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A Son caught between FIRE and FLAME!

Yesterday my heart ached for Suraj as he faced the wrath of his family. He has always been an ideal son, an ideal brother but last night he paid a heavy price for being an ideal husband.
While Bhabho is extremely upset and angry with Sandhya for having gone and cast her vote, what made matters worse was the revelation that it all happened with Suraj’s knowledge. Bhabho could not believe that her dear son gave permission to Sandhya to do something that she completely disapproved of.

Ever since Suraj got married, Bhabho has been insecure like any other mother who feels that she is slowly losing control over her Son.
As much as we understand her turmoil, we also realize the situation that Suraj is currently in, where he is trying to do the balancing act between the two most important women in his life…one being his mother who is the reason for his existence while the other being his wife who is his ‘ardhangini’, his better half.  Suraj is walking on a tight rope where his love and loyalty towards both these women is constantly under trial.  
While Bhabho is feeling threatened with Sandhya’s presence in her son’s life, how justified is she in feeling the way she does?
We often see Men in the real world being in similar situations as Suraj. So what do you think a man should do in the given scenario? Should he take sides or just stay away?
Do tune in and watch Diya aur Baati Hum at 9pm every week night to see how the story unfolds.

Swati Ghosh
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Must Watch

Dekha Ek Khwaab

Komal will enquire Jaynandini about her feelings for Jagat.Later, a man will be seen tracing Murari and probing about his whereabouts from an unfamiliar person.To know more tune to Sony TV  weeknights at 8.45 pm

Navya Varma

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Saath Nibhana Sathiya

It still tops the charts with higest Trp this week
Television Rating :5.83%

Balika Vadhu

It is climbing the charts
Television Rating : 5.40%

Kaun Banega Crorepati

The finale week made the show all the more popular
Television Rating: 5.37%

Bade Achche Lagte Hai

The Honeymoon special has made its way to no 4 spot
Television Rating :3.92%

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

The Drama continues giving it a push
Television Rating :3.73%

Crime Patrol

More of realistic life altering episodes coming up
Television Rating: 3.59%

Dia Aur Baati Hum

The show is making way into the hearts of the people
Television Rating :3.54%

Pratigya : Mann ki Awaaz

The leap has given the show a stable spot at no 8
Television Rating: 3.34%

Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon

The show is running on high emotions
Television Rating :3.24%


The show  slips on to no 10 place
Television Rating :3.13

( Rangmunch .Tv)

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International Segment: Popcorn! “The Adventures of Tintin – The Secret of the Unicorn” (3D)

(Pop! goes the corn – Salt Cheese and Caramel
 We pick the movies apart, kernel by kernel  

You rate it ‘Salt’ when the movie is bad and don’t care ‘Cheese’ is when you like it and call it just fair  

Sweet ‘Caramel’ it is when you want to see it once more 
Is the movie good bad or ugly? Do let us know for sure!)   

‘Old whiskey in a new bottle’ – Drunk on the whiskey and Cherished the bottle!
Most of us have grown up on a steady diet of Tintin’s innumerous adventures and Captain Haddock’s colorful expletives. Those who haven’t and aren’t feasting on them yet, it’s about time you did.

Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg
during the shoot
Steven Spielberg, a brand when it comes to mega productions in the movie world, has yet again come up with a trump card in the form of animation meets motion picture known as the motion-capture technique, “Adventures of Tintin – Secret of the Unicorn”. Is it any wonder then that Herge, the creator of Tintin, chose Spielberg way back in 1983 to provide the vehicle to launch his characters on the silver screen? Throw in ‘Lord of the Rings’ Peter Jackson (producer) into the mix and the result is a heady concoction.

The minute you take your seats and the credit rolls on your screen, you are drawn into the sheer genius of these three stalwarts. Tintin never looked this sophisticated and Captain Haddock with his ‘neater than in the book’ look still sounds roguish and convincing as a drunk sailor getting a kick out of spouting his characteristic swear words.
Of all the movies I had listed for the month of November earlier on Rangmunch – I am glad Tintin is the first one I could catch.
The Plot and the highlightsTintin (Jamie Bell) buys an antique model of a ‘ship with the unicorn’ in a market and is soon chased from one end to another for a parchment it contains by a man named Sakharine (Daniel Craig), who is none other than Red Rackham’s descendent hell bent on taking revenge on Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis). Thomson (with flared mustache played by Nick Frost) and Thompson (with flat moustache played by Simon Pegg), the twin (not twins per say, just colleagues) officers of Scotland Yard, assist him initially. Their scenes with Thief Silk (Toby Jones) is hilarious; their interaction causing a laughter riot.

The scene where Captain Haddock and Snowy try their level best to escape the booming vocal chords of Bianca Castafiore, an opera singer, powerful enough to break the bullet proof glass, followed by the lengthy chase for the three parchments across the countryside leading to the treasure reportedly shot in one sequence is a visual treat.

Cinematic liberties have been taken with this picture when compared to the books. Firstly, this movie is three books wrapped into one – “The Crab with the Golden Claws” where Captain Haddock is originally introduced, and the other two “The Secret of the Unicorn” and “Red Rackham’s Treasure” where the plots centered on Captain Haddock. So it will come as no surprise that our Blistering Barnacles Captain overshadows Tintin in this adventure. It is sad that Snowy, the thinking man’s pet, an important sidekick to our detective, is shortchanged.
Verdict – Caramel!
It is not just must watch but has immense repeat value too. Screenplay, direction, acting, visual effects, and every department get huge thumbs up from me. A tad bit of warning though, the screenplay does slacken a bit after the interval but soon picks up to reach a finale that surely points towards a sequel, which already figures in my list of movies to look out for in the near future.
Tintin: “How is your thirst for adventure, Captain?”
Captain Haddock: “Unquenchable, Tintin”
Ditto for us Spielberg! Bring them on!
Neeraja Unni
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Pratigya : Second Innings!

Sajjan Singh has never believed in democracy, while Pratigya lives for others. Sajjan Singh  believes in Monarch way of ruling his house, where as Pratigya’s heart is her home. Sajjan Singh  has always justified his means, be it wrong or really wrong. Its only with Pratigya, whom he has  clashed  all the time as she brings in the right reasoning to the issues. They really  have never seen eye to eye for anything.
The makers are now getting in a new track which  suggests more drama coming from this camp and that too with a name called “Samar.” He is Kesar’s son who is now under the guidance of Pratigya. The show is all set to take a leap where Pratigya will be raising Samar up as her own son with all the values, integrity and rightful ways of dealing with life. She will be inculcating the right principles in him which are complete opposite to what Sajjan Singh believes in. Pratigya believes in human values being fundamental to human existence where as Sajjan Singh only believes in getting his way by hook or crook. It will be interesting to see who succeeds and who fails.
Will Pratigya be successful in her mission or will Sajjan Singh once again turn the tables in his favour ?
Krishna turned out the way he did under Sajjan Singh’s dominance. Had there been a Pratigya back then , would Krishna be different?
Will Pratigya be able to defy Sajjan Singh and bring about a new Krishna in form of Samar?
So many questions are lurking as the show moves to a very interesting track which will have many shades now. Put on your thinking cap and pen down your thoughts …
Rangmunch.TV opens a discussion platform for all the Pratigya lovers to come and state their views on what the future might behold .
Navyanka Varma
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Fida’s Corner : His wife, Mrs. Khurana !!! (Chapter 24)

Chapter 24
Over the next week, the Khurana’s worked hard every day and spent the evenings talking late into the night.  He was aware of Dev’s coming and going and Dadi’s efforts at persuading Dev that there was nothing to stop him marrying Priya, but he refused to get involved.  Learning about his wife was more intoxicating than he could have imagined; despite her lack of worldly experience, she had a knack of seeing straight to the heart of a matter, and he enjoyed listening to her unspoiled opinions on many topics.
They spent their evenings talking about many things, but the main topic of conversation in that first week was what subject Geet should study.  She was hesitant to apply to Delhi University for anything, despite her earlier eagerness, aware that her education in Hoshiyarpur was likely to be found wanting when she wanted to study further in Delhi.   It took a few days before they found a course that she felt comfortable with; a part-time Masters in Design, which would take her four years to complete.  As they discussed the course requirements, they somehow ended up discussing international design differences, which led him to talk about all the different countries he had visited.  When he realised how much she wanted to travel, he immediately started making plans to take her away with him; the thought of seeing the world through her eyes was almost as enchanting as she was.
It was ten days after the meeting with Priya that Dev finally agreed to marry her.  The Khurana couple were getting ready to go to sleep when there was a knock at the door; when he opened it, Dev was standing there, looking remarkably calm for a man who had come to a life-changing decision. 

“Bro, main Priya se shaadi karne wala hoon” “Bro, I’m going to marry Priya”
Before he could respond, Dev continued “Bro, both Priya and I would appreciate it if you would let us have a small ceremony here at the Khurana Mansion.  The only people we want there are you and Geet, Dadi and Anjali.  Priya doesn’t want to do anything that would disrupt Anjali’s studies right now; she has exams coming up in a few weeks”
Glad that he didn’t have to ask who Anjali was, he opened his mouth to speak, but before he could, Dev hesitantly continued “Bro…………”
“Bro, mujhe aap se aur Geet se ek aur baat poochna hai, kya main Geet se ek minute baat karsakta hoon”  “Bro, I need to ask you and Geet something, can I talk to Geet for a minute”
He turned to look at his wife, who was standing listening to the muffled conversation her husband was having.  As he quirked an eyebrow, she nodded; he stood back and opened the door to allow Dev to walk in.
“Bhabi, main Priya ke liye kuch maangna chahta hoon.” “Bhabi, I want to ask you for something for Priya”
Before Geet could respond, he continued quickly, as if to stave off the refusal he was obviously expecting.
“Main jaanta hoon main jo chahta hoon, woh aasaan nahin hoga, magar Priya aur Anjali ki khaatir main aap se maange bina nahin rehsakta.” “I know that what i want won’t be easy, but Priya and Anjali deserve the best that I can do for them, and so I have to ask you for something”
“Bolo Dev, kya baat hai” “Tell me what the matter is Dev”
“Bhabi, kya shaadi ke baad hum yahan rehsakte hain.  Main jaanta hoon aap ne ab tak mujhe bardaasht kiya hai, magar main yeh nahin chahta ke aap ki ijaazat ke baghair main Priya aur Anjali ko ghar mein laaoon,  Agar aap ko bura lage, to main jaake Priya ke ghar mein reh sakta hoon, magar woh yeh soche baithi hai ke woh yahan aayegi, humare family ka hissa banegi.” “Bhabi, can we live here after the wedding?  I know that you’ve tolerated my presence, but I don’t want to bring Priya and Anjali into this house without your permission.  If you prefer, I can move to Priya’s house, but for some reason she’s got it into her head that she’s going to move here, become a part of this family”
There was a moment of silence, then before her husband could butt in, Geet spoke.
“I wouldn’t expect her to live anywhere else, Dev.  She will be as much a bahu of this khaandaan as I am.  Anjali has every right to be part of this family too.”
She paused, then took a deep breath.
“We’ve never talked about the past, and we never will.  It’s done, over.  After this moment, I never ever want to think about it again.  But just once, once I need to hear you apologise.”

As her husband moved to her side, she held up a hand.


“Isse kehne dein, mujhe sunne dein, please.  Ek dafa iss ke moonh se main sun loon, bas. Ek dafa sun loon ke isse afsos hai, phir aaj ke baad main apne ateet ke iss darwaaze pe itna mazboot taala daaloongi ke woh kabhi phir nahin khulega.” “Let him say it, let me hear it, please.  I just need to hear it from his lips once, I just need to hear that he regrets it, that he’s sorry, then I’ll be able to lock that door to my past with a lock so strong that it will never open again”
They stood there for a moment before Dev stepped forward.  He waited until she looked up, then looked straight into her eyes for the first time.  The sincerity in his voice was unmistakable as he said, “Geet, I’m sorry.  I’ll never stop being sorry.  I’ll never stop paying for my mistake.  I deserve every bit of hate that you ever felt for me.  I deserve every punishment Bro wanted to give me.  I’m sorry”.
Geet let out a shuddering sigh, then said “Tumhare aur Priya ke liye to tumhara kamra theek nahin hai.  Main kal Nakul se baat karoongi, there’s a suite of rooms in the East wing that would be perfect for the three of you, and there’s enough space there ke jab tumhari family badhegi to koi problem nahin hogi.” “Your rooms not big enough for you and priya.  I’ll talk to Nakul tomorrow; there’s a suite of rooms in the East wing that would be perfect for the three of you, and there’s enough space there that there won’t be a problem when your family expands”.
He knew his wife’s strength shouldn’t surprise him, but at that moment he fell in love with her all over again.  The love in his heart grew so huge that it had to escape or his heart would burst; it came out in a burst of laughter.
“Geet, abhi shaadi to hone do, tum to kahan se kahan pahunchgayeen”  “Geet, at least let the wedding happen before you start thinking that far into the future”
The sudden laughter defused the thick air of tension in the room.  Dev smiled briefly then said “theek hai Bhabi, main Priya se kehdeta hoon ke shaadi ke baad hum yaheen rahenge”  “alright Bhabi, I’ll tell Priya that we’ll live here after the wedding”
As he opened the door, Dev stopped for a moment, then turned back and looked at his brother and sister-in-law standing together behind him.  He smiled again, a hint of true happiness shining through, then said “Thank you.”  As he stepped out of the bedroom, he felt lighter than he had in years; the weight of his sins was still there on his shoulders but Priya’s love and Geet’s forgiveness made it somehow easier to bear.

As Dev left the room, Geet turned towards her husband and laid her head in the hollow of his neck, another shuddering breath escaping her as she felt his arms come round and hold her tight against his body.
She felt his lips on her hair, felt his hand caressing her back, comforting her.  After a few moments, she drew away, saying, “It seems I have a lot more to do tomorrow than I had planned.  I’m going to need all the sleep I can get.”
Making her way over to the bed, she turned the covers down; aware of his eyes following her every move.  When she finally lay down, he stood and looked at her for a few more moments then when she held out a hand, he took it and lay down next to her.  She waited for a moment then moved close to him, clinging like a limpet.  They lay there for long minutes, a million words passing between them in the silence.  When she finally fell asleep, he lay there just watching her sleep, just feeling her breathe.  As sleep finally overcame him, it brought with it a sense of peace that had been missing for a very long time. 
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International Segment: Popcorn! Movie Line-up this November – Which one of these you wouldn’t want to miss?


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