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New Year wishes from Geet Actors!

GEET fans! Here is a surprise from the stars of your favorite show. Though we don’t get to see our dear actors on screen anymore, here are short video messages from all of them on the occasion of the New Year!

Interviewed by,
Niharika Vidya Sagar
Swati Ghosh

Fistful of Fascinating Facts: Geet Hui Sabase Parayi

With the show soon scheduled to go off air, StarOne’s Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi has always been audience favorite. We at Rangmunch, also owe a lot to the show since three of us that run this site met on a Geet forum and became thick friends who subsequently turned this dream into a reality. We thought, like always, we would bring to you some old faces with new facets. Here are facts that you may not already know about the actors who have worked on your favorite show.
We have all seen the obsessive and passionate Vikram and love to hate him for giving tough time to our dear Maaneet. Thanks to Vikas Sethi who breathed life into the character and made it so real and relatable. He is an actor par excellence, but let us share some unheard facts about him. Did you know that Vikas has taken formal training in singing from the Bollywood maestro Anu Mallik’s father? Surprised!!! Well so were we but its true. Besides being an Actor and Singer, Vikas also sketches beautifully.
Did you know that Lucky aka Ahwaan Kumar comes to work riding on his “Dhanno?” Confused!!! Well his Dhanno, is not Char Pao wala but Do Tyre Wala. We are talking about Ahwaan’s Red Bike which is extremely dear to him as he won it in a contest six years back. He very proudly flaunted his Dhanno to us as we captured them together in our camera.

Sundeep Sharma, the Director of Geet has not only had the experience of working behind the camera but has also worked in front of the camera. Not sure how many of you are aware, but  Sundeep Sharma has been the lead actor in the serial Imtihaan which use to be aired on DD Metro. So he knows not only what happens behind the camera, but has faced it too.
From Reporting to Acting, she has done it all. We are talking about Preeto aka Khushboo Thakkar who apparently was a Reporter at Telly Chakkar and acting just happened to her. Infact when she saw us set hopping she got nostalgic and remembered her days at Telly Chakkar when she would go around meeting actors and doing interviews. From doing Gurmeet’s famous “I lived on 2.5 Rs Waala Biscuit Packet Interview” to sharing screen space with him, Khushboo indeed has come a long way.
Hey do you know her?? Any guesses?? She is Goma, Drashti’s hair dresser. So now you can put a face to the person who gave Geet aka Drashti her makeover.
Geet to its credit has had various Directors. But the entire Vikram kidnapping and the subsequent thrilling Jungle Sequences were shot by Director Shashank. Here’s another name you could add to the list of people associated with the show you love.

Sanju and Mehboob

Meet Sanju, Mehboob Ali and Manish the men who make it all happen. Well, right from what scenes are to be shot for the day to which artist would be available to make sure the set, the shoot as as well the activity once on location happens as planned, this Production Team ensures dutiful carrying out of activity! Imagine a day on the sets where there is no one to organise anything? would you then be able to watch your shows on time?

One last one, just for all of you! This was taken when Gurmeet was just about to venture off into the jungle to look for his Geet. Guess what he had for support all along? Her dupatta!! Thanks Gurmeet for smiling and posing for us. Trust us guys, if you see the heat and the condition in which the actors, cast and crew shoot, you realise how much of themselves they have to put into in order to make sure things turn out the right way. One small minute error and you have to redo the shot! Rightly said, united we stand, divided we fall!!

We hope, you now know the people associated with your favorite show a little more than what you did the last time around! Thats what we at Rangmunch.TV en devour to bring to you all!!

This week, we will try and bring you different write ups on your favorite show! So read on….

Swati Ghosh
Niharika Vidya Sagar

Chimney Pot: By Draupadi

Draupadi our dearest friend, loves taking a tour around the TV land. She basically loves to get hold of any news that interests her. To put it simply, she loves Actors! She finds them incredibly hot, and thinks there is no harm in keeping tabs on what they are up to!

So if you don’t agree with what she says, the onus lies on you to find Draupadi for yourselves, cos we don’t know her either!!!We have warned her but when was the last time she ever paid heed….
Over to Draupadi!
Hola, Vola! I am Draupadi, and I am a TV addict . My problem is I love so many shows, and so many actors, I don’t know where to hide my excitement. That’s when I decided the best thing for me was to come share the same with you all right here on Rangmunch.TV !! 

Arjun my darling celebrates his birthday today! Oh My God! He is soo hot!! I wish I had an invite to his party too… Arjun please save some cake for me Darling… I shall grab a bite, after Im done with my low fat Diet!!

So many things to keep a tab on, so many hotties. Today is another favorite’s birthday too… Rushad Rana, the hot Akshay Bhaiyya from Rang Badalti Odhani. I still cant get over his cute Kashmiri Portryal in Dor! Happy Birthday Rushad …

My failing memory has not totally done a number on me. I remember Nahar Banna aka Sharad Khelkar celebrates his birthday too !!! 

Guys, remember Abhishek Rawat? Sekhar in Agle Janam…. He is going to play the lead role in Dekha Ek Khwaab on Sony TV.  After playing Arushi’s husband in Pratigya more recently, I am all excited to see him eat up the screen once more! Aah, there is something about these simple looking men!

Man just look at the guy! Just look at him!! *drools*When I first heard Vansh was to come back on Uttaran I almost could not breath!  Rohit Khurana, that beard, those dreamy eyes and his expressions! I am already dead! Can you believe I actually sat through Mayke Se Bandhi Dor for him? But Ye Ye Ye! My love Monster is coming back on the show where I fell in love with him! I am going to watch Uttaran again! My Mom will just kill me, I wish I spent so much time on my studies…

I hate Arnav, I know all of you love him, I find Barun cute and all, but he is sooo haughty and rude! Why the hell is he yelling at Khushi and everyone all the time?I hate him more cos I cant be Khushi, and Mr. ASR you better give me some hot dreamy moments to treasure this Maha Episode or I am going to stay mad at you!!

Wuah Wuah … Abhay the sey Vampire is dead?? NOooo!!!!! It cant be? 😦 I havent been able to have dinner at 8:30 ever since!! That’s why I now eat at 8:00 😉 But, my dil says he will be back! After all Vivian had a real life engagement to attend! Once he is done celebrating he will be back!!! I am sure 😀

I was read about this somewhere that, apparently sexy and suave Gaurav Chopra who is now seen in Uttaran, will soon be seen in a show on StarDesh, with a medical backdrop on the lines of LifeLine a show that aired when I was a baby.Since I never got to watch the former, and there was no GC in it, I have no reasons to regret, but wait for this new one! Cant wait! Just cant…..

Dont call me weird, but this week, my lover of the week’s title goes to Vikas Sethi Aka Vikram on Geet! Man is he hot or what?? Vikram, do me a favor baby, stop stalking Geet, and leave her alone, I love you, so love me back !!!! I will give you lesser trouble…. I have your pictures plastered on my cupboard, dining table and bathroom floor! Need I say more ….!!!

Damn! My dad just walked in, I will have to shut my computer now guys and run!! I will come back again to share loads of stuff with you all… No one allows me to talk about shows at home… Conservative Family and all!!! You get it right? So until we meet again …. 

Draupadi …!!!