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News Bar: The Week Ahead!!

Sasural Genda Phool at 7:30pm on Star Plus
Suhana decides to pleasantly surprise Ishaan and therefore does not inform him about her coming back to Bombay. Meanwhile Ishaan is trying to help Sona to be away from the clutches of her obsessive and abusive husband. However, to avoid any complications in his personal life, Ishaan decides to hide it from Suhana, and not let her know what is happening in Sona’s life. Will this hide and seek turn out to be fatal for Ishaan?

Balika Vadhu at 8:00pm on Colors
Nothing is worse than breaking an innocent heart and that is the crime that both Jagat and Gauri have done. Both Shivani and Gunda Tai on knowing the truth about Anandi, breaks all their ties with Gauri and Jagat. While they are now without a home, the precap revealed that it was Jagat’s father, Bhairav Singh who had paid for Gauri’s education. Will this revelation prove to be the turning point in Gauri and Jagat’s relationship?
Kuch Toh Log Kahenge at 8pm on Sony Entertainment Televsion:
The week ended with Niddhi and Ashutosh coming face to face at the Dargah, where Armaan and Rohan tells them that there is no point in shying away from the fact that they Love one another, since both Niddhi and Ashutosh have confessed their love for each other in front of Armaan and Rohan respectively. So will the viewers eventually get to see a confession tonight?

Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai at 8:30pm on Star Plus:
Viren brings Manvi home and surprises Jeevika on her birthday. While Jeevika is thrilled to see Manvi, Swamini’s smile fades away. Will Manvi’s presence bring happiness or create further problems for Jeevika? Will this trip of Manvi give way to a new love story between her and Viraat? Lets wait and watch!!

Bade Acche Lagte Hai at 10:30pm on Sony Entertainment Televsion:
Who is Apeksha? Why is the entire family trying to keep her identity under wraps? A million dollar question to which we all want an answer along with Priya, but looks like the makers want to play around with the mystery for some more time. Meanwhile will Ayesha get to know the truth about Natasha’s abortion? Tune in to watch the drama unfold.

Maryada Lekin Kab Tak at 11pm on Star Plus

Gaurav reveals his gay status to his father Brahmanand Jhakkar and to everyone’s surprise, Brahmanand reacts in the most unusual manner. He instantly accepts Gaurav and Karan’s relationship and paints Devyani black in front of Aditya. However Brahmanand goes back to his room and vents out his anger as Gaurav’s words keep playing in his head. Will Devyani be able to unmask Brahmanand before Aditya and the rest of her family?

Rangmunch.TV wishes every one a great week ahead!!! 

Swati Ghosh

Shailaja And Eshwar : Do Second Chances Work ?

Should Shailaja give her long gone husband a second chance ? Should she give him the way to her heart and her family ?
Shailaja holds the family together with all the right values, great ideals, and correct thinking. She is the bond and the connect that all the memebers look up to.Her essence and presence is the founder of the Kashyap family.But now all seems to be looking up to her for different reasons.
Recently Eshwar’s entry has created a havoc in the Kashyap household.His coming home has stired unexplainable emotions in Shailaja.At times we see her melting and at times we see her withdrawn from Eshwar. As a wife she wants her husband to be there with her and as a woman , a grave wrong and injustice  has been done . She is a bag of mixed feelings which is not getting an opening. Eshwar’s mother feels Shelja’s pain and understands her from a woman’s point of view. But is all this enough to forgive Eshwar?Today we see for the first time Shailaja questioning Eshwar as to why he left their family and was the life he lead in US more fulfilling than the one he left here ?Eshwar without mincing  words apologises from his heart and accepts his faults and wants another chance.Knowing the soft, calm and the large heart Shailaja has , will she find it in her to give Eshwar a second chance ? Will she have a complete family again? All we can do is wait and watch .Do tune to Sasural Genda Phool on Star Plus at 7.30pm


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News Baar : The Week Back And Forth

Hawan: Good Wins Over Evil

Hari Om ! is what all chanted when finally Atharva and Aastha came together. Inspite of all the plotting and scheming by Keerat , the best man won the title of the groom. Keerat tried all possible evil ways to win Aastha but towards the end the tables completely turned and what you least expected happened. Keerat himself backed away with  accepting  defeat and gracefully bowed down. Whether that was the doing of Baapji ‘s mystical divine power or Keerat’s own conscious pricking , everything worked out in Atharva’s favour. When you think all is finally good , a speed breaker comes across and this time it is  in form of Trishna. Her accusing the villagers for stealing the ” Khandani Zevar ” has  put Baapji in a tough spot.Will Trishna apologise or will her ego come in the way? Will Baapji step forward and apologise on Trishna’s behalf ?To see the upcoming drama, tune to Hawan on Colors.
Pratigya : On a Mission

Shakti’s wedding plans to Menaka is finally coming together. Menaka and her family are obviously scheming to get what all they can by roping in Shakti by using the old age fashion formula, that is Menaka’s beauty..On the other hand Pratigya is low and restless with the thought of handing over Samar to a new person who she has doubts about. Not all his well in Tanmay and Arushi’s life too.Tanmay refuses to believe that Arushi and Shakti had no marital relation with each other when they were married. In spite of Arushi explaining umpteen number of times of nothing happening between her and Shakti  , insecurity is killing  their relationship .Pratigya now plays a smart hand by accepting Menaka and decides to take  the ” Shagun”  to their home unannounced.Will the truth come out in time to save Samar’s future? Keep watching Pratiyga on Star Plus.

Maryada , Lekin  kab tak : Roller Coaster Ride for Brahmanand

All hell has broken loose in the Jharkhand parivaar.Devyani has taken the divorce issue seriously and thrown the papers  on Brahmanand’s face. What started of as just a threat to give Devyani a little jolt has now proven detrimental to Brahmanand’s plans. He cant stop cursing hisimself for the stupid idea. What was intended as  a scare is now scaring him in the face. Gaurav’s confession to Aditya has made things very uncomfortable between both the brothers.Vidya is trying to soothe the situation with a disturbed Gaurav.Vidya  also requests Aditya not to mention about all this to Priya. To see how all overcome this  crisis , do watch Maryada on Star Plus.

Sasural Genda Phool : Baby steps

Suhana is now learning the ways of life, as she takes up the responsiblity of running a house alone in Mumbai. After having invited Sona and her husband for dinner, where Eshaan discovers something being fishy, Ehshaan by the end of the week learns from Sona that her husband is so overly possessive of her that, he wouldnt mind hurting her. Suhana on the other hand goes to pay the electricity bill and is appalled at the attitude of the man at the counter, when he says she will have to wait for an hour more to pay her bill. Suhana’s father is pleasantly surprised to see this change in his daugther after having talked to her on the phone.
On the other hand in the Kashyap household tension is still brewing, with the drama of accepting  ( dont rememberr the name-badi’s husband) him i9nto the household. Dadi tells Badi, that she had seen Babuji reading his sons letter and shedding tears remembering him. This leaves Badi in a fix, as she starts to think she is the only obstacle that is preventing the father from making amends with his son.
So the precap of the week suggests, Ehsaan and Sona are exchanging texts, and Sona’s husband has seen the same. In the coming days will we see Suhana doubting Ehshan too, considering he would want to be there for his friend?

Navya: True Lies

With Navya in the work front , one must think all is hunky dory between Anant and Navya, but thats far from it.Navya is enjoying this phase of independance as it comes with the blessing of her in laws, or so she thnks..Last few episodes have shown all the family is getting geared to go for Navya’s dadaji’s barsi to luckhnow but because of not getting leave Navya has to cancel her going. Anant ‘s father comes to know that Navya is working and that too without their permission. All hell breaks loose and Anant finally steps in and says that he gave her the go ahead to work.Basically to Navya he lied .Now Mr. Bajpayee has a stern word with Navya’s dad and tells him authoritatively that he wants her to quit.Navya is shocked by this statement as all along she thought she was working with their consent . What will happen when she comes to know that Anant lied to her ?Will she understand why he did what he did or will she never forgive him ?Keep watching Navya everywek night on Star Plus.

Navyanka Varma
Niharika Sagar


Dil Toh Baccha Hai Jee!!

The fondest memories we have generally are those of childhood and the years spent in blissful oblivion, innocence and loads of hope in your eyes of growing up into an adult in order to fulfill all those dreams and turn them into a reality ! However as time progresses life changes and what you wish for, and what you do may not always concur. When they do you are happy, but  when it doesn’t, you do tend to look back and reminisce those years of your life and wonder at times … “I wish I were still a child”

Today is Children’s Day, and is definitely not a holiday anymore since we have grown into adults and have passed out of school. However, no matter how old we grow, all of us like to believe, the child in us remains intact and there are some instances and moments when the same comes to the fore front! 

Our favorite shows greatly contribute to the same since we watch these stories day in and day out and observe and imbibe mannerisms that are so childlike hence adorable! Over to the TV Lok Junta and the child like qualities we like about them …

Suhana (Sasural Genda Phool): Today she is still working towards becoming that perfect wife to Ishaan, and struggling her way through in Mumbai, but Suhana is a child at heart. That is what makes her lovable. She loves Ishaan with all her heart, but she at times says and does the cutest things in the world out of utter ignorance. Here is the tale of a rich spoilt child ready to learn from her mistakes, not because she was ever wrong, but because she had the heart to accept there can be two ways of looking at the same thing and both being right.

Gopi (Saath Nibhaana Saathiya): Though many people swear by her utter stupidity at times, what stands out in the case of Gopi Bahu is her childlike belief and faith in people and things around her. Not once does she ever doubt any one’s intentions, neither does she waste time in forgiving a wrong doer. Amidst all this, she also loves her husband with all her heart selflessly. Where do we find people like that for real? Are you still wondering why the show has managed to stay on Top all through the year?

Archana (Pavitra Rishta): At a time when education is the most important part of growing up years, Archana wins your hearts straight away because she gave up her education for the sake of her other sisters and family. She is an epitome of virtues and has the brains. She proves education is not everything, though she does take it up later on in life. One looks at Archana, pauses for a moment, and feels for her since they wish she had a better life and things have for sure been unfair to her.

Geet (Geet Hui Sabse Parayi): At 18 when you are married off and abandoned, and you are also carrying the child of a man who you will perhaps never meet, life forces you to grow up sooner than you would want to. But Geet Handa forces you to re-think since she doesnt give up on life. She is filled with so much positivity that she even manages to melt a stern hearted man like Maan Singh Khurana. She later not only fights for her justice, but also is magnanimous enough to forgive the man who ruined her life, just for the sake of her love! Now that she is happily married, her husband Maan Singh Khurana ensures his dear wife gets to have the childhood she never had and supports her all along!

Sarika and Sandhya (Beend Banoonga Ghodi Chadoonga and Diya aur Baati Hum): Sarika reminds you of one of those girls in school who have a strong ambition yet know the need to balance family with profession. Sandhya on the other hand is someone who is so driven by ambition, that she knows no other world. Both these women have a similar situation, where they had to compromise their own personal dreams for the sake of a family set up they haven’t been comfortable around. They still try and emerge victorious in whatever little ways they can. These girls force you to sit back and think, should I have also believed in my dreams and let them take shape?

Khushi Kumari Gupta (Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon): Our dear Jalebi Bai, is a total nut case. Why? She sulks and makes Jalebis to get rid of the same. A staunch believer of Devi Maiyya and listen to your heart slogan, Khushi appeals to most people who watch her for her strong contrast in behavior as the need arises. For a minute she is bubbly and happy, the very next she is glum and serious when the need arises. In an episode very recently when she is engaged off to Shyam against her wishes and her sister checks on her, the sweet spirited girl responds,  “Humara Naam hi Khushi Hai, hum khush kyun nahi honge?” Sanka Devi as she is called by her Bua is a child at heart, and is hence loved by all equally including Khadoos Arnav Singh Raizada who cant ignore her even if he chooses to.

Never let the child in you die! No matter what goes wrong, what course life takes and the lessons it teaches, never stop to smile and fulfill those child like urges for your own sake! Time adds years to you, but never forget the person rising inside is the same you!

Niharika Vidya Sagar

News Bar: The Week Back and Forth…!

Rangmunch.TV is once again back with the weekly snippets of your favourite shows!!!

Sasural Genda Phool (Star Plus): Try try till you succeed is Eshwar’s motto these days. Eshwar is trying even harder than before to get accepted back but is failing miserably. Even the accident doesn’t bring out the soft and sympathetic side in his Bauji. However, the accident manages to stir the wifely concern in Shaileja. A very interesting and meaning full interaction is seen between Shaileja and Rano where Shaileja tries to comprehend and assimilate her feelings for Eshwar. She questions this concern and is baffled by her ranging emotions towards the man who deserted her two decades back. On the other hand Suhana and Ishaan are trying to find answers to questions pertaining to Sona. Ishaan is all confused with Sona’s attitude and temperament. Lets see where the answers lie. Hope all gets sorted out and good times knock on the doors of our Kashyap family.

Dharampatni (Imagine TV): This week Kastur’s mother-in-law, Saroj, openly admits to Kastur that she hates her and will never accept her as her daughter-in-law. Though this admission leaves Kastur shell-shocked for a while, she recovers soon based on what she had learnt from her grandmother that love conquers all, even ones who are filled with hatred. A moment of awww was witnessed at the way Kastur promptly tries to put her restless husband to sleep in the dead of the night by singing a old song – udan khatola. And yes, it worked! Mohan went to sleep in a jiffy listening to Kastur’s soothing voice and his forehead being lovingly stroked by the gentle hand of Kastur. Double Awwww!! It was a cute moment filled with her devotion for her husband, her innocence, and her belief that she can and will do anything to provide comfort for her husband. After all isn’t this virtue what makes her a dharampatni? 
Yet another layer of Mohan is revealed during this week that he is heavily into gambling. While Mohan softens towards Kastur forming the lighter moments of the show, his past soon catches up with him in the form of the fake degree that is submitted for application of loan at his father-in-law’s friend’s firm. In the coming week, will Mohan be able to sidestep scrutiny and get the loan sanctioned? 
Uttran (Colors): Once again Tapasya and Nani’s idea to humiliate Iccha before the Bundela pariwaar fails miserably because Veer loves and trust Iccha more than anyone in this world. Even though he is disappointed with Iccha and Rathod for keeping him in the dark but he does not hold it against either of them. Meanwhile will Rathod get to know the truth behind the Ploice Raid and the person responsible for the same? Will he understand Tapasya’s insecurities as a woman and mother or hold it against her is what we need to see in the forth coming week.
Saath Nibhana Saathiya (Star Plus): Rashi just refuses to learn from her mistakes. She is hell bent on making situations worse for her. This week, Rashi and her scheming mother have plotted and pitched the ball called Kinjal and have declared a war with Kokila. No matter how estranged their relationship is, when it comes to the well being of her children, you cant touch the MOTHER LIONESS. With the ball in Kokila’s court, you just know she will hit a winner. Kinjal, though with this turn of events couldn’t be more happier and is showing signs of never going back to her sasural. But if she knows her mom, like we all do, Kokila will not let Kinjal stay more than a day and will pack her off to sasural. With this twist, will Rashi get an entry back in the Modi house? Will the mother daughter duo beat Kokila this time? Catch the ladies of the Modi Pariwar in action next week.
Hawan (Colors): Keerat or Atharva? Who will be the groom? This week, Keerat declares war by openly stating his love for Aastha. He manages to free himself from the clutches of the villagers and lands up at the mandap. The whole drama unveils when Keerat firmly reminds Baapji that he has given him the blessing to go ahead with his marriage plans. Atharva like a silent lover is watches all this because of his immense respect for his father. The BOMB explodes when Baapji tells both the would-be-grooms to race to the Devi ma’s mandir and get the sindoor. Who so ever gets the sindoor first will then marry Aastha. Both Keerat and Atharva get ready for the RACE of their life. To see who wins the the title of the GROOM, log on to a Monday episode of Hawan.
Maryada Lekin Kab Tak (Star Plus): Maryada is on a high point with Vidya, Gaurav and Chinu  triangle. Gaurav who has been missing for sometime is finally found and rescued by Aditya. Priya on the other hand is constantly trying to make  Chinu understand and let go of the Vidya obsession, as it will bring in a TORNADO in the house. But Chinu being the man in love refuses to listen to logic and is ready to do about anything to get his lady love. However, we know Vidya’s heart only lies with Gaurav. What will happen when all come face to face with Gaurav’s truth and Vidya’s dilemma? With the Maha episode being aired today, one can only wait and watch.

Balika Vadhu (Colors): Our Lady in distress, Anandi is finally freed from the clutches of the goons by none other than her Jagiya. Jagiya’s immense faith in Anandi and his quick presence of mind saved Anandi from her tormentors. Even though Jagiya and Anandi are no longer living together as a couple but their souls are connected. As Anandi breathed a sigh of relief on seeing Jagiya and embraced him, the moment definitely left the viewers with teary eyes and a deep sigh. Will Anandi and her family find out the mastermind behind this abduction? Will Jagiya’s faith in Anandi create further rift between him and Gouri? Well watch it to know it! 

We wish everyone a great weekend !!!

Swati Ghosh
Navyanka Varma

News Bar: The Week Back and Forth…!

Rangmunch.TV is back with an entire week’s round up on your favourite shows.

Sasural Genda Phool (Star Plus): Eshwar’s entry to the Kashyap household brings in huge tornado. Tension mounts by the day, which results in clash and outbursts from Bauji to his not so wanted son Eshwar. No matter how genuine Eshwar’s efforts are in wanting to get back, one must pay penance for ones mistakes and misgivings. Eshwar therefore has a long, painful road ahead. In the city of Mumbai, Suhana is trying her best to be the ideal homemaker but poor thing can’t just get it right. She is adorable as a messy and goofy Suhana and for that we completely love her. She is trying her best to make things work (thumbs up for that). Suhana for all you know might be that one person to bring back the sunshine and remove the dark clouds from the Kashyap family. Will things get resolved with the Kashyap ‘s or will it take turn for the worse? Will Suhana be that ray of hope to get things right? Do not miss the Monday episode to know more.

Dharampatni (Imagine TV): While Kastur is trying to fit into the Gala parivaar and keep everyone happy, she also ends up taking the blame for things that is not her fault at all. This does not go unnoticed by Mohan who is slowly warming up to her presence in his life. Mohan and Kastur spend some lighter moments getting to know each other making those scenes the highlights of the week. On a serious note, all through the week, we saw Kastur’s mother in law, Saroj, continue to be hell bent on misunderstanding Kastur’s good intentions. Despite Mohan’s attempt at explaining Kastur’s innocence to his mother, Saroj fails to see Kastur as anything but a conniving, unworthy wife for her son. How soon will Kastur’s selfless, thoughtful nature win over the mother-son duo is something we will have to wait and watch. Will at least one of them open their hearts to her this coming week? Let us hope so. 
Bade Acche Lagte Hai (Sony): Priya unknowingly falls prey to Siddharth’s plan and convinces Ram to allow her to conduct the communication skills training for his employees. While Ashwin thinks that Priya is all ready to rekindle the old flames, least does he know that he is digging his own grave by trying to get close to Priya. The compatibility quiz that Priya plays with Ram was the cutest moment. “Aloo Paratha” is Ram’s computer password, does that surprise anyone??
Hawan (Colors): Keerat is not only upto his tricks to create disturbance and misunderstandings between Atharva and Aastha but very tactfully uses Baapji too. During the mehendi ceremony Keerat tries his malicious ways to be one up with Aastha but fails miserably. This not only riles him up but also gets him more determined than ever to ruin all the marriage rituals. On the other hand Samar Singh is adamant to stop the construction of the hospital and this time gets the village people and plays a very smart hand in name of religion. This definitely brings the much-awaited twist in the story. Baapji’s decision does not falter and he goes on to tell everyone that all will go according to the prescribed plan. The coming week will show major conflicting emotions as Atharva and Baapji will face obstacles in the name of Keerat and Samar Singh.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya (Star Plus): “Jhoot bole kauwa kaate kale kauwe se dario, tu maike chali jayegi tu dekhti rahiyo.” It was indeed a very happy moment for all the viewers to see Rashi finally get exposed before the entire Modi family. While Kokila was always suspicious about Raashi’s intentions and kept a strict eye on her, it came as a major shock to Jigar’s mother who could not believe that Raashi had been lying to them from day one. As the verdict is given to Raashi to leave the house, it would now be interesting to see how Raashi’s mother deals with this situation and turns things in favour of her daughter.
With this Rangmunch.TV wish you all a very Happy Weekend !!!

Swati Ghosh

The Aww and Haww Moments of the Week!!!!




Sasuraal Genda Phool: Will Suhana realise whats going wrong?

A girl as pampered and loved as Suhana suddenly has become the person that the entire family is irked at. On one hand, one feels she doesnt know better, but on the other, when we sit to think we realize its about time she took up some responsiblity.
What do you think Suhanas family should now do? Will she remain the apple of their eye or will she become an issue of contention in the coming days?
What would you do,  if you were her family?
Share your ideas and thoughts with the Rangmunch.TV family!

Rangmunch.TV Team

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