. That is exactly what happened to Geet when she saw Maan standing right in front of her. She looked at him in disbelief as they met under unexpected circumstances. However, the moment Geet recovered from her state of shock, she hugged Maan tightly to not let go of him while tears trickled down her eyes. She was overwhelmed to see that her Babaji had sent Maan just when she needed him the most. Geet’s fears peaked after realising she was being followed and cornered in Maan’s absence. She tried to bravely face her Stalker, only to realise it was no child’s play. Totally flustered and out of her senses due to shock, Geet found solace and felt secure in her Maan’s arms. She was finally HOME!

“My mind tells me to give up but my heart won’t let me” ~ Anon. Yesterday, one could see the pain and anguish that Arnav was going through as he watched Khushi slowly WALK OUT of the Raizada House and from his LIFE too. For the very first time, the fear of losing the sight of Khushi forever was so evident on his face. He had already started to miss Khushi but did not want any one to sense his restlessness and anxiety. While he was trying to battle the entire world portraying anger and frustration, he miserably failed in front of one – HIMSELF! Even though he hated himself for getting affected by Khushi, Arnav could never stop his heart from being drawn towards her. Despite yelling at Khushi, deep down his heart, Arnav wanted to hold her back and never let go. He was almost on the brink and would have surely melted only if Khushi at that very moment had embraced him, affirming that her heart equally beats for him. We hope that the tug of war between the heart and mind soon ends and both Arnav and Khushi realize and admit their LOVE for each other.

Swati Ghosh


…And thats why it is Khushi and not La !!


Its a century for Iss Pyaar Ko… Kya Naam Doon !!


We started shooting for Iss Pyaar Ko….in flat 8 days- Rajesh Chadha!

Rajesh Chadha, the Producer (Panglosean Entertainment) of Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon, is in the seventh heaven with his show touching a century  . The show has become a craze with the youth with the amazing chemistry shown between Barun and Sanaya who play Arnav and Khushi on the show. The freshness, the innocence and the mass appeal drama has made it No. 2 in the TRP list. We at Rangmunch contacted and congratulated  Mr. Chaddha  on having touched this milestone and asked him how he feels about the show , the cast, the crew and overall euphoria .
“I’m extremely happy and proud of my team and my viewers for having touched 100 episodes today. Its always an honor to be appreciated . The audience have given us much love in accepting this wonderful story. I always thank my team before I thank anyone else. Without them , nothing would have been possible. Let me tell you that this show came through in flat  8 days. We got confirmation to start the show on 7th April and and by 15th April we started shooting at an outdoor location with choppers. In seven days if we could  pull off such a start to the show, its because of the team I have. The patience and all hard work they have put in this is  commendable. People tend to leave under pressure, but my team stuck on with each other from then till now.”

“One person I would sincerely like to thank is Nissar Parvez”Nissar is a great guy. He helped us immensely in setting  up the show in the start. He is the one Director I really look up to. He is an ace when it comes to such intense subjects. The writers also have put in their efforts in coining different phrases and lines for the actors. The different departments have worked more than their share and gave it a No 2 position in such a short span.”
“One person who has pleasantly shocked me is “Sanaya”. I was a bit skeptical initially as she had worked in Mile Jab Hum Tum, where she played a diametrically opposite character. I was  with  Endemol when that show aired. I was not sure if she could do Khushi convincingly but she has gotten into the skin of the character so beautifully, that its  truly amazing. She is a stunner and has given more than herself to this character. The jalebi bit has its own history too. In fact my mom is diabetic and when so much jalebi is shown, she complains of how she cant have it, and we have only added on to her craving levels”
“It feels great to touch such heights in such a short span and we promise to give more to the viewers in the future.”
We at Rangmunch congratulate the team of IPKKND once more on completion of 100 episodes.
CHEERS Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon….!!!!

Interviewed by:
Niharika Vidya Sagar
Edited by:
Navyanka Varma

Anjali an anti-thesis of Arnav: will tables turn?

She has been a loving sister, an obedient, dutiful and daughter of the household and most importantly an understanding and caring wife. Everyone who meets Anjali on Iss Pyaar ko kya Naam Doon? falls in love with her sweetness, simplicity and her accommodating nature.  She has been that string that has held the entire Raizada family together. Arnav totally dotes on her and treats her as a mother figure, and someone who is an indispensable part of his life. Anjali also shares a wonderful rapport with Khushi and Payal. 

She has been shown as a religious person, with immense faith in god and things around her. So the question arises, what will happen when the world around her changes, since its most likely to happen in the days to come. Anjali has shown so much faith in husband Shyam and what his says and does, that your heart goes out to her when you think of what he is doing behind her back. Anjali is that one factor that binds almost every character on the show to another, so much so that the other day when Payal was hurt, she actually was strong willed enough to go against her own mami and tell her she was wrong! The subtle yet strong actions from time and again is what makes Anjali a true sister to ASR in every respect! Don’t forget she was the very same girl who struck a deal with Khushi, when it came to working in their house!

Having said all this, in my opinion, Anjali is one such character that has the makings of a person that can undergo a total sea change! If we look at the current scenario, she has realized Khushi is that one person who can influence Arnav’s life. Anjali may even be smart enough to gauge there is more than what meets the eye! She may encourage it too knowing fully well, this could be a road to her brother’s happiness. She will leave no stone unturned to find the key to her brother’s heart! 

What will happen however, when she learns this very Khushi has been the reason for her marital turmoil that she has been blissfully unaware of? They say, a known devil is better than an unknown angel. Anjali loves her husband to death, but is totally oblivious to the occurances and the feelings of his heart ! The amount of faith she has in him, could also for a moment lead her to believe he cannot possibly be wrong! Love loves denial and make belief realities and Anjali has every reason to blame Khushi for the same, if Shyam pushes the blame on Khushi to save his face!

However, a thought that has been playing in my head for a while, asks … What if tables turn? We know Arnav is a cold, brutal cynical man who has no faith, trust or belief in anyone. This however is now perhaps slowly changing with Khushi gradually making her way into his heart. There could be a day, in the near future when he starts to give life a chance again and live it the way it needs to be lead. He may start smiling more, giving more, loving more! At this point in time, what if Anjali learns, her husband has been cheating on her without knowing who the woman is? She may start to hate Khushi anyway, knowingly and unknowingly! One, for having lost her brother’s attention and affection to another woman, and two for being that unknown other woman in her husbands life! Would this lead to Anjali turning into another ASR while the sibling dons the role of an Anjali? Sounds too drastic doesn’t it? Well, I don’t know ! With whatever little I have gathered of Anjali, and how the story primarily focuses on how much she means to Arnav, and how much Shyam means to her, I am only forced to believe, anything changing drastically in their world could change Anjali as a whole! 

We know the worst is on its way, and hope she as a character gets the strength to handle this tsunami and portray consistency in character. After all, no one wants to see people losing faith in humanity, relationships and optimism! You just stop living then right?

These two indeed are perfect brother and sister and their characters have been etched with extreme depth and they have been interwoven with one another to the minutest of detail!

Niharika Vidya Sagar