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The Soul Sistas!

Ever since Manvi understood the essence of relationships, the only bond she closely related to was with her sister Jeevika. Manvi’s world revolves around her and they both have grown up to become the reason for each other’s existence.

From the time, Viren walked into Jeevika’s life and Manvi realized that her sister’s happiness lies in him; she left no stone unturned to bring them together. Manvi like any other sister always dreamt of the day when she would see her sister dressed as a bride and be by her side to live those moments of joy and anxiety along with her.
However, least did she know then that destiny would play foul and keep her away from attending Jeevika’s wedding and deprive her from witnessing the moment she had so longed for all her life.
Manvi’s lighthearted pranks rubbed Swamini the wrong way and she demanded Beeji to keep Manvi away from her sight as much as possible, as she feared that her presence would mar the wedding.
Manvi on Beeji’s request does agree to stay away from the wedding celebrations, knowing fully well the pain it would cause her as well as Jeevika.
Such is the irony, that even though Manvi has kept herself away from the wedding celebrations, nonetheless it has still caused utter chaos and the wedding has now come to a standstill.  
Will Jeevika’s stance to not go ahead with the wedding in Manvi’s absence force Beeji to take back her words and make Swamini realize the depth of the bond that these sisters share?
To know how the story unfolds, watch Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai tonight at 8.30pm only on Star Plus.  

Swati Ghosh


Twist in the Tale: Ek Hazaro Main Meri Behna Hai

Fans have watched and loved Star Plus’s Ek Hazaro Main Meri Behna Hai so much, many cant stop raving about Virat and Manvi’s jodi. These two are so full of life and energy that they instantly light up the screen the moment they step into it.

So last night provided amidst all the fun and frolic an interesting angle to the story. The ever naughty and fun-loving Virat has another side to him. That Manvi, is unwell has provided enough jolt to fans, but this new angle has made many sit up and take note of the fact, that the all hunky dory story is all set to unfold soon.

Viren’s client troubling him, Manan being invited to the wedding, Manvi always rubbing badi ma on the wrong side and now this new angle where Virat has a dark side to him, has opened enough loops for the story become engaging for the audience to look forward to this 8:30 PM Show on StarPlus.

For one, the makers have always left the Virat and Manvi story, at a to be or not to be level, making viewers anxious as to what is it that would actually bind them eventually. But now, Manvi has created more reasons than one for being in the lime light all the time.
Last night revealed Virat is a splendid singer but had in the past sworn against never singing again for some reason that would be eventually revealed. So now that Virat knows Manvi’s secret, do you think Manvi will learn Virat’s? 
Interesting twist in the tale! Time will only tell.

Niharika Vidya Sagar