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International Segment: Recommends Humsafar! Episode # 7 update

Love is in the Air!!
Love is a simple emotion – pure, beautiful, and wholesome. It is the small everyday things that one does for each other that makes loving someone as effortless and natural as breathing. Ashar and Khirad’s marriage may have begun on a sour note but it is their inherent honesty that compels them to discover each other and build a future together with love as a foundation.
‘The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love someone else’
There is nothing more painful than to watch the person you love so deeply, in turn falling in love with someone else right in front you. There are some who lock themselves up and give in to the feeling of having lost, and there are others who refuse to give in to the feeling of utter helplessness and do everything in their power to win back their love. Sara belongs to the latter and sees it beneath herself to even accept the fact that Ashar is moving ahead without her. Casting insults at Khirad in a veiled manner under the guise of her outspokenness is one way of ensuring she gets ‘her Ashar’ back.
But did she ever have him in the first place? Its evident she never did. Since love is blind and in her case, even deaf, Sara shows no signs of relenting easily.
Rangmunch Moment of the Episode: Declaration of Love!
‘Main Ashar se Bepanah mohabbat karne lagi hoon’

Can this feeling of realization that you have fallen in love, deeply, sincerely, and irrevocably with someone, be ever adequately explained in words? I think not. This is something that needs to be felt.
And feel we do, in this very scene where more than mere words are exchanged between Ashar and Khirad. Khirad glows with the knowledge and power of love while Ashar sits down beside her to complete the canvas that is created on screen. A thousand words are spoken between them with their eyes while just a few choicest of them pass their lips. Two people come together as strangers who don’t believe in ‘us’ and slowly, with patience, understanding, and the virtue of being themselves, find a way into each others hearts.
On a personal note, this is one of the best declarations of love I have ever seen – A simple sketch of love in its purest form!
Rangmunch Performance of the Episode: Dialogues!
Watch the episode and you will know why the dialogues without an iota of doubt walk away with the Rangmunch Performance of the Episode tag.
The dialogues have become the soul of the scenes in this episode. For the first time in many moons, I was going back and forth to drink in the words. Here are few of them you carry in your heart and mind, well into the night to snuggle with, after watching this episode.

* “Kabhi kabaar mujhe lagta hai jaise tum mujhe kisi neki ke badle mil gayi ho, kisi sachchi dil se nikli dua ke badle” ~ Ashar admits to Khirad that he is very lucky to have her in his life.
* “Mrs. Ashar Hussain, aap jo marzi karle aap hamesha khoobsurat lagti hain” Seeing Khirad blush at his praise, he teases her further by saying, “Ab agar aapne sharmaliya to chalen”.
* “Tum bahut achchi lag rahi thi Khirad, balki itni achchi lag rahi thi ki mujhe dar lag raha tha ki meri hi nazar na lag jaaye” Ashar reassures Khirad when she doubts her choice of dress for Sara’s birthday party.
* “Main Ashar se bepanah mohabbat karne lagi hoon. Mera dil karta hain ki main poori ki poori Ashar ki pasand ke saanche mein dhal javoon. Jo Ashar ko pasand hain woh apna loon, jo unhe na pasand hai woh hamesha keliya chod doon” ~ Khirad writes about her feelings for Ashar to her best friend Afsheen. 

* “Aur ye nahi bataya apni dost ko ki tum mujshe kitni mohabbat karti ho. Ke jab main koi bhi kaam kar raha hota hoon, tum mujhe tiktiki baandke dekhti rehti ho aur jab  main tumhe dekhta hoon tum aankhon mein aankhe daal ke nahi dekhti ho jaise ki abhi” ~ Ashar to Khirad
*Main itna khush hoon ki khushi ka lavz mere liye chota padta hain” ~ Ashar on how happy he is with her. 

* “Lekin woh (Khirad) jaise bhi hai woh mere liye bahut eham hai” ~ Ashar reinforces Khirad’s importance in his life to Sara. 

* “Khirad, tum mere liye bahut khaas ho. Kabhi bhi apne aap ko kamtar mat samajhna, warna mujhe lagega ki mere pyaar mein koi kami reh gayi” ~ Ashar repeatedly reassures Khirad of his unconditional love for her with these heartening words. 
 A Special Mention: Director’s Vision!
An episode where dialogues took center stage, there is a particular scene devoid of words that need a special mention. This scene of 30 seconds has redefined the word ‘drama’ for me. After her birthday party in which Sara goes all out to be rude to Khirad in front of her friends, she is shown standing in front of a mirror, retiring for the night. The expressions on Sara’s face clearly underline what she is feeling – a feeling of triumph of having put her tormentor in place all by herself. Watch out for her body language that reeks of achievement and sense of pride in herself for doing what she did. Kudos to the director for placing that scene in the sequence, which effectively and seamlessly lifts the narrative a few notches higher. Naveen Waqar needs an ovation for this scene.
Precap for Episode # 8:

One can smell jealousy in this one and half-minute preview of episode 8. Khirad is seen entering a college for her higher education where she meets someone named Khizar. We will have to wait a wee bit longer to know who Khizar is and why is he seen at Ashar’s home. Is there going to be trouble in paradise?

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Do you have your favourite scene of this episode? Please feel free to share it with us. And which of the above dialogues still remain with you well after you have watched the episode?
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