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Must Watch : Saas Bina Sasural

And its celebrations galore in Chaturvedi Family….
Chaturvedi family of Saas Bina Sasural past witnessing some heart storming twist after Tej went missing is engaged in various hues of celebrations now!
It looks like the festivities in the family is here to stay!!! After concluding a Chappan Bhog pooja on Tej’s return and after the family rejoicing and celebrating Tej’s comeback on the show, everyone is looking forward to another big event in the family.
All are geared up for the celebration of Tej & Toasty’s anniversary…  The D Day is just a few days away and it appears that the entire family will convene and mark the anniversary celebrations in an extremely exceptional way and make it a memorable one for both Tej & Toasty. Lots is in the pipeline as far as the planning for this one goes and lots will unfold for the leading couple as a pleasant surprise.  
This unquestionably is a BIG day in both Tej & Toasty’s life.  Here’s to more such occasions and celebrations in the family!!!

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Must Watch : Saas Bina Sasural

Chaturvedi family  shaken at Tej’s demise in Saas Bina Sasural!
The lead protagonist of Saas Bina Sasural – Tejprakash Chaturvedi’s death has left Chaturvedi family  completely distraught  and upset! Toasty’s hope of meeting Tej in the hospital after getting a call from the hospital management about Tej being there falls apart when she discovers that this is not her Tej but some Tej Singh that they were referring to.  Toasty is still hopeful that Tej is alive and shall come back soon.  Toasty’s hope comes alive after discovering that someone has debited money from Tej’s account and rushes to his client to go and meet him.  Entire Chaturvedi family is mourning over this tragic incident and is  expectant of Tej’s return.

Will Tej come back? Will Chaturvedi Family be able to bear this loss??

Tune In to find out this week on Saas Bina Sasural only on Sony Entertainment Television
Wednesday, 23rd November at 10:00pm
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